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Claim your Deposit Offer now is a fixture of Australian sports betting, having been offering online sports, particularly racing, since 1998. It’s proudly Australian owned and operated and has a great reputation for sports betting, with a motto of ‘No Gimmicks. Just great fixed odds betting.’

We’ve already covered good bookmakers for sportsbetting in our in-depth bookmaker review and you can see that this is a bookie that does so much so well. But when it comes to bonuses, they’re a little different. How different? Well, a big part of their no gimmicks idea is to have absolutely NO Sign Up Offers or Deposit offer, and not bother at all with making you use a Bonus Code or promo code. It’s a refreshingly different way to do things!

So, here we looked at the way makes up for not offering any Sign Up Offers and how good their promotions for existing players turned out to be. And in truth, with the advantages of, plus the existing punter promotions, we didn’t really miss those sign up offers as much as you would have thought!

So, to find out a different way of doing things, a no gimmicks approach – read on for more!

Introduction to Bonus Offers

Bonus offers are the temptation that bookies use to get you to bet your money, but all too often the bookie makes it difficult to really get the most out of your bonus and adds in restrictions and wagering requirements to any bonus cash you might get as part of the bonus offer.

Sometimes, when we look around at the state of the bonuses offered, we’ll find some bookies are a little tighter than the rest and don’t bother offering sign up deals. For example, when we looked for Draftstars offers for our fantasy sports and Skrilla offers for our ESports, we were very disappointed in the complete lack of offers.

But is different – there are no sign up offers by design, it’s all part of their no gimmicks approach. But that doesn’t mean that they’re being tight with their bonuses – far from it. They just do things differently! How different? Read on and find out!

The bonuses – tips and tricks to get the best from them all!

The main tip for is simple – don’t sweat the fact that there’s no Sign Up Offers, no Promo Code, just sit back and enjoy what they offer!

The deal at is that they concentrate on delivering great odds for their fixed odds horse, harness, and grey hound betting. But they also offer plenty of extra promotions, bonuses, and rewards for their existing customers – and those are far more useful to you as a punter than just a one off Deposit Offer!

The reason we say that is simple – all too often these flashy sign up bonuses are just all promise and little real reward. Sure, the deposit bonus or free bet bonus offers look great, promising you a big bonus fund pot or free bets, but things aren’t so easy. Most often, the bookie attaches conditions and wagering requirements to those ‘free’ bets and matched deposit bonuses you’re so tempted by. And it’s those that come round to bite you. By the time you’ve fulfilled the wagering requirements and restrictions, you can often find you’ve spent a fair bit more than you wanted to, forced to make bets at way too high odds, racing against a clock to be allowed to withdraw any winnings you might get from the bonus!

That’s why our top tip here is don’t worry about the lack of Sign Up Offers and just take a look at the promotions they do have! And they have plenty! We’ll give you a breakdown of those and a look at their automatic, open to everyone, rewards scheme a little further on, but first, a few expert tips to make the most of any and all bonuses and promotions! For another reputable bookmaker offer, read over our SportChamps Offer.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

So, there’s no Sign Up Offers to get and no Promo Code to search for. Instead, you get to enjoy a gimmick free bookie with great racing betting and a fabulous selection of bonuses and promotions, not just a one off Deposit Offer and then nothing else!

But all these extra promotions still need to be looked at carefully, and as long as you follow these top 5 expert tips, you won’t go wrong! Or, if you are looking for a different bonus offer, try our Palmerbet Offer review.

Read those Terms & Conditions Carefully!

Every promotion will have terms and conditions attached. All you have to do is find and click the link saying ‘Terms and Conditions apply,’ and read just what the bonus or promotion means. It will tell you how much money you need to spend before you have a chance to withdraw your winning, it will let you know how long you have to fulfil the betting requirements before the bonus is cancelled, and it will let you make up your mind about whether or not to take the bonus.

Want to Surge your bet? Choose wisely!

One of the promotions offered here, without needing one of those troublesome Promo Code things, is the Surge promo. This is a great offer, as it allows you to increase the odds on a bet you’re looking at – in an instant!

Surge tokens are applied by the bookmaker and show up in your account or as the surge button on the betslip. Apply a surge to boost the odds on a bet you fancy, a much better bonus than difficult to use sign up offers!

But if you do get such a wonderful opportunity to change the odds in your favour, it’s absolutely vital to understand that this surge bonus gives you a huge advantage, but only when you pick the right odds and the right bet! Do your research, see what’s going to be the best bet to use surge on and you can really boost those winnings!

Choose your races carefully when using your bonuses!

Another promotion offered by this bookie, again with no Promo Code to worry about is the Bonus Back For A Place, where you get your stake back (as a bonus bet) if your runner doesn’t win but finishes second or third. It’s a handy safety net to have, but you have to know which races it’s available on certain races.

The same is true for the Runner Up Refund if you’re taking a punt on the dogs, where a dog coming second returns your stake as a bonus for coming second. Again, no Promo Code needed, but you need to check to see when to use it!

Don’t Lose Out When A Protest Penalises Your Win!

Another great alternative to a sign up offer and a lot more useful to you – the protest payout. A big sign up bonus might seem great at first, but when your horse finishes first and then gets relegated you still get nothing, but not here, not with the protest payout!

Fancy a Multi-bet? Get boosted returns with Boosted Multi Profits!

Another great little promotion, put a 4+ leg multi-bet and choose well – because when it wins, thanks to Boosted Multi Profits, you’re winnings get an extra 20%. Another great promotion because it’s an automatic thing, no need to mess with a promo code here! There are plenty of promotions out there, check our Neds Offer review.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

So, now you’ve seen how you really don’t need those sign up offers, don’t need to type in a bonus code, just need to use the existing customer bonuses on offer at this great gimmick free bookie! But although these promotions at are great, there’s still the odd thing you might want to know about them, so we’re looking at the top five FAQs we’ve heard when talking about bonuses and promotions.

Q1. How do I open and verify my account properly to get the bonus?

Opening an account at is simple. Just fill in the sign up form with your details and submit it! However, although you can deposit and bet after this, under Australian Government legislation, all bookies have to verify your identity within four days of opening an account before you’re allowed to withdraw any winnings from bonuses. Again, this is easy, just visit the verification section of the ‘My Account’ section and select ID to submit!

Q2. Do I have to sign up for any of the promotions?

It’s an understandable question because we’re taught, when joining these bookies, that we need to look for sign up offers or input our promo code. But not here, not with Some of these promotions are automatically applied (for example the multi-bet boost and greyhound runner up refund) and the rest are for eligible customers only. For example, the surge promotion activates within a couple of days of joining and shows up in your betslip for eligible bets.

Q3. Is there a time limit on my promotions?

As with most bonuses, there are some time constraints, but like everything else at, it’s all relatively simple, just look in the T&Cs! Surge tokens expire daily and don’t carry over and any bonus credit given will expire after 7 days – simple!

Q4. Can my Bonus Bets be used on these promotions?

When you get a bonus bet here, for example from the bonus back for second or third promotion, you can’t use these bonus bets on another promotion. So if you have bonus bets, you’re out of luck if you want to use them for a surge bet!

Q5. How do I withdraw my winnings after getting the promotions?

This is another wonderful advantage of Unlike other bonuses where there are loads of wagering requirements to navigate, likes to give you simple, gimmick free promotions. So withdrawal is simple, use the promotion and withdraw your winnings!

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programs

Unlike a lot of rewards and loyalty programs, where there’s a lot of betting needed to get very little and where it’s all too complicated, has something called the SportsBetting Daily Bonus. And it’s a really great program, an automatic daily bonus rewards scheme that gives you 2% of all your betting turnover as a bonus credit on any day you bet $50 or more. So that’s $1 for every $50 bet, whether you bet on win, place, multis, or exotics, it all earns a bonus! And the only restrictions to using those bonus bets are that they have to be racing bets with odds greater than 1.50.

It’s a great rewards program and, like everything else on, it’s something that doesn’t need you to do much at all! Sports Bonus Sports Bonus

As you’ve already read, does not do the standard first deposit offer or sign up offer. So if you came here looking for a promo code for a sign up bonus or deposit bonus, you’re out of luck! Maybe take a look at Bbet offers and Bluebet offers if that’s what you really want.

But before you go looking, bear in mind all we’ve told you about, as we really think they’re onto a pretty good thing here! We really like the bookie for the whole ‘No Gimmicks’ policy and they do offer some great fixed odds which can be perfectly combined with the promotions available to really max your winnings! Frankly, we honestly don’t think you need any sign up offers as there’s plenty of promotions, easy to use, simple to boost the winnings if you play them smart!

There’s no sign up offer at, but there are plenty of great promotions available to you instead. And these promotions aren’t just a use once and then nothing else thing, these are promotions that you can use over and over and over!

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

Another great thing about the promotions at is that they don’t really have any of the traditional wagering requirements you find with deposit offers and sign up offers. Promotions such as the surge boost, the rewards scheme giving you 2% of betting turnover, protest payouts, and multi-boosts all just pay out and that’s that. The only ones which have any sort of wagering requirements are the bonus back for 2nd or 3rd on horses or runner up refund on the dogs, and they just need you to wager the bonus bets at odds of 1.50 or more within 7 days.

Bonus Withdrawal

As with all promotions, once you’ve used them and you win lots of lovely cash, you’re going to want to get hold of your winnings!

And with the promotions, getting hold of your money is simple! The first thing you have to do is complete the verification process, which is simple – just go to the verification section in the ‘My Account’ section and supply the required documents online. After that, once your winnings are available, you can either use bank transfer or card withdrawal – but any credit card will need to be verified as well.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

Really, the promotions are so simple that there are very few pitfalls around them, which is so great. The main thing, as always, as with any bonus from any bookie, is to always, always, always check those terms and conditions. Make sure you understand exactly what’s involved!

And do make sure that you take just a few minutes to complete the simple verification process for your account and for credit cards, if you’re using them.

Conclusion/Verdict of Bonus

We know some of you will be looking at the lack of any sign up offers and be on the verge of writing them off as a bookie for you. But hopefully, we’ve shown you enough here when it comes to the gimmick free promotions available from this particular bookie to change your mind. Put it this way, we’ve played bookies with deposit bonuses and sign up bonuses and done well. But we’ve also used and found that, with the combination of their on-going promotions and their top of the range odds for horses and greyhounds and found that, in the long run, we did better here than elsewhere!

Overall Conclusion

When it comes to as a bookie, we rather like them. And we know it’s a bit weird for you to see a bookie that deliberately doesn’t bother with sign up offers and deposit offers, but we really think we’ve told you enough about the way deals with promotions for their existing customers (and that means you, right from signing up!) that you can see they’re a bookie that really does it differently and really wants to give you more, more, more when it comes to promotions.

So we say NO Sign Up Offers or Deposit offer is NO PROBLEM! Not when looks after its customers so well with their on-going promotions that really can be made to max out your potential winnings! says it’s all about no gimmicks and we have to agree, but they’re also about giving you a great, gimmick free, trouble free, promotion experience and we really like that! If this bonus isn’t exactly what you were looking for, try our Ladbrokes Offer review.

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