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DRF Bets Bonus 2024

DRF Bets Welcome Bonus

Finding the best bonuses in the US, especially for horse racing betting, can be a tricky task. There are so many to choose from which can dilute the quality offers that are out there.

Well, our review of the DRF Bets bonus code offer has found that it is most certainly in the tier of quality bonuses. New users are treated to 2 different sign up offers and both are exceptionally generous. Check out the rest of our review to see how you can get your hands on them.

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Introduction to bonus offers - why they get offered

You only really need to have checked out 1 or 2 horse racing betting sites in the US to know that many of them will offer new players on the site a welcome bonus. The question is, why? Well, that’s simple, they do this because it’s one of the more effective ways that they can entice new players to the site. It’s tough to stand out in the crowds, especially when the crowd is that big. So, these horse betting sites need to try and do something to grab your attention before you sign up to one of their competitors’ sites.

It just so happens that there are a couple of DRF Bets promotions for new players to claim on the site right now. They are excellent offers and they are super easy to claim. Let’s see how you can go about getting your DRF Bets bonus code journey underway.

How to use the bonus - don't forget your DRF Bets bonus code

The DRF Bets promotions that are currently on offer include 2 different welcome bonuses and you can claim both. That is honestly quite a surprise because most online sportsbooks will only allow you to claim one welcome bonus. To be fair our DRF Bets reviews US found that this is no ordinary online betting site. During your sign up process, remember to enter the DRF Bets bonus code “winning” as it will give you access to both of the offers. The first offer is a DRF Bets no deposit bonus which gives new players on the site a $10 free bet to use.

The main part of the DRF Bets promotions rests with the 100% matched deposit offer. New players can claim as much as $250 from the offer and they can use it on any horse racing events they like. In addition to this, there are no restrictions on what betting markets you use or how you create your bet with the bonus.

The important terms and conditions to consider with the DRF Bets bonus code offer is that you need to use your bonus within 14-days of claiming it. You will also need to wager your deposit and bonus amount at least 1x before you are able to withdraw any winning you might have made. Aside from that, there isn’t much else for you to worry about in the terms and conditions.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer - keep these in mind

Before you get started with the DRF Bets bonus code offer, we wanted to give you a push in the right direction with our expert tips. Keep these tips in mind when you are using your offer:

Play within your means

Just as you would with the Bet365 bonus for US players, it’s important that you don’t overextend yourself when using the DRF Bets bonus code offer. What we mean by this, is that you don’t need to claim the full $250 bonus if it’s out of your price range. Remember, you are going to need to rollover the bonus amount and your initial deposit at least once. That means that on top of spending $250 to get the $250 bonus, you will need to wager the total of them both ($500) before you can claim your winnings. Remember, never spend more money than you are already willing to lose. Managing your bankroll is key.

Please don’t forget your bonus code

We really can’t stress this enough. If you forget to enter your DRF Bets bonus code during the sign up phase, you won’t be able to claim any of the DRF Bets promotions. We have seen so many bettors forget to do this for plenty of other offers and it’s a bit of a heartbreaker. If there is one thing you really need to remember to do, is enter that pesky DRF Bets bonus code.

Put the effort in

The bettors who go the extra mile with the research are almost always more successful than the ones who are just winging it. So, take your time to assess the upcoming races, check out who is racing, what horses favor which turfs, and what the record of the jockeys are at certain races. There are plenty of variables when it comes to horse racing events. The more you try to account for these variables, the more insightful your bets will be. The more effort you put in, the better chance you have of being successful with your DRF Bets bonus code offer.

Keep a record

The wagering requirements of the DRF Bets bonus code offer may only be a 1x requirement but that doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to place a once-off $500 bet to fulfill them. You may palace a multitude of small bets to try and get over the $500 line. If that is the case, you need to keep a record of your bets so that you know exactly where you stand with the rollover requirements and how far you still need to go to complete them. Even if you are writing down your progress on a little piece of paper, it’s better than trying to put all of that information into your head.

Stay calm

Lastly, always stay calm while you are using your DRF Bets bonus code offer. Even if you take a string of bet beats, don’t let your emotions dedicate what your next bets are going to be. Always stay calm, always bet smart, and never chase your losses. Keep this in mind if you ever claim the TVG sign up offers US as well.

Frequently asked questions about the bonus - your questions answered

There have been a number of different questions asked about the DRF Bets promotions and we have narrowed them down to the ones that we have seen the most. Below you will find our answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the DRF Bets sign up offers US.

When do I enter the DRF Bets bonus code?

You need to enter your DRF Bets bonus code during your sign up. There will be an empty text box where you can enter the code “winning” into. It works pretty much the same as the 4NJBets promo code US.

Does the bonus code grant me access to both offers?

Yes, the DRF Bets bonus code gives you access to the free bet no-deposit offer and the 100% matched deposit offer as well. You don’t have to claim the DRF Bets deposit bonus if you don’t want to though.

What is the most I can claim from the deposit offer?

The most you can cash in on from the DRF Bets bonus code offer is $250. The most you can get from your free bet offer is $10 – it is free after all.

Are there any restrictions on the betting markets I can use?

No! There are absolutely no restrictions on the betting markets you can use or the type of bets you put together with your DRF Bets bonus code offer. You can go for trifectas, Super Yankees, Canadians, or any type of bet that you like.

How long do I have to use my offer?

You will have 14-days to complete your rollover requirements from the moment your account is credited with the DRF Bets bonus for US players. If you fail to meet your rollover requirements in time, your bonus and winnings thus far will be voided. Try to keep that in mind if you are short on time.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs - climb the ladder to glory

We have now seen that the bonus offers available at DRF Bets are more than generous. Wouldn’t you believe it though, they aren’t done there with their generosity. DRF Bets has a rewards program in place that will blow your socks off.

The rewards program on the site is super easy to understand. The more you play and spend, the higher up their tiers you will climb and the better rewards you will ultimately receive. The rewards will vary from tier to tier but they are always of the best quality. Let’s take a look at how much you will need to spend to reach each tier:

  • Bronze: $500+
  • Silver: $1,000+
  • Gold: $2,500+
  • Platinum: $5,000+
  • Diamond: $10,000+

As you can see, you’ll need to spend a hefty amount of cash to reach the latter tiers but if you do get there, the rewards are practically transcendent. From start to finish, you can claim cashback rewards, a personal concierge, free access to DRF Plus, and much more. Of course, you don’t technically have to be a part of the rewards program if you don’t want to but there is literally no downside to giving it a shot so we recommend taking part in it.

DRF Bets Horse Betting Bonus

Bonus intro - A closer look at the DRF Bets bonus

The DRF Bets bonus code offer is not only easy to claim but it’s generous too. The offer is 2 part offer that gives users a $10 free bet which is a no-deposit bonus, followed by a 100% matched deposit offer of up to $250. You will need to enter the DRF Bets bonus code “winning” before you are eligible to claim the offers so keep that in mind when you are creating your account with the operator.

Reality test

Using the DRF Bets promotions is super easy. Once your account is credited with the matched deposit offer, you can then use your offer on any horse racing events of your choosing. You also won’t be restricted in terms of your betting markets or the types of bets you put together. Just keep in mind that there is a 1x rollover requirement on both your initial deposit and your bonus amount. You will need to complete this requirement within 14-days of claiming the DRF Bets bonus code offer.

Bonus withdrawal

In order for you to withdraw your winnings successfully, you will need to complete the rollover requirements within the allotted time frame. If you are able to do that, there is nothing stopping you from claiming your bonus winnings. Just remember that if you try to withdraw your winnings prior to completing your rollover requirements, your bonus and the winnings up to the point will be voided by DRF Bets.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus

To be quite honest, there isn’t much for you to worry about as far as pitfalls go. The only obvious pitfall we would point out is that if you forget to enter your DRF Bets bonus code during your sign up process, you won’t be able to claim any of the offers. So, don’t forget to enter the code.

Verdict on bonus

Overall, the DRF Bets promotions are exceptional. The fact that they are giving you a no-deposit offer to kick things off with is really cool. These types of offers are few and far between so it’s great to see big horse racing bookmakers still doing this. And once you have claimed that, the fact that there is still another offer waiting for you on the other side is even better. Remember, you don’t need to claim the matched deposit bonus if you don’t want to but with terms and conditions like that, why wouldn’t you?

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
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Overall conclusion - our DRF Bets bonus code offer review

That brings us to the end of our review. It should be clear as day just how good the DRF Bets promotions actually are. With a no-deposit offer alongside their generous matched deposit offer, we haven’t seen many better new customer offers out there right now. We decant stress enough just how happy we were with the terms and conditions as well. They are some of the most achievable conditions we have seen for some time. To give you an idea of just how good these offers are, take a look at our review for the Caesars sign up offers US for comparison. Caesars is great too but the DRF Bets bonus code offer might just be second to none in our eyes.

DRF Bets bonus FAQ 

✌Are there multiple DRF Bet promotions to claim?

Claiming one welcome bonus is great but being able to get your hands on 2 at the same time is something else. Our review of the DRF Bets promotions sheds some light on whether or not you can claim more than one bonus as you sign up. Check out our review to see if DRF Bets are doing things differently to their competitors.

💯Do I need a DRF Bets bonus code to claim the offers?

Online sportsbooks and horse racing betting sites are prone to adding a bonus code to their offers. Not all of them do this but it is quite common. As such, our review takes the time to analyze if you will  be needing a DRF Bets bonus code to access any of the offers on the platform right now.

📞How do I get in touch with customer support at DRF Bets?

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to online horse betting or if you are a stalwart of the industry, there will come a time when you need the assistance of customer support. Whether this is for any account issues or because you need some information on the DRF Bets promotions, it’s important to know that you can get in touch with them at any point. That is why our review takes the time to walk you through the available contact methods on the site.

✅Can I use any betting markets with the offers?

There are plenty of bonus offers in the US right now that will have strenuous and hyper restrictive terms and conditions attached to their bonuses. Not every horse racing betting site operates like this but you need to be sure. That is why our review takes you through the important terms and conditions of the offer to see whether or not you can bet on any markets of your choice with the offer.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
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