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“Proudly Australian” is the phrase that instantly jumps out at us when we visit PlayUp’s website, a startling kaleidoscope of neon green and black giving the impression of a real heavyweight. And that’s exactly what PlayUp is – one of the biggest Australian operators around (if you’re into sports betting that is), and if you choose these guys to be your main operator you’ll be opening the door to a seriously massive world of online sports betting.

It’s true that there are a lot of online sports betting sites around, although many of them tend to have specialisations in certain areas of sport that make them the perfect operator for punters who also have a special interest in those sports.

For PlayUp, it’s horse racing. Most of the juicy deals and promotions come in the area of horse racing, which is great for those of you into the sport of kings. Although they specialise in horse racing though, they offer great odds on other sports markets also, so they’re not just a one-trick pony.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

Any punter with any experience whatsoever in online gambling will tell you that bonus bets are a great way to win some profit with minimised risks, especially when you’re a newcomer. Most operators offer offers similar to the PlayUp sign up offers and PlayUp Promo Code, in an attempt to keep their loyal customers coming back. Obviously, these incentives aren’t primarily designed to put your bankroll in the black, but more often than not, that’s what can happen.

Successful punters will always be taking advantage of these bonus offers. The rewards they offer are always ridiculously helpful, especially if you’re online gambling on a regular basis. Plenty of these offers require some kind of wagering requirements to take winnings from, but if you’re seriously into online gambling they probably won’t be an issue for you to complete.

Although new regulations in Australia prevent bookmakers from offering any sign up bonuses to new players, it is still possible to find a PlayUp promo code. Throughout this piece we’ll go over some of the very best offers on the PlayUp website, how you should use your bonus bets to your advantage and any pitfalls to avoid while doing so.

For more information on bonus bets, see our sportsbetting.com.au offers review here.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

It’s one thing to find a great PlayUp bonus code, but it’s another thing entirely to make the absolute most of the bonus it awards. For someone relatively new to online gambling, it’d be very easy, we think, to accidentally waste the offer and/or misread the terms and conditions (more on those later).

For starters, there’s nearly always some kind of code you need to put into the website. For PlayUp sign up offers, you’d need to input the code on the actual sign up page to receive the bonus. It’d be easy to miss, especially if you’re setting up a brand new account, but it’s essential that you input the appropriate code in conjunction with setting up your account, otherwise your PlayUp sign up offers could be lost forever.

Another caveat to these great PlayUp sign up offers and PlayUp promo code offers is that they nearly always have some kind of expiry date listed in the fine print. This could be a date by which you need to have gambled the bonus, it could be a date by which you have to claim any winnings, it could be a flat date on which all of the bonus completely disappears – you’ll never know unless you read the terms and conditions of the PlayUp promo code properly, which is our overall tip of the day, if you like.

The terms and conditions are like a magic spellbook for PlayUp sign up offers and PlayUp promo code, as they will literally contain all the things you need to watch out for. There’s always going to be some stipulations for every PlayUp promo code you use, the only difference between a successful punter and an unsuccessful one, more often than not, is just knowledge on their offers.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

Manage your bankroll properly

Whether you’re logging in for the first time looking to take advantage of a PlayUp sign up offer, or diving into the world of betting offers with PlayUp promo code, one of the most important tips in the whole world of online gambling stays strong – make sure you’re betting account has a healthy balance.

The absolutely biggest mistake anyone can make when coming into the world of online gambling is to blow all their bankroll in one massive, stupid initial bet. All successful punters know how to temper their passions, and know that when online betting, sometimes less is more.

To help your luck, you should always make bets relevant to what your bankroll balance is. Obviously the most blatant benefit of this is that you’re avoiding the possibility of going bust, but it’s also about training your eye to spot value in the odds. You can’t just be throwing random amounts of money on random bets, as care and consideration of the value of the bet will get you a lot further.

Clock your bonus bets

One of the best ways to help you get a leg up on the operators is to use a PlayUp sign up offers and/or a PlayUp promo code to your advantage. When used properly, these betting promotions can multiply your stake, although it may take some practice before new players are comfortable enough to back a bonus bet.

We don’t recommend you rush in with your offers, rather you spend a great deal of time figuring out which market would be the best for you to put your bonus on. It’s a difficult thing to decipher, but one thing that’s for sure is that using your bonus bets in conjunction with great odds is your best bet at multiplying your bankroll.

To find more areas of using these tips, check out our BlueBet offers review and BBet offers review here.

Be aware of restrictions

It isn’t always the case, but there are many situations where you’ll find that your PlayUp sign up offers or your PlayUp promo code has certain restrictions. These could come in the form of region restrictions (meaning this offer can only be used in certain countries or regions), limits (both in terms of winnings and maximum stakes) or market restrictions (meaning you’ll only be able to place the bonus bet on certain markets).

It’s essential that you’re fully aware of any restrictions your PlayUp sign up offers or PlayUp promo code might have to avoid disappointment or possible retraction. Most operators reserve the right to completely cancel any offer or promotion at any time – meaning you could be halfway through claiming your winnings and have the whole thing pulled from under you. It’s not something that’ll happen to you often, as long as you’re not breaking the terms and conditions regularly anyway, but it’s always a possibility when you’re betting online.

Develop a sense of value

It’s hard to explain how you should go about developing a sense of value when you’re betting online, as it’s more of an abstract notion to punters not specifically in the know. Really, it’s about seeing odds on a market, and just getting a gut feeling that it’s worth taking the risk.

There are mathematical equations used for working out the exact value of a bet, but for most of you, it’s going to come from deep down inside. Asking questions like “do I really expect to win this bet?” and “is this bet really worth the amount of money I’m backing it with?” are a great place to start, and other than these simple questions, you’ll have to experience a whole lot of online sports betting before you can say you really have a sense of value.

Explore the markets

Look, you’re probably going to want to place bets within your area of expertise, as the more knowledge you have on a particular sport or activity the more chance you have at winning the bet. However, if you did this exclusively, there’ll be plenty of times where you’ve ignored your instinct, and possibly missed out on a massive win.

There are a ridiculous number of markets out there to use your PlayUp sign up offers or PlayUp promo code on, so maybe take a dive into the world of weird betting markets before you decide where your bonus bet is going. It couldn’t hurt to look.

We should say right here though, that one thing you shouldn’t do when online betting, is back a bet that’s completely out of your comfort zone. Exploring the markets is fun, however you’re not likely to win many bets if you’re placing bankroll on sports you know nothing about, so always consider what your reason is for placing the bet before you actually do it.

For more markets, see our PalmerBet review here.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

Q1. Can I use any payment method?

Every promotion will have different stipulations as to what you can and can’t do with the bonus you receive, but PlayUp have a host of payment options accommodated for on their website. These include: bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard debit, POLi, paysafecard, BPAY or EFT via your baks website.

Bank transfers, Visa and Mastercard will take up to 7 days to make withdrawals, which is no joke and may be considered a major downside to using a PlayUp sign up offer or PlayUp promo code.

Q2. Can I use live betting?

Due to Australian gambling regulations, there are limited ways for you to bet online. It is a feature that’s available for major events if you use your landline to bet over the phone, however unlike operators in other countries it’s not as easy as just clicking on the “live betting” section.

Q3. What are the withdrawal fees?

PlayUp actually has no withdrawal fees on any payment type across the board, meaning that when you make a withdrawal from your betting account there will be absolutely no hidden charges whatsoever. This is great news, as there’s not much worse than having to kiss goodbye to a portion of your winnings because of… reasons.

The minimum withdrawal amount is also reasonable – $1 – so there’s very little stopping you from claiming your winnings risk-free after you’ve pulled off a successful wager.

Q4. Which sports can I bet on?

As we mentioned, PlayUp has a speciality in horse racing. Many of their promotions will be geared towards these markets, as it allows them to cultivate a focused player base that keeps coming back.

If you’re not a fan of horse racing though, it’s all good. PlayUp have a massive variety of markets available, from NFL to eSports, so although they have a certain specialisation in horse racing, it’s by no means exclusively so.

Q5. Is PlayUp legit?

It’s a fair question to ask, but yes, PlayUp is a legitimate and legal company licensed by the Northern Territory to operate in Australia. There’s absolutely no doubt that PlayUp is a safe and dependable operator that’ll serve you well if you’re looking to get into online gambling.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Great news, PlayUp offers a great reward program that grants prizes and is very easy to earn points from. This is how it works: for every deposit you make on the website, you get 10 reward points per $1 deposited. When making the deposit on a Monday, Tuesday or a Thursday, you get double points, which is great for those of you that make regular deposits.

PlayUp Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

Currently PlayUp are offering a Play of the Day promotion, which sees them boost the odds of a selected runner each week, and this promotion is available every day.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

It’s worth noting that wagers placed with bonus bets will not be eligible for this offer, so if you want to take advantage of this offer you’ll have to dip into your bankroll.

There doesn’t appear to be any wagering requirements on this offer, but you might want to give the terms & conditions a look over before you activate it anyway, just to make sure. The maximum amount you’re allowed to bet with this promotion is $200, and it must be placed on an eligible Play of the Day market in order to qualify correctly.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

As we already mentioned, you’ll want to give the Ts and Cs a look through before wagering with any bonus, but the main points are pretty self explanatory. You’ve got a $200 limit, meaning if you bet anymore than that it won’t be subject to the same odds as your initial $200 wager. This offer is only available with single bets also.

You also cannot use this in conjunction with any other offer, and must be used on a Play of the Day special market to be valid.

Bonus Conclusion

The offer we’ve outlined above is very useful, and fans of horse racing will probably deem it even more so. It’s pretty standard though, with very little possible bonuses coming from it. Obviously this depends on how much your odds are boosted by, but if we know the world of online gambling (and we do) then it’ll provide a minor boost to your overall winnings.

They do offer more sports promotions also, it’s worth noting, so it’s not your only option when looking at the promotions available. They offer a lot of different promo’s on horse racing, so we’d recommend anyone interested take a serious browse rather than just going with the first one they see.

Overall Conclusion

PlayUp is exactly the kind of operator you’d expect it to be: a sports related one. All of the positive things we’ve said about PlayUp refers to the sports betting areas of online gambling, as they offer very little in the way of anything else. We don’t want to take away from their quality as a bookmaker though, as they’re sports offerings – in terms of markets and promotions – are great.

Anyone who takes the time to browse through the promotions available on PlayUp will definitely find a few surprises waiting for them, with specific offers aimed towards horse racing, football and all other popular sports alike. Seriously, if you’re considering getting into regular online gambling, the promotions page is exactly the place for you.

Fans of horse racing, or even sports betting in general, will find a lot of value in their specialities, so if any of that sounds like you we highly recommend you give them a try. In honesty though, the actual quality of their promotions is rather slim. We’ve definitely come across more generous promotions than these, both in terms of sports betting and otherwise, so if you’re a new player wanting to find an operator with everything, these guys may not be the one.

For more information about this operator, see our PlayUp operator review here.

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