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SportNation is a newcomer in the world of online sports betting and horse betting, and has been in operation for approximately one year. As mentioned in our SportNation review, it has a rather brief history. The company was originally known as Bet on Brazil, but has since changed its name and branding to SportNation.

As its name indicates, it’s a bookmaker aimed at sports betting with a focus on horse racing and soccer. And, more importantly, this ‘baby’ has some impressive scores when it comes to the breakdown of its services and betting types available on horse race betting.

This review focuses on the availability of SportNation sign up offers and promotions. It will have a look at the payment methods available and support offered to its customers.

Bonus Offer

The online gambling arena is an ever-growing, highly competitive (and highly lucrative) market. As such, players want some incentive for signing up, making deposits, and for being loyal players.

SportNation ticks all the boxes. It offers sign-up and first-deposit bonuses, as well as a loyalty program for frequent horse racing gamblers.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

Operators advertise their bonuses in flashy, eye-catching ways. At first glance, these look spectacular, but we live in a world in which fine print underwrites a lot of things that look great on the surface.

Most online gambling operators will offer first-time players some kind of sign-up bonus. SportNation sign up offers are no different. But these offers are not ‘money for nothing’. You will be required to deposit a minimum amount of $20 to be able to qualify for the SportNation sign up offer. This is similar to the offers by Spreadex and the offers made by TLCBet which also require a deposit in order to be claimed.

Make sure that your preferred operator is licensed and controlled by a gaming authority. This will prevent potential issues down the road. SportNation sign up offers are regulated by the British Gambling Commission.

Know the ins and outs about how much you need to deposit to get the most out of the bonus offers. Also take a look at what the withdrawal curbs are on any winnings, and make sure you can use it on horse racing.

Don’t place your bets too quickly. Read the terms and conditions and have a look at the betting types and odds that are available on which you can place your bonus bets.
Keep your bets small when you start out – especially if you’re new to online gambling on horses. In other words, test the waters before you dive in.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the betting structure of your preferred operator, and the ins and outs of the horse betting types on offer.

Even though adrenaline drives you to play, play and play some more, a little patience when you start out will be very beneficial in the long run.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

SportNation sign up offers compiled a handy list of expert tips to help you get the most out of your bonus offers from SportNation sign up offers.

SportNation sign up offers give new players the opportunity to get a first-deposit bonus of up to $100, and you can use it on horse racing.

1. Understand the Minimum Deposit Amounts

SportNation sign up offers require a minimum deposit of $20 to qualify for its initial bonus. It will pay first-time bonuses up to a deposit amount of $200. The bonus that you’ll receive is equal to 50% of what you’ve deposited. This sign-up bonus is quite significant when compared to other online sports betting operators, and the fact it can be used on horse racing is a plus.

2. Know How Much to Bet to Activate Withdrawals from the Bonus

Take note! Your SportNation sign up offer comes with few conditions before you can cash in on that juicy bonus. You will have to place your bets on horses at odds of 2 and greater. This must be done a minimum of seven times in terms of your deposit and bonus amounts.

Lastly, these bets should be placed within thirty days of registration. If the thirty days expire, then you will forfeit any winnings.

3. Know Your Sports

It goes without saying that you should have a sound knowledge base of horse racing before you start placing bets. Understanding the rules of an event will enable you to make an informed wager. Even though betting largely relies on luck and chance, backing a bet with some knowledge may give you a certain edge.

If you’re a complete layman where sports and horse racing is concerned, it may be best to brush up your knowledge regarding the workings of a specific sport. Watch events and ask questions. There are numerous online platforms that list FAQ’s about both the basics and the specifics.

4. Look at your Payment Options

Any given operator will list several payment options for both deposits and withdrawals. Have a look at the payment options that are supported, with respect to your preferred operator. When it comes to receiving bonuses, some operators will only recognize deposits from one payment avenue.

If you make numerous small deposits using different methods, then it will not be regarded as a single start-up and promotion deposit. For example, one deposit from PayPal and one from your credit card will be viewed as two different deposits.

This will negatively affect the activation of a bonus. You should also ascertain into which account withdrawals will be credited. Deposits may be accepted from an e-wallet like Paypal, Neteller or Skrill, but major debit/credit cards may be the only option for the withdrawal of winnings.

5. Special Bets

It is advisable to look at special bets that can be placed in terms of the horse racing event that you’re betting on. Often, operators will give you options to place additional bets on things like a trifecta (choosing the horses that finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd), a superfecta (choosing the horses that finish 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th), and the exact placement of different horses in a race.

These exotic markets can often have fairly high odds. They’re incredibly specific events, many with a very low probability of happening. However, bookies often misjudge how unlikely a rare event is to take place. This can pose golden opportunities for betting on undervalued markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Up next, we’ll tackle some of the most frequent questions from players regarding SportNation sign up offers and bonuses.

What Payment Methods does SportNation have?

SportNation sign up offers are compatible with all payment methods offered at the sportsbook. These include all major debit and credit cards, as well as e-Wallets such as Trustly, Boku, and PayPal. Online banking is also supported for several countries.

How Much Can I Deposit at One Time?

Unless specified otherwise, players are allowed to make a maximum deposit of up to $20,000. If you need to make larger deposits, you’ll have to contact customer support. You can always make several different deposits, though.

What is the Minimum Deposit Amount required by SportNation?

The minimum deposit amount accepted at SportNation is $10. It’s a pretty standard figure, and quite in line with competitors. However, some payment methods may have a higher minimum deposit.

What does the CASH OUT mean at SportNation?

In some instances, SportNation will allow players to withdraw their stake before a bet has settled. To view the CASH OUT options, you will have to click on your betting slip. All available wagers with a CASH OUT option will be listed there.

It’s a great feature for live, in-play betting. It’s a great way to secure your winnings (or cut your losses). Being able to walk away from a bet with your stake mostly intact is always convenient.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

SportNation features a loyalty program for players. Its loyalty program is based on a points system. In simple terms, you will earn a certain amount of points that correspond to the size of your bet. This means that you will get something back, even if you lose.

The loyalty program gives them an edge over some companies. The lack of loyalty program offers by Tommy French speaks to this. There is a similar lack of loyalty offers by Toals and several other competitors which recommend SportsNation by default, and may push clientele toward this operator.

When you have accumulated enough points, then you can exchange them at the SportNation Reward Shop. Prizes include free bets or spins and other prizes on offer. SportNation runs frequent Rewards Rush and Double Points promotions. During these tournaments, you can earn even more points.

If you bet on horse racing, you can expect 2.5 points for every bet that amounts to $10. Doubling your bet will earn you 12.5 points, and tripling your bet will take you up to 17.5 points. Four-fold and five-fold bets will reward you with 25 and 35 points respectively.

Should you choose to gamble your money in SportNation’s online casino as a break from the horses, you will receive 2.5 points for every $10 that you spend. VIP members also have access to an account manager, who is even available on WhatsApp.

SportNation Sports Bonus

SportNation Sports Bonus

SportNation’s biggest franchise is sports betting with a focus on horse racing. When you opt to bet your money at SportNation, you will have a selection between a wide variety of sports. You can basically bet on anything from horse racing to soccer to American football. It also covers a variety of lesser-known and unusual sports like handball and esports.

However, an experienced bettor knows that online gambling is a domain where promotions are king. Operators universally offer generous bonuses and promotions to entice new players to join. In that regard, SportNation offers many attractive bonuses and promotions for horse racing bettors.

Reality Test

Apart from the SportNation sign up offers and loyalty rewards, the operator has many additional sports bonuses. SportNation runs promotions that are related to scores (mostly soccer) that are put on the board during the first five minutes of a match.

If you win, then you get paid out in an amount equal to your betting amount. For example, if you choose to bet $20 on this promotion, and you win, then SportNation will credit your account with an additional $20.

These bets are related to which team will score the highest during the first five minutes of a match. For instance, if Liverpool plays against Chelsea, and puts up a score of 1 within the first five minutes (obviously without Chelsea scoring as well – draws don’t count), then you will receive your bonus even if Liverpool goes on to lose the match.

There’s another SportNation promo code that can be used by horse betting players and can be replicated on a weekly basis. This is a fantastic initiative! You have to deposit a minimum of $30. Your deposit must be split equally across three betting slips.

Each betting slip must have odds of at least 2. Qualifying bets for this bonus run from a Sunday to a Friday. Your account will be credited with your bonus amount on a Saturday. You may use this bonus to bet at odds as low as 1.2.

Bonus Withdrawal

It is evident that SportNation sign up offers have excellent bonuses on offer. However, it is crucial to understand that bonus releases are linked to rules and conditions. First, there’s the minimum deposit requirements.

You will not be able to access a bonus if you do not bet the required amounts. How many times a bonus or deposit must be turned over before withdrawal depends on each specific promotion. Check the terms and conditions of any offer you’re trying to claim. If you’re unsure, contact customer services before spending any money.

For the First Five Payout SportNation promo code, the payout is cash, and can be withdrawn immediately. For the Free Bet SportNation promo code, there’s also no wagering requirement, but there are minimum odds of 1.2.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

There are many things that can go south when you’re trying to claim a bonus at SportNation. Most customers run into issues due to ignoring the wagering requirements. Bonuses need to be wagered until they meet the requirements, typically within 7 to 30 days of being credited.

Also keep in mind that wagers must be placed at certain minimum odds in order to count towards your wagering requirements. Many sportsbooks have very high odds requirements, often 2.0, for bonus bets. SportNation tends towards lower minimum odds, often 1.2 to 1.6. Check the terms of your chosen offer before getting started.

Keep in mind that Free Bet bonuses will expire after a certain amount of time if you don’t use them. Typically, the Free Bet SportNation promo code will expire after 48 hours, unless you use your free bets.

Sports Conclusion

SportNation offers a great variety of bonuses in terms of its sports betting platform. Best of all, you won’t have to risk an arm and a leg to place bets. SportNation’s wagering requirements are generally very reasonable, and minimum odds aren’t prohibitively high.

This makes SportNation an attractive sportsbook for bonus-seeking bettors. With a solid selection of sports, deep markets to bet on, and regular offers, it’s got everything you’d want from an online bookmaker.

While the promotions themselves could stand to be a little heftier, the low (or sometimes absent) wagering requirements somewhat make up for it. You won’t be making any fortunes off a SportNation promo code, but they’re a welcome boost to any player’s balance.

SportNation Casino Bonus

SportNation Casino Bonus

SportNation has an online casino that features slots and table games. All slot and table games can be viewed on SportNation sign up offers. Although SportNation’s slot offering may seem limited in comparison with other online casinos, the games are catchy and entertaining.

An online slots player is sure to find a favorite among this small menagerie. Best of all, the SportNation Casino features its own selection of unique promotions and offers. They’re an excellent addition to the already vast selection of sports promos on the roster at SportNation.

Furthermore, horse racing enthusiasts will be happy to hear that there’s a special SportNation promo code just for them. In fact, the main SportNation casino bonus is inherently tied to horse racing!

Reality Test

SportNation offers casino gamblers an exciting weekly bonus. It’s a rather modest amount, but its weekly nature means regular opportunities to play for free. Horse racing bettors have it particularly easy with this SportNation promo code, too.

The SportNation Casino Bonus is a $2 bonus, free to spend on any of the 160+ online slots and games available. To qualify for the bonus, players need to wager a minimum of $10 in horse racing on Tuesdays. Eligible players will then receive the $2 bonus within 24 to 96 hours, usually.

While $2 isn’t much to speak of, free money is always welcome. If you’re already a fan of the ponies, it’s quite likely you’ll meet the requirements either way. Might as well cash in on this humble SportNation promo code in the process, right?

A worthwhile addendum here is that SportNation Rewards Plus players receive a much more generous weekly bonus. Rewards Plus bettors get instead a $10 casino bonus every week they gamble $10 or more on horse racing. At five times the regular bonus, it’s yet another perk that makes the SportNation rewards program more attractive.

Bonus Withdrawal

Every casino promotion out there has some terms and conditions before players can withdraw their cash. This SportNation promo code is no exception. The SportNation casino bonus is subject to wagering requirements.

Players must gamble the bonus a certain number of times before being able to withdraw. The requirement must be met within a given number of days, or the bonus and all winnings from it will be cancelled. For this SportNation promo code, the wagering requirement is 10x the bonus amount. Players have seven days to meet this requirement.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

Several things can bring you trouble when trying to claim this SportNation promo code. For starters, qualifying bets need to be placed on horse races, and on Tuesdays. Any wager on any sport other than horse racing is invalid for the bonus. Same goes for any wager, even horse racing wagers, placed on any other day of the week.

Another important element to take into account are the minimum odds. Qualifying horse betting wagers must be placed at odds of 2.0 (even) or above. Basically, you’ll have to risk your money on a coin flip if you want to take advantage of this SportNation promo code.

Additionally, many players don’t take their bonus wagering requirements seriously enough. Failure to wager your bonus 10 times over will result in cancellation of the bonus. Failure to meet this requirement in 7 days will result in the same.

Furthermore, the bonus has maximum winnings. They’re set at 5x the bonus amount. That’s $10 for regular players, and $50 for Rewards Pro players.

Bonus Conclusion

The SportNation promo code for casino players is a very humble bonus. At a mere $2, it’s among the smallest casino bonuses we’ve reviewed so far. However, its weekly nature makes it somewhat more attractive. The ability to turn it into a $10 bonus through the Rewards Pro program also adds to its allure.

With 10x wagering requirements, it’s a pretty easy to clear bonus, particularly for casino gambling. However, 7 days isn’t much to work with in terms of wagering. The small amount should help meet that requirement quickly, though. All in all, it’s not a SportNation promo code worth joining for. Still, it’s worth a try if you’re already a member.

SportNation Poker Bonus

SportNation Poker Bonus

SportNation presents a handful of video poker games. This is clearly not its niche, but a sideline entertainment. All video poker games are available through the SportNation Casino section.

Poker Bonuses

There are no poker-specific SportNation sign up offers. However, regular SportNation sign up offers are compatible with poker-themed SportNation casino games. If poker is your thing, you have a small selection of poker games to choose from. These include Texas Hold’em (bonus, high and low stakes), Jokers Wild, Deuces Wild, All American Hand, and Jacks or Better.

It’s a meager portfolio of poker products. Poker aficionados will certainly be disappointed with the total lack of tournaments and real-player cash games. The absence of a poker SportNation promo code doesn’t help things one bit, either. If it’s poker bonuses you’re after, you’d be better served by other operators.

Bonus Conclusion

SportNation is a competent online gambling operator, with a lovely selection of sports promotions and a few interesting casino bonuses. However, a glaring oversight is the absolute lack of any kind of poker room. It’s understandable that SportNation focuses primarily on the world of sports betting.

However, online poker is such a staple nowadays that the omission is sure to frustrate thousands of players. If you like video poker, SportNation has few options, though they’re of decent quality. If you’re a more serious card player, though, this isn’t the operator for you.

There’s not a single poker promotion in sight, no rake back features, and few chances of any being implemented in the future.

Overall Conclusion

SportNation ticks all the right boxes when it comes to the simplicity of its website. In the competitive world of online gambling, its bonus offerings aren’t the flashiest or most generous. However, they’re abundant and quite reliable. Tons of recurring offers make SportNation an inviting operator for regular gamblers.

Players have access to a broad range of SportNation sign up offers, rewards and loyalty programs, and frequent special promotions. In fact, there’s so many new offers being rolled out all the time, it can be hard to keep up!

Soccer and horse-racing are focal areas when it comes to sports betting at SportNation. Accordingly, the best bonuses are directed at soccer and horse racing events. However, the online casino is fully functional, and has its own set of rewards and bonuses. Take a look at our TVG.com deposit offer review to check out another fantastic bookmaker offer.

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