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McBookie is considered to be one of the top bookies and online casinos for Scottish punters. Established in 2009, Star Racing Ltd holds a license issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission.

Its chief focus is on sports events taking place in Scotland. These sports include Scottish horse racing and football, while also celebrating Scottish sports professionals. However, other events from around the world are also available, such as American Football and the NBL.

It’s common practice for online bookies to offer welcome packages for new customers. These sign-up offers are a decent way of drawing new members in, allowing gambling activity to flourish and grow on their sites. Similarly, punters are eager to find new bonuses that aid in increasing their chances of winning. If you’re looking for an overview of all the latest bonuses on offer, check our Horse Racing Betting Promotions page. Otherwise, read on to find out more.

Bonus Offer

As evidence of its core Scottish focus, McBookie Sign Up Offers cater only to punters in Scotland. There’s no McBookie Promo Code available for anyone else in the world. Despite this restriction, the operator still allows betting from international gamblers on its site. Looking for a different bonus offer? Try our NetBet Welcome bonuses review.

Tips on How To Use the Bonus

The first thing you’ll need to do is register for a new account. During this process, it will ask for personal and contact information. The essential aspect is your physical address. Only gamblers living in Scotland can use a  McBookie Promo Code.

You won’t need any McBookie Promo Code to claim the bonus. All that’s required is to verify your details, specifically your address. If the operator discovers that you don’t live in Scotland, then it will disqualify you from any McBookie Sign Up Offers.

Once McBookie verifies you as a Scottish punter, your account is good to go. It’s time to make a deposit. You may use any of the operator’s list of payment methods to make your deposit. Remember, there’s no McBookie Promo Code to take advantage of any welcome bonus.

It’s essential to note that only the first bet counts towards the McBookie Sign Up Offers. After that, bets worth £30 in the Tartan Club award you with a £5 free wager every week. Ensure that your first bet matches both the deposit and wagering requirements.

For your wager to qualify, you first need to place single, each-way, or parlay bets. Furthermore, the odds must be 2.00 or higher. Void bets and punts cashed out are explicitly excluded from McBookie Sign Up Offers.

Another aspect that we need to highlight is that only one of the McBookie Sign Up Offers is available per new member. The operator has system checks to ensure that only one person per household registers for an account. Finally, don’t accept any McBookie Promo Code from any site, since it’s not needed for the McBookie Sign Up Offers. There are plenty of promotions out there, check our Jenningsbet Offer review.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

1. Take Note of The Payment Methods

While no McBookie Promo Code is needed to redeem the bonus, paying attention to which payment methods are available is essential. In some instances, some transaction methods don’t qualify for the reward. In our experience with online bookies, these payments usually include e-wallets.

Even with a McBookie Promo Code, the operator only offers VISA and MasterCard payment types. We recommend using debit cards. Credit cards impose higher fees, while debit cards will save you some money in the long run. It’s better to wager with real money you have than with loaned funds.

2. Find The Best Sports Market For Wagering

While you don’t need a McBookie Promo Code, One of the requirements for McBookie Sign Up Offers is wagering on minimum odds of 2.00. Although we recommend finding horse racing events with these odds, take a look at any other sports markets that offer better chances at a profit. The last thing you want to do is to throw away that bonus on a random selection.

3. Place Your First Bet For Your Sign Up Offer

Only your first wager will meet the bonus wagering terms after you’ve successfully signed up for the welcome package. Therefore, ensure that you deposit the correct amount and use your first bet wisely. You’ve gone through all the effort of signing up for the bonus, so deciding where you wager first is critical.

We’re explicitly stating the importance of the first bet because every wager after that contributes towards the Tartan Club bonus rewards.

4. Wager Your First Bet Quickly

Another essential term of the bonus is to wager your deposit within 30 days. After this qualifying period, the reward will fall away. While it may seem like you have enough time, the step is necessary for the operator to void bonuses for an account that becomes inactive after registration.

5. Keep a Weather Eye Out For Further Promotions

From time to time, operators mix things up by adding new promotions or updating their loyalty plans. Registering for a welcome package is only the beginning. Existing members can enjoy further bonuses during the life of their accounts, as long as they stick to the bonus requirements. Check out our in-depth look at the 4NJBets Offer.

McBookie currently has two loyalty programs in place. The first is a free bet system called the Tartan Club, while the second is a cashback coupon buster for parlay bets. We’ll discuss these in greater detail later in the Sports Bonus section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the McBookie Sign Up Offers?

McBookie Sign Up Offers are special promotions used to attract new customers to the operator’s site, but they don’t require a McBookie Promo Code. It includes a free bet based on the deposit amount. The welcome package is a separate promotion from the Tartan Club loyalty program.

Q2. Why Should I Use McBookie Sign Up Offers?

While existing loyalty programs are in place, McBookie Sign Up Offers will give you that initial boost from your first deposit. It’s an extra bet that will provide an opportunity at more winnings. Who wouldn’t like another free chance at some profit?

Q3. Is there a McBookie Bonus Code available?

No. There’s no need for any McBookie Promo Code when claiming McBookie Sign Up Offers. That’s one less step that you need to worry about when signing up. If any online websites indicate any McBookie Bonus Code, it’s probably a scam. However, you should always check the operator’s site in case a code becomes available in the future.

Q4. How do I claim McBookie Sign Up Offers?

All you need to do is register and deposit funds to claim any offers available. Once you’ve made your deposit, your first wager will count towards the welcome offer. Further bets after that contribute towards the Tartan Club loyalty program.

Q5. May existing users make use of the welcome offer?

There’s a reason it’s called McBookie Sign Up Offers. You may only claim it when you sign up as a new customer. Existing members have loyalty programs and other sports bonuses to take advantage of that don’t require a McBookie Promo Code.

Q6. Do I need to deposit funds to activate the sign-up offer?

Yes. The first bet that counts towards your bonus requires a deposit first. Furthermore, there are wagering requirements on your deposit before you receive the rewards of any bonus. McBookie doesn’t currently offer any no deposit bonuses.

Q7. Can I register for the welcome offer from a second account?

No. The operator makes it explicitly clear that a member may only activate any McBookie Sign Up Offers once. After that, punters can participate in any loyalty programs available. If the operator detects that a player has created a second account to abuse promotions, then all accounts will be suspended.

Q8. Can I wager my first bet on horse racing?

Yes, you can. There’s no restriction on which sport you can claim your McBookie Sign Up Offers. Should any McBookie Promo Code become available, then you can use your first free bet on horse racing. You need to ensure that the minimum odds of the bet is 2.00.

Q9. Are there further promotions after accepting McBookie Sign Up Offers?

Yes, there most certainly are. As with the McBookie Sign Up Offers, you won’t need a McBookie Promo Code for any of these either. While there are no loyalty points to earn, you’ll have some extra free bets that are available for specific sports in the Tartan Club.

Q10. Can I accept McBookie Sign Up Offers in the United States?

Unfortunately not. McBookie Sign Up Offers are available to Scottish punters only. The operator’s primary mission is to provide gambling services to Scottish players. While US bettors can still gamble on the site, they won’t be able to redeem any Mcbookie welcome packages.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Many online casinos and sportsbooks offer existing members loyalty rewards. Some operators are rather creative when it comes to their loyalty program’s design. When punters look for a new casino to join, they usually hunt for the best offering in wagering rewards.

For instance, various operators provide comp points, based on gambling activity. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose. By depositing and placing bets for sports betting or casino slots, it counts towards receiving reward points. As a bonus, you can eventually redeem these comp points for extra bets or for cash.

Another example of loyalty rewards is a VIP program. The same comp reward system is usually in place. However, the more you gamble, the higher you climb up the VIP ranks. Each level has individual betting requirements and rewards. The further up you go, the more you’ll be required to play, and the more you’ll earn as a VIP member.

Despite providing decent sports betting and casino segments, there’s no loyalty system in place. Existing members can participate in the two sportsbook bonuses, which we’ll discuss below shortly. However, based on the requirements for these bonuses, we don’t consider them loyalty programs per se.

There are no points or rewards applied for gambling throughout its portfolio. The closest we can allude to any loyalty system is the sportsbook rewards for being a Scottish resident. Even then, we’re giving McBookie the benefit of the doubt. Check out our review for the sign up offers to compare the quality of another rewards program.

McBookie Horse Betting Bonus

McBookie Sports Bonus

When it comes to a sports bonus, there are a variety of different types that a bookie can offer. Most operators reward their members with free bets or cashback rewards. At other times, players may receive a bonus that matches their first deposit.

When it comes to McBookie, there are two sports bonuses on offer. These promotions are available to any Scottish members that are registered with the bookie. Furthermore, they are recurring rewards that have particular wagering requirements. In the following sections, we’re going to go into greater detail about these bonus stipulations.

Tartan Club Promotion Details

The first one we’re going to look at is the Tartan Club free bet bonus. It specifically caters to Scottish gamblers who punt in the sportsbook. For every £30 wagered in the qualifying week, you’ll receive a £5 free bet.

The free bet bonus is available every week. There’s no need to deposit funds if you have at least £30 in your account. You can wager either one or multiple bets on horse racing if you want, as long as the total amount of these punts adds up to at least £30.

When it comes to odds value, the minimum odds for a single bet must be 2.00. If you select multiple bets, then at least one of these wagers must meet the requirement. However, multiple bets need to amount to four or more punts. With one of the odds at 2.00 or above, the other wagers in the set count towards the promotion.

Pre-match and in-play wagers both qualify for the Tartan Club weekly promotion. The qualifying period is from Monday to Sunday, with a free bet of £5. The reward is allocated explicitly to members the Monday after the qualifying period.

While Mcbookie continuously refers to it as a free bet, it pays out in the form of Promo Cash. The lucky recipients have only seven days to use the bonus. Therefore, it’s evident that punters can’t accumulate Promo Cash rewards, as they will expire after the seventh day.

As if that wasn’t enough of a restriction, you can’t use Promo Cash for the Tartan Club promotion. McBookie will only accept real money for bets during the qualifying week. Furthermore, only single, multiple, and parlay bets qualify for the reward.

Coupon Buster Bonus Details

Next up is the Coupon Buster free bet bonus. This reward system works with five-team parlays. If any team wager in the selection loses, then you’ll receive a 100% refund of up to £25 in your Bonus Cash account. Don’t get too excited, though, as there are some additional terms and conditions to consider first.

Players must place a minimum stake of £5 for their parlay. The promotion is available once every day, so there are ample opportunities to gain additional bonus refunds. However, it’s worth noting that the first qualifying parlay bet of the day will exclusively count towards the bonus stipulations.

Unlike the Tartan Club promotion, only pre-match wagers count. McBookie won’t refund any five-team parlays that you wagered in the in-play section. However, the good news is that bets made on both the website and mobile qualify towards the promotion.

Here’s a list of the wager types that don’t count towards the bonus refund:

  • Cash Out bets
  • Void wagers
  • Permutation bets
  • Any wagers made with Bonus Cash

As you can see, the operator limits the types of bets that can be refunded. Furthermore, like a dagger through the heart of horse racing enthusiasts, the promotion only applies to Football markets. None of the wagers made on horse racing or any other sports qualify. Further to this stipulation, it needs to be a Win / Draw / Win market.

The final restriction is on Non-League football wagers. McBookie sets itself apart from other operators by specializing in Scottish football cups and tournaments. However, the bonus terms specifically indicate that only league football games count towards the wagering requirement.

Reality Test

In sportsbook bonuses, some bookies require players to bet the bonus or deposit amount several times before the reward is released. There are also cases in which the sum of both deposit and bonus amounts has a playthrough requirement. These systems lead to large stakes for small rewards.

No matter which of the above promotions you use, there are no playthrough requirements involved. If you stake £30 for the Tartan Club bonus, then it rewards you with £5 every week. It doesn’t matter how high the odds are above the required 2.00 amount; it’s a standard weekly £5 bonus for a £30 stake.

The same applies to the Coupon Buster bonus. As indicated in the bonus details, the maximum bonus refund you’ll receive is £25. It doesn’t matter how high your stake is for each wager in the five-team parlay. The bonus amounts to 100% of your full stake up to the value of £25.

Bonus Withdrawal

The best part of participating in a bonus promotion is the ability to withdraw the funds. Every punter wants to see real money enter their bank account, right? We’ll see whether that’s indeed possible for either of the McBookie sports promotions.

The Tartan Club free bet pays out as Promo Cash in your bonus account. While you can use the funds to bet on any horse racing in its sportsbook, you cannot withdraw it. The operator only allows withdrawal from the real cash account.

Similarly, the Coupon Buster bonus refund pays out as Bonus Cash in your bonus account. You’re welcome to use the Bonus Cash to wager on any horse races. However, you can’t use the refund reward on any other promotions. As with the Tartan Club free bet, you can’t withdraw it either.

Despite the restrictions mentioned above, you can still withdraw real cash winnings from any of the promotions. If you make any profit on your winnings from the bonus cash bets, then it will pay out to your real cash account. Players can then withdraw the funds as they usually would. Please take note that McBookie has a maximum daily withdrawal rate of £10,000.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

Whether you receive bonus rewards from the Tartan Club or Coupon Buster, there are some considerations to take into account. The bonus terms and conditions unambiguously mention the conditions under which McBookie will void or remove bonuses. For ease of reference, we’re going to highlight the essential stipulations here.

Account verification

To make use of any of the McBookie promotions, you must be a Scottish resident. If you think that there’s a loophole or some way around this, there isn’t. After you register, the operator immediately emails you to verify your account. We’ve tested the registration system and can confirm that McBookie suspends the account until you provide verification documents.

Abuse of the promotion system

The operator makes a meal of explaining what will happen if members abuse any of the promotions. From the stipulations mentioned, it appears that several gamblers have breached this condition. McBookie has voided free bets and removed bonus rewards in these instances.

The chief promotion abuse entails a group of members that have placed bets in specific markets that guarantee profits. While this may not seem criminal per se, McBookie takes offense when it recognizes a betting pattern among several members. Sure, different punters winning at the same time happens. However, several times in a row is not a mere coincidence.

Creating another account to claim more free bets

Creating more than one account to claim extra free bets is another way of abusing the promotion system. Gamblers may think they’re smart by using this method, but they’re not the first to try it. On the contrary, online operators have booted several punters who have attempted to register for multiple accounts.

McBookie has a system in place to ensure that there’s only one account per household and IP address. A portion of this system relies on automated technology processes, while the other part consists of officials who check verification documents. With McBookie not permitting you to log in until all of the account details are verified, there’s a slim chance that members will get away with this.

Betting on the right sports

If you’ve thoroughly read through the bonus details we’ve written above, then it should be clear that receiving a sports betting bonus requires wagering on the correct sports. More specifically, the Coupon Buster bonus only refunds bets made in football markets. You can wager on any events for the Tartan Club weekly free bet, as long as you find odds above 2.00.

Wagering on markets with no adequate experience

We’re sure that you’re eager to gain those Tartan free bets. With a low minimum stake of £30, it’s an effortlessly attainable weekly goal for any of the horse racing events. Even the Coupon Buster refund is worth relying on, if you’re into football parlay bets that is.

However, don’t squander your bets on markets in which you have no experience. The main goal of gambling is to make some decent profit on your wagers. Randomly staking wagers simply to receive a free bet is a terrible idea. Ensure that you learn which odds and markets are the best and would provide the most winnings.

Be aware of bonus timeframes

The final consideration is ensuring that you use your bonus in time. There are time limits imposed on the reward before it expires, especially where the Tartan weekly free bets are concerned. You’ve worked hard for that bonus. Now secure some profit by wagering the free bet before it lapses.

Bonus Conclusion

While both sportsbook bonuses may not seem generous, it guarantees some daily and weekly rewards. You can claim a refund if one of your football parlay bets loses, and you’ll receive weekly free bets based on your gambling activity. However, McBookie would gain a larger audience for its rewards if it opened its bonus doors to international players.



Overall Conclusion

Mcbookie offers many sports to bet on and casino games to play. For horse racing alone, there are several pre-race and in-play markets to select. You’ll even find some Scottish sports catering to the local punters.

However, the operator is shy when it comes to sign-up offers and casino bonuses. While you’ll find two sportsbook bonuses for existing members, there’s no loyalty program to enjoy. We get the impression that the online casino exists simply as an online portal on which Scottish gamblers can bet. If this bonus isn’t exactly what you were looking for, try our FanDuel Offer review.

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