Best Horse Racing System in Australia

A Guide to the Best Horse Racing Formula 2023

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Horse racing remains one of the world’s most popular sports for punters. Indeed, it would be hard to envisage the sport of horse racing without betting, so entwined are the two activities. As you will know, we Australians love a bet, and we enjoy our horse racing too.

Betting on the horses looks easy, but being a successful punter is not simple. You need to have a sound strategy in place if you want to make sure you place as many successful bets as possible. So what do you need to do to formulate the best horse racing system possible? This article can give you some important tips about how you can shape the best horse racing system ever, so read on carefully!

Main Points:

  • Always be as well informed as possible about the sport
  • Understand odds and bet types
  • Use stats and place lay bets when necessary
  • Look at systems like the beaten favourite strategy
  • Keep negative emotions out of betting and don’t chase losses.

Top 5 Expert Pointers to Help You Find YOUR Perfect Strategy:

So you’re looking to come up with the best horse racing system ever. What should you be doing? In this next section we have included six factors that play a really important role in coming up with the best horse racing system possible.

Studying Form Could Be Your No1 Strategic Edge

You have probably heard the term ‘study the form’ in relation to horse racing. It used to mean staring at the pages of a racing paper for hours looking at recent results. The internet changed all that. It is now possible to check all kinds of racing stats at a variety of sources – from online bookies to blogs and websites. If you want to formulate the best horse racing system free from errors, you need to be as up-to-date as possible with all the stats and news relating to the nags.

Horse racing author Nick Mordin, in his book Winning Without Thinking – A Guide To Horse Race Betting Systems, revealed that a six-year study showed that the higher the class of race, the higher the percentage of narrow winning margins. Little nuggets of information like that can give you a crucial edge when it comes to shaping the best horse racing system.

Basically, you should make sure that you research as much as possible about horse racing. Reading books like Mordin’s, as well as staying abreast of all the latest news, will keep your racing strategies sharp and effective.

Understanding Odds & Bookmaker Margins

In any kind of betting, it is really important that you understand odds. If you are in any doubt about what odds mean or what they indicate about your chances of winning, you need to go away and do some learning. Odds are the best indication that you can get about how likely an even is to occur. Long odds do not guarantee you a big win. Quite the contrary – they are usually a sign that a horse has no chance whatsoever in a race.

You should also be aware that bookies always ensure that they will make a profit whatever the outcome of a race. They do this by ‘balancing their book’ and shaping the odds to include a margin so that their profits will never be too unduly affected, even if a real long shot flukes a win in a race. This can sometimes affect the value of odds on offer, so it sometimes pays to check the type of margin that a particular bookie is incorporating into their prices.

Key Bet Types to Improve Your Odds

As well as odds, you also need to understand the different types of bet on offer to punters in Australia, if you want to come up with the best horse racing system ever. You should know what a ‘straight up’ win bet is (where you bet on which horse you think will win a race), and a ‘place’ bet (where you bet on the horse to finish first, second or third – you only get the same odds as you would for the horse finishing third, though, even if it wins) is.

An ‘each-way’ bet is like placing a straight-up win bet and a place bet in one wager. What is an each-way bet? Well, if the horse wins, you get almost full odds, with the odds reducing for a second or third-placed finish. You should also make sure that you are familiar with bets like the ‘quinella’ (where you attempt to pick the first two horses in a race in any order) and the ‘trifecta’ (where you try to pick the first three horses in a race). Good knowledge about bet types is essential for shaping the best horse racing system free from mistakes and glitches.

When to Use Lay Bets 

Lay bets are a type of bet where you bet against a horse rather than on it. This can be a useful part of the best horse racing system that you can formulate. You do need to have a good understanding of stats and odds to make it work, though, and you should also use this system on races with at least 10 horses in them.

Pick out the best three horses in the race, using your knowledge of their recent form and any other relevant statistics that you can find. Pick out the horse from those three that ideally has odds of between 3.0 and 5.8. Place a lay bet against the one with the lowest odds. Previous results indicate that this should give you a winner around 80% of the time. Of course, it is important to realise that even the best horse racing system ever is not foolproof and nothing is guaranteed when it comes to betting.

Keeping Everything in Check

It is also a good idea to keep your mind clear and cool when you are betting. In many ways this is the most important plank of the best horse racing system ever. Betting when angry or frustrated can lead to you making some really silly decisions about betting, which can lead to you losing plenty of your hard-earned wages on bets.

It is really important to keep your best horse racing system free from negative emotions. Never bet when angry, frustrated or sad. You should certainly always avoid betting if you have had too much to drink. Calm, cool and collected is the way to play when it comes to betting on the horses, whatever the excitement of the situation around you. Being overly emotional or intoxicated could lead to you being trapped in a cycle of losing. That can lead to you chasing your losses, something we’ll look at in the next section of this article.

Check Out These’s Favourite Guides

Now that you have a reasonable idea about how to come up with the best horse racing system free from error, you should make a point of checking out the other wagering guides here at You can find guides on how to place each way saver bets, as well as how to hedge your bets when betting on a big field, and how to place in-play bets on horse races. Knowing how to hit the jackpot with a pick six bet is also a useful thing to know about. There is plenty of great knowledge available to you at, so make sure you use it!

Conclusion – Apply Your Best Strategy

As you can see, getting started with shaping the best horse racing system ever is pretty simple, really. The best horse racing system possible requires you to know as much as possible about the sport of horse racing and to keep up with the latest news. You also need to be able to understand bet types and what odds mean. If your knowledge in these areas is up-to-date and as sharp as possible you should win more than you lose on the nags. You should certainly be able to come up with the best horse racing system free from error that is possible for you.

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