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Betdaq is a UK sports betting site that has a license to operate in the USA. An exchange platform for horse racing, other sports, and even casino games, Betdaq was recently purchased by Ladbrokes, one of the power players in the online betting industry. With that kind of backing, Betdaq is here to stay and looking to increase its user base. They do this by offering some sign up offers.

One of the unique things about Betdaq is that as an exchange, players bet against each other, not with bookmakers. Betdaq charges a reasonably small commission on net winnings, and the beauty of this is that if you lose, there’s no commission to pay.

The current Betdaq sign up offers include getting your first month’s commission back (up to $1,000), cashback on net losses (up to $10,000), and a bet of $10 gets a free $10 bet. To qualify for any of these, you must enter the Betdaq promo code at the time of opening the account.

Sports operators all want new business, and bonus offers are the way to do this. Some of the most common bonus offers are deposit matching and free bets. Take a look at some of reviews on different operators’ sign up offers such as the Betfair bonus offers, Betvictor bonus review, TVG.com bonus code, Betfred bonuses.

While Betdaq does offer a free bet in the form of bet 10 get 10, they are a little different as they also have a promotion for commissions back or net losses cashbacks, too.

Introduction to Betdaq bonus offers

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

First Month’s Commission Back

Eligible new subscribers to Betdaq could get their first month’s commission back, up to the value of $1,000. Betdaq’s commission begins at 5% and reduces to 2% if you place a certain number of bets. Experienced players tend to place a lot of bets, so this can quickly add up. Take advantage during the first 30 days and receive a good chunk of the commission back. The Betdaq promo code is DAQBACK.

The Betdaq deposit offer is only available for the first 30 days from the date you sign up, and the funds are withdrawable. Members must be 18 years or over to join, and the promotion is not available for API or RTD customers. If for any reason, the account is closed during the 30 days, the customer will also forfeit the promotion.

Cashback on Net Losses

During the first 30 days, eligible customers could receive up to $10,000 back of their losses. While this sounds too good to be true, there are several conditions.

To qualify, you must be prepared to place 5 sports bets or 5 Betdaq casino bets and lose a minimum of $50 over the 5 bets. The cashback is worth 5% of the sports bet or 10% of casino bet losses. The Betdaq promo code is BETINS.

The cashback is rounded down to the nearest whole number and paid in cash at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday. There are some exclusions; virtual and Betdaq exchange bets aren’t eligible.

Bet 10 Get 10

New customers who place an eligible $10 bet within their first 14 days of opening an account, at odds of 2.0 or higher, will get their $10 stake returned as a credit for future bets. This will be paid, regardless of whether the bet wins or loses. This excellent value return adds to the strength of the Betdaq deposit offer. The Betdaq promo code is BDQ10.

The credit is not withdrawable and must be spent within the next 7 days. Only win or place single exchange bets are eligible as part of the Betdaq Deposit Offer. Games, virtual sports, or multiple bets are ineligible for this promotion.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

How You Deposit Funds Is Important

Betdaq only requires a minimum deposit of $10 to open the account. They accept all major credit and debit cards and bank deposits. However, the cards and accounts must be in the name of the person who is the user. No third-party accounts or payments in other peoples’ names are accepted.

Betdaq allows accounts in US dollars, Euros, and British pounds, the choice is up to the user.

Additional Requirements on Your Bonuses

A careful reading of all the terms and conditions is essential. Bonuses come with restrictions, and time restriction is one of the most common. The deadline of 14 or 30 days is from the date the account was established, and not the date of the first bet.

Often bonuses come with odds restrictions, Betdaq sign up offer Bet 10, Get 10 is the only one that has this restriction currently. The withdrawal of any bonus is also a key decision-maker. Some rewards are kept as a credit only, such as Bet 10, Get 10, while others are paid into the cash balance account and can be withdrawn at any time.

Technology Requirements

These days, with so many changes in technology, good sportsbook operators must keep up with this, and Betdaq does. Betdaq will allow you to make bets from your desktop or mobile. They have their own app for both Android and iOS. There’s a tab on their homepage called ‘mobile’ which has the details and the links.

The mobile app offers Betdaq’s full range of betting services, live streaming, and even enhanced specials and games. For those who don’t want to download the app, the Betdaq website can be used on a mobile device. All the features of the desktop site can be utilized.

Mistakes Can Happen

When relying on technology, mistakes can happen, and whether it’s your mistake or Betdaq’s, they have a customer service division to assist. It’s possible that if the error is theirs, they may even offer you a bigger bonus off as a way of saying sorry.

If Betdaq decides you might be behaving suspiciously, such as partaking in arbitrage betting, or having multiple accounts to get lots of bonuses, they can and will revoke these and close the offending accounts.

Finally, with some offers, if you try to withdraw your bonus before the end of the period or if you haven’t met all the requirements, you’ll be met with an error message. However, if you believe this to be incorrect, once again, contact customer service, and they’ll set things right.

Choose the Right Sign Up Bonus for You

Betdaq wants your business, and it offers three different Betdaq sign up offers. However, they cannot be used together; only one Betdaq promo code can be entered at the time of creating the account, so choose wisely. For new users, who just want to have a couple of small casual bets, the Bet 10, Get 10, might be the most suitable. This is a fantastic way to test out the site and dip your toe into the online gambling waters.

Experienced players looking to move to Betdaq and expecting to place a high number of wagers during the initial month, will appreciate the commission cashback promotion. This promotion favors players who place a lot of bets in a short time period and would like to be commission-free for the initial period. Semi-experienced bettors may like the net losses offer if they expect that their first 5 bets may include some wins and losses. These bets do need to have a minimum loss of $50 to be eligible.

Betdaq also offers promotions for existing customers, so be sure to check the promotions area regularly to take advantage of these. This is one of the many good things about Betdaq, and they do like to keep their existing users by rewarding them from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Bonus

These are the top 5 questions that get asked about Betdaq sign up offers. They want every new player fully aware of the rewards and any conditions.

Do I Need to Use a Betdaq Bonus Code in Order to Get a Sign Up Bonus?

Absolutely you do! With several bonuses on offer, you must include the right Betdaq promo code when signing up. If you don’t do this, you won’t be eligible for the bonus.

As these Betdaq promo codes are sign up offers, they require the code at the time of creating the account. There’s no way around this, so be sure to get it right the first time. Also, only one Betdaq sign up offer can be used when opening the account, so make sure you choose the right one for your circumstances.

Some Betdaq promo codes are valid for existing customers, and these need to be entered at the time of making a bet.

What Sections of the Sportsbook Can I Use My Bonus on?

Bonus codes are almost always section specific. Each one of the three Betdaq sign up offers have slightly different conditions.

Commission Back

Valid bets on exchange or sportsbooks only are eligible with this Betdaq promo code.

Net Losses Cashback

Using this Betdaq promo code lets you get cashback by placing 5 bets on the sportsbook, or 5 casino wagers.

Bet 10 Get 10

Only win or placed single exchange bets are valid with this Betdaq promo code. Games, multi bets, and virtual sports are not eligible.

Are There Time Restrictions on my Betdaq Bonus?

Betdaq sign up offers do have strict time restrictions. Commission back and net losses cashback promotion runs for 30 days from the date of opening the account, not the date of your first bet.

The Bet 10 get 10 promotion is valid for the first 14 days after the account is opened, the wager must be won, or lost, and settled in this period. Once credited, the free bet needs to be used within 7 days.

What Do I Have to Do to Withdraw My Bonus?

Not all Betdaq sign up offers are eligible for withdrawal:

Commission Back

The commission amount is deposited into the cash balance section of your account within 72 hours of the win. It’s then withdrawable via all their methods.

Net Losses Cashback

Eligible net losses will be paid in cash at 23:59 every Tuesday night and can be withdrawn at any time after that.

Bet 10 Get 10

Once the initial wager is won or lost and settled, then the credit appears in the account. However, it cannot be withdrawn as cash and must be used as a new bet in the following 7 days only.

Are There Any Odds Restrictions on Sign up Bonuses?

Often, Betdaq sign up offers will have odds restrictions. Of the current three offers, only Bet 10, Get 10 has such a limit. The bet needs to be made on the exchange or sportsbook and at odds of 2.0 or higher.

The other 2 offers don’t have odds restrictions; however, the net losses cashback is valid for 5 wagers only, and in the first 30 days of the account creation.

Additional Rewards / Loyalty Programmes

In 2011, Betdaq had a loyalty and rewards program that was only available to UK and Ireland members. This has subsequently been closed down. Currently, Betdaq does not have a VIP program in place either.

What they do provide for their members is a link to Betdaqpro. This site offers betting tools, how-to videos and tips and tricks for all levels of bettors.

Betdaq Horse Betting Bonus

Bonuses on Offer

Betdaq First Month Commission Back Bonus

– Betdaq bonus code DAQBACK will unlock this Betdaq sign up offer. The offer promises to refund your commissions on any net wins for the first 30 days after you activate your account.

– Betdaq is an exchange. What this means is that bettors don’t bet with bookmakers, they bet against each other. Where Betdaq makes their money is via the commission they receive from their members on net winnings only. If a member loses the bet, they don’t pay any commission. This Betdaq sign up offer of receiving the first month’s commission back is a generous one. New members of the site could receive back up to $1,000 in the first 30 days.

– The commission is a part of most online betting sites, and for players who make many bets, this can be costly, especially for experienced bettors who choose to place many online bets. For 30-days from the date of signing up, Betdaq offers to refund all commissions on net wins up to the value of $1,000. As this is a win for the player, it is a great bonus offer for experienced users looking for a new online operator. New or inexperienced players may not get the full value of this, especially if they only make a small number of bets in the initial 30 day period. The only restriction is that API and RTD players are ineligible for this Betdaq sign up offer.

– The commission is deposited into the players’ cash balance within 72 hours of the win and settlement. The cash can be withdrawn at any time.

– The main thing to be aware of with this sign up offer is that the 30 days begins from the day the account is created, not the date of the first bet. If the player delays in making their first play, they will lose valuable days of the offer. Claiming the bonus is easy with this offer. There are no restrictions and it can be withdrawn at any time as it appears in the cash account.

– This is an excellent Betdaq sign up offer for experienced bettors who are looking for a new exchange sportsbook and plan to place a lot of bets in the initial 30 days. First time and inexperienced bettors may not reap the full advantage of this offer and may find another sign up offer more suitable.

Betdaq Net Losses Cashback Bonus

– Use Betdaq bonus code BETINS when you create your account to benefit from this Betdaq sign up offer. Over 5 bets in the first 30 days, any losses over $50 will have a percentage refunded up to the maximum of $1,000.

– It would be nice, for the first 30 days of any sign up to an online site, to receive a cashback on any losses incurred. Most people play to win, but losses can happen. It does need to be a loss of $50 or more. If a lot of smaller losses are realized, then this bonus offer is worthless. The downside here is that the offer isn’t for a complete net loss cashback. For sportsbook bets, the cashback offer is 5% of net losses, and for casino bets, the offer is 10% of net losses.

– The cashback is deposited into the players’ cash balance account at 11:59 p.m. every Tuesday.

– This sign up offer looks good on the surface, but there are some limitations. The offer is only suitable for 5 bets and losses need to be over $50 each time. And the cashback is only a tiny percentage of the loss, not the entire amount. The maximum total payout of the bonus is $1,000. However, the refund is paid into the cash account weekly and can be withdrawn at any time with no restriction. Once again, the 30 days begins from when the account was created and not the date of the first bet.

– As far as sign up offers go, this is ok but not great. If the player is unlucky to have 5 significant losses, more substantial than $50 each, in the first 30 days, they will benefit slightly from this bonus. However, any smaller losses, under $50, remain losses with no cashback. Most players expect to win, so making losses isn’t the desired result. Also, with the cashback only being a tiny percentage of the actual losses, it’s not a very desirable offer. The other two proposals are more attractive.

Betdaq Bet 10, Get 10 Bonus

– Beginner players may want to use Betdaq bonus code BDQ10 when creating their account. Simply put, place a bet of $10 within 14 days of creating the account and get a credit of $10 to put towards a future bet to be played in the next 7 days.

– This bonus offer serves two purposes. For new players to online betting, it is a simple way to try out how the system works and get a free bet for the trouble. The catch is that the bet can only be $10 and must be at odds of 2.0 or up. It doesn’t matter if the bet is won or lost, the credit is still offered. However, the bet must be fully settled inside the initial 14 days for the credit to apply. The credit will be given within 72 hours of settlement and must then be used within 7 days. Both the initial bet and the credit cannot be used on virtual sports or games.

– The credit cannot be withdrawn and must be put towards a future bet.

– This bonus offer has a tiny window of when it can be utilized. The first bet must be made within 14 days of opening the account, and then the credit must be used in the next 7 days. The player must be prepared to make 2 bets in that short window to take advantage of this offer.

– For players new to online betting, this is an easy to understand bonus. They place a bet for $10 and get a credit to use the same amount for another chance to win. It’s also a way for seasoned players to test out this operator to see how quickly they return the credit, to help decide whether they are an operator worth playing with in the future.


Overall Conclusion

Betdaq is a big player in the online betting market and an excellent operator to work with. Their bonus offers are not especially unique or inspiring. However, the commission back sign up offer is designed to entice experienced users to join up. $1,000 of commission back is a generous offer, and no doubt is quite popular.

For new and inexperienced users the bet 10, get 10, is a free bet for them to try out the system. However, the net losses cashback isn’t really as attractive as it first seems, and players would best benefit from the other two offers.

Betdaq likes to take care of and keep their existing players, so offers for their players are often available, and that in itself is a solid reason to sign up with them.

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