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Keeneland Select is the online wagering branch of the world-famous Keeneland horse race track. Keeneland is located in the state of Kentucky, the heart of horse racing, and prides itself on investing in the industry.

Keeneland Select continues this mission by offering choice promotions, support for player initiatives, and excellent player rewards.

As they state on the site: “A win for the player is a win for the sport.” Read on for our top picks of Keeneland Select sign up offers , as well as information on an exciting Keeneland Select Promo Code.

Bonus Offer - Keeneland Select Sign Up Offers

Many horse racing sites offer welcome bonuses, such as these offers by, to entice and keep customers. Although this bookmaker is no different, we did find the Keeneland Select sign up offers and Keeneland Select promo code suitably generous, as befits a company that prides itself on supporting players.

We’ll now take a closer look at the Keeneland Select bonus code and what it entails.

Tips on How To Use the Bonus

Keeneland Select offers multiple promotions, but we’re going to focus on Keeneland Select sign up offers. There are many offers by 32Red and the like, but Keeneland Select goes above and beyond. Any new players who sign up with the horse-centred bookmaker qualify for a new player bonus of up to $150.

These particular Keeneland Select sign up offers are remarkably easy to claim.

To get the current Keeneland Select deposit offer, all a new player has to do is join the site. Then, once their account is set up, wager at least $300 within the first 30 days of their membership. Membership is free and quick, although subject to state laws; you must live in a state that allows online gambling.

Setting up account payment is also relatively straightforward: there are seven deposit options available, including PayPal and EZbank.

However, we should note that Keeneland Select sign up offers have two parts. Wager at least $300, and you’ll receive a tidy $100 wagering credit, but to access the additional $50, you’ll need to bet at least $5,000 within the first year of membership.

We did some digging, and there doesn’t appear to be any hidden terms and conditions surrounding this Keeneland Select deposit offer. However, there also aren’t any obvious ones, so if you have any particular questions related to Keeneland Select sign up offers you may have to do some digging of your own.

All the main terms are laid out on the actual promotions page online. These include the (fairly obvious, if we’re honest) stipulation that bets must be placed on either the main Keeneland Select site, or the mobile version. Be sure to check out our promo code, BetStare bonus code or our Sugarhouse sign-up offers US page.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

Here’s a rundown of the top five expert tips we recommend trying to take full advantage of Keeneland Select sign up offers:

1. Our first top tip is: read the fine print! It seems obvious, but many new players sign up to bookies in the hope of taking advantage of a particular bonus but realize too late it has very specific terms and conditions.

Usually, there’s a time limit involved, which is true for Keeneland Select sign up offers since a player has to bet at least $300 within thirty days.

2. Each bonus wager amount gets deposited into a punter’s account within ten business days (or two weeks) after the player has reached the necessary betting threshold.

In terms of small print, the best tip to keep in mind is that this is based on wagering amounts, not deposit amounts, so if you’re a canny punter, you may well make the necessary $300 with the minimum of initial outlay.

3. The other tip to keep in mind is that the $100 and $50 bonuses are clearly labeled as wagering credit. We’ll take this chance to remind punters that wagering (or bonus) credit can’t be withdrawn from accounts; it isn’t free cash. However, what it is, is a chance to take a wager you might ordinarily avoid, so why not go a little nuts with it.

4. There’s no mention of how many people in a household can apply, which is a common condition with sign up offers. The bonus terms note that Keeneland Select reserves the right to alter the conditions whenever they see fit.

This is run-of-the-mill for many betting sites, but if someone else in your household wants to sign up and can’t do it because Keeneland Select recognizes the same IP address, our top trick is to use a VPN.

5. Finally, there’s one particular condition to note: Keeneland Select sign up offers cannot be combined with any other Keeneland Select promo code or Keeneland Select deposit offer.

So if a new player signs up as part of the Friend Referral promo, they’re ineligible for the sign-up bonus. In other words, choose your Keeneland Select bonus code promotion carefully.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re looking to take advantage of a Keeneland Select promo code, we have five of the frequently asked questions most players want to know about.

1. What is the sign-up bonus? Do I have to use a Keeneland Select promo code?

The sign-up bonus is a possible $150 of bonus (or wagering) credit for any new player. The beauty of this promotion is that no code is required, which means players don’t need to jump through any unnecessary hoops in order to benefit. You simply join and play, and Keeneland Select takes care of the rest!

2. What exactly is wagering/bonus credit?

Otherwise known as a free bet, wagering/bonus credit is precisely that. It’s money that appears in your account that can be used towards wagers – and only wagers. It can’t be withdrawn on its own.

However, any money you make using the free bet is, of course, yours to keep.

3. Are there any special conditions for the Keeneland Select deposit offer I should be aware of?

Keeneland Select account holders are the only ones capable of accessing Keeneland Select sign up offers.

Bonuses are also only valid for new customers registered in the United States, who are at least 21 years of age, and who live in a state that allows advance deposit wagering services. Be aware of any potential Keeneland Select bonus code before depositing your funds.

4. Who is excluded from Keeneland Select sign up offers?

There are three excluded categories when trying to claim the Keeneland promo code for new players. Existing members and new members who have already used a Keeneland Select promo code are of course excluded.

Additionally, everyone under the age of 18 (or 21 in Indiana), or from a state that prohibits online gambling, is excluded. Also, anyone who tries to use a Debit/Credit card, account, or other payment services not registered in their name is excluded.

5. How can I use my wagering credit/free bets?

Free bets can only be used if placed on either, the mobile site, or by phone. Bets at real-world race tracks are not allowed, nor can the FastBet service be used.

FastBet is a relatively new mobile betting app that can be used as an additional self-service station at horse race tracks. Otherwise, there are currently no other free bet restrictions.

Additional Rewards - More Than Just The Keeneland Select Bonus Code!

Aside from Keeneland Select sign up offers, there are other worthwhile promotions and rewards. Let’s take a look.

As previously noted, there is a Friend Referral Keeneland Select promo code that new players can take advantage of. As long as you’re a registered member, you can complete a Select Friend form. After which, that friend will receive a promotional code they can then use to join Keeneland Select. Most importantly, they must then deposit at least $50 in the first month, and wager at least $500 within sixty days. If they do, you’ll get $50 bonus credit.

Keeneland Select members also get access to free Past Performance statistics, courtesy of Brisnet. No code required!

Lastly, in place of a dedicated VIP program, Keeneland Select’s Reward Program gives players one point for every dollar wagered online or on-track. For every 5,000 points, players get $50 bonus credit. Points never expire and accumulate faster than other wagering services.

Keeneland Select Sports Bonus

Keeneland Select Sports Bonus

Continuing our look at Keeneland Select sign up offers, the new member bonus is remarkably straightforward, so we don’t really need to belabor the point.

Once a punter signs up, deposits whatever they want (but pay attention to the minimum required by the chosen payment method) and bet more than $300, they receive the $100 bonus credit.

This wagering bonus can then be used to bet on whatever race you want, however you want. You don’t even need to use it all at once, as there is nothing in the respective terms and conditions that gives an expiration period.

Reality Test

With regards to placing a bet, once a player has logged into their account, they’ll see the Wager Now button. Clicking this takes you to a page where up to five tracks can be selected. Punters then select track, race, bet amount, pool and runners, before submitting the wager.

Handily, the site shows you the total cost of your wager and lets you check all the information is correct before the wager’s submitted.

Bonus Withdrawal

Withdrawing the bonus itself is not possible, as it is wagering credit not actual money. However, should a punter use the bonus credit to win, then this total amount can be withdrawn.

Withdrawals are subject to review and confirmation before they can be received, and processing times vary depending on the chosen payment method.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

The way we see it, there are no significant pitfalls with Keeneland Select sign up offers. For one, there’s no minimum deposit amount needed, which is often the case with these new member bonuses.

Secondly, the betting amount of $300 will likely be easy to reach for many punters, with the only caveat being the 30-day time limit. The only thing we can think to avoid with regards to this bonus is rushing.

The time limit may make some punters hurry bets in order to reach the $300 limit, but we would recommend taking it easy to avoid hasty betting mistakes.

Bonus Conclusion

In short, this Keeneland Select promo code may not appear on the surface to be the most generous of offers, but we feel it is one of the clearest. What we mean by that is that there are no special codes you have to input or weird wagering limits.

Keeneland Select may have hidden terms related to this bonus, but we think that’s unlikely. In short, it’s definitely worth a try.

Keeneland Select Casino Bonus

Keeneland Select Casino Bonus

One of the pillars of the online gambling industry are online casinos. Online casinos are one of the most appealing forms of gambling for many players. They combine all the thrill of a conventional land-based casino with the convenience of online and mobile play.

Never before in history had we been able to spin a casino roulette from the comfort of our beds, 24/7. Online slots, casino table games, card games and more are all available today. Thousands of operators compete for the business of millions of online casino players.

The way that operators compete is through promotions. Promotions are mostly unique to the online side of casinos, Every operator has its own bonuses and offers, enticing new players to join.

Reality Test

Taking a look at Keeneland Select, there are many attractive promo code to claim. However, none of them are applicable to casino games. In fact, Keeneland Select has absolutely no casino games to speak of.

The same goes for online slot machines. There’s not a single one available here. Keeneland Select is a highly specialized horse racing operator. However, even specialized racebooks often feature horse racing-themed online slot machines, or virtual horse racing games.

Keeneland Select, however, has no such games available. Accordingly, no Keeneland Select promo code is available for casino gambling. There isn’t even a dedicated Casino section anywhere on the website.

Bonus Withdrawal

Usually, casino bonuses carry extensive wagering requirements, often 20x to 50x the bonus amount, or full bonus balance. Players need to wager in online slots or casino games, with each wager contributing to the requirements at different rates.

However, since Keeneland Select has no Casino section, or casino game bonuses, there are no withdrawal conditions to speak of.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

A casino bonus usually has several possible pitfalls built into the terms and conditions. A proper, thorough examination of the terms is the only thing that can guarantee a successful bonus experience.

Typical pitfalls include trying to claim a welcome bonus while not being a new player, or using payment methods excluded from the promotion. The most common pitfall, however, is failing to meet wagering requirements before the allotted time is up.

All that being said, Keeneland Select does not have a Casino section, nor any Keeneland Select promo code, so there are no pitfalls here.

Bonus Conclusion

All things considered, calling Keeneland Select an inadequate gambling operator would be unfair. It’s a perfectly suited horse racing operator. However, when it comes to casino gambling, it’s a very different story.

With no Casino section, no casino games, no horse racing slots, and no indication of this changing in the future, Keeneland Select has nothing to offer casino players. That includes of course an absolute absence of Keeneland Select promo code for casino games.

If you’re a fan of casino games and looking for your next big promotion, Keeneland Select is not what you’re looking for. We recommend you try the promotional selection of other operators that do feature casino gambling services, such as Mr. Green offers.

Keeneland Select Poker Bonus

Keeneland Select Poker Bonus

Poker is one of the most complex games in gambling. More of a sport than a mere game of chance, poker combines both skill and good fortune. It’s fairly unique in that regard, and has developed tremendous popularity worldwide as a result.

Major poker competitions draw celebrity attention these days, and poker pros are household names. Poker, particularly in its online presentation, has pervaded mainstream culture. Online gambling operators looking to cash in on this new market have been quick to respond.

Dozens of operators now offer online poker room services. There’s such a vast selection that players have a hard time making their choice. To further complicate matters, operators all employ attractive bonus offers for new players. Every promotion is uniquely enticing in its own way. Figuring out what’s best for you can be quite a challenge.

Keeneland Select keeps things simple for poker players, though. With absolutely no poker games, no formal Poker section, and not even any video poker options, there’s nothing to see here for fans of poker.

Unlike many other operators, Keeneland Select hasn’t expanded its gambling portfolio to include poker. In fact, Keeneland Select hasn’t even expanded to include any sports beyond horse racing.

Ever the purists, Keeneland Select has chosen to focus on a single specialty, the horse wagering market. This single-minded focus has a cost for Keeneland Select players. With no Casino and no Poker section, all promotions available are exclusively for sports betting, and specifically, for horse wagering.

Reality Test

Wagering a poker bonus is usually quite a grind. Poker bonuses are famously tied up behind abundant amounts of red tape. To activate, claim and clear a bonus, players need to wager hundreds or thousands of hands. This is the norm among online poker operators.

Most bonuses are deposit offers, granting players anywhere between 50% and 200% of their deposit amount as a bonus. Bonus money needs to be turned over several times before it can be withdrawn, though. Normally, turnover requirements are met by participating in pots that generate rake.

Nevertheless, since there are no poker games or promotions at Keeneland Select, there are no bonuses to wager in poker here.

Bonus Withdrawal

Every online poker room dishing out promotional offers will set a series of conditions for withdrawal. It only makes sense. If they simply handed out bonuses for immediate withdrawal, operators would soon go under.

Typical requirements for withdrawal include meeting a certain churn, turnover, or playthrough rate. Usually, it’s between 5x and 10x the bonus amount, in most poker rooms. A few have steeper bonus wagering requirements, which makes it that much harder to clear the bonus.

As for Keeneland Select, having no poker promotions keeps things simply, if dull. There are no poker bonus withdrawal requirements, since there are no poker bonuses to speak of.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

There’s many things that can go wrong when you try to claim a poker bonus. For one thing, many players try to claim sign up offers despite being returning players. That’s a definitive way to miss out on your bonus.

Other players forget to input the relevant code while signing up or while making deposits. This too can result in missing out on a good bonus. Of course, failure to meet wagering requirements will also result in trouble. The most common consequence is outright cancellation of the bonus, and any associated bonus winnings.

Running afoul of the terms and conditions of the bonus is another very frequent issue. Many players skim through the conditions and fail to pick up on crucial parts of the offer. This creates issues that only become apparent much later, when it’s far too late to do anything.

However, Keeneland Select doesn’t have any of these complications. Since the operator has no Poker section, no video poker, and no poker bonuses, there’s no red tape to comb through here. You won’t find a single Keeneland Select promo code for poker.

Bonus Conclusion

At the end of the day, Keeneland Select is many things. A licensed gambling operator. A sophisticated platform for horse racing. A streaming venue with hundreds of HD replays of past races. An informative center about horse racing.

One thing it is not is a poker room. Without any Poker section, no cash games or tournaments, and not even a measly video poker machine, poker fans have nothing to do here. If you’re an avid poker player looking for your next great offer, you can safely skip Keeneland Select.

Overall Conclusion - Claim Your Keeneland Select Promo Code Today!

For the Keeneland Select promo code, the choice isn’t the largest we’ve seen, but we get the impression it’s a case of quality over quantity. The actual Keeneland Select sign up offers for new players feel fair and achievable, despite the time limit.

If you like to do sports betting over a broad spectrum, you may be better off looking at something like these offers by JetBull. If you’re a track fanatic, then Keeneland can definitely benefit you.

It also seems unusual among horse racing bookies as strict terms and conditions don’t constrain it. Plus, making bets means earning points, since each dollar wagered automatically feeds into the Rewards Program. This means regular punters are more likely to reach the $5,000 threshold to receive an extra $50 wagering credit.

In closing, we think the Keeneland Select promo code for horse racing is well worth a shot. However, for anyone who is less interested in horse racing, Keeneland Select has very little to offer. In terms of promotions, everything at Keeneland Select is centered on horse racing.

In fact, without even a Casino or a Poker section, no games, and not even any sports betting markets beyond the ponies, Keeneland Select might be too specialized for many players. If you’re looking for great casino bonuses and free spins, or sweet poker rake cash back promotions, look elsewhere.

Unless you’re uniquely interested in horse race betting selections, Keeneland Select is not the right operator for you.

Keeneland Sign Up Offers FAQ

🎁Is there a Keeneland deposit bonus?

Online operators have moved to provide bonus offers so as to entice new customers to their site. However, not all online betting sites will offer welcome bonuses. If you are after a generous bonus offer, then you should read our latest bonus reviews to find out which operators are doing their best to provide you with compelling offers. Our coverage of Keeneland sign up offers will enlighten you as to what they currently have going on their site.

🔖What is the qualifying deposit for the Keeneland bonus?

With regards to any type of Keeneland deposit bonus, you will be required to make a deposit. There will be a minimum qualifying deposit amount which you must meet in order to be eligible for the bonus offer. Find out exactly what you need to deposit by reading our Keeneland sign up offer review here at

🔎Do I need a Keeneland promo code?

When it comes to claiming bonuses from a number of online operators, you’ll need to apply a promo code of sorts. This isn’t necessarily a standard practice across the board. But, you don’t want to miss out just because you didn’t know about a relevant promo code. As such, we urge you to read our reviews to identify which operators require you to use a promo code.

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