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Matchbook has been available since 2005. It has a very popular betting exchange that has made it easier for punters to place their bets. Matchbook has been recognized as one of the most trusted sports betting exchanges in the world.

While Matchbook offers sports betting punters some of the best prices, it also features both casino and poker games. Most casinos focus on bringing the most games and features, placing emphasis on quantity. Matchbook prefers quality, making sure each product stands out on its own against other casinos.

Bonus Offer

We will be looking at the Matchbook Sign Up Offers and the Matchbook Promo Codes that are available. This will include a detailed look at the bonuses for sports betting, casino games, and poker. There will also be some tips and guides on how to make use of these offers safely and securely.

You can also take advantage of our Matchbook Bonus Code and Matchbook Deposit Offer. Check out our review of the TVG.com sign up offers to compare another great bonus offer.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

Claiming your Matchbook Sign Up Offer couldn’t be easier. As long as you use the Matchbook Promo Code, you are good to go. When you click on the Matchbook Sign Up Offers link, you will need to complete the sign-up form first. This will include your personal details, account information, contract details, and banking information.

When you continue with the sign-up, you will be asked to insert your Matchbook Promo Code. Do not skip this step. The Matchbook Promo Code allows you access to the Matchbook Sign Up Offers. If you do not use the Matchbook Promo Code, you will be missing out on all the sign-up promotional offers available.

The next step is placing your first deposit with real money. You will need to select a deposit method that suits you best. It needs to be understood that you cannot benefit from your bonus until you have placed your first deposit. Matchbook Sign Up Offers are dependent on the amount that you deposit.

If you place your first bet within seven days of signing up, you can use your bonus. Remember, if you didn’t use your Matchbook Promo Code, this option would not be available to you. We will go into detail on how to use your bonus a little bit later. It is just important to note that the bonus can be used once your first bet is placed.

There are some Terms and Conditions to keep in mind when it comes to the Matchbook Sign Up Offers and using the Matchbook Promo Code. The Matchbook Promo Code only applies to new accounts. If you have an existing account, you will not be able to use the Matchbook Promo Code, as it is only valid while signing up a new account.

You also need to be the legal gambling age of 18 years and older. Matchbook also won’t allow duplicate accounts by the same user. Finally, the Matchbook Promo Code is not eligible for Montenegro and Serbia gamblers.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

1. Placing Bets With Matchbook Sign Up Offers

If you want to place a bet on horse racing with Matchbook Sign Up Offers, it couldn’t be easier. It follows the same process as when you bet with real money in your bankroll or free bets. When you want to place your horse racing bet, you simply indicate that you want to activate the coupon.

Once again, this can only be activated if you used the Matchbook Promo Code when you applied for the Matchbook Sign Up Offers. We will be taking a closer look at the Matchbook Deposit Offers for sports betting, casino games, and poker later on.

2. Browse The Matchbook Platform For Other Offers

Matchbook Sign Up Offers are not the only offers available. After you have signed up using the Matchbook Bonus Code, you will find bonuses and promotions that apply to horse racing and other sports too. These are specific to game and match events.

While we endeavor to highlight the best horse racing promotions that Matchbook has to offer, the site may be updated with new offers from time to time. These may be due to new seasonal events or bets that take place. So be sure to always browse the platform and the various games for the latest promotional bonuses on offer.

3. Understand How The Bonus System Works

Many gamblers sign up to Matchbook for their promotional offers. They are so eager to receive free bets and bonuses that they do not take the time to understand how they work. Many lose their free bets or bonuses because they do not pay close enough attention to the bonus rules.

When you receive your bonuses, make sure you read the rules attached to them. There are always certain conditions you need to meet in order to activate them. Whether you are betting on sports, casino games, or poker, always read through the bonus terms and conditions before activating the bonus.

4. Place Your First Bets Quickly

There are certain conditions that can disqualify you from using your Matchbook Deposit Offer. Your very first bet needs to be placed within seven days from signing up. If you do not use it in time, you will not be able to activate your Matchbook Sign Up Bonus. If you think this timescale is to short, you could try a competitor such as the TVG.com sign up offers or Smarkets.

You would also not qualify for the Matchbook Sign Up Offers with Push or Void Bets. Even if you used the Matchbook Bonus Code, you would not be able to activate the bonus with either of these two bets. They need to be standard bets.

5. Use The Right Payment Method

The manner in which you make your first deposit also matters. While Matchbook has a wide variety of payment methods available, not all of them will qualify you for the Matchbook Deposit Offer. Make sure you select the correct payment method so that you are not disqualified from activating your Matchbook Bonus Code.

If you use Skrill, Neteller or PaySafe card to make your initial deposit, you will not qualify for the Matchbook Deposit Offer. You may make use of their other payment systems in place, such as Credit or Debit Cards.

Frequently Asked Questions

 What are Matchbook Sign Up Offers?

The Matchbook Sign Up Offers are promotional bonuses used to attract new clients. They offer special incentives for new clients who use the Matchbook Promotional Code.

How Do I Claim the Matchbook Sign Up Offers?

Use the special link for Matchbook Sign Up Offers. While signing up, use the Matchbook Promotional Code. After you have signed up, deposit funds into your account and then place your first bet within seven days. You will then be able to activate your sign up bonus.

May Existing Users Make Use Of The Matchbook Sign Up Offers

No. As the name implies, it is only for those users that are signing up for the first time. However, as an existing user, you will have access to other promotions and loyalty programs. We will get to those in a moment.

Why Should I Use Matchbook Promotional Offers

Matchbook Promotional Offers are there to enhance your gambling experience. While placing a bet can be fun, especially if you win, by using promotional offers you will be able to boost your winnings. There are also certain promotions that refund a portion or all of your bet if you lose, so be sure to look out for those. Check out a competitor’s offer like the NetBet Welcome bonuses to validate your making the right choice for your gambling needs.

Do I Need To Deposit Funds Into My Account To Activate The Bonus?

Yes. One of the requirements for activating your Matchbook Bonus Code is the initial deposit. In a way, you get that deposit back in the form of the sign-up bonus. However, please remember that using Skrill, Neteller or PaySafe card will disqualify you from receiving the bonus.

Is Matchbook Available Everywhere?

Yes. However, please be aware of whether your country permits gamblings. If you are gambling in a country that has strict laws against online gambling, you may face legal charges. Also, minors under the age of 18 are not permitted to gamble.

As a reminder, Montenegro and Serbia gamblers are not eligible for the Matchbook Sign Up Offers.

Can I Benefit From the Matchbook Bonus Code If I Create Another Account?

No. Matchbook will pick up if you already have an existing account on their platform. Even if you do try and bypass their system by creating another account, Matchbook will take legal action against you and close your accounts.

Are There Any Commissions On My Bets?

Yes, Matchbook as a commission system in place. This means that it makes a commission on every bet that you place. This is to pay for all the software and tools that it has put into place, as well as the better odds that it offers. The standard commission is 2% per bet. However, if someone matches your bet, the commission falls to 0.75%.

Can I Place My First Bet On Horse Racing?

Yes. To get your Matchbook Sign Up Bonus, you can place your initial bet on any sport, casino game, or poker. Just remember, Push and Void bets do not permit the bonus bets.

Does Matchbook Provide Additional Promotions After Sign Up?

Yes. After you have signed up, there are various rewards and loyalty programs in place to make sure that their existing clients enjoy their gambling experience. We will be taking a look at these in the next section.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

While Matchbook does not offer a standard loyalty program like many other betting exchanges, they do offer an exceptional commission rate for their loyal clients. Traditional bookmakers offer margins on the odds. If the trending odds on a horse race are 2.00, a bookmaker may offer odds of 1.90 to cover its profit margin.

In many gamblers’ eyes, this practice is seen as unreasonable. Matchbook offers a commission on bets placed. So whether you place bets on odds that are 2.00 or 1.98, the commission will be based on the value of your bet.

The standard commission rate is 2%. If you have signed up using the Matchbook Sign Up Offers, there is no commission on your first bets. If someone has matched your bet, the commission rate can drop as low as 0.75%.

Finally, there are certain promotions that offer 0% commission. You will need to keep a lookout for these events when they become available from time to time. There may be a horse racing event where Matchbook will offer zero commission as part of a promotion.

Matchbook Horse Betting Bonus

Matchbook Sports Bonus

Matchbook only offers one type of sports bonus, the Risk-free bet. This bonus applies across its massive selection of sports. It is worth considering if the bonus is worth applying to any of the horse racing events.

Matchbook Promo Code Offer – Sports Betting Variety

If you love horse racing, Matchbook covers horse racing events every week from the UK and Ireland. While not offering much horse racing from anywhere else in the world, the list of events is decent enough to keep you betting on a daily basis.

Do you prefer American sports? Matchbook has a variety of U.S. sports available to bet on too. The leagues that are covered include the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB. It also includes college sports for you to place your bets on.

Football fans will also feel at home with Matchbook. No matter which football leagues you enjoy betting on, Matchbook has it covered. You can bet on the Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, and numerous other leagues. It offers much more than close rival operator bonuses such as the TVG.com sign up offers.

If you love betting on Tennis matches, Matchbook has these too. It covers both the WTA and ATP tours. There are daily betting markets available for you to place your favorite bets on.

Taking a quick look at the site will reveal a host of other sports available. While some of these don’t hold any bonuses, they are still available for betting. These include basketball, esports, darts, MMA, and Rugby Union, to name a few.

Bonus Withdrawal

Whether you love horse racing, baseball, or football, there are currently various bonuses in place to make sure you enjoy your gambling experience.

For Matchbook Horse Betting, there is currently a Risk-free First Bet promotion. If you place your first bet on horse racing and you lose, you will receive a full refund of up to $10 in free bets. This means you will have another chance to test your luck on your favorite horses.

The Risk-free promotion is always across most of the Matchbook sports betting markets. The refund will be returned to you as free bets for you to be able to bet again on any of the other sports events.

Matchbook also offers live sports betting. This means you can place bets on certain odds during horse races and other sports. There are some special bets that can be made, such as whether UK horse racing will resume before a certain date. These special bets only take place during specific events, so make sure not to miss them.

Bonus Conclusion

While the Risk-free promotion is great for when you lose that first bet, there could have been more sports bonuses on offer. Many other betting exchanges have plenty of promotions for different types of sports. There are some exchanges that have specific bonuses that cater to horse racing alone.

This one-fits-all promotion isn’t all that appealing to loyal customers. They could have offered more variety on individual sports promotions to garner more interest.



Overall Conclusion

Matchbook has been around for a very long time and is considered a reputable casino operator. It offers a large variety in sports betting, online casino games, and the unique Bonus Poker. Gamblers from anywhere in the world will find a treasure trove of experiences using its well-designed platform.

As far as bonuses are concerned, it could improve on better horse racing bonuses. Its sports betting bonus is a simple risk-free bet that can be used across any of its sports markets. However, what it lacks in sports betting promotions it makes up for in the casino and poker divisions.

So if you are a UK and Irish horse racing gambler, Matchbook is definitely worth playing on if you are inclined to try out the casino and poker games.

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