Comparison of Horse Racing Bookmakers

Whether you are a veteran of online gambling or a new punter looking to expand your horizons, selecting a quality bookmaker can be daunting with all the Horse Racing Bookmakers CA options available to you.

Ultimately, this page will provide you with an objective and transparent comparison of Horse Racing Bookmakers CA. You will have all the information you need to look out for when choosing what bookmaker you may want to use in the near future. At the moment we’re huge fans of Guts — but this could change.

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Who Should Make Use Of The Comparison?

In today’s world, punters have what appears to be a myriad of options when it comes to horse racing bookmakers. This should not dissuade you from dipping your toe into what is ultimately an incredibly enjoyable experience. To ensure this enjoyable experience and that you are able to practice the best horse betting strategies Canada has to offer, it is important to compare different bookmakers to make sure you have selected one that accommodates your wants and needs.

A horse betting comparison will of course be helpful for newer punters looking to wade into the online bookmaking waters. It will aid you in your pursuit of a quality bookmaker that is not only exciting but reliable and secure. You may also want to use our horse racing comparison to compare certain racing events.

The horse betting comparison is not only limited to new punters but also helps veteran punters view all the necessary information on certain bookmakers in one place. Furthermore, veteran punters can make use of your odds comparison tool to help them avoid  the tedious process of going through each Horse Racing Bookmakers CA individually. We recommend that you take a look at Unibet as they offer high quality odds to their punters.

Operator Checklist: Top 5 Steps for a Secure & Fair Gambling Experience

Taking your first steps into the world of online gambling can be intimidating at first. Having a healthy amount of skepticism when it comes to choosing the online bookmaker you want to use is actually a good thing. You will want to have your wits about you, as is the case with many vocations and business environments, there is always the possibility that there are fraudulent online bookmakers.

To ensure that you choose an establishment that is recognised, reliable and secure we have compiled a few key factors for you to keep in mind when selecting one of the Horse Racing Bookmakers CA.

Shifting Terms & Conditions

A glaring proponent of fraudulent horse racing bookmakers is how often and when they change their terms and conditions. Should the horse racing bookmakers change these terms and conditions arbitrarily to void any of your potential winnings off of bonuses, promotions or specials on offered odds, that is a surefire sign that they are not to be trusted. But check out the 22Bet welcome bonus for a good idea of what you should be looking for.

However, our reviews will have you covered in this regard as we will make these irregularities abundantly clear to our readers. For the most part, horse racing bookmakers will make it clear that they are allowed to change their terms and conditions at their leisure but the respectable ones will not just pull the rug from under you without a heads up.

Licenses and Regulation

When it comes to confirming the security and reliability of horse racing bookmakers, the licenses they have acquired speaks volumes to their trustworthiness. There are a few regulatory bodies that do the due diligence on these online bookmakers such as the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority and the Gibraltar Betting and Gaming Association.

Should a bookmaker have licenses that have been issued by these gambling authorities you are well on your way to joining a respectable establishment. Here are a few examples of sites with all the proper licenses Bodog, Hipbet and 1xBet.

Consistent & Fair Promotions

A major pull factor for new punters to join horse racing bookmakers is enticing welcome offers, bonuses and promotions. This is common practice amongst respectable horse racing bookmakers, but if the deal seems too good to be true it tends to be because it probably is.

However, we have you covered in this regard as we compile reviews for all the individual operators and their subsequent sign up offers. We will inform you of anything that seems too good to be true, as well as any problematic wagering requirements that may be attached to the offers.

An Accessible & Efficient Customer Service

An online bookmaker that gives its punters the time of day to answer queries with respect and to do so in a timely manner is already a big positive in our scorecard for a reliable bookmaker. If any horse racing bookmakers fail to respond to a reasonable query or general request for information, that is definitely a red flag.

We cover customer service in our reviews of Horse Racing Bookmakers AU and will always try to give you the best understanding of how well an online bookmakers’ customer service is being run.

Fellow Punters’ Experiences

Taking the time to go and read what other punters are saying about particular horse racing bookmakers on forums and review pages can be a useful experience. If the overall pattern of peoples’ comments appear to be negative, that is a clear sign that the online bookmaker they used is either a scam or just incredibly negligent when it comes to meeting their punters basic needs.

Editor’s Recommendation – William Hill

We have selected William Hill as our editor’s choice and honestly it was an easy decision to make as the bookmaker sets itself apart from many of its competitors. With an easy to use website interface and consistently quality odds and offers William Hill is a safe bet should you wish to start your gambling endeavours with a reliable online bookmaker.

William Hill essentially has everything you could want to place your bets, the diversity is seemingly endless. From Esports to Live Casino, Poker to Bingo, Table Games to Jackpots. Not only does William Hill cover your casino, poker and bingo needs but  it also boasts an unbelievably comprehensive sportsbook. Everything from Darts to Horse racing, along with all other major and obscure sports you may be a fan of.

The bookmaker has wonderful reviews and ratings from punters who come back again and again and leave a little more satisfied every time. These ratings serve to further compound the notion that William Hill is an excellent online bookmaker. If you are a punter who is strictly looking for quality horse racing bookmakers, then William Hill should absolutely be near the top of your list. Take a look at our William Hill review should you want to know more about what makes them such an excellent online bookmaker.

How Our Experts Test Operators

With regards to how our experts test the quality and reliability of an online bookmaker, you can be sure it is a rigorous process that separates the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Our experts cover all the bookmakers, the big players and the newer, smaller ones with the same concise method of analysis. We receive no money from these bookmakers for our reviews, which is why you can rest assured that our reviews are unbiased and only aim to project truth about the nature of these bookmakers.

Our experts use numerous parameters and take into account several different factors when assessing the quality of a bookmaker. However, we have compiled a list of 10 key points that our experts use to ascertain whether or not a bookmaker is worth your time or not. Using our horse betting comparison will also help you to better understand this information.

Bonus offers – online bookmakers tend to offer their punters offers fairly regularly, so keep an eye out for the best offers. We will give you the information you need to know how easy these offers are to use.

Usability, look & feel – the appearance of an online bookmakers’ site is important but the key here is finding out how accessible the website interface is and how easy it is to locate the sections you are looking for.

Odds – horse racing bookmakers will differ when it comes to the odds they offer their punters. However, it is up to our experts to find out whether they are below or above average.

Live betting & streaming – in-play betting is a big draw for sports and horse racing fanatics alike, as well as the option to watch the races and sports on the bookmakers’ site. We will ascertain whether Horse Racing Bookmakers CA provide these options for their punters.

Payment methods – the bookie needs to offer you a wide variety of payment methods to ensure your ease of deposits and withdrawals. You will want to access your winnings with as little fuss as possible.

Licenses & security – as we have previously mentioned, an online bookmaker needs to have gone through the process of being regulated and as such needs to have acquired the necessary licenses.

Mobile app – this is a great option for punters who are on the go but still want to place their bets. This tends to be a big draw for many punters who are betting regularly. Some horse racing bookmakers may not have a mobile app, so keep an eye out for this.

Customer service – should any Horse Racing Bookmakers CA have a lackadaisical customer service and can genuinely put punters off from using the site again. That is why we test how well the bookmakers’ customer service holds up.

Maximum winnings – our experts take a look at what the limit is on your winnings per event, sport or casino game. You may be a big bettor and as such will need a bookmaker that meets your needs in this respect.

Reputation – the ratings and reviews of a bookmaker are a testament to how well these horse racing bookmakers are being run. That is why our reviews will always inform you what the general consensus is on these sites.

Finding the Right Operator for You

Having loyalty to particular horse racing bookmakers you have been with for a long time is an honourable thing but it may not be what is best for your long term interests. There are so many high quality Horse Racing Bookmakers CA that you will want to at the very least take a look at a few of them.

While many punters will be chasing the best horse racing bookmakers, you do not necessarily need to limit yourself to one field. Many of the bookmakers that are available will offer you excellent horse betting services while also maintaining quality casino games, poker and varying sports betting markets. You may wish to enjoy a different betting experience at some point, give yourself that option at the very least.

There are many other factors to keep in mind when finding an operator that works for you, such as the bookies’ mobile app, their diversity of slots, frequency of poker tournaments and what major and minor sports they have on offer. Our experts take all of this into consideration when suggesting an operator.

Most Important Sections of the Site

We have put together a host of different articles, reviews, guides and strategies to aid you in your betting endeavours. There are various pertinent sections on our site that will improve your betting strategies and potential success. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Casino Comparison

Our casino comparisons will make your life all the more easy as we seperate the best from the good. If you are a fan of casino games, our casino comparison reviews will have you on the right track to finding the bookmaker that best suits your personal preferences.

Bonus Comparison

It can be tricky to pick Horse Racing Bookmakers CA based on the bonuses they are offering you. As such, our bonus comparison reviews will give you the necessary knowledge to make the right call to increase your potential winnings.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

This is where we break down the actual bonuses from Horse Racing Bookmakers CA and make sure you are equipped with all the know-how to beat any wagering requirements. We also make any other terms and conditions that might trip you up very clear so that you have no mishaps while you use your bonus.


Plenty of bookmakers are not solely limited to horse racing or sports. Many will offer fun and exciting slots and table games in addition to having sports and horse racing to bet on.


Horse racing bookmakers will allow you to use various different payment methods when making your deposits and withdrawing your winnings. We will break down the options available to you and whether or not we believe the site is diverse enough with its options.


Many punters will approach betting with different ideas and strategies in mind on how to better their chances of success. We offer great betting tips and strategies on the Horse Racing Bookmakers CA site to aid you in your pursuit of greater winnings.


We have fantastic guides that will help newer punters to understand the different kinds of wagers and how it may impact their betting. We can’t overstate the fact that newer punters should use this whenever they are unsure about anything related to their wagers.

Online vs. Offline Gambling

People have been placing their bets at land based casinos for generations but does this necessarily make it the superior option to online bookmakers? Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of online bookmakers and some of the drawbacks.


The most obvious advantage for using an online bookmaker is the ease of access it gives you to all betting. Convenience is priceless and that is exactly what you get with an online bookmaker, saving you time standing in physical queues. It is the pinnacle of hassle-free betting.

When joining an online bookmaker, there will almost always be a quality welcome bonus for new customers. Furthermore, online bookmakers will regularly run exciting promotions on the site for horse betting or any other sports and casino game really. This is a big advantage over offline betting, as they tend to steer clear of any kind of bonuses or promotions.

The next major advantage is the speed at which your winnings are paid out with an online bookmaker vs the offline bookies. With an offline bookmaker, your winnings will oftentimes take days to be paid out whereas an online bookmaker will take at most 24 hours to send you your winnings.

Online bookmakers also allow for punters to bet on the go, as most of these online bookies have corresponding mobile apps for their site. These allow punters to bet whenever and wherever they are, an asset that your land based casino can in no way offer you.


There are perhaps two main drawbacks when it comes to online vs offline betting. First and foremost, the environment of a live casino or horse racing track is difficult to imitate. There is a certain excitement to placing your bets in person in the bookmakers’ establishments, as the energy is almost palpable.

You can always receive customer service on the online bookies websites but they are not as immediate as the offline bookies’ service. Other than the drawbacks we have noted, there are not many areas where an offline bookmaker outshines its counterpart.

4 Tips For Successful Betting

There are always certain elements to keep in mind when trying to increase your rate of success with your online betting. As such, to give you a taste of the tips you can expect to see on our site, we have compiled 4 tips for you to keep in mind with your wagering.

Know Your Sports

It may seem like a given but understanding the sport you are betting is pivotal to your potential success. If you are a horse betting fan you should try to understand everything from the horse’s recent form, its fitness, running style, breed and who the trainer is. All of these things can contribute to a more successful gambling experience.

Manage Your Bankroll 

When it comes to horse race betting, you will want to manage your funds to the best of your ability. This is particularly true for the newer punter, as you will want to get to grips with the betting formats and the sport itself. However, being sensible with your bankroll is true for all punters, try to build up your funds with smaller bets at first before you move onto bigger bets.

Keep Your Cool 

One of the biggest contributors to punters losing money quickly is their inability to remain calm after losing bets. Always keep a level head after losing a bet, betting in a state of anger or irritation can lead to you losing even more bets. If you feel like you are a calm person then this will probably not be an issue for you but if you are susceptible to feelings of anger when losing its best to reset and try again the next day.

Don’t Fear the Underdog!

In most instances it is wise for punters to avoid regular underdog bets but this does not mean you should dismiss them entirely. Betting on the underdog will diversify your bets and can also bring in fantastic winnings, as the odds are always long on the underdog. Choose your underdog wisely and you could walk away with winnings that will have you smiling for a week. Using a horse racing comparison in this regard will help you make a more informed choice on who the best of the underdogs is.


We hope to see more of you on our site, as hopefully we have shown that we can offer you invaluable information for your horse betting endeavours. Furthermore, you can always come back to our site to find out how to tweak your betting strategies or to find out what kind of bets you should be pursuing.

We understand that there appears to be an infinite supply of online bookmakers for you to choose from, this is why we selected William Hill as our editors choice. However, should you be interested in seeing what other bookmakers are offering their new customers at this time then we advise you to check out our reviews for Bet365, Betway, Coral, Sports Interaction and 22bet.

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