In Play Horse Racing Strategy – US

How To In Play Horse Betting

Along with the launch of live race streaming from bookmakers, came the rise of in play horse betting. Mobile apps have made it possible to take your tracks and betting experience with you wherever you go. What makes this even better is that you can implement the in play horse race strategy to your betting experience.

Keep reading for a closer look at in play betting horse racing, what it is, and how to implement an in-play horse racing strategy.

Why Are Betting Guides & Strategies So Important?

Making sure that you get the most out of your in play horse race strategy is largely reliant on how much time you spend studying. Without making use of a betting guide and fully understanding what it involves could cost you more money.

By referring to a guide for in play horse race betting, you will learn to understand the different analysis data and how to compare it. Blind participation in play race betting brings no value to your betting experience. Understanding the rapidly fluctuating markets and discerning between false favourites is of the utmost importance.

There is no doubt that you could make significant profits through in play horse racing strategy. The key is to make use of a guide to understand how races progress. This knowledge could help you make more accurate predictions and more successful wagers.

Who Should Make Use of The Guides?

An essential suggestion for anyone new to in play horse racing strategy is to make use of a guide. The information to learn and terms to understand could be endless. Without using a guide, it will take longer for this information to pay off.

Experienced bettors could also benefit from these guides when implementing an in play horse race strategy. As mentioned above, these guides could shed some light on vital information. They are also useful in highlighting valuable in play horse race betting tips and tricks to make your betting experience more profitable.

Betting Guides & Strategies

There are many different factors to cover in an in-depth guide for in play betting horse racing. Here are the main topics to study, along with a brief explanation for each. The following information lays a good foundation for developing your in play horse race strategy.

Basics of Betting

  • What Is Betting

In play horse race betting, much like horse betting in general, is a form of gambling where bettors place wagers on potential scenarios or outcomes.

  • What Are Betting Odds

Odds are used to determine the probability of a potential race outcome. The most common format used for online betting is the decimal or European format.

  • Pre-match vs Live Betting

Pre-match betting is when bettors place wagers based on the odds and probabilities given before the race.

Live betting refers to wagers placed during the race. Though, you should understand the terms carefully as the options may differ from pre-match bets. In play betting horse racing is an exciting feature for punters.

  • Betting Types

While there is an exhaustive list of betting types available in horse racing, you should always be sure to understand them before placing your wagers. The most common betting types include:

  • Single – One bet on a single horse to win a particular race
  • Doubles – two selections for two different races. The potential payout is much higher.
  • Each Way – A bet placed on a particular horse to win or place. The bet pays out either way.
  • Yankee – You make four separate selections. Eleven bets are placed (six doubles, four trebles, and one fourfold)
  • Trixie – You make three different selections, placing four bets (three doubles and one treble)

For in play horse race betting, the betting types remain the same. The only difference is you’re betting exclusively on races that are ongoing, or in-play.

Money Management and Bonuses

How to Allocate a Budget

If you’re planning to place multiple wagers, the smart approach is to have a budget in place. Determine how much your financial status will allow. To avoid overspending while enjoying the entertainment, try setting a strict weekly budget.

Deposit /Withdrawal Options: The banking options depend on your chosen bookmaker. When selecting your banking methods, look at the different fees (if any) as well as the min/max limits.

Bonus Wagering: Many online bookmakers offer various bonuses to their players with different conditions. Compare your options carefully before making a final bookmaker selection. Some of these bonuses not only bulk up your bankroll but also help increase your wins while reducing your risk.

Operator T&Cs: Pay close attention to the operator terms and conditions to avoid disappointments on bonus wagers. Bonuses come with various wagering requirements. Some bookmakers have special conditions around cashing out. Be sure to understand these before proceeding.

VIP/Loyalty Programs: If possible, it is always a good idea to opt into any available VIP or loyalty programs. If you intend to participate in horse race betting regularly, they could be a good investment. The offers vary between bookmakers. Generally, these offers include exclusive competitions, regular bonuses, cashback rewards, and plenty more opportunities.

Understanding Betting Strategies

The top five strategies to consider for in-play horse racing are:

1. Laying Horse

In this strategy, you will bet against a particular outcome instead of betting for it. In other words, you would bet on a horse that isn’t a favourite to take the top spot.

2. Horse and Jockey Partnership

To make use of this strategy, you should analyze the horse’s past performance. The concept is that the jockey knows the horse well enough and has a higher chance to place first.

3. Recent Winner

Again, making use of past performance analysis, you will bet on horses that have the most recent past wins.

4. Beaten Favorite

Choosing a horse that has lost a recent race but won at previous tracks. In this case, the horse could still potentially finish in a top position. Since bookies tend to overlook these horses, the potential payout is much higher than the race favourite.

5. Study

The best strategy for in play betting horse racing is to study and gather up all useful information for yourself. While the odds and statistics are easily accessible, they are not always reliable. Sometimes following provided tips and advice could result in a more significant loss than doing the legwork for yourself and trusting your instincts.

Useful Betting Knowledge

The legality around in play horse race betting and other gambling depends on your location. Some states have legal horse betting while others still have it restricted. Before placing wagers on horse races, be sure to check the laws specific to your state.

Should I Bet Online/Offline

This decision is purely a matter of preference. The betting options are the same, whether online or offline. Online betting only adds the benefit of betting wherever you choose.

What Tools Can I Use

  • Racetrack program: This program has all the relevant information about the racetrack for that day. Some of these categories include horses, jockeys, owners, and trainers.
  • Public handicapper selections: If the local newspaper covers your chosen track, you may find a daily selection available.
  • The Daily Racing Forum (DRF): This tool provides information regarding the past performances of all horses racing for that particular day.
  • Handicapping tip sheets: Handicappers for the racetrack publish their daily selection.

Do I Have to Pay Tax?

According to Federal law, all gambling winnings are fully taxable. Bettors should report any winnings on their income tax return.

Betting Guide FAQ

As mentioned earlier, in play horse race betting requires some studying and understanding. As a new bettor, it is easy to get lost in the sea of information. Aside from having a comprehensive guide handy, the best way to avoid mistakes is to ask questions. Here is a list of the top five FAQs that many bettors ask.

1. How To Place A Wager

After studying all the necessary race information, you should now know what wager you would like to place. Head over to the betting page and select your wager. The information required includes your chosen race number and track, amount, type of bet, and the program number of your horse. The site will then have your bet ticket issued for your reference.

2. Isn’t Horse Race Betting Expensive?

Horse race betting is surprisingly not as expensive as the stereotype would have you believe. You can place wagers at some tracks for as little as $2.

3. Where Can I Learn The Terminology?

As with anything, learning depends on the person. You won’t have to take a test on in play betting horse racing terminology, so there’s no pressure in memorizing them. This situation is where guides come in handy, as they will explain the terms worth knowing.

You could read general guides about why choosing the best horse racing system is a key to success. Or, possibly even,  how to hit the jackpot with a pick 6 in horse racing. The information may be general, but the more you learn, the more terminology you’ll know!

4. What is a Tote Board?

Totalisator (Tote board) refers to the board in the middle of the field. It reflects the latest odds for each of the horses in the current race.

5. Any Tips For A Beginner?

  • Check the Reports: Keep track of the conditions of the racetrack. The conditions could drastically impact the dynamics of the race.
  • Keep Record: Monitor and record your investments carefully. If you’re serious about doing this regularly, then this information is of vital importance.
  • Study: Studying the performance of horses and jockeys will help you make informed selections.
  • Read Betting Guides: they can teach you many things. Why you should always seek saver bets each way, and hedge your bets when betting on a big field handicap, for example.


Overall, the purpose of a betting guide is to bring valuable information, share tips and help you avoid making mistakes that could cost you money. Whether you’re a new or seasoned horse race bettor, there’s no denying the usefulness of a betting guide. In play betting horse racing is a dynamic service offered by many bookmakers – one which elevates the betting experience as a whole.

The fast-paced world of horse race betting can be quite exhilarating. As a result, it is easy to get caught up in the thrill and lose track of the world around you. Be sure to follow the steps in creating a firm in play horse racing strategy, especially the budgeting part.

While it is possible to make enormous profits in horse race betting, you could also lose significantly. It is always vital to act responsibly and cautiously.

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