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Bovada Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US – BLACKLISTED OFFER

Don't claim the Bovada Deposit Offer

WARNING: Bovada is an illegal gambling site. Take a look below to see why you should avoid any of the brand’s Bovada bonuses and get some awesome betting offers from legit racebooks instead!

In this review, we’ll reveal exactly why you should skip these sign up offers given by Bovada. We’ll also outline why this site is blacklisted and not recommended by us. So keep reading to see why you should stay well away from any Bovada promo codes!

Bonus Offer - Bovada lacks any regulatory standards

Most online gambling operators do their best to tempt in new business with attractive bonus offers like the ones listed on our Horse Racing Betting Promotions page. Bovada is no exception to the rule, and Bovada promo codes may even seem enticing, but we’d advise you to avoid these deals.

Bovada sign up offers reward players who are new to the operator with some fairly feeble deposit bonuses. Bovada promo codes also attempt to dupe customers with so-called  ‘betting boosts’ and additional bonuses on new deposits to returning players.

We’ve looked into all the key features of the Bovada deposit offer so you don’t have to. Check out our expert review below, or find some alternative bonuses reviewed on our Mcbookie Offer and Betdaq sign up offers pages. We recommend the latter as these sites are more reliable and secure than Bovada. Bovada is an illegal US gambling site and is not likely to follow through on initial promises made.

Tips on How To Avoid Getting Ripped Off by the Bonus

So let’s take a look at how Bovada tries to rip you off with its lame bonuses. Players get access to bonuses with Bovada sign up offers. Claiming Bovada deposit offers and bonus codes is a dangerous way to boost your bankroll at this illegal gambling site.

However, if you want to really make the most of your sign up offers, you will need to know your stuff. We’ve assembled the best tips and tricks for avoiding getting caught out by any Bovada sign up offers. First up, let’s go through the steps that Bovada attempts to lure you in with its deposit offer.

  1. Go to the Bovada Casino website.
  2. Navigate to the Promotions page.
  3. Check out Bovada sign up offers available. You’ll find Casino, Sportsbook, and Poker options.
  4. Click on the relevant offer.
  5. Follow the sign up process steps. Enter your personal information and create your account – not recommended.
  6. Verify your email address. Once you do, go to the Payments option in your player account and make your first deposit. Again, this is very risky as Bovada is not licensed in the US.
  7. Enter your Bovada promo code when making your first deposit. It’s crucial in order to claim any bonus.
  8. Bear in mind that this is an ILLEGAL gambling site. Thus, the above-mentioned guide is simply an outline of what you would do if this site was actually legit. Please don’t follow through on claiming a bonus.

Bovada bonus codes are subject to general Bovada terms and conditions, as well as additional rules. Each bonus has rollover requirements, which are essentially wagering requirements. You need to gamble the bonus money a certain amount of times before you can withdraw it. It’s also vital to keep in mind that, although these offers may seem appealing, Bovada does not guarantee you a secure online experience. This means that the latest bonus offers are the least of your concerns as you’ll be tangling with a site that falls short of US gambling standards.

All that having been said, reading through the fine print is probably the most important tip about Bovada promo codes. Different welcome bonuses have specific wagering requirements. Failing to meet requirements will result in forfeiting all bonus winnings. Check out our in-depth look at the Netbet Offer. to see what a decent deal from a legit operator looks lik.

Top 5 Expert Tips For Not Getting Burned With This Lame Bonus

So let’s take a look at what some people have done who were foolish enough to pick up one of these rip-off promos. If you make the mistake of deciding that you’re claiming the Casino welcome bonus, the Sportsbook bonus, or the Poker bonus, you will want your bonus to last. We have put together a list of the top five expert tips to make your Bovada promo code go the distance (although we’d rather you used these tips for a trusted site…).

1. Stick To Betting On What You Know Best

Bovada deposit offers can be quite large. However, they’re still limited. Using a limited budget to explore the subtleties of new games or betting markets to wager is probably poor planning. It’s best to learn new games at free play casinos and sportsbooks.

If you want your bonus to last all the way to the end of the wagering requirements, bet on what you know. Whether that means playing casino games or betting on sports, it’s the best way to ensure that you make informed bets. Use this tip on offers from other operators though. Bovada sign up offers are not to be trusted.

2. Keep A Close Eye On Your Bankroll

Your bankroll will beef up a little after claiming Bovada sign up offers. It’s a nice feeling. Don’t let that feeling go to your head, though. In order for that bankroll to survive until withdrawal, you’ll have to wager the whole thing dozens of times over. This shows that this is a rip-off deal.

Each time poses an opportunity to lose. So keep a close eye on how your bankroll evolves over time. When you see consistent positive results, make a note of what you’re doing—it’s working. Similarly, when your bankroll begins to drop consistently, it’s time to reassess your approach. We’d suggest avoiding Bovada and its bad bonuses completely so that you don’t end up in this tricky situation.

3. Optimize Your Bonus Deposit Size

All Bovada sign up offers include welcome bonuses that scale with your first deposits, up to certain amounts. It means that if you deposit $100, you will get $100. If you deposit $400, you will get $400. To get the most you can out of your bonus, you will need to take it as far as it goes. However, bear in mind that this is an illegal site that might just vanish with your deposits.

Therefore, it might seem to make sense for your initial deposits to be as large as you can afford. This will result in the highest possible bonus amounts. Keep in mind, though, that wagering requirements scale right along with bonus amounts. Don’t bite off more than you can chew – especially with illegal gambling sites like Bovada.

4. Always Bet With Your Head

Betting can be a very interesting activity. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and make emotional decisions. Maybe you will start feeling lucky. Or, maybe, you will miss out on what should’ve been a sure thing and start to tilt. Sometimes, you will simply want to follow your gut. No matter the case, it’s never a good idea to follow your feelings when it comes to gambling. Bet with your head, not with your heart, and above all, avoid using unlicensed sportsbooks like Bovada as they cannot be trusted.

5. Research And Follow A Strategy

Casinos and sportsbooks are dedicated to putting together systems that give them an edge over players. If you simply go in blind, relying on luck, chances are that you’re going to lose. You might come into some cash at first, but you’ll quickly lose it in hectic, unplanned betting – especially at illegal gambling sites like Bovada.

You need to do your homework before betting. Research the market thoroughly. Read strategy guides by experienced players. Understand the fundamental concepts. Use this information to refine your betting style. This way your bonus will last all the way to withdrawal. There are plenty of promotions out there, check our Jenningsbet Offer review to see a decent deal from a licensed sportsbook.

You’d be wise to incorporate these tips when claiming alternative offers from reliable competitors. We urge you to try your best to avoid claiming the latest Bovada sign up offers. There are certainly sites that have offers which are as appealing while ensuring that all facets of their platform meet US requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions - Be sure to avoid the Bovada platform

Bovada’s numerous promotions attempt to lure in many players, but they often have doubts and questions about the bonus. After all, this is an illegal gambling site and so its bonuses are quite likely not to be trusted. The following are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions from players regarding sign up offers. Read this to find out everything you need to know about Bovada.

Is Bovada Casino a Licensed and Regulated Operator?

Bovada is an offshore online gambling provider. Bovada is not currently licensed by any regulatory agencies or bodies. Bovada specializes in catering to players in markets in which online gambling is not currently regulated – a major red flag!

That means that Bovada does not seek out licenses, given that there are none available in the markets in which they operate. Bovada specifically avoids markets where online gambling is legally regulated, in order to avoid having to apply for a license. This is a grave concern for all of us and something that has led us to blacklist this operator. Simply put, avoid this site!

Playing in the Bovada Casino or Sportsbook is illegal in states where online gambling is regulated. Bovada operates in markets where online gambling isn’t regulated.

However, it’s not regulated by any legal authorities or agencies. Bovada operates in a grey area of the law as an offshore gambling operator. This is a major concern and one of the main reasons why we feel you should broaden your horizons and steer clear of this illegal site. Plus, you will open yourself up to various legal issues if you use a site like this.

Does Bovada Casino Accept Bitcoin Deposits?

Ever since bitcoin came onto the scene in 2009, it’s been on the rise as an online payment method. However, many online gambling operators still don’t accept any sort of cryptocurrency payments. We’d advise against using any sportsbook like Bovada who only takes cryptos as its usually a sign that no US bank would go near them.

Bovada not only accepts bitcoin deposits, but in fact, Bovada sign up offers are larger for bitcoin deposits. If you happen to be a cryptocurrency holder, it’s one of the most full-fledged operators that accepts bitcoin. Jetbull offers can also sometimes be claimed if you wish to use this crypto.

The reason Bovada does this though is to avoid having to deal with institutions who do not enable Bovada to facilitate transactions. At face value, Bitcoin payments seem exciting. However, it’s just another reason why you shouldn’t sign up with Bovada.

Can I Claim More Than One of Bovada’s Sign Up Offers?

That’s a negative. You will need to input a Bovada promo code in order to claim sign up offers. There’s only enough space for a single Bovada promo code at a time. Additionally, since welcome bonuses only apply to first deposits, you won’t be able to claim them later. However, as this is an illegal site, you shouldn’t claim even one of these offers.

Are Any US States Restricted from Using Bovada Promo Codes?

Players from several US states are restricted from accessing Bovada promo codes. As an offshore operator, Bovada prefers to limit its offer to those states that haven’t yet regulated online gambling. This is absolutely illegal and further proof of why you should avoid Bovada.

Bovada has withdrawn from the market in states where online gambling is fully regulated. This includes states such as Delaware, New Jersey, Nevada, New York, and Maryland. Bovada may need to reassess their strategy as more states move to regulate online gambling. Check out what the current legal standing is for the TwinSpires promo code and you’ll see that it offers a much more legit option than Bovada. We recommend that you only make use of sites that are regulated.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs - Not worth the risk

There are several additional offers that pretend to help you get more out of your Bovada gambling experience.  However, all of these deals cannot be trusted. So let’s take a look at how Bovada pretends to offer additional rewards for loyal players.

Rewards Points – Steer clear of this lame deal

All players are automatically entered into the Bovada Rewards Program. For every dollar that they wager, reward points are allegedly accrued at specific rates, depending on the game. However, we found that this deal cannot be trusted.

Online slots and casino games generally award one point per dollar wagered. Specialty games, live games, sports betting, and racebook wagers will accrue dozens of points per dollar wagered. Reward points can be redeemed at any time for Bovada bonus codes which are doled out in cash. However, as Bovada is an illegal gambling site, it won’t necessarily honor the pledges made with this reward program.

Tier Points & Cashback – Don’t fall for this bad promo

Players will also allegedly earn tier points as they gamble. Tier points are not redeemable. Instead, they’re used to increase your Rewards Level. As you climb the Bovada Rewards Ladder, you’ll get increasing levels of cashback on all of your losses. However, we felt that this promo was weighted in a way that was impossible to get anything back from.

Cashback percentages on losing wagers are different for different games. For poker, you’ll get cashbacks on buy-ins as well as on the rake. Our advice is simply to avoid Bovada and lame deals like this.

Bovada Horse Betting Bonus

Bovada Sports Bonus - Nothing special here

So let’s take a look at how illegal gambling sites like Bovada aim to dupe new customers with some terrible bonuses. A Bovada promo code is available on first deposits for new sports players. The Bovada sports bonus matches your deposits by 50% up to $250. That means that a $500 deposit will receive a $250 bonus, and a $100 deposit will receive a $50 bonus.

Alternatively, sports bettors who use bitcoin as their preferred payment method have access to a 50% bonus of up to $750. Keep in mind that bitcoin payments are allowed on this site because it’s not licensed to facilitate traditional payments via banks in the US. Another reason why you should start looking elsewhere for bonuses.

Reality Test: Best to avoid this bad deal

This is simply a lame bonus. You might think that a $250 sports betting bonus is nothing to sneeze at. It’s a sizable bonus, but the 50% deposit matching means that you’ll have to commit twice that amount to cash in.

In theory, there’s quite a lot of sports betting you can do on Bovada with $250. If you had a lot of luck, you might be able to overcome the wagering requirements and w. walk away relatively unharmed. But Bovada has high minimum betting requirements, which doesn’t give a lot of flexibility for low stakes betting. Plus the lack of transparent operations on the Bovada platform offset this ten-fold.

Bovada sign up offers for sports bettors pale in comparison to that of its competitors; all of whom are licensed to provide betting services in states where online betting is legal and full-regulated.

Bonus Withdrawal – Avoid getting to this point

Several restrictions exist when attempting to withdraw your Bovada promo code winnings. For starters, there are wagering requirements. At Bovada, the tricky wagering requirements for sportsbook bonuses are x5.

This means that you’ll have to wager the full bonus amount, plus the initial deposit, five times over.  That’s a total of $750 for a $500 deposit and a $250 bonus. You would have to place wagers for a staggering total of $3,750 to clear the bonus for withdrawal.

Additionally, attempting a withdrawal before you have met the wagering requirements will result in forfeiting the bonus and bonus winnings. All of which shows that this is a rip-off deal from a sportsbook who simply cannot be trusted.

Pitfalls: A Bonus You Cannot Trust

There are a few things that you will need to keep in mind if you want to cash in on the Bovada sign up offers. For starters, this is an illegal gambling site, and you shouldn’t even be playing at Bovada in the first place. Then remember that you can only use welcome bonuses on your first deposit. Don’t deposit funds without first entering your Bovada promo codes.

Additionally, Bovada sports bonuses can be wagered on other sections of the site. However, your wagering requirements will be calculated differently when not betting at the sportsbook. While the racebook has the same x5 requirement, the Casino has a much heftier x30.

Furthermore, Live Dealer games at the Casino do not count towards your wagering requirements. In fact, bonus funds can’t be used to play Live Dealer games at all at Bovada. Added to which, Bovada is more likely to renege on their offers in the first place. it’s an offshore gambling site and doesn’t need to adhere to US regulations. This is a smoking gun if we ever saw one.

Bonus Conclusion – Avoid this bonus!

The Bovada sports bonus is a bad deal for dedicated sports players. With 50% matching and a $250 limit, they fall short of Bovada’s Casino bonuses. Even the $750 bonus for bitcoin deposits isn’t that attractive. We can tell you straight away that you’ll be better off utilizing bonuses from other platforms who – unlike Bovada – are fully licensed to operate in the US.



Overall Conclusion - Don't fall for Bovada's terrible bonuses

At the end of the day, Bovada isn’t a reputable operator. Yes, Bovada boasts  welcome bonuses but we found that you could better deals elsewhere. Plus, Bovada operates outside of regulatory oversight; increasing the chances of having a bad experience.

Bovada’s status as an offshore operator should make players wary. It’s not licensed or regulated by any particular authority, limiting your options if anything goes wrong. Smart players prefer to gamble at licensed, regulated establishments exclusively. Something we endorse and hope that you also feel strongly about. Looking for a different bonus offer? Then try the Sportingbet sign-up offers or read through our 4NJBets Offer page for a suitable deal.

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