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Great bookmakers deserve recognition — and that’s why we’ve put together our awards page. Here you’ll find the best of the best horse racing bookmakers in 2024. If you are looking for the top betting sites in Australia for horse racing, then you are in the right place. This is because we have given the Australian racing community an easy way to find the best bookmakers. Our favourite being PlayUp.

Our awards for horse racing betting sites will even allow you to take part so that your favourite bookmaker can get the recognition that they deserve. But we know that our experience might not be the same as yours. So, we also invite our readers to try out the sites and give us their feedback. What might be great for us might have a downside for you. And what didn’t work out for our reviewers might actually be an advantage to the people who use our site. That way, we can present a fair and balanced view of what you can expect from a horse racing bookie in Australia and always know what you are getting into.


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Best Australian Bookies for Accas

Nailing an acca is a real rush. Once you place those bets and the wins start falling into line, you be thrilled. Sure, you’ll win a decent amount of money – but that’s not even the point. Knowing you used your talent to predict the results is worth bragging about. Here’s what we found about the best Australian sites to place your acca bets.

Best Australian Bookies for Odds

Winning is fun. But when you win, you want to be able to grab as much cash as you can. That’s why you want the best odds. No one likes leaving money behind! These operators offer the best horse racing odds in Australia. That means when you risk your hard-earned money, you know you’ll get the biggest payoff possible when you win. And that is at the heart of betting in Australia.

How do we award operators?

Our betting awards for the horse racing sites are based on a strict test process. We’ve assembled a team of experts who rate and review each racing bookmaker, and these reviews will be gathered together by our betting awards committee.

From here we can create an authoritative list of the nation’s bookmaker awards Australia that take in all of the main factors that Australia’s punters will be looking for. This means that our awards will be based on everything from the site’s odds to the overall betting service. There’s never been an easier way to find the best betting providers in Australia.

How can I vote and what’s so special?

We wanted our betting awards for the top horse racing sites to be as open and democratic as possible. This is why we have invited you to become part of our awards process. After all, it’s real punters who will be spending their money on horse racing bets at these online bookmaker sites.

So as soon as you create your account on our site, you will be able to head to our betting awards section and cast your vote for the top horse racing sites. This will help all other punters find those bookmakers who have the best bets for thoroughbred racing.

What categories are operators awarded in

There are many categories that should be considered when nominating the bookmaker awards Australia. So we made sure that we included categories for things like the best newcomer for horse racing betting, as well as the racing bookmaker with the best VIP program.

Plus our betting awards will even include factors like which online bookmaker has the best payment processing. In addition to this, we’ll take a look at those horse racing betting sites who include some great online casino games so that you can stay entertained while waiting for that next big horse race to take place.

Introduction of all awards

There are many different factors that go into picking the bookmaker awards Australia. After all, just about every horse racing bookmaker will have a slightly different service, and we wanted to make sure that we reflected this in our betting awards.

Similarly, there’s a massive range of different kinds of horse racing fan out there in Australia. Some punters will be keen to try their luck on building a massive thoroughbred racing accumulator, while others will be keen to hunt down the best odds for a single race on a betting exchange.

As a result, we have made sure that we didn’t just pick the bookmaker awards Australia, but took the time to have separate categories that recognised the achievements that certain bookmakers had made for things like cashout, software, apps and so on.

We’ll keep updating our awards regularly so that you can always keep abreast of the latest developments in the horse racing betting industry. After all, few people would have been able to predict just how popular horse racing betting apps would become just a decade ago, and so we wanted to make sure that our awards keep up with the times.

Don’t forget that we are relying on your votes to make sure that our awards are as relevant and useful as possible. So take a look at some of the main categories for our horse racing awards and you could be well on your way to taking your first bets at the best bookmakers within Australia.

The best betting site for horse racing accumulators

There’s nothing like going to the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival and putting down an accumulator over the day’s racing. But which are the top bookmakers for this kind of betting option?

We’ve attempted to answer this question by showing you the main contenders for the best betting site for horse racing accumulators. By going to any of these sites you’ll find that they allow you to build accumulator bets for the biggest race meetings in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and all over the world.

We picked those sites who have made it simple to put your accumulator bets together, and special points were awarded to those bookmakers who even gave you some great advice for the best combinations of racing bets.

But we didn’t stop there as our awards also focused on those bookmakers who put on some special offers that could be used in conjunction with accumulator bets. For example, you might find some bookmakers who will allow you to win an accumulator bet even if just one selection lets you down. Other betting sites will even give you extra profit boosts for including more selections in your racing accumulator bet.

All of which shows that there’s many factors that go into picking the best betting sites for horse racing accumulators. But each site that we include can help you make some big winnings with this risky but potentially profitable kind of bet.

The best horse betting site for cashout

Although live betting has yet to be a major part of horse racing, there are some decent bookmakers who will allow you to cash your bets out early. You’ll commonly only be able to do this before the actual thoroughbred race takes place, but it’s a great way to take greater control of your horse racing bets.

We can show you the best horse betting site for cashout so that you get an easy way to cash out your racing bets early. By visiting this site you will find that you’ll be able to cash out your bets in advance of the race itself and save yourself some money.

Cash out betting has grown to be hugely popular recently. This is because it can give you an excellent way of hanging onto a winning result in the dying stages of a sporting encounter. You’ll be able to cash out your bets before the sporting event has concluded and still be able to make a decent profit. Conversely, you might be able to cash out a bet early and keep a small share of your betting stake before things go disastrously wrong.

Such examples might not be directly applicable to betting on thoroughbred racing. But if you’d bet on a horse and suddenly realised that it had no chance of winning before the race took place, you could cash out your bet early and still hang onto your betting stake.

The best horse betting site for sign up offers

There’s nothing like a good welcome bonus for giving you a helping hand with your racing bets. We have seen lots of great bookmakers putting on sign up offers that can do anything from match your first deposits to give you a nice losing bet refund.

You’ll probably already know that Australia has some very strict regulation that forbids bookmakers from advertising their sign up offers. But when you sign up to many betting sites, you will commonly find that they have a welcome bonus waiting for you after you have registered your account with the brand.

As a result, we were keen to help you find the best horse betting site for sign up offers. Here you’ll get to find a great welcome bonus that can be used to give you plenty of extra betting funds for the next time that you put down a bet on a thoroughbred horse race.

There’s a massive range of welcome bonuses out there, and they all have their pros and cons. For example, you might find a huge matched deposit offer that gives you hundreds of dollars in extra betting funds. But it’s only when you look through the small print of the deal that you realise that it has some tough wagering conditions that must be satisfied before you make a withdrawal. So always check through the small print of these special offers before you sign up to them.

The best horse betting site without limit

All horse racing betting fans will dream of getting lucky with a massive win. But it’s also true that the majority of horse racing betting sites will impose some kind of betting limit that could put a cap on your winnings.

Bookmakers will include these betting limits so as to safeguard the financial health of their company should a punter manage to get a huge winning bet. As a result, it’s essential to know the betting limits of each site before you put down a potentially large racing bet.

So we have taken the time to find you the best horse betting site without limit. By visiting this site, you will find that you can bet on thoroughbred racing with the full confidence that whatever winnings you make won’t be compromised.

We found that many bookmakers might not make their betting limits explicitly clear. Sometimes you will have to take a look through the brand’s terms and conditions to find out the maximum winnings you can make. Other places where you can get information about betting limits includes the bookmaker’s FAQ section or in their betting rules.

If you need any help in finding out how much a bookmaker allows you to win, then you should take the time to get in touch with their customer service team. This way you’ll be able to bet on horse racing and know that you’ll get to keep whatever winnings you have been lucky enough to make.

The best horse racing app

Many of us like to bet on thoroughbred racing from the convenience of a smartphone or tablet. While you should normally be able to access a bookmaker’s website via the browser of your mobile, we can all agree that there’s nothing like a good horse racing betting app to make things so much better.

So this is why we have worked hard to find you what is arguably the best horse racing app currently available. As soon as you download this app, you will find that it offers you a superior way to bet on the races from the comfort of your mobile device.

The horse racing app will enable you to quickly browse and bet on a massive amount of thoroughbred races from all over the world. You’ll be given handy tools that will help you analyse the form of all of the runners, plus you should have access to important factors like the running on the race in question.

We’ve seen many top horse racing betting apps that go the extra mile to give you some great features. This means that you might even be able to watch live video streams of horse races taking place in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and much more. So that whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, you’ll never have an easier way to bet on the races via a mobile.

The best horse racing betting exchanges

Once you managed to get the basics right with your single bets on horse racing, then you might want to take things up a level by visiting a betting exchange. These kinds of sports betting sites only came on the scene at the turn of the century, but they give you a great way to get some amazing horse racing odds.

Betting exchanges work by giving you the chance to back and lay odds put on by other punters. This means that there’s no bookmaker betting margin involved which as a result can help to deliver much greater variance in your horse racing bets. Just remember to factor in the commission that the betting exchange charges on whatever profits you make.

So if this sounds good to you, then you should definitely take a trip to the best horse racing betting exchanges in Australia. As soon as you sign up to one of these betting exchanges, you will find that you are given much greater freedom in terms of the thoroughbred racing odds on offer.

It’s worth noting that betting exchanges might not be such a good option for those complete newcomers to horse racing betting. But if you are ready to take on other punters with your thoroughbred bets, then you’ll definitely enjoy what you discover at the nation’s best betting exchanges.

The best horse racing software

There’s little point in a bookmaker putting on some great horse racing odds if the software used on their website makes the whole process of laying down your bets impossible.

While the vast majority of horse racing betting sites will present you with a betting interface that is user-friendly and intuitively designed, we have encountered a few bookmakers who could have definitely taken more time over the design of their websites.

So if you’re looking to get straight into the betting action without any stress, then you’ll want to take a look at those bookmakers with the best horse racing software. By using any of these recommended sites, you will find that it’s remarkably simple to browse all of the racing odds and put down your bets with the bare minimum of fuss.

The best horse racing software will always enable you to load up a webpage packed with a massive amount of odds quickly, and you should find that everything is logically arranged so that you can find the race in question. We particularly appreciate those betting sites who give you handy tools like search features that make it simple to find your preferred odds.

This isn’t to say that the best horse racing software has to be boring, as we’ve experienced many top bookmaker sites that not only work seamlessly, but also look great too.

The bookmaker with the best horse racing tips

It might seem counterintuitive for bookmakers to give you tips for horse racing, but many of the best betting sites are more than happy to give you a helping hand with your thoroughbred bets.

As a result, we just had to create an awards category that focused on those bookmakers who routinely serve up the best horse racing tips. Obviously there’s no such thing as a guaranteed winning horse racing tip, but if you go to any of these betting sites you’ll be able to enjoy much more consistency with your bets.

Horse racing tips are essential for anybody who’s serious about making some profits from their thoroughbred betting. While the average punter will get lucky with bets based on little more than gut instinct, by using betting tips, you will be basing your bets on statistical fact.

The best horse racing tips will always give you their reasoning behind their predictions. You’ll get to see the past form of each of the runners, and you’ll also get to understand how the running could affect the final race result.

Above all, horse racing tips give you instant access to a wealth of information that would take you a lot of time and effort to find out by yourself. While you can always go it alone, we’d definitely recommend taking a look at some of the best horse racing tips so that you take advantage of all of the relevant racing information at your disposal.

The bookmaker with the best odds in horse racing

Odds are everything to all horse racing betting fans, and we’ll give you simple ways to find a bookmaker who can give you the best odds in horse racing . While there’s always a chance that another bookmaker might occasionally serve up better value odds, if you are looking for a betting site who consistently outperforms the competition, you’ll need to pay attention to our awards.

Although many people bet on horse races just for fun, we can all agree that things will get much more interesting once you bet with real money. So if you’re looking to make the biggest possible profits, you’ll need to find a bookmaker who routinely gets the edge ahead of the competition.

It would take you a very long time to shop around all of the different racing betting sites to find the bookmaker with the best odds on the market. But even the slightest edge in the racing odds can quickly add up to make significant profits over the long-term.

This means that you’ll constantly need to be on the search for the best odds whenever you bet on a horse race. It doesn’t matter whether you’re betting on the Melbourne Cup, the Caulfield Cup or the W.S Cox Plate, as it’s only by using the best odds that you’ll know that you’re getting the best value from your bets.

Thankfully our pick of bookmakers will always be able to give you the best racing odds on the market. From bets on the Golden Slipper Stakes to some of the biggest international races like the Grand National in the UK, you’ll always be able to come to these sites to get better value for your bets.


We hope that the betting awards for the best horse sites have proven to be useful. By checking out these awards you’ll see that it’s not just the odds that can determine a quality horse racing bookmaker. From welcome bonuses to mobile apps, there are many ingredients that go into the bookmaker awards Australia.

Don’t forget that our awards section is always changing as new bookmakers come into the fray and existing betting sites upgrade their horse racing betting options. So be sure to keep checking back and don’t forget to vote for the bookmaker awards Australia.

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