Horse Racing Betting Offers USA 2024

Horse Racing Signup Bonus Offers in the US

So you’re looking for the best horse racing bookmaker sign up offers and the best betting promotions? You’ll find them below along with the latest horse racing betting promotions. All of them? Well, all of the offers we think are actually useful. 

We’ll make sure to update the data regularly, so you don’t miss anything. You can also find horse betting sign up bonuses on operators that include horse betting. Be sure not to miss out on these bonuses as they’re a great way to find your feet and create even more excitement.

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Horse Racing Signup Bonus Offers in the US

100% up to
Requirements (WR):1x Bonus
Min. Deposit:$100
Promo Code
AmWager Promo Code
***** Get Bonus
First Bet Safety Net up to $1000 OR Bet $5 and Get $150
Requirements (WR):1x Bonus
Min. Deposit:$10
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Bet365 Promo Code
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Who Should Make Use of The Best Betting Promotions Comparison?

The brief answer is anyone interested in horse betting.

Bonuses and signup offers are an excellent way to entice new players to try their hand at a race and to boost the interest of veterans. Both groups have a lot to take into account.

So, it doesn’t matter where you fit in the picture. If you’re looking for a new bookmaker and want some juicy bonuses, the comparison is for you. We’ve done the heavy lifting so you can sit back and choose the latest horse racing betting promotions.

Checklist: Top 5 Tips for Getting the Best Horse Racing Sign Up Bonus Offer

Many users, especially newbies, ask themselves whether the operators and bonuses offered to them are 100% secure and legitimate. The best betting promotions and added bonuses are usually honoured. These offers are transparent but you’re bound to find a site or operator looking to profit off of ignorant people. These are usually betting sites operating in grey markets. If you stick to operators that are established and licenced in the US, you shouldn’t experience any issues.

However, if you follow the rules below, you’re much more likely to avoid scams and make the most of it. They are quite simple, though, and boil down to – read the terms and conditions.


Betting bonuses come with different sets of triggers that let the reward into your account.

So, when you see an offer of a deposit bonus, check the triggers. Ensure you know how to activate it and never go for a bookie who’s not transparent about these things.


All bonuses and the reload type, in particular, have time frames in which to take advantage of them. The terms and conditions of horse racing betting promotions must specify time-sensitivity if there is one.

Eligibility per Country

Check whether your country is on the list of restricted territories on the bookie’s site. They don’t offer horse racing sign up bonus offers to members from those places. If you find that it is, don’t bother with the reward and go somewhere else.

Eligibility per Deposit Method

As with countries, not all deposit methods available at the bookmaker are eligible for bonuses. If the way you prefer is restricted, go for an alternative one.

Horse Racing Sign Up Bonus Codes

Some horse racing betting promotions come with bonus codes. Take care you don’t lose your horse betting offer due to forgetting to enter a string of numbers.

Editor’s Recommendation – the Best Horse Racing Betting Offers

When it comes to the best betting promotions, it’s a challenge to choose. However, Betway horse betting offers stand out, so we want to outline them today.

Betway’s horse racing sign up offer is generous. They give a 100% match bonus for bets up to $50. The deadline is 60 days, and you need to wager it five times, which is quite loose compared to competitors. Plus, you get to use the bonus in the casino, too.

Betway isn’t shabby when it comes to ongoing promotions, either. It covers all major tournaments, including the Grand Nationals, Cheltenham, and Aintree, with competitive odds, as well as worldwide races.

There are also some exciting horse racing betting promotions that make the most of your races every time. Excellent examples such as Lead at the Last and All-Weather Double Winnings make every wager worth a shot.

This Is How Our Experts Test Operators and Horse Racing Betting Promotions

A casual glance won’t be enough to see whether a welcome bonus is as good as it seems. You need to dig deeper and understand the terms and promotions to decide if a bookie is worth your wagers.

Our experts have analyzed all the operators in great depth to help you join them with confidence. Here are the 10 fields we go through for each analysis.

  • Bonuses – any bookmaker worth your time will offer reasonable bonus offers for new and existing players. We look into what they bring to the table and give you our honest opinions.
  • Betting offers – placing the same wager bet after bet can get repetitive, so a variety of betting offers is always a plus.
  • Odds – competitive odds can allow higher wins per bet, so we seek those bookies who provide their players with such, at least in more saturated markets.
  • Live betting options – with the development of technology, more and more bookies share live betting on their sites, which is not a must-have, but an excellent addition.
  • Payment options – the more options you have for depositing and withdrawal, the better.
  • Customer service – the market is growing, so today, available, responsive customer support is the norm.
  • Mobile betting options – players on the go enjoy placing wagers through their phones, so it’s good to know that you have this option.
  • Betting limits – some bookies place a cap on your winnings before others. So, in our reviews, you’ll find the limits so you could choose the one that meets your budget.
  • Extras – who doesn’t enjoy bells and whistles in an adrenaline-packed activity such as horse betting?
  • Reputation – experiences of past players speak volumes.

Finding the Right Operator for You

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current operator or just feel like switching it up, our tools will give you a helping hand. Choosing the right bookmaker by yourself can be a hassle that requires a lot of reading and research.

We want to spare you the trouble and summarise what you need to know and do. So, you get to make the most of the offers no matter which operator you choose.

In our operator comparisons, we combine expert analysis and opinions of punters who used the sites. By doing so, we ensure an objective approach and transparency. All you need to do is give it a read – we don’t miss positives or negatives, but name them all to your convenience.

Oregon (US) Racing Commission
100% up to
AmWager Horse Betting Bonus
100% up to $100
AmWager Review
***** Visit Site
  • Video live streaming availability
  • Mobile app available
  • Wide range of racetracks to choose from
Virginia (US) Lottery Board
First Bet Safety Net up to $1000 OR Bet $5 and Get $150
Bet365 Horse Betting Bonus
First Bet Safety Net up to $1000 OR Bet $5 and Get $150
Bet365 Review
***** Visit Site
  • All of the top US sports are available, with multiple leagues listed
  • Excellent range and depth of prop and in-play wagering opportunities
  • One of the best live streaming opportunities we have encountered

Most Important Sections of the Site

Our site is a one-stop-shop for all your horse-betting related needs. It features seven main sections that cover all you need to know. Let’s take a look at them.

1) Casino Comparison

Our reviews include the layout of the sportsbook, the horse betting sign up bonus and other promotions, the customer support, and more. We also encourage our community to share their experience to enable us to make the reviews as authentic as possible.

2) Horse Racing Betting Promotions Comparison

Any seasoned bettor will tell you that reasonable horse betting offers aren’t easy to find. A fail-safe way to find the best offer possible is through comparison, so we bring easy to read tables to help you spot the most attractive of the promotions.

3) Operator/Bonus Reviews

A good bonus doesn’t make for a good operator, but it surely helps. We focus on all aspects of the operator, its convenience, security, and scope, but with particular emphasis on the bonuses.

4) Games/Slots

Sometimes, you’ll want to mix things up, and you won’t feel like looking for another betting market online. So, in addition to horse betting, we delve into the other offers by the sportsbook.

5) Payments

When you’re placing wagers online, you are blessed with a variety of payment options you don’t get in physical casinos. So, we look into the payment methods available with each operator, as well as security related to them.

6) Strategy

Before you start placing your money on horse racing, you need to be equipped with a strategy. If you’re new to the world of gambling, then joining a community of punters to give you tips and hints will be a lifesaver.

7) Guide-wiki

Horse racing comes with unique terminology that can be quite confusing to newbies. Our guides and wikis define and explain horse betting terms in simple English. These also help you with betting strategies!

Bonuses: Quick Guide

Betting sites have to tackle massive competition, so it’s no wonder they’ve come up with so many types of bonuses. However, the variety can be tricky for new players. So, let’s take a look at the six most common types of horse racing betting offers you’ll run into in more detail.

Horse Betting Sign Up Bonus

Welcome or sign up bonuses are the most popular type out there, as they entice the player to join a sportsbook. Today, they’ve become the norm in the world of bookmakers. The conditions vary, but in general, you get it once you make your first deposit.

Most often, you’ll get a percentage of your deposit amount – between 50% and 100%. You might not be able to take out the amount, though. So, rollover requirements are a thing to look for, so you’d be sure you can withdraw your horse betting sign up bonus.

No Deposit Bonuses

Sometimes, sportsbooks use this type of bonus as their welcome offer. It’s a bit different from the first type, but the name explains it quite well.

The bookmaker will, in this case, deposit an amount of money to your account without you having to deposit any of your money first. This bonus serves to kickstart your wagers, but it tends to come in small sums.

Regular players also get to enjoy this type of promotion during special sports event seasons. The rollover and wagering requirements will usually be higher than with other types of bonuses, however, so be sure to check the terms and conditions.

Horse Racing Betting Offers – Free Bets

A free horse betting offer sounds better than it is, but still, it’s far from shabby. It enables you to place risky bets without putting any of your funds at risk.

As the name suggests, you obtain free bets without depositing any sum by yourself. Another great thing is that you get the winnings in full. However, you’ll have to meet specific requirements to become able to withdraw the sum.

Go through the terms and conditions with care to be sure of what you need to do. If you’re a seasoned player, expect free bets during promotional periods and make the most of them.

Cash Back Bonuses

Cashback bonuses are an excellent tool to encourage you to place wagers you’re not so sure of without taking huge risks. With cash backs, you’ll get a certain amount of money back even if you lose, usually between 3% and 5% of the bet winnings.

As a horse betting offer, this is excellent as it enables you to experience an adrenaline rush and go home happy no matter what happens.

As a horse betting sign up bonus, this is great for beginners looking to learn the ins and outs of betting. Veterans can also take advantage of it and turn it into a learning experience.

High Roller Bonuses

Most betting sites nowadays also offer top roller bonuses for those players who often place massive wagers. The awards most commonly come in the form of deposit bonuses. The main difference is in the sum. The amounts are usually much higher.

As a general rule, the bookmaker will provide you with 50% to 100% of your initial deposit amount for every deposit over $1000. As such, it’s reserved for the selected few with deep enough pockets.

Loyalty Bonus

If you’ve been playing at a particular sportsbook for a while now, you may be eligible for loyalty horse racing betting offers. Bookmakers use this bonus as an incentive for their best players to continue being so loyal. They will often use a point system to award the benefits.

In general, every bet you make will award you a certain amount of points. When you reach a number determined by the bookie, you enter the loyalty program. Then you get to exchange your points for specific promotions and services.

You get to enjoy special treatment on the site, gain new promo periods, and even better odds at times, all depending on the policy of your bookie of choice.

100% up to
Promo Code
AmWager Promo Code
***** Get Bonus
Bonus Details
Deposit Bonus
Requirements (WR):
1x Bonus
First Bet Safety Net up to $1000 OR Bet $5 and Get $150
Promo Code
Bet365 Promo Code
***** Get Bonus
Bonus Details
Free Bet
Requirements (WR):
1x Bonus

Checklist: This Is How You Find YOUR Perfect Bookie!

Many things make for a top-notch operator. Luckily, with excellent reviews online, it’s much easier to wade through the endless lists and find an ideal match for your needs.

Let’s first take a look at what to avoid to make it more obvious which qualities are desirable.

Red Flags

First off, never forget who you are. You’re a client for them, you’re paying, and it stays the same no matter whether you’re beating them or losing. So, seek consistency.

Some bookies have a clear goal, not to pay you. Avoid such operators like the plague. If you’ve met the requirements and won a wager, you deserve the winnings. Also, if the customer support isn’t responsive, that’s a huge red flag.

On some sites, you’ll find minimal means of payment. You’re seeking to give them money. They should make it easy for you to do so.

Finally, if the bookies offer weak or no bonuses, you want to go somewhere else. There’s no reason for a player to go without ahorse betting sign up bonus when there are many places that give them.

Good Signs

If a bookie lets out the impression that they aim to help you win, and they live up to those promises, they’re a keeper. So, if you find a sportsbook with prompt payouts, excellent bonuses, and competitive odds, hold on to them.

Signing up to online casinos is all about convenience. So, find one that’s safe but doesn’t make registering much trouble. You should make sure you look at a range of operators, so check through the details of our bonus code, Betfred bonus review and bet365 sign-up offers US.

Plus, they’re the ones looking to cater to you, and they should offer excellent horse betting offers (and such for every other sport or market you enjoy).

If you ever have questions, the customer support should eagerly await to answer. So accessible communication options are a must.

What Operator/Bonus Do Our Experts Use?

We don’t only rely on the reviews of our loyal punters, but instead, have our experts review each operator and bonus themselves before giving their suggestions. We examine the rewards both in the early and later stages of using the website.

That way, we do the work, so you don’t have to. Of course, experts are people, too, and everyone has different desires from their site of choice.

Some criteria that most bets confirmed by our experts have in stock include the following:

  • An excellent odds offer
  • Bonus codes
  • Easy and fast bonuses
  • Turnover requirements

We examine and compare these factors and determine the most exceptional offers, you can see just how we do it in our bonus code or in our Boylesports bonus review. These rules apply both for horse betting sign up bonuses and horse racing betting offers later.

We then have our community share their experiences and opinions before we reach a definite conclusion.

Online vs. Offline Gambling

Despite the growth in online casinos, the offline version doesn’t seem to be leaving any time soon. While there are definite benefits to betting on a device, traditional gambling does come with a certain charm. Let’s compare them.

Game Diversity

Land-based establishments operate in a defined space, which also limits the number of games and markets in the offer.

Those operating online don’t face such a limitation, bringing you a broader diversity. However, that means that you’ll find handpicked options in an offline casino, too.

Playing Pace

In traditional casinos, a dealer or a bookmaker will push you, which adds to the excitement, but also the pressure. Playing online, though, enables you to move at your own pace.

Promotions and Bonuses

Land-based casinos tend to reward their loyal players, but betting sites face a much harsher competition, so they’re more generous with their offers.

The Experience

When you play in real life, you get to communicate with other players and experience it with all five senses. Online casinos and sportsbooks work hard on their atmosphere, but it’s never the same.

Both versions come with a share of pros and cons. If you’re more of a person for versatility and convenience, then go for an online casino. If you’re more social and doing it for the experience, visit it in real life.

You could also find a casino that boasts both an online and an offline version and switch it up depending on your mood.

FAQ/Ultimate Tips for Horse Betting

Finally, let’s answer some of the common questions when it comes to horse betting online.

Q: Should I always choose a big horse betting sign up offer to a small one?

A: Not always. Bigger bonuses come with more significant requirements, so you might not be able to afford it. Smaller bonuses are not as exciting, but they are easier to win and still give a boost to your playing.

Q: Should I hedge my bets with a cashback horse betting offer?

A: When hedging a bet, players wager one high amount on a safe bet to ensure another wager, which offers a lot of money but high odds, too. Hedging loses its appeal if you have a cashback bonus, though, because you get a refund either way.

Q: Where can I find the terms of a horse racing betting offer?

A: The law requires the bookmakers to publish their terms and conditions of all offers. So if you visit one of the Borgata bonus review or one of the Betdaq offers, for example, you should be able to find them clearly displayed. If you have any difficulties in locating them, contact their customer support.

Q: What’s the ideal formula for clearing a bonus?

A: No two bonuses are the same, but they have specific requirements for turnover and minimum odds, as well as deadlines. The ideal formula thus follows the rules set for that horse racing betting offers.

Q: What odds do I need to bet on to clear a horse betting sign up bonus?

A: Again, it depends on your bookmaker. However, in general, any win at odds of 2.0 or larger activates bonuses. Check the terms and conditions, but it’s rarely higher.


Ultimately, the choice you make will come down to what suits your needs. Your decision will be intelligent and beneficial, though, if you use the information available to you.

We focus on helping you find the horse racing bonus offers that bring the best value for money. Check our variety of bonus reviews too, such as the Jetbull bonuses, Mr Green bonus offers or the 32red bonuses are offering to their customers. It’s sometimes tricky, but much less so with our assistance. We help and encourage finding the best horse betting sign up bonuses and everything else.

Finally, if you want to eliminate the risk even after getting informed, try a bookie that offers free bets without a bonus requirement. They aren’t always easy to find, but once you do, you’ll get to ensure you found the right fit before you join the site for real. Visiting from the UK? Make sure to visit our guide to the best GB betting bonuses!

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