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hpibet promotionsFancy betting on horse racing with a big bonus? Then you’ll need to read our review of the HPIbet sign up offers. This will show you how you can get plenty of extra betting funds for the best horse races!

But it doesn’t stop there. This is because HPIbet will also give you a cool ‘Your First Bet is On Us’ reward. All of these deals are capable of taking your horse racing bets to the next level. So read our review of these HPIbet bonuses to see how they work in conjunction with your horse racing bets!

100% up to 100$
Deposit Bonus

Tips on How to Use the Bonus - Taking advantage of the HPIbet sign-up offers

Make sure you’re a new user

HPIbet offers two bonuses to new members – the HPI deposit offer and the “Your First Bet is On Us” reward. Both of these promotions are only available to new members when signing up for an HPIbet account. Anyone who’s had an HPIbet account within the past 18 months won’t be viewed as a new member and isn’t eligible to receive the bonus.

Make sure you’re in Canada!

Unlike the Guts Sports sign-up offers and Bet365 Promo Code Canada deals, only Canadian residents can qualify for accounts with HPIbet, along with the rewards and bonuses they offer. To be eligible for the HPIbet sign-up offers, a member must live in Canada and be at least 18 years old. If the person lives in British Columbia, then that person must be 19 years old. Meeting these conditions is critical to taking advantage of each HPIbet promotions code.

Fulfil all the requirements

Using the bonuses offered by HPIbet also calls for the fulfillment of the betting requirement. All members who are eligible for the new sign-up bonus must place wagers equalling $100 within the first 30 days from the date on which they open their account. Bets placed on any product offered by HPIbet will qualify.

Claim your credits within 30 days

When a member has met the bonus offer requirement, and the 30-day period is complete, then they’ll receive a credit of $100 deposited into their account. This takes 3-5 business days after the 30 days have elapsed. Members can then use this HPIbet deposit offer for placing further bets. To be able to claim this offer, it’s vital to meet all of the criteria stated.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the HPIBet promotions

Becoming successful at the horse races takes time, patience, and practice. Horse racing fans are some of the most enthusiastic bettors. They understand that a strong strategy is necessary for both success and profit. Bettors need to know how to place wise bets if they want to take full advantage of the HPIbet sign-up offers.

Consider the stats

Statistics show that there are definite trends in who’s likely to win any given horse race. Roughly 90% of races run on any given day are won by the top ten jockeys, as ranked in the available jockey standings. Horses commonly considered as favourites typically finish first about 33% of the time.

The downside to betting on a favourite horse is that the payoffs tend to be lower. Using dependable horse racing statistics will increase the chance of success when betting on horse races.

Research the racetrack

Racetrack surfaces and conditions play a crucial role in any race. The three most common racetrack surfaces are sand, grass, and synthetic. Each has its positives and negatives, so it’s necessary to weigh up all of a race’s elements.

Essentially, the main aspect of a racetrack to consider is how well it enables the horses to hold to the track. The better the hold, the better the horse can perform. Bettors can more accurately predict how the horses are likely to react if they first learn about the racecourse where the race will be run.

Become familiar with the jockeys

Successful jockeys are generally lean, fit, and resilient. A jockey must know the horse that they’re racing well enough to predict their performance and ride to their horse’s strengths. Horse-riders often have reputations for being particularly successful under specific conditions.

Well-rounded jockeys are usually the safest bets, as they’ll be skilled at managing any race conditions. Becoming familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the riders can help with knowing whether they’re likely to do well in a particular race.

Get to know the horses

The horses are the stars of any horse race. The pedigree of a racehorse can be a prime indicator of their ability to perform. However, there are many factors to consider when getting to know the horses running a race. Movement, coat appearance, and general nature are necessary things to consider in a racehorse.

A racehorse’s movement provides a lot of information about how they’ll fare in race conditions. Horses with a lengthy stride typically cover more ground, and it’s clear that this is important when racing. Speed is also a factor, though, and a particularly speedy horse could outrun one with a long stride.

Coat appearance and condition offer evidence of a racehorse’s health. A shiny coat that gleams is usually a sign that the horse is in good health. Just like any other living being, good health promotes the ability to perform.

The general nature of a racehorse says a lot about how they’ll handle racing conditions. It’s beneficial for a racehorse to have a calm character, as this means they’ll be more focused. A relaxed but alert horse won’t waste energy on nerves or excitement before the race. Choosing a horse that saves their enthusiasm for the race can increase the chance of winning bets placed on that horse.

Keep betting records

Keeping records of all horse racing bets is critical to profitable horserace betting. This practice helps bettors to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, to review their wins and losses, to keep track of their win percentage, and to figure out where they’re most successful. Strong record-keeping will lead to a rewarding betting strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

Who can sign-up for an HPIbet account?

HPIbet accounts aren’t available to anyone outside of Canada. For a person to qualify for an HPIbet account, they must be a legal resident of Canada and at least 18 years old. If the person lives in British Columbia, then that person must be at least 19 years of age to meet the legal gambling age.

The account will be available to use on the same day if the account number has been received. If a person is using the online application process, then they must pass the Equifax Canada, Inc. identity verification process before the account can be approved.

Can HPIbet sign-up offers be transferred?

No. The HPIbet sign-up offers  can’t be transferred to another person or account. This HPIbet deposit offer is only available to new users, and only one account per household can claim the HPIbet bonus code. Anyone who’s had an HPIbet account within the past 18 months doesn’t qualify as a new member and won’t be eligible for this promotion.

Can members withdraw an HPIbet deposit offer?

No. The HPIbet deposit offer will be credited to their account and withdrawing it isn’t possible. This credited amount must be used to place bets, and  the member must meet the betting requirement to redeem the offer.

The betting requirement for all HPIbet sign-up offers states that new members must wager $100 within 30 days of opening their account. If a member does this, a deposit of $100 will be made into their account after the stated 30-day period has expired.

Is an HPIbet promo code required?

No, members don’t need an HPIbet promotions code to claim the bonus offer. If a member meets the betting requirement for the HPIbet deposit offer, then the $100 bonus amount will be credited directly to their account. Deposits are made within 3-5 business days after the 30 days have elapsed. If the betting requirement isn’t met within 30 days, then the account will no longer be eligible for the bonus.

What are the general withdrawal options?

HPIbet offers several withdrawal options:

  • In-person
  • Online
  • Telephonic/Written

Making in-person withdrawals requires visiting an HPIbet booth at specified racetrack locations. The operating hours are different for each approved racetrack and members must confirm opening hours by contacting them directly. To make an in-person withdrawal, they’ll need both government-issued photo identification and a signed withdrawal slip. Members can also make withdrawals at selected self-service terminals by using their HPIbet account card.

EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) withdrawals require a pre-registered bank account. Members must sign into their HPIbet account, go to the MY HPIbet section, select the Deposit/Withdrawal option, choose EFT Withdrawal, click the EFT Setup option, and complete all of the required fields. After the account is confirmed, the EFT withdrawal option will become available.

If a member isn’t able to use the other options, they can submit a written withdrawal request via mail, fax, or email. This letter must include their name, the date, their HPIbet account number, the withdrawal amount, and their signature. It must also have the details of the pre-registered credit card if the member is asking for a transfer or the mailing address for a cheque. They can also state in the letter that it must be kept on file for future telephonic withdrawal requests.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programs

HPIbet sign-up offers include the new sign-up bonus and the “Your First Bet is On Us” promotion. These two rewards are available to qualifying new members and are a warm welcome to Canadian horseplayers. Horse betting can be challenging, and being given an HPIbet promo code just for signing up could certainly make it appealing as a new hobby.

The new sign-up HPIbet deposit offer does not require an actual HPIbet promo code because it’ll be credited to the new account automatically. All a new member needs to do to claim their reward is to make sure that they’ve met the wagering requirement. Betting $100 on any product offering within 30 days of opening their account will meet this precondition.

Unlocking the Full Access Membership for new accounts qualifies the member for the “Your First Bet is On Us” reward. This promotion earns a $2 HPIbet bonus (code not needed) which is deposited directly into the new account and which the member can then use to place bets.

HPIbet Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro

As mentioned previously, there are two bonus offers available to new accounts opened with HPIbet. The sign-up bonus, which offers a $100 reward, and the “Your First Bet is On Us” promotion. Although no HPIbet promo code is needed to claim either of these offers, it’s necessary to meet certain prerequisites. Click here to see how this ranks alongside the 22Bet sign up offer.

Wagering the Bonus: Reality Test

The condition of the HPIbet deposit offer/sign-up bonus is that members place bets totalling at least $100 within the first 30 days of opening an account. When this condition has been satisfied, and the 30-day period has elapsed, the member’s account will receive a credit for the $100 bonus. This credit will be received within 3-5 business days after the 30-day period elapses.

“Your First Bet is On Us” is a promotion that gives new members a chance to receive an extra $2 deposit. According to the HPIbet website, this promotion needs the user to unlock Full Access Membership, which has many extra features. Some of these added benefits include:

  • Video replays
  • Wagering guide downloads
  • Past performance downloads
  • Global live race streaming
  • Loyalty perks (only available in some areas)

Bonus Withdrawal

It’s not possible to withdraw either of these bonus amounts from an account. This condition means that both the sign-up bonus and the first bet promotion reward amounts must be used by members to place bets on HPIbet. Each of these HPIbet bonuses offers a little something extra for new members, and together they provide a generous start for horserace betting entertainment.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

A potential pitfall to avoid when redeeming the “Your First Bet is On Us” promotion is that it relies on wagering activity. If a new account doesn’t show any betting activity within the first 30 days after being opened, then the $2 bonus reward will be removed and reclaiming it isn’t possible. To make sure that this bonus is received, the member must ensure that they actively use their account to place wagers during this time.

Many features of the new and improved site make actively using their account both effortless and straightforward for all members. The site is available 24/7 and can be accessed by members via their PC, tablet, or smartphone. This accessibility means that members can place bets at any time that’s convenient for them – at home, work, and even when travelling.

Not only can bets be placed, and races watched, while on-the-go, but many of the new features make it possible to make better wagers. The search feature is particularly useful in this respect. Members can find valuable stats, win percentages, and past performance information because the site offers the ability to research horses, jockeys, trainers, and drivers. They’re also able to make and save notes to keep accurate and beneficial betting records.

To be eligible for the HPIbet bonuses and rewards mentioned above, new members must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in Canada
  • Be at least 18 years of age (19 years old if living in British Columbia)
  • Open a new account with HPIbet
  • Haven’t had an HPIbet account within the past 18 months
  • Bear in mind that only one account per household can claim the new sign-up offer
  • Meet the betting requirement for the new sign-up bonus
  • Unlock Full Access Membership to claim the “Your First Bet is On Us” bonus
  • Show the betting activity needed for the “Your First Bet is On Us” promotion
  • Meet the conditions of the bonuses within the first 30 days after opening a new account

If the betting requirement for the new sign-up bonus isn’t met within the specified time limit or is only fulfilled after that time, then the account will no longer qualify to receive the $100 deposit. Members who don’t show betting activity for the first bet promotion will have the $2 reward deducted from their account. There’s no option to reclaim either of these bonuses, and no HPIbet promo codes will be re-issued, so members are responsible for making sure that they meet the existing conditions.

100% up to 100$
Deposit Bonus

Verdict on Bonus

All in all, this bonus is great for giving a little boost to your bets. If you’ve been looking for a new bookmaker, then this is a great place to get started.

Overall Conclusion

The redesigned interface is clean and simple to navigate. It offers a very user-friendly horse betting experience for all members, new and old. All of the essential betting features are readily available on one uncluttered page. Users are able to perform searches quickly and place their bets with ease.

The main disadvantage of this site is that HPIbet accounts are only available to residents of Canada. This exclusion prevents international bettors from enjoying its services. Yet, HPIbet promo codes, multi-track live streaming, customized alerts, and record-keeping notes are desired features. These options make this an excellent choice for Canadians looking for a reliable horse betting operator. Claim the sign-up bonus offer and begin exploring the HPIbet site today. Check out or reviews for William Hill, 22bet bonus and 1xbet bonuses to get a better idea of the competitive nature of sign up offers.

HipBet Reviews FAQ 

🌍 Where is HipBet based?

Although online bookmakers may seem inherently intangible, they do have headquarters. These offices are usually based in a region where many other online providers also base their operations. Fortunately, there are transparent gambling regulations in place to monitor these providers. Our coverage of HipBet will not only divulge where they are based, but also highlight the gambling licenses that they possess.

🏇 Does HipBet offer horse racing betting?

At, it is our main objective to find the best bookmakers with high-end horse betting services. Our bookmaker reviews dedicate much of the analysis to the strength of the relevant horse racing platform. To find out if HipBet offers horse racing betting, take a look at our review of this promising operator.

🎊 Can I bet on accumulators at HipBet?

Bookmakers will offer a number of different bet types for their customers. In addition to single and double bets, there is a world of exciting online bet types. This provides punters with an enthralling experience. Our bookmaker reviews will highlight some of these bet types and outline available betting markets and subsequent limits.

100% up to 100$
Deposit Bonus

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