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Mr. Green is an award-winning online casino, licensed and regulated in the UK. The company prides itself on a customer-first approach and having a safe and responsible gaming environment. Mr. Green sign up offers give you a choice of three options when joining the online casino. You have the option to select which bonuses best suits your betting preferences. Mr. Green promo codes can also be found. These will offer you free spins or deposit matches, depending on what’s on offer. For more information take a look at our Mr. Green review,

Mr. Green is a reliable online casino and sportsbook. With so many different options for sign up bonuses and promotions, it’s well worth taking a look at! See the full range of available Mr. Green bonus codes below.

Bonus offers are very common among online gaming sites, have a look at some of our other reviews on 32red sign up offers, TVG.com bonus code, bet365 sign-up offers US and Betdaq sign up offers. The most common one is the deposit offer, as this will influence a potential player’s decision on which site to use. These may be given out as loyalty points, or usually will match the player’s initial deposit, like the Mr. Green sign up offer.

Introduction to Mr. Green bonus offers

You should always make sure to take full advantage of your Mr. Green deposit offer. The main benefit is that you are being given free money to play with, but there are other reasons as well. By using your bonus funds, you are increasing your overall chance of winning, and minimising the risk of using your own money to play.

The Mr. Green sign up offer will match whatever you place as your initial deposit, up to $100. To make the most out of this offer, you should consider depositing the maximum amount, because if you only deposit $20, then you will only receive an additional $20 from the site, giving you much less to play with. Claiming the maximum $100 will provide you with a higher chance of winning big.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

You will not be able to cash out your welcome bonus immediately after claiming it, as is typical for online casinos. The amount from your Mr. Green deposit offer is required to play through your bank 35 times before you can withdraw as much as you want of your winnings. For example, if you have the full $100 bonus, then you will need to bet a total of $3,500 before you can cash out.

The welcome bonus essentially gives you double to play with and therefore doubles your chances of winning and making a profit. Playing games with a high probability of winning such as slots will give you a great chance of profit, especially when you factor in Mr. Green promo codes and Mr. Green bonus codes, which can give you additional free spins. Check out our TVG.com promo code review for more tips on how to use a bonus properly.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

You do not receive your stake back when you cash in.

This is an essential piece of information to remember when using your bonus bet. You will only receive the profit from your bet, and not the original stake. That’s why there are specific ways to use a bonus to get the most benefit from it. The bonus money is to encourage you to take a risk with your bet, feeling safer with the knowledge that it’s not your own hard-earned cash that would be lost. You will lose the bonus amount, whether you win or lose the bet. Therefore, it makes sense to try and get the most profit possible.

Maximize your profit by placing a free bet at high odds.

Before looking at the best way to place your bet, make sure you double-check the terms for using your bonus cash. Often the provider will require you to place a bet for a certain amount and possibly have minimum odds set. Generally speaking, the higher the odds, the more profit you will make. Although high odds may not be considered as safe a bet, this is the way for you to get the most out of your bonus money. You have the chance to win big without the risk.

Try matched or arbitrage betting.

This is a more complicated method but is a guaranteed way to make a profit from your free bet. Matched betting involves betting both for and against a certain outcome of the same event. Using a bonus bet for this means that generally, you don’t even have to bet with your own money. You need to sign up with a bookmaker who is offering a sign-up bonus, and then use a betting exchange to place an opposite bet for the same amount.

Let’s go through an example. If you sign up with Mr. Green and accept the $10 sports bonus, you can then place a bet for horse X to win a race. You then need to place a lay bet with a betting exchange. This means that you will be placing an equal and opposite bet. In this case, $10 that horse X will not win the race. Whatever the outcome, you are guaranteed to make a profit.

Place small, safe bets until you reach the amount required to withdraw your bonus as cash.

This is slightly different from the previous strategies and depends on the amount you have received as a bonus. If you are talking about a smaller amount of $10, then it’s worth taking a risk to try and get to a big payout. However, if you already received a decent amount from the bonus, it may be worth just playing it safe and then simply cashing out your bonus money when it becomes available.

This strategy could be used in conjunction with previous ones, as you still may be required to bet a certain amount before you have access to any profits from your bonus bet. The best way to do this is to place small bets at safe odds, where you are merely getting a return on your money. This will allow you to build up to the deposit amount required with a low risk of losing money. You can then simply withdraw your bonus money as a respectable profit.

Read all of the terms and conditions associated with the offer to be sure that you don’t miss out.

Most bonuses and sign up offers will have certain conditions to fulfill when using or withdrawing your bonus. Make sure you understand these before you claim and bet using the offer. The most important things to take note of are the betting requirements and any time limit set for withdrawal. For example, you may be required to place bets amounting to 5 times your original deposit in order to withdraw any profit from the bonus. There also may be a set time limit in which you need to get up to this amount so that you don’t lose the bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

How do bonuses work at Mr. Green?

When you have an active bonus, the system will always use your deposited money first. If you win on your first go, then you are free to immediately take the winnings as cash. The second chance bonus will be forfeited if you choose to cash-out immediately, but you can walk away with your profit. If you are not as lucky and lose your deposit, the bonus will then kick-in to allow you a second chance to win. This time, if you are successful, you will be required to meet the wagering requirement to get the cash. Unless otherwise stated, the wagering requirement for Mr. Green is 35 times the original bonus.

Why is my withdrawal not processed yet?

Accounts may need to be verified for security purposes before your cash can be released. You will be sent a request email containing all the information you need. Once the withdrawal request is confirmed, it can take up to 3-5 business days for the money to be deposited into your account. If it takes longer, contact the company or bank that you hold the account with, as they will be able to advise you of any incoming transactions.

What payment methods are available to make a deposit?

Mr. Green accepts various payment methods for deposits:

Visa and MasterCard – All branded credit and debit cards are accepted. The payment method is 100% secure, and the money will be instantly deposited into your player account.

Direct bank transfer – You can make direct money transfers into your Mr. Green account. The money transfer will usually be processed within 24 hours.

E-Wallets – An e-wallet is an easy way to store funds online. You can then use this for online transactions to multiple companies. Mr. Green will allow you to both deposit and withdraw funds from various e-wallet partners, including Skrill, Neteller, And ClickandBuy.

Paysafe card – Paysafe will convert your cash into online funds without the need for a checking account. Paysafe vouchers are available at various stores and can then be directly deposited to your Mr. Green account. This method of payment does incur a 3.9% fee for transactions.

Is Mr. Green a safe betting environment?

For any gambling site, security should always be your top priority. Mr. Green is licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. This means that there are strict standards in place for the company to comply with the conditions of license. Mr. Green uses industry-standard encryption protocols, which can be trusted.

Mr. Green also has a commitment to its customers being responsible gamblers. There are many limits and restrictions that players can set for themselves. The website also features direct links to GamCare and Gamblers Anonymous, for any clients who may feel like they have a problem.

What are the betting limits for Mr. Green?

Mr. Green allows you to set personal betting limits for deposits, enabling you to keep control of the amount you have in play over a specific period. The site’s restrictions for bets vary from sport to sport. The highest limit for large football matches is $100,000, and this is the same for several other sports, including Rugby Union. The minimum bet is just $0.10, so you won’t be disappointed if you enjoy playing with micro stakes.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programs

Mr. Green promo codes are available even after you have signed up. Free spins or free bets may be sent to you by the provider through your player account. Users of the app can enjoy further Mr. Green bonus codes which are exclusively for mobile players. Again, these will be available through the notifications in your Mr. Green account.

Even after the welcome bonus, you will still have access to further Mr. Green deposit offers. You may be offered cash matching bonuses when you place additional deposits into your account. These will again be subject to wagering limits or other conditions for withdrawal. Make sure to read the specific requirements for that particular bonus offer.

High Roller rewards are for players with large playing balances. Mr. Green promo codes for prizes, loyalty points, or cash options will be offered to this level of player. High rollers are typically those who have higher betting totals. Poker and other card games will provide loyalty rewards for roller players.

Club Royale is Mr. Green’s exclusive VIP club. Entry is by invitation only, and members will receive exclusive benefits and offers. This will include events and promotions, as well as faster withdrawal, increased deposit limits, no fees, and lower wager requirements.

Mr. Green Horse Betting Bonus

Bonus Intro

The Mr. Green Sports Bonus will give you a $10 accumulator bet when you bet $10 or more at odds of 3/1 or greater. The qualifying bet can either be a single wager of $10, or several smaller bets that total $10. The player will have access to the free bet only when the original wager is settled. The sports bonus does not require you to have a Mr. Green promo code.

The advantage with an accumulator bet is that the available winnings are much higher. This is due to the increased risk involved, and therefore this is the perfect way to make good use of a free bet. Accumulator bets are available for all types of sports, but the rules will vary in the case of placing bets across different events for the same accumulator.

Wagering the Bonus: Reality Test

The minimum number of legs required for the Mr. Green deposit offer is three, but you do have the option to place an accumulator with more to qualify for the bonus. Below is an example of a winning accumulator bet on horse races, to show a possibility on how to make the most of your Mr. Green sign up offer:

Selection                             Odds                              Bet Outcome

Horse A to win                      1.5                                  Successful

Horse B to place                     3                                   Successful

Horse C to win                        5                                   Successful

The selections placed would all need to be on separate races, to prevent people from placing several bets on a single runner. The following calculations are based on the original wager being the $10 received from the Mr. Green sign up offer.

  • Total returns = 10 * 1.5 * 3 * 5 = 225
  • Total profit = return – original stake = 225 – 10 = 215

A successful accumulator can give you a reasonably large win from only a small stake. By using the $10 Mr. Green sign up offer as your original wager, you take away any of the increased risks from this type of bet. It’s an opportunity to try out an accumulator bet if you haven’t placed one before, to get a feel for how they work.

Bonus Withdrawal

When withdrawing your winnings, you are required to use the same method you used for your original deposit. Withdrawals up to $100 will incur a fee of $1. For withdrawals up to $1000, the fee is charged at a rate of 1%, with a maximum fee of $10.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

The Mr. Green sign up offer bonus must be used for an accumulator bet with three legs or more, it will expire seven days after it’s received. This bonus is not available on deposits placed via Skrill, Moneybookers, Paysafe, or Neteller. It’s also worth noting that for the free bet, the stakes are not returned, only the winnings if your bet is successful.

Bonus Conclusion

When claiming and using your Mr. Green deposit offer, be aware that you have the option to either place a bet for $10, or use the $10 on several different accumulator bets. This may be a better way to use the offer, as accumulator bets yield a high return for a small stake. Placing a number of bets will give you a higher chance of having a successful return on your wager.

The Mr. Green Sports bonus is an excellent welcome bonus to go for. One of the main benefits is that it only requires a total of $10 of your own bets to qualify for the bonus. Another plus is that you can use your $10 free bet to place multiple accumulators, increasing your chance of a win from your free bet. If you’re someone who enjoys placing your wagers for sporting events, then this is a worthwhile bonus to claim.



Overall Conclusion

The main advantage with Mr. Green sign up offers is the three different welcome bonuses available to new customers. You can choose a bonus that is more suited to your betting preferences, and therefore get more use from either the matched deposit or free bet.

The downside is the significant 35x bet required to access the bonus money. If accessing the maximum bonus of $100, then you are required to spend $3,500 in bets in order to release that money. That means that you need to be confident that this is the site you want to play at, as you will be in it for the long haul.

Despite this, I do believe that the Mr. Green sign up offer is a worthwhile promotion to take advantage of. The site itself is extensive and secure, with a reputation that means you can be confident in its legitimacy.

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