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Xpressbet Sign-up Offers & Promo Code US

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XpressBet is a US-based Advanced Deposit Wagering service where customers can enjoy betting on Thoroughbred, Harness and Quarter Horse races. It hosts more than 300 US and international tracks. New members can look forward to XpressBet sign up offers and the XpressBet promo code, which can be accessed through the desktop website or the mobile app.

There are no sign-up or membership fees needed to access the XpressBet sign up offers, and all account holders are automatically enrolled in XB Rewards. This makes it easy for you to earn rewards every time a wager is made.

The XpressBet webpage automatically displays bonus opportunities for new members, including the XpressBet sign up offers and promo code. Other event-specific offers are also available at XpressBet. Bet Gulfstream Park’s 20-cent Rainbow 6 and get 6X Rewards Points for your wager, or use the XpressBet sign up offers to earn points toward your rewards.

Not unlike offers by Watch and Wager, the Grosvenor deposit offer, and deals from other competitors – promotions are regularly updated, so keep your eyes peeled for fresh and exciting bonuses.

Every racing operator has a system for deposits and withdrawals. XpressBet uses Xpressfund to transfer funds to and from your account for free.

Bonus Offer

New customers can access XpressBet sign up offers, worth $50 as a Deposit Match Bonus. This is a bit lower than offers by Keeneland Select and some other operators, but can still be valuable.

Tips on How To Use the Bonus

To Access the XpressBet sign up offers, use the XpressBet bonus code 100Bonus. It’s open to new XpressBet customers and lapsed DRF Bet account holders only.

To take advantage of the XpressBet promo code, visit the XpressBet homepage and click on the Sign Up button located at the top right. XpressBet will then ask you to fill in the appropriate data.

Make sure to include your name, mailing address, email, and phone number. New customers will then choose a username and password. If you were referred to XpressBet by a friend, remember to enter your referral code from the XB Friends rewards program.

Remember, XpressBet follows strict gaming laws, so your age will be verified to ensure it meets betting regulations in your area.

Once you’ve created an account, credits from XpressBet sign up offers will be deposited incrementally for every $100 you deposit within 30 days of signing up.

To take advantage of the full $100 wagering credit, new account holders must wager $500 within 30 days of registering their new account.

Don’t worry about waiting for your reward. XpressBet deposits credit within one business day once you reach the required $20 increment.

Once you’ve opened an account, XpressBet offers hundreds of racing options to choose from, so you get the most out of your rewards. Bet the Stronach 5 and its industry-low 12% Takeout. Or, if you’re betting from your mobile device, try the 1/St BET app powered by XpressBet and get help choosing winners to earn more cash fast.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

The XpressBet promo code can be accessed through the homepage. Click the Sign-Up button to begin.

Once you’ve created an account and made the initial deposits, you’re ready to start using your bonus.

When you’re ready to start betting with XpressBet but need advice on how to make the most of your bonus, click on the How to Bet button located at the top left of the desktop website. Listed below are just a few of the ways new customers can take advantage of the offer.

1. Mobile Wagering 

If you’re a new member and want to use your XpressBet promo code, try downloading the app from the iTunes App Store, or visit the XpressBet website to access the Android App.

The XpressBet Mobile app makes betting the races from your iPhone, Android, or Tablet easy for customers who enjoy the on-the-go experience of gaming.

2. Tournaments 

XpressBet Live features the best matches for members to wager on. Customers can register for free and enter to win cash rewards.

Put your XpressBet promo code toward Showdown. Winners receive cash gifts and other huge prizes.

3. 1/ST BET

If you want to pick winners, bet races, and win cash, try 1/ST BET. It uses the same operators as XpressBet, so simply download the app to log in.

With 1/ST BET, you can analyze, bet, and watch North America’s biggest horse races from your mobile device.

New Customers who use 1/ST BET also receive a $50 Deposit Match Bonus with the code 1STBET50.

4. Use Charge-free Betting

New customers don’t have to worry about paying to play to use their XpressBet promo code. There are no per-wager fees at XpressBet. Wagers are entirely free.

5. Easy Deposits 

XpressBet makes it easy for you to deposit funds to make the most of your promo code.

Use Xpressfund to transfer money from your bank account, anytime, for free.

Credit Cards also make it easy for customers to fund their accounts. XpressBet accepts Mastercard and VISA. You can always increase your limit by authorizing your card.

For customers who want to make deposits in cash, use the PayNearMe option to transfer funds into your account from places like CVS, 7-Eleven, or Family Dollar.

At XpressBet, there’s always a new way to use your XpressBet sign up offers. XpressBet promotions are constantly updated, so regularly visit the website to see what tournaments and new betting options become available.

If you have more questions about your promo code, visit the FAQ section located at the bottom of the desktop website, or click the Contact Us button to learn more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether you’re thinking about becoming a member, or you already have an account, XpressBet has the answers you’re looking for. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about XpressBet sign up offers.

I want to use XpressBet sign up offers. Is XpressBet available in my area?

XpressBet’s website offers a list of locations where betting is restricted. Click on the State Restriction option in the FAQ section to see the full list.

What methods of payment are acceptable for deposits at XpressBet?

XpressBet accepts most forms of funding. Xpressfund, Mastercard, and PayPal are some of the most popular.

How do customers withdraw their funds?

Winning bets are immediately transferred to the account member. The funding section of XpressBet’s website offers useful information on how to receive wager winnings.

How can new members learn about what promotions are happening at XpressBet?

When customers visit the desktop website, promotions automatically appear so members can take advantage of special rewards 24/7. Visit the FAQ section located at the bottom of the website and click the promotions button to learn more about individual offers. Terms and conditions may apply.

Can members learn more about what’s happening at XpressBet?

Yes! XpressBet displays a News section located at the top of the desktop website. This area of the website explains daily picks and what races are happening and when to place your wager.

Additional Rewards and Programs

XpressBet offers numerous rewards and deals for customers to take advantage of. Once you’ve claimed your XpressBet promo code, be sure to learn about other XpressBet Welcome Bonus Offers such as the XB Friends program and XB Rewards.

Members at XpressBet don’t have to worry about the cost. This program is completely free for XpressBet customers so they can take advantage of the hundreds of tournaments and races offered to make their biggest buck yet.

If you don’t have an account with XpressBet, click the Sign-up button for quick and easy access to all XpressBet Welcome Bonus Offers.

Customers can invite their friends to bet with XpressBet. Each friend you refer to XpressBet will receive a unique XB Friends Number. This number is used when signing up for their free XpressBet account.

Once your friend makes a deposit and wager with a value of $100 during their first 30 days, you receive your XB Friends Welcome Bonus. You’ll receive an email from XpressBet notifying you that the wagering credit bonus has been deposited into your account to be used within 30 days of receipt.

XpressBet also offers XB Points, which is a loyalty program similar to loyalty offers by TwinSpires and loyalty offers by Interbets. For every dollar that you wager at XpressBet, you will be rewarded with 2 XB Points, which you can eventually trade for rewards.

xpressbet Horse Betting Bonus

XpressBet Sports Bonus

When betting on sports online, the first thing every player is looking out for is promotions. Online sportsbooks are very similar to their offline counterparts, with one major difference. Online, offers and bonuses are always the catch of the day. Players get access to tons of attractive promos and offers, and XpressBet is no exception.

Beyond XpressBet sign up offers, the operator has additional bonuses for sports bettors. An XpressBet promo code for sports can set you up for big payouts down the road. However, it’s easier said than done. Every XpressBet promo code has its own unique terms and conditions.

If you want to cash in your XpressBet promo code, you’ll have to follow the rules carefully. Still, it’s definitely worth it. Who doesn’t appreciate a bit of free cash to gamble with? You may want to compare this offer to the TVG.com bonus code deal that is available.

Reality Test

The XpressBet promo code is a unique offer for new player accounts. Using the XpressBet promo code SPORTOFKINGS, new signups get access to a juicy welcome bonus. XpressBet sign up offers are applicable to all new horse betting players who use the right XpressBet promo code when joining.

The bonus includes a cool $10 in free cash. This cash is a one-time deal with absolutely no deposit or wagering requirements. Simply join XpressBet using the promo code and enjoy your bonus! If that’s not appealing enough for you, don’t worry. It’s only half the story.

After you’re done wagering your $10 free cash, it’s time to talk business. The second part of the bonus is a 10% wagering rebate bonus, up to $500. That means that players will receive 10% of their total wagers over a space of 30 days as a bonus.

For example, players who bet $200 on their first 30 days will receive 10% of $200, or $20. On the other hand, players who wager $1000 within their first 30 days will receive 10% of $1000, or $100. In order to take full advantage of these XpressBet sign up offers, players need to wager $5000 over their first 30 days. It’s the only way to get the full $500 bonus.

How does the Xpressbet promo code deal stack up?

All in all, it’s a rather tepid promotion. A 10% wagering matching bonus is not much to look at, considering the offers available with the competition. While a $500 max bonus is a pretty high limit, relatively speaking, you’d have to wager a very sizable amount to reach it.

At the same time, it’s a rather accessible bonus. With no wagering requirements on the bonus cash, whatever money you get from your rebate is yours to keep. Furthermore, reaching the $500 max with this bonus is hard, but lower levels of wagering will still trigger the bonus.

Even if you only bet $100 or $500 in your first 30 days, you’ll still see some cash back in your account at the end of the month. This contrasts with many other operator offers, which are voided entirely if you fail to meet the requirements in the allotted time.

Bonus WIthdrawal

As mentioned above, XpressBet has no wagering requirements or restrictions on your cash back rebate money. Once it’s credited to your account, the money is yours to keep, gamble or withdraw as you see fit. This is a much more user-friendly process than the bonuses of other operators, often mired in red tape and restrictions.

The bonus does fall short in one regard, though. While XpressBet sign up offers are easy to clear, you’ll have to wager considerably to do so. At 10%, the rebate is rather small, compared to the total wagers required. And every single one of those wagers will have to be on horse racing or greyhound racing.

As XpressBet offers no sports betting markets beyond these two racing sports, players have few options. For fans of horse racing, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, bettors who prefer a more diverse selection of markets might have issues clearing their bonus.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

When claiming XpressBet sign up offers, a few things can go wrong. First of all, you need to make sure you use the right XpressBet promo code when signing up. Otherwise, the offer won’t be active in your account, and you won’t get any of the perks when you deposit.

In addition, a very common mistake is to fail to consider the 30 day period. The 30 days start running from the instant you create your XpressBet account. As soon as your account is verified, you’ll receive the $10 free cash and the 30 days start running.

Failure to gamble on the site within those 30 days will result in the promotion running its course. If no wagers are placed during the promotional period, no rebate is possible. It’s an easy way to miss out on your free bonus rebate, and one that affects a surprising number of players.

Bonus Conclusion

XpressBet offers an enticing sign up offer for new players, with a rather high max bonus amount. At $500, the XpressBet welcome bonus is far larger than that offered by many competitors. In addition, XpressBet throws in an extra $10 in free cash, no strings attached.

If that all sounds a little too good to be true, it is. Truth is, that $500 bonus is a theoretical maximum. To get there, you’d need to complete $5000 worth of wagers over the course of one month. Unless you’re an exceptionally wealthy or exceptionally lucky bettor, that’s a massive amount of gambling.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that you’ll actually see your $500 bonus. However, given the way the bonus is set up, you’re still likely to see at least some bonus cash coming your way. As long as you do some gambling during your first 30 days, you should see some money in the end.

Nevertheless, considering that XpressBet has no sports betting markets beyond horse racing, the offer is somewhat less appealing. We love horse betting as much as anyone, but a bonus that’s only applicable to horse races (and requires possibly thousands of dollars of wagers) seems a tad inaccessible.

If you’re crazy about horse race betting, this just might be the bonus offer for you. However, if you enjoy some variety in your gambling, you might want to look elsewhere.

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Overall Conclusion

Bonus offers are truly what keeps the online gambling industry going. They keep new customers coming in, and provide operators a chance to set themselves apart from the competition. With XpressBet, available offers send a clear message. And that message is all about horse racing.

If horse and greyhound racing is what you’re all about, you’ll feel right at home with XpressBet. Their sign up offers and promotions all provide unique opportunities for horse bettors to cash in on. However, if your betting horizons are a little broader than that, you’ll be disappointed with XpressBet.

No XpressBet sports betting promotions exist beyond horse racing. No Casino section is offered. No poker room services are provided. XpressBet is horse racing, all day, every day. If that’s your jam, by all means, go ahead and sign up. If it isn’t, though, try a different operator.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get AmWager Bonus

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