Best Horse Betting Strategies US

Horse racing in the United States has a long history and is one of the biggest spectator sports. The sport is likely to grow further, with the recent legalization of online betting in many states attracting further sponsorship revenue.

If you like the excitement of sports betting, then you will find horse betting no different. This page will walk you through everything you need to know about horse betting in the USA. We’ll feature horse racing strategies, guides and bet types, in fact, there’s something here for everyone. We’ll keep you updated on the horse racing calendar, year-round!

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Why are betting/casino strategies so important? – How they can help you

If you are betting without any form of horse racing betting strategy, it is likely you will lose in the long run, unless you are a super lucky player! The first thing any bettor should do, before betting, is to adopt some form of the best horse betting strategies to their own!

Choosing the right horse racing strategies for betting can often be the “make-or-break” factor when it comes to your overall success as a bettor.

Different kinds of strategies – hundreds of years old!

There have been many kinds of strategies formed over the years by successful bettors. Some are complex, some are simple. Take the martingale strategy, for example, this strategy is probably the most infamous within the world of sports betting. Despite being developed way back in the 18th century, this strategy is still practiced to this day. Look it up online, and you will see. However, as appealing as it is, and it does arguably work for a duration of time, it is mathematically doomed to fail at some point.

Other popular strategies include:

Arbitrage betting – a sure way

Arbitrage betting, also called Sure betting or “Arbing”, is a horse racing betting strategy used by betting on several horses in one race, taking the best odds different bookmakers have to offer, to ensure you win regardless of the outcome. You can also “Arb” using Betfair exchange, by selling your horse bet at a lower price to players on their exchange. Arbitrage is one of the most well-known horse racing strategies.

A typical “market follower” will be a guy who will bet a horse that has been betted on heavily. This factor appeals to some bettors, as they feel whoever has initiated this gamble must “know” something? This is a horse racing betting strategy that is very successful if you are one the first to bet on the gamble and capture the biggest odds!

Value betting – a successful strategy

Value betting is a strategy based on, as the name suggests, betting on selections that are considered value odds. Value betting has been proven to be one of the most successful, dependable strategies to choose from.

How a bettor determines what is or is not a value bet will depend on their perspective and strategy. Although value betting is a strategy in itself, the strategy will also involve other strategies required in order to define a value bet.

Using betting software – makes things easier

There are many forms of betting software, for many purposes. Each can be used for strategies such as hedging, value betting, Betfair trading, Dutching, middling, tipsters, and so on. Almost all these techniques can be applied to horse racing strategies.  

Who should make use of our horse racing betting strategies? – New and experienced horse racing bettors

The horse racing betting strategies found on our site will cater to all different kinds of bettors. We will supply a horse racing betting strategy that can be applied to all levels of experience. We suggest you have a read through our top 5 betting tips on this page, so you can reach a solid conclusion on your approach.

When trying to figure out the best horse racing strategies for betting, one of the most important factors is making a choice that you are comfortable with. After all, there’s little point in devising a plan to use the best horse betting strategies if you cannot sustain it or use one that fails early because you have chosen the incorrect staking plan with your horse racing strategies.

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Our top 5 betting tips for the best horse betting strategies – explained in detail

We’ve given you five top tips to look for and learn before setting out to start profiting from your horse racing strategies. They’ll be many more to come from , but here’s some important ones:

Understanding the oddsVital to learn

You wouldn’t walk into Walmart and pick a bunch of items up from the shelf, without knowing the cost, would you?

Betting odds for horse racing strategies are no different, the most successful horse racing strategies will always focus on the odds on offer. The odds are a paramount element of profiting, in fact, probably the most important thing.

It is possible to bet on every runner in one race and profit, regardless of who wins. This is usually done by implementing a horse racing betting strategy called “arbitrage betting”. Bookmakers set their odds so as they are assured to win a certain percentage each race, called the vigorish, or “vig” for short.

Different bet types So many to choose from

The great thing about creating the best horse betting strategies is the number of bet types these can be applied to. Here’s a few below:

  • Win. Simply betting on the horse to win! This will be the most common bet type within most horse racing strategies for betting. The more complicated a bet becomes, the less it is likely to be used in strategies unless the strategy is solely based upon the bet type.
  • Place. The horse must finish second or third. The pay-out is the same regardless of winning or second.  Many horse racing strategies use place betting.
  • Show. This pays a dividend if your horse finishes in the top three.
  • Exacta. Horse to finish first AND second, in the correct order. These types of bets are less likely to be involved in any horse racing strategies.
  • Quinella. Same as the exacta, above, but two horses can come in any order.
  • Trifecta. Same as exacta, but with three selections, in the correct order.
  • Pick-3. Pick the winner of three consecutive races. Must be placed before the first race starts.
  • Pick-4. Pick the winner of four consecutive races. Must be placed before the first race starts.
  • Pick-5. Pick the winner of five consecutive races. Must be placed before the first race starts.
  • Rollovers. Rollovers will happen whenever one of the above “Pick” bets is not won that day, at that race track.

Setting a budgetA crucial starting point

There’s one thing finding the correct betting strategy to use, but sticking to it one is another form of discipline a player must become accustomed to. The most common reason a bettor will abort any horse racing betting strategy prematurely is due to running out of betting funds. This is a very common problem for new bettors, who will often start-out with unit stakes too big for their starting bankroll size.

Boost chances of winning Use our betting bonuses!

We mentioned the “vig” earlier, which is in fact a horse racing betting strategy the bookmakers play on us, to ensure they profit long-term, regardless of the outcome of each race. Vig is a betting percentage bookmakers take to ensure they will win in each race. Well, there’s one thing that destroys any “vig” for bookmakers, which ruins their horse racing betting strategy, and that is when you apply bonuses to your bets.

When using bonuses, you are in fact the one in control. When using a bonus, your initial funds are boosted and the probability of winning when using a bonus is increased massively. We recommended applying as many bonuses as possible with your horse racing strategies. Our website contains the best bonus offers that can be used specifically for horse racing strategies, so we recommend you take advantage!

Emotions Be careful!

One important reason a horse racing betting strategy must be implemented is the fact that betting can create a lot of emotional turmoil when things are going wrong. If you bet for long enough you will likely experience the euphoria of having a big win, it is bliss when you have a nice return on a winning parlay!

However, you will also be just as likely to experience the misery of betting on several losers, one after the other, even when following a horse racing betting strategy. This can be challenging and is often the major cause for a bettor to start betting with impulse. Impulse betting, with no strategy will usually result in one outcome, long-term. So, it is vital to avoid falling into this trap.

Betting terminology – A quick breakdown

  • American odds

American odds are different to other global odds formats. The American moneyline odds are displayed as +500, for example. +500 is the same as 6.0 on a betting exchange [see below], or 5/1 in fractions.

  • Betting exchange

Betting exchanges, such as Betfair, are platforms where bettors can directly bet against each other. Betting exchanges create a plethora of possible betting strategies, a platform you can use in combination with your sportsbook bets and “sell” part of your sportsbook free bonuses, as withdrawable cash. Betting exchanges work using decimal odds formats. Please look out for articles on this site.

  • Bonus

Sportsbooks offer enticing bonuses for new players and are a positive addition to any horse racing betting strategy. These can usually be very profitable, especially if combined with the best horse racing strategies for betting.

  • Handicapper

The person who decides how much weight a horse must carry. This usually increases if a superior horse is running in a lower-level race.

  • Negative numbers

When a team or selection is much more favored than the opposition, it can reach favorite status and the odds become negative numbers. Negative odds are if you bet $10 and win any less than $10 back. $10 at -105 would return $9.52, in winnings, plus your stake back.

  • Nickel

“Place me a nickel on the Dallas Cowboys”,  would mean a $500 bet.

  • Scratch

A horse that is no longer running in the race.

  • Steam

When the odds fall a lot for one horse, due to lots of money being placed on it. A solid horse racing betting strategy to follow, especially if you snatch the bigger odds early!

  • Vigorish

The horse racing betting strategy the bookmakers play on us! Often called “Vig”, the percentage a bookmaker takes from a market. For example, two teams both have odds of –110 each. Also called “juice”, or overround.

Notes of caution – A heads up

We must make you aware before you choose, or refine your horse racing betting strategy that nothing in the betting world is guaranteed, nor 100% risk-free. Things can happen, such as mistakes.

Human error – Rare, but inevitable 

Even some of the most experienced bettors have been known to make mistakes while working on their daily horse racing strategies. The most common area of cause is betting on the wrong selection, by mistake.

We’re not robots, so there is always the small risk of human error within any successful horse racing betting strategy. The frequency of mistakes happening can be minimized by double-checking your bets, writing things down, and simply not rushing! Get organized, and the chances of this unwelcomed misfortune happening will be reduced.

Staking – Take things slow

Other areas of caution when placing bets using a horse racing betting strategy is staking the correct stake, again, presenting the possibility for human error. Horse racing strategies stand a better chance of surviving if you are careful with your staking plan.

Even when you have worked out your correct stakes, plan your unit stakes well, especially for a new horse racing betting strategy. Test how things go before increasing any staking plan. We don’t suggest testing this for a day or two either, the longer the better, ideally.

Trust the process – Stick to the plan

Tiger Woods made this line famous when he surprisingly changed his golf swing, at the height of his dominance. Tiger was referring to “patience”, and sticking to a plan, and betting is indeed no different in this regard.

We all have the “patience of a saint” when we are winning bet-after-bet. However, when the chips are down and you’re going through a bad spell, it can become mentally challenging. If you have taken time to devise a solid horse racing betting strategy, you will no doubt find it easier to “trust the process” in these situations, rather than panicking before eventually quitting.

Conclusion – Don’t bet without strategy!

Do not even start betting without a strategy! You should take your time when creating your first horse racing betting strategy if you want to be successful. Too many bettors leap into the world of betting and wonder where they have gone wrong, mainly because they have had no horse racing strategies to rely on and place their bets aimlessly.

Take the time to read our guides when figuring out which horse racing betting strategy will serve your needs best. After all, there are plenty to choose from! It’s better to invest time making a plan, rather than dive in deep and be regretful. All successful horse racing strategies start with a solid plan. Good luck!

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Horse Racing Betting Strategy FAQ

🐴 What is the best USA horse racing betting site?

There are many different horse racing betting sites to choose from in the USA now. Especially with so many states being fully legalized, the competition between betting operators is fierce, which helps the bettor, as the bookmakers become more generous with bonuses they offer! Our guide at gives the full low-down on the best betting sites for horse racing betting strategies.

🐎 What is the best horse racing betting strategy?

The good news is you’ve come to the right place! This will depend on your bankroll, betting knowledge, how many hours you are willing to spend, what are your favorite sports, what’s your favorite betting discipline? There are so many to choose from. Visit and check out our guides and regular posts, giving tips and advice. We cater from beginner to advanced bettor, so hopefully, you’ll find a solution!

❓ What does vig mean in horse betting?

Betting terminology can seem a bit strange when betting in a different country, or when first starting out. However, the sooner you learn these terminologies, the sooner you can apply your knowledge to the real meaning of the literature you’re reading. We understand it can be overwhelming using betting jargon. So, we’ve taken the time to explain this term in our guide found at You’ll find a whole bunch of betting advice too, including the best horse racing betting strategies.

🤷‍♂️ Is horse betting is risk-free?

Before you even place your first bet, it is important you devise a plan or strategy if you even want to stand a chance at winning from betting. We have written a guide at, explaining the best horse racing betting strategies the USA has to offer. Bettors must always take the time to devise a solid plan before betting. Without a strategy, you will be at a huge disadvantage, and this can result in betting on impulse.

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