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SwopStakes is not your conventional bookmaker. They offer an exciting way of gambling on live racing and sports. It’s a social sweepstake, where people will compete with one another over the entirety of a meeting.

In this review, we’ll be looking into whether there are SwopStakes sign up offers, and in turn a SwopStakes promo code. Punters have become accustomed to being welcomed with offers by bookies. Each bookie is eager to attract new customers with great offers.

In their pursuit, they have all come up with innovative, fun offers. If SwopStakes sign up offers and promotional offers sound appealing to you, you’re welcome to take a look at our SwopStakes bookmaker review.

Introduction to Bonus Offers

In Australia, the practice of promoting welcome bonuses has been banned. Bookmakers are not allowed to tempt potential customers with promises of lucrative sign up bonuses. For this reason, there are no standard SwopStakes sign up offers. Upon signing up, you will not be offered a SwopStakes promo code. As a matter of fact, due to SwopStakes unique nature, there is no SwopStakes bonus code, nor a SwopStakes deposit offer.

However, once we had signed up, we were given 50 credits. These credits can be used to enter any of the sweepstakes contests on offer. There was no need to deposit funds or enter a SwopStakes promo code. This definitely enticed us to enter a contest and experience, first hand, what SwopStakes has to offer. There are no SwopStakes sign up offers, so you might be wondering what the rest of this review will be about.

They provide some great promotional offers and we will outline how to make the most of these offers. You’ll be given some great tips on how to get the best value from a sweepstakes contest, and what to keep an eye out for. Most importantly, we will provide some more info on which horse racing meetings are covered and which techniques are best applied in a sweepstake contest.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

As there are no real bonuses to speak of, we’ll be providing some tips on how to use your 50 credits upon signing up. These 50 credits give you a great platform to learn the ins-and-outs of a sweepstakes contest.

Firstly, you should play around by making use of the demo game option. This will give you some experience of how it all works. To keep things simple, you’ll find that there are 3 races for the demo game ‘contest’. In each race, there are 4 runners. There will be a pool of 64 unique tickets, each worth $1 (total worth is $64). The value of a ticket is determined by the chance of it winning the game.

After each race, a number of tickets will be knocked out. For each ticket that survives, their respective value will increase. You can cash out at any point or buy back in. You can also swap tickets at a time of your choosing.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can begin by buying tickets to live contests. Use the 50 credits supplied to you and opt into a game. Do not use all 50 credits at once. This should be easy to keep track of, and you won’t have to hassle with providing a SwopStakes promo code.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

Make use of demo games

Before you enter a sweepstakes contest, it would be wise to play a demo game. Even before this step, watch the video on their website. This how-to video will explain the basics of a sweepstakes contest and will give you great insight into how it all works. Once you’ve watched the video, try your hand at the demo game. You have nothing to lose, and a lot to gain. The practical experience will give you the confidence to make quick decisions during real races.

Download the SwopStakes app

Downloading the app will provide you with a convenient way of accessing the SwopStakes platform. There is no SwopStakes promo code that you need to enter once you’ve downloaded the app. However, you will receive notifications about live contests and racing news. You’ll also be privy to new promotional offers. You’ll always be in the loop and ready to take advantage of the latest offer. Tracking the progress of each race, has never been easier. Enjoy live racing straight from the app.

Make use of the cash-out option

When competing in challenge games, you are presented with a couple of choices. One of these choices is to fold, or cash-out. You might be wondering, why would I fold? Is mentioned earlier, the value of a ticket is dependent on a couple of factors. It fluctuates due to changing market opinion; will increase if it survives an event; and will lose all value if it is knocked out.

By folding, you can cash-out your ticket if you think it won’t survive the event. Rather this, than seeing your ticket lose all value by being knocked out. If you make use of this option, the cash-out offer displayed via the Bank will be added to your wallet.

You can swop tickets to improve your chances

This is another option, somewhat similar to the cash-out option. If you are convinced your ticket/s might not survive the event, you can swap your tickets. Your current tickets will be cashed-in and you will re-draw new tickets. Instead of just cashing-out and walking away from the event, you can still compete. The tickets you re-draw will be picked at random though. You do not have the option of hand-picking the tickets. You will incur a cost if you decide to swop tickets.

Depending on the stage of the game, you will have to pay a fraction of the current cost to buy tickets. You will not have to pay the full price because you are cashing-out your current tickets.

Read the terms and conditions

We cannot stress this enough, it is important to make sure you read the terms and conditions of any website. This is particularly relevant, because of the unique nature of SwopStakes. Yes, there are no SwopStakes sign up offers to worry about, but the entire way of betting on this site is different to traditional betting. It would be wise to visit their collection of informative articles. It will certainly do you no harm in taking the time to read the provided information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

Q1. What are SwopStakes credits?

Just like a cash balance, credits will allow you to purchase tickets to games of your choice. Credits are like-for-like substitutes of cash funds on a traditional bookmaker site. You will find that you must buy a ticket before you are entered into a contest. These credits are your way of buying tickets and enjoying a sweepstakes contest.

Q2. How do I buy tickets to a contest/game?

There are no SwopStakes sign up offers, nor can you use a SwopStakes promo code to receive credits. Surprisingly, you cannot deposit funds in exchange for credits. There are no deposit options available on the site. You must use the credits given to you to buy tickets.

Q3. How can I receive more credits?

The availability and top-up of credits is wholly dependent on SwopStakes. They do not provide more credits via a SwopStakes promo code, and you cannot buy more credits. You have to wait for SwopStakes to provide your account with more credits.

Q4. Can I withdraw credits immediately?

No, you cannot withdraw your credits. They do not have a monetary value and cannot be converted to cash. You must use the credits to enter games. Each contest or game will have an allotted cash prize. If you are successful, you will win a cash prize. SwopStakes states that they will contact you in the event that you are owed a cash prize.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programs

There are additional rewards as of yet. Due to there being no SwopStakes sign up offers, you might think there would be a loyalty program of sorts. Keep in mind, they are a very new company and are most likely still in the process of gaining a real following.

This exciting platform and concept of betting will certainly gain in popularity. Once they have a strong foundation, we are sure they will begin to roll-out loyalty initiatives. The fact that you receive 50 credits upon completing your account, is a very positive sign.

We can only begin to imagine what type of rewards might be in-store for loyal customers, in the near future.

Swopstakes Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

There’s no need to learn how to use a sports bonus for SwopStakes, per say. There are no SwopStakes sign up offers. However, you will receive credits, which are tokens for buying tickets. That, in essence, is all there is to entering a game on the platform. What we do want to bring your attention to, is when to purchase tickets. It’s also important to know how to boost your chances of success for racing meetings.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

In order to receive tickets, you do not have to meet any sort of wagering requirements. For traditional betting sites, you are usually expected to wager your bonuses, bet on events with certain odds, and make sure you reach their turnover requirement.

At SwopStakes, you will receive your credits from the outset. You can do whatever you like with the credits. We signed up and received our credits, as promised. Furthermore, we used some of our credits to enter a sweepstakes racing event. We bought a ticket and embarked on a three-race contest.

Unfortunately, we were not successful as our runner lost in the final race. Thus, we cannot, ourselves, speak to the truth of potential prize money.

However, SwopStakes state they have paid out over $45,000 in prize money. Sweepstakes are, by nature, difficult to succeed in. This shouldn’t put you off though.

Bonus Withdrawal

We cannot give you much information on the process of withdrawing any sort of bonus or cash prize.

You should remember that you cannot withdraw credits from your account. They do not possess any sort of tangible value. They are only used to purchase tickets. If you are so lucky as to win prize money, SwopStakes state they will be in-contact with you. There is no mention of acceptable payment methods.

We’ve surmised that they will provide more details with regards on how to receive your prize money, if, and only if, you do manage to win a game. Bank transfers are the most likely way of receiving your money. Although, they may have partnered with a payment solution such as POLi. This is speculation at best, and you’d be best off by following their advice.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

There are not many pitfalls, in the way of claiming your bonus. There are no SwopStakes sign up offers to date. You do not have to enter a SwopStakes promo code, nor do you have to stay alert for a potential SwopStakes deposit offer.

What you can do, as we always stress, is read the terms and conditions. This will give you peace of mind and should answer any of your outstanding queries. They do have a live chat function, and you should make use of this if necessary.

Lastly, avoid using all your credits on one contest. You should buy one ticket at a time and take it as it comes. It’s wise to build up your credit balance. Any outstanding credits at the end of an event, plus credits you’ve won, can be used for future games.

Bonus Conclusion

There are no real bonuses to speak of, for sports events. You do not need to enter a SwopStakes promo code. However, the fact that the credits can be used on any event is a positive. It gives the user flexibility and a wider variety of choice. A traditional sportsbooks bonus usually has various conditions. These conditions limit your use of the bonus. Whereas at SwopStakes, you can use the credits as you wish.

Overall Conclusion

There are no SwopStakes sign up offers to utilize. In the same breath, there’s no need to concern yourself with a potential SwopStakes promo code. However, SwopStakes do provide you with credits. You do not have to purchase them and this, in itself, gives us great cause for celebration.

They welcome you to their unique platform by providing you with credits in gratuity. The fact that they provide such a unique betting service is also an exciting prospect. They allow customers to compete in contests that cover all racing forms. There are promotional games on display and these do change on a regular basis.

All-in-all, we think it’s great that there’s a new kid on the block. Punters might find this an appealing alternative to fixed-odds betting. You don’t have to open yourself up to great risk by playing and quite frankly, it’s pretty fun. There are generous prizes available for those lucky few, and for those that don’t win – you haven’t much to lose in the first place.

There’s no need for you to stop informing yourself. We’ve got bonus reviews for bookmakers such as Bet365, Beteasy, Neds, and Tab.

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