Best Horse Betting Sites Without Limit 2024 The Best Bookmaker Without Limit in Australia

Last Updated on 18/07/2024

In our awards for the best horse betting sites without limit, we’ll show you those bookmakers who won’t put a ceiling on how much you can win with your racing bets.

We took a look at all of the Australian betting sites to help you find the best bookmaker without limit so that you can enjoy keeping whatever winnings you make when betting on thoroughbred races.

After all, there’s not much point in hunting down the best odds in horse racing if your chosen bookmaker decides to impose some overly restrictive limits. So keep reading to discover the best horse betting sites without limit.

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Current Winners on Best Horse Betting Sites Without Limit

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How do we award operators?

In our hunt for the best bookmaker without limit, we reviewed each horse racing betting site and took an in-depth look at their betting limits. This established an overall rating for each betting site, and then we compiled these results to reveal a shortlist of the best horse betting sites without limit.

But our awards for the best bookmaker without limit isn’t a one-way process. This is because we are inviting all real punters to take part in our awards. After all, it’s real racing fans who will be wanting to make sure that their winnings aren’t compromised. So register your vote to help us find the best horse betting sites without limit in Australia.

What other categories are operators awarded in?

In addition to finding the best bookmaker without limit, we’ve created awards for all other features that you’re going to want to know about at a betting site. This means that we’ll show you those bookmakers with the best payment processing, the best VIP program, and even the best horse racing software.

We will also highlight some of the best newcomers in the horse racing betting industry, and even point out which bookmakers have a decent online casino section on their sites. All of which should mean that you’ll be in the best place for enjoying a superior online betting experience.

Award FAQ

Got any questions about our awards for the best horse betting sites without limit? Then take a look at the frequently asked questions list below.

Q1: Which betting sites were included?

Our awards made sure that we took a look at all of the licensed bookmakers currently operating in Australia. By doing so, it will mean that all of these betting sites are duty-bound to honour whatever betting limits that they put in place. This is important because an unlicensed bookmaker cannot be held to account if they suddenly decide to put in some very low limits on your maximum winnings.

Q2: How frequently are the awards updated?

We’ve made sure that our award pages are regularly updated. After all, bookmakers will constantly be changing things like their betting limits, and we want to make sure that our awards reflect any changes. This means that you’ll always be able to come to our awards section and get an accurate picture of what the bookmakers are offering.

Q3: Why should I care about betting limits?

We realise that most casual punters will be more than happy with making some pretty modest winnings. However, there will often come a time when you manage to get a truly amazing win. Whether it’s a single bet on an outsider in the Melbourne Cup or a lucky accumulator bet, you definitely won’t want your winnings compromised by some low betting limits.

Q4: How can I cast my votes?

You can simply register your account here, and then you’ll be able to head over to the relevant awards section and put down your vote for your favourite bookmaker. The votes will quickly be logged and it will show up on our leaderboard. All of which should help all punters recognise the best bookmakers in the land.

Q5: What other awards are there?

Not only will we help you find the best bookmaker without limit, but we’ll show you the award-winning betting sites for things like odds and bonuses. We can reveal the best horse racing app and software, and even highlight the bookmaker with the strongest reputation for putting on the best horse racing tips so that you get a much better winning record with your thoroughbred bets.

How we found the best bookmaker without limit

In our hunt for horse racing betting sites without limit, we carried out a search of all of the best bookmakers in Australia. Here is an overview of the key things that we considered when finding a betting site who won’t put a low limit on the winnings that you can make from your racing bets.

Finding no limit betting options

You’ll commonly find that nearly all betting sites will have some kind of limits in place on the maximum amount of winnings that you can make. Bookmakers will put in betting limits so as to maintain their profits when punters manage to snap up larger wins.

However, there are a handful of betting sites who will completely bypass any betting limits. But while you might not have a cap on the winnings that you can make, you might find that this comes at the expense of things like bonuses.

We should also note that some betting exchanges won’t have betting limits as you will be betting on odds put on by other punters, rather than the actual bookmaker. So be sure to check out our award for the best horse racing betting exchanges where the sky’s the limit for whatever profits you make.

Using betting sites with high limits

While there aren’t too many bookmakers without limits for the amount that you can win, most betting sites will still allow you to win large amounts of cash from your thoroughbred bets.

Some bookmakers will happily allow you to win well over $1 million with your racing bets, while others will keep their racing betting limits down around six-figure sums.

You’ll normally be able to find information about a bookmaker’s betting limits either in their terms and conditions, their FAQ, or their betting rules section.

If you can’t find any relevant information about betting limits, then be sure to contact the brand’s customer service team to clarify the issue. After all, it would be pretty unsatisfying to land a massive winning bet only for a bookmaker to sneakily impose some low betting limits.

Maximum winnings for different horse races

It’s fairly normal to find that bookmakers will impose different betting limits for different sports. While popular global sports like soccer will often have the highest betting limits, when it comes to horse racing things can be a little different.

This is especially so as not all horse races are treated the same in regard to their betting limits. You’ll commonly find that massive races like the Caulfield Cup and the Melbourne Cup have the highest limits, whereas your winnings on smaller races could be much lower.

While you should still be able to make thousands of dollars from a winning bet on even the lowest-grade race, it probably won’t be the same as if you’d kept your bets for those larger races like the W.S Cox Plate. So be sure to check a bookmaker’s terms and conditions before you put down your next thoroughbred racing bet.

Maximum winnings versus maximum withdrawals

Not only will you find bookmakers putting down limits on the amount of money that you can win with each bet, but you’ll also find that most betting sites have limits on how much money you can withdraw.

Bookmakers will commonly have limits on how much you can withdraw at a time with each payment method. Plus there will often be limits in place for how much you can withdraw per day, per week, or even per month.

This shows how important it is to check through a bookmaker’s terms and conditions before you start betting on horse races at its website. After all, it would be fairly frustrating to make some massive winnings, if you were only able to withdraw your profits in fairly small instalments each month.


By reading our awards for the best horse betting sites without limit, you’ll be perfectly placed to find a bookmaker who won’t put a cap on your winnings. While most betting sites will impose some kinds of limits on your maximum winnings, even these bookmakers will allow you to make some decent profits.

Above all, it’s by avoiding those bookmakers with very low betting limits that you’ll be sure of putting down your racing bets without worrying about how your winnings might be reduced. So keep checking back to make sure that you are always betting at a site that allows you to keep whatever winnings you make when you bet on a day at the races.

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