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Horse Racing Bookmaker Comparison 2021

Looking for the best online horse racing bookmakers AU has at the moment? Search no further! We’ve found the top bookies for horse racing in Australia. Take a look below to find your perfect racing betting site!

We’ve created a leaderboard that shows the best horse racing betting sites in Australia. This is based on our independent comparison of top bookies like PlayUp. Each of these bookmakers have been checked to make sure that they are fully licensed. Keep reading to see how we ranked and rated the top racing bookies in Australia!

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Our Best Betting Providers

  • Betting Offer
  • Service
  • Deposit and Withdrawal
BlueBet Highlights
  • Diverse betting markets
  • Decent odds on selected markets
  • User-friendly online platform
Credit Card
New South Wales
BlueBet Review Visit Provider
Unibet Highlights
  • Immense selection of sporting events
  • Great mobile app
  • Various number of payment methods
Australia’s Northern Territory
Unibet Review Visit Provider
DraftStars Highlights
  • Daily horse racing events
  • Guaranteed prize pools
  • Multi-entry markets
Credit Card
Australia’s Northern Territory
DraftStars Review Visit Provider
PlayUp Highlights
  • Competitive odds on horse racing
  • Amazing website design
  • Good customer service
Australia’s Northern Territory
PlayUp Review Visit Provider
Bet365 Highlights
  • Wide selection of sports betting options
  • Extensive range of horse racing markets
  • Excellent customer service
Australia’s Northern Territory
Bet365 Review Visit Provider
Betfair Highlights
  • Great horse racing odds
  • Exciting live streaming option
  • Generous betting limits
Australia’s Northern Territory
Betfair Review Visit Provider

Who should make use of the comparison?

With this comprehensive comparison of Horse Racing Bookmakers AU, we’re aiming to produce something that helps absolutely anyone looking for an objective horse betting comparison. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced punter at horse betting websites, we know that there is going to be plenty on offer here to help you make an informed choice about where best to bet and how best to make your betting pay!

For beginners, we’re giving you a simple, easy to understand bookmaker comparison, that clearly and easily sets out all the essential information you need to make that educated decision about where your hard-earned cash goes. We’ll provide you with how-to guides, betting tips, help you understand payment methods, and give you a complete run-down of all the bookmakers and their bonus offers.

And for those more experienced punters, who often have favourite bookmakers that they’ve stuck with for years, we’ll give you the horse racing odds comparison tool that could well prompt you to give a new horse racing bookie a try! For example, have a look at the world of B2B betting which consistently beats fixed odds betting at the bookmakers Topbetta. Or dive into fantasy racing, which took a huge upturn in 2021 with the massive sporting cancellations down to the Covid-19 virus. Take a look at the bookmakers Playup there, who offer a great fantasy sports offer through draftstars.

Operator Checklist: Top5 steps for a secure & fair gambling experience

With so many Horse Racing Bookmakers AU out there, all of them promising that they’re the best, telling you that they give the biggest bonuses, and claiming their site will give you the greatest betting experience, it’s never been more important to find those horse betting websites who do it right; giving you a secure, fair, and fantastic place to stick on your bets!

We’ll be covering everything that can help you with that, from the very simplest things to more detailed aspects of horse racing comparison.

First up, our top 5 steps for a secure and fair gambling experience.

The first thing anyone unfamiliar with online betting asks is just how safe, secure, and reliable is online betting. It’s completely understandable; this is your money you’re handing over to the bookies, as well as your personal and financial details. But the simple answer here is that it’s completely safe to gamble online, just as long as you use a reputable, licensed, and regulated Horse Racing Bookmakers AU.

Which leads us to question number two, how do I know which horse betting websites are completely legitimate and safe for me to use? Well, every legitimate bookie will be licensed and regulated properly by their country’s gambling regulatory and licensing body or, if they operate outside the country, by some other legitimate authority. That might be the United Kingdom Gambling Commission or the Malta Gambling Authority (used by a lot of European bookies). For Australia horse racing bookmakers, there are regulatory bodies for territories, such as the Northern Territory Gambling and Licensing Services, Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, or South Australia Independent Gambling Authority. Look for these in the ‘About Us’ section of any bookie or even as a link in the footer of their websites.

Next, are all the bonuses offered really secure and legitimate? Well, that’s something that goes along with the bookies being properly regulated. But in addition, our bookmaker comparison will have links to the bookmaker reviews and bonus reviews, where you can find out just how good we think the bonuses are.

How about new Horse Racing Bookmakers AU? You might think that it’s best to go with old, established names. And yes, that’s true to a degree. But we’re very careful to look at all bookmakers, old and new, to make sure they’re legit.

Finally, one absolutely simple way to establish legitimacy – simply trust us! Because we do the work for you and you can be sure in the knowledge that every bookie you see in our horse betting websites comparison will be reviewed and we’ll never recommend any bookie that isn’t properly regulated.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator

When it comes to who we think are the absolute best Horse Racing Bookmakers AU, we’re going to recommend three great bookmakers here. We’re picking two great Aussie bookies, the bookmakers Sportsbetting-com-au and BBet. We’ve also gone with one international bookie, the incredibly popular all over the world bookmakers Bet365.

And the reason for picking two operators as our recommendation is all because of the Australian gambling laws around in-play or live betting. Sadly, Aussie bookies are not allowed, by law, to offer you the exciting and rewarding experience of being able to place a bet during an event, race, or match, something that we absolutely love in our betting. You can, though, usually place a live bet on horse racing, so look out for that.

So, for general all round excellence and a great betting experience on many, many sports, we heartily recommend the Bet365, where you can enjoy a great in-play betting experience when signed up to their international site. But for a great Aussie bookie, we have to go with the Their simple brief of offering being a no gimmick Horse Racing Bookmakers AU with fabulous fixed odds is a great way to get more from your bets and they consistently score incredibly well in our horse betting comparison tables.  The only downside there is that enforced lack of in-play betting. 

This is how our experts test operators

When you go and look at our bookmaker reviews covering all sorts of horse betting websites, large and small, established and newcomers, you can be sure that they’ve been put together by our expert, independent team of betting professionals. We’re not paid a cent by the bookies and our reviews and tests of how good a Horse Racing Bookmakers AU is for your valuable betting is always given a detailed and objective test in 10 categories.

Those categories are the essentials that we know you’re looking for in an operator; if they score well in all of those, then you can bet that we’ll be using them for our own betting and we have no hesitation in recommending them for you.

The categories are as follows:

Bonus Offers & Free Bets – Here we’re all about testing out the bonuses and promotions on offer at the horse betting websites, to see how valuable they are and how easy or difficult they are to properly use.

Usability, Look & Feel – Yes, it’s nice to have a pretty site or app, but this section is where we look deeper at the site and appropriate and see just how easy and intuitive it is to use.

Payments – One of the most important parts of any bookie, here we look at what options does the bookie give you for payments and how easy is it to get hold of your winnings?

Customer Service – We look at how to contact the bookie, including testing their response times, and how good any help pages or FAQ sections are.

License & Security – As we’ve said, this is the essential section for security and we’ll tell you just who this bookie is regulated by.

Rewards & Loyalty Program – Does the bookie offer one? Is it any good?

Sports Betting offer – Here we’ll give you the breakdown of their complete sports betting line, including an idea of how generous the Horse Racing Bookmakers AU are with their odds.

Casino offer – Because you might want something other than sports betting!

Poker offer – Again, if you’re after a break from the sports!

Overall conclusion – And finally, we give you our independent expert view on whether this is a bookie for you.

Finding the right operator for you

We do everything we can to find the best bookie for all your horse racing betting, looking at every bookie we can find. And if you’re a new punter, you can certainly do no better than giving our recommendations a try. But if you’re an experienced horse racing punter, we know it’s easy to simply settle for a favourite bookie. We’ve all done it! But we’re sorry to say that sometimes, loyalty just doesn’t pay. You know that it’s a good idea to shop around for a bookmaker with better odds, better offers, better everything, but it just feels like it’s something that takes way too much of your valuable time.

Which is why we’re pleased to say we have just the thing for you, saving you time and making sure you can find the best horse racing bookmakers for you – the horse betting comparison tool!

Yes, if you’re not 100% satisfied with your current bookie then take a look at the horse racing comparison tool – here you can see whether, for example, bookmakers Palmerbet, or any other bookie, come out on top for the odds of a specific race. It might well show you that your current bookie can be beaten! And even if you think your favourite horse betting websites are best – give it a try – it might surprise you!

Most important sections of the site

Through our site, there’s a wealth of material available to assist you with all aspects of your betting, whether you’re a complete newcomer or an experienced punter. We’ve put together page after page of expert advice on bookmakers, comparison guides, and detailed, in-depth articles on everything that’s important to make sure you get the most from all of your betting.

Casino Comparison

For those of you looking for something other than horse racing and sports, we have pages and features devoted to casino betting and slot play. You can find a detailed look at the best places for casino gaming with our casino comparison pages.

Bonus Comparison

When we look at a bookie or casino site, we know how important the bonuses are as a great way to get more from your betting, and that’s why we have our own dedicated section that gives you a complete bonus comparison of all of the Horse Racing Bookmakers AU we look at, setting out clearly and simply what the bonus means and what you can expect, with links through to our bonus reviews sections.

Operator/Bonus Reviews

The operator reviews and bonus reviews are the pages where we break down every single online bookie, whether they’re horse racing bookmakers, general sports bookmakers, casino sites, or mixed sites. We have review after review, both of the bookie in general and going deeper into their bonus offers.


We also take a look at the various games and software providers for table games and slots games in our games/slots section. Here we cover what to look for, which games and slots play best, what the best payouts are and so much more, with our Slot Game Software Provider and Slot game Review pages.


In this section we give you an overview of payment methods and then go on to break down each and every way to pay in our payment method detail articles. We’ll talk security, cost, ease of use, speed, plus licensing and regulation.

Strategy and Guide-wiki

In these two sections, you’ll find everything you could need for formulating a betting strategy to get the most from your betting plus a series of guide-wiki articles covering so many aspects of sports and casino betting, including Betting Tips, a Betting/Casino Guide & Strategy, and of course our simple and rewarding Odds Comparison Tool and how to use it.

Unique Problems for Aussie Punters Explored

Unique Aussie Problems Part 1 – Why you’ll find it difficult to play in-play betting!  

It’s hard to be an Aussie punter at times. Sure, we’re going to show you a host of great Horse Racing Bookmakers AU, many of whom have been around for many, many years. But these bookies have a real handicap compared to bigger, multi-national bookies, such as Bet365 or Ladbrokes. And it’s all because you can’t use Aussie-based bookmakers to put on live, in-play bets.

Simply put, because of The Australian Interactive Gambling Act 2001 (IGA) it’s an offence for any Australian horse betting websites to offer what’s described as ‘real money online interactive gambling services’. Unfortunately, for the IGA, interactive includes in-play and live sports betting. However, offshore bookies can pretty much ignore the IGA and continue offering live betting. Yes, it’s unfair and we know it, but that’s the law as it stands.

So, while Aussie bookies such as the bookmakers Beteasy or the bookmakers TAB can, and do, offer great live streaming of races through the Sky racing channels, you’re not allowed to place live, in-play bets on those races. For that you need an international bookie such as Bet365.

It’s the reason we picked two recommended operators, an Aussie racing specialist in, and an international one in Bet365, just to give you the option of having somewhere to place live sports bets. Because, once you discover live, in-play betting you’re going to love it just as much as they do in the UK and Europe. There, you see a huge amount of bets, as much as 80%+ on soccer for example, going on the live, in-play markets. One day, maybe Aussie horse betting websites will get a level playing ground!

Unique Aussie Problems Part 2 – It’s too hard to get multiple payment options!

When you look at a lot of Aussie horse betting websites, you’re going to see the same issues with payment options, time and time again. Deposit via Visa or MasterCard, POLi, BPAY, or bank transfer. And withdrawal to just Visa or MasterCard or bank transfer.

Yes, there are a few bookies who offer a little more, but not too many. For example, the bookmakers Neds and the bookmakers BetStar offers PayPal and Flexepin as well as their own MasterCard (neds – pre-paid card) and Visa (Betstar – Visa that can access your Betstar funds).

But go to an international bookie and you’ll find all sorts of extras, including the most popular e-wallet methods of PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, the pre-paid paysafecard, and so much more, not just for deposit but for withdrawal as well.

Again, it’s a choice you have to make, go for the great Aussie bookies and possibly limited options or go international for more choice. However, let’s make it clear that for a lot of punters, being able to withdraw to a card or bank transfer is just fine. But we’d simply like to see Aussie punters given as much choice as possible.

How to find YOUR perfect bookmaker, and why we bet with ours! 

Your perfect bookmaker will depend on so many things, all unique to you and the way you bet. Obviously, any bookie you go with should be properly regulated and licensed, just as any bookie we review and recommend will be.

But after this, it’s down to personal preference. For some of you, we know that being able to use a bookie’s site on the go, through a mobile app, can be more important than finding a bookie that gives you just a little bit of an advantage in odds. It’s something you’re willing to trade off.

Or perhaps you’re a newcomer who values customer service and being able to get in touch with your bookie at all times? Or maybe you’re after a bookie that gives you extensive how-to guides on their help pages? Perhaps you want to watch live streams online while you bet?

So, after you make sure the bookie is secure, the next thing to find is one that covers the sports you want to bet on, whether it’s horse racing or hockey, dog racing or darts, and also has the markets you’re after – if you want international or local horse racing for example. And then start applying your own preferences, live streaming, great appropriate, good help section, that sort of thing.

Whatever it is, we’d always recommend that you look for the best bookie for you with a combination of try-outs and research. Never stick with the first bookie that feels okay to you, always shop around and use our comprehensive guides to help you get the most out of things.

However, you already know our two favourites – and Bet365. Both of these give us security (of course!) and great sites that have all the horse racing we crave, both Australian and international. And using our odds comparison tools, we already know they offer good value consistently for their odds. However, for us, it’s Bet365 that just wins out, and that’s purely because we want to have the chance to use live, in-play betting.


When it comes to all of your betting and particularly your horse racing betting, we want you to have the best information available, the best knowledge, and be able to find the very best Horse Racing Bookmakers AU out there. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a complete newcomer to horse racing and sports betting or an experienced punter, there’s something of use here for you!

By using our website, you’ll find all of that, through a series of articles and guides from our independent betting experts on every subject needed to take your betting to the next level. We offer you in-depth, knowledgeable, informed betting coverage across all sports markets, with a particular focus on horse racing betting. But we also go further than that, not just with our coverage of sporting alternatives, but with our guides to casino and gaming, tables and slots – after all, we all like to change it up from the Sport of Kings occasionally.

So be sure to take a good look at what’s on offer, whether it’s our excellent bookmaker reviews, our in-depth looks at horse racing bonuses, or our detailed betting tips. If you’re a first-timer, have a look at our recommended bookies for horse racing, follow our guides to make sure you’re betting safely, and make use of our years of knowledge to really kick-start your betting! And if you’re an old hand at all this, a punter with years of betting, make sure to check out our odds comparison tool and take a look at our recommended bookies for your betting – you may well find out it’s time to make a change!

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