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Spreadex may not be a particularly familiar name for horse racing fans, as they’re a spread betting company that mainly offers wagering on sports and financial markets. Spreadex is the only online bookmaker that offers both sports spread and fixed-odds betting, including each-way wagers.

With half their website dedicated to financial markets, punters might wonder if there are any Spreadex sign up offers relevant to horse racing, and what kind of promotions they may have available. We take a look at these, as well as find out if US gamblers will find anything worthwhile.

Bonus Offer

All online sportsbooks and casinos have bonus offers, and Spreadex is no different. They run regular promotions and competitions to attract new punters, as well as cater to existing players. Bonuses include Spreadex sign up offers and Spreadex promo code for referring a friend, plus a chance to qualify for spread-free bets.

Don’t rush to try offers by TLCBet, offers by Tommy French, or offers by another familiar-sounding operator just because they sound familiar. By shunning the unfamiliar, you may shun a great opportunity.

Tips on How To Use the Bonus

Any punters interested in taking advantage of Spreadex sign up offers or other online bonuses should keep a few crucial points in mind. The first is that Spreadex is a British company, with a license from the UK Gambling Commission.

Therefore, to claim the bonuses, players have to be both over 18 years old and resident in the UK. Any gamblers from outside the UK are not currently allowed to use the sports spread betting part of the site, so any Spreadex Promo Codes are off-limits. The same goes for offers by Toals and most other UK registered competitors.

However, that doesn’t mean US gamblers can’t access the site at all. Spreadex also offers a casino section licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, which can be used by anyone whose state regulations allow such things.

There are three promotions currently on offer, though. The main draw for new players is undoubtedly the Spreadex Sign Up Offer which awards new players either $300 or an iPad. To use this Spreadex promo code, players need to deposit up to $300 into their account to qualify. There are also specific bets tied to the offer, which we’ll look at below.

The second tempting offer affects regular sports spread bettors. Specific markets on Spreadex offer spread-free bets. In other words, instead of betting on the top or bottom, you can wager at the midpoint of the spread.

The last Spreadex promo code we’re going to look at is the ‘Refer and Earn’ offer. For every friend you refer that signs up to Spreadex, you receive a £100 Total Goals risk-free spread bet. Of course, this and every Spreadex promo code is subject to specific terms and conditions, which we’ll now consider.

The promotions on offer are similar to offers by Totesport and other competitors, with the exception of being based specifically on sports spread betting.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

We recommend any players looking to take full advantage of Spreadex sign up offers check out our rundown of the top five expert tips.

Tip 1

The first top tip is: check the small print! It might seem obvious, but many new bettors sign up to sportsbooks and casinos to take advantage of a particular promotion without realizing it has particular terms and conditions. Typically, a deposit or sign up offer is limited to a specific amount of money or fixed time limit in which to use the bonus.

Thankfully, the Spreadex promo code for new accounts has very clear conditions. We’ll look at these in greater detail below, but for now, we’ll focus on how the sign up offer gives new players bonus cash (also known as free bets). Whatever amount a new player deposits, they’ll receive the same amount as a bonus (up to £300). So if you deposit £50, you’ll receive an extra £50 into your account.

Tip 2

Remember that, as clear as the terms may be, every promotion still has applicable rules. In the case of Spreadex sign up offers, the bonus cash can only be used on particular sports wagers. This isn’t uncommon in the world of online sportsbooks.

The Spreadex promo code can be used on all the sports Spreadex covers, from horse racing to soccer to the NFL. However, each sport has specific spread bet types that must be placed. For example, horse racing wagers covered by the bonus cash include Favourites, Starting Prices, Racing Post Favs, Spotlight Verdict, Multi-Mules and Squared Numbers. Also, wagers must be placed before the first race of a meeting each day.

Tip 3

Should you make the maximum deposit amount (£300), you can choose to receive an iPad instead of £300 bonus cash. This is an unusual offer, and the first we’ve seen on a sportsbook. That doesn’t mean it’s terrible, though. Quite the opposite: having a choice of free bets or a tangible product is an excellent incentive to make a large deposit.

However, if anyone who lives outside the UK takes advantage of Spreadex sign up offers and makes the maximum deposit, they can only choose to receive the monetary equivalent of an iPad.

Tip 4

Any punters who want to take advantage of the spread-free bets Spreadex Promo Code should note that they have to place 3 spread bets on the same sport’s qualifying markets, within ten minutes.

They can then place a 4th spread-free bet on the same market. In other words, at the spread mid-point. Qualifying markets, as with the Spreadex sign up offers, cover all the available sports. A horse racing example would involve wagers such as Double Numbers, Favourites Ton Ups, Starting Prices, Racing Post Favourites, and 99s Distances.

Tip 5

Lastly, the friend referral Spreadex Promo Code can be used as many times as you like. However, for you to be able to claim the £100 Total Goals risk-free spread bet bonus, referred friends must mention your full name and postcode then place 5 qualifying wagers with a minimum £2 stake.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whether or not you’re a seasoned horse racing gambler, you’ll likely have similar questions about the Spreadex sign up offers, other promotions, and account sign up process. For any punters wanting to take advantage of the bonuses, here are five of the most frequently asked questions.

Do I Have to Use a Spreadex Promo Code For The Welcome Offer?

Technically, the sign-up promotion is a Spreadex deposit offer. Whatever amount you deposit within the first 28 days of joining will be matched by free bets.

The best thing is that no Spreadex Promo Code is required, which means players don’t have to jump through hoops to benefit from this promotion. Simply sign up and deposit money, and Spreadex takes care of the rest!

What Exactly Is the Difference Between Cashback and Bonus Cash? 

Otherwise referred to as a free bet, wagering/bonus cash is precisely that. It’s money that appears in your account that can be used towards bets – and only bets. It can’t be withdrawn on its own. However, any money you make using the free bet is, of course, yours to keep.

Cashback is a lot simpler, in that it’s simply money back into your account that can be withdrawn. So, if you received a cashback amount of £100, you would be able to withdraw this amount to your bank account.

Are There Any Strict Stipulations as to How I Can Use Bonus Cash?

Often bonus cash has strict limitations for use, such as a time frame in which to stake it, or which bet types it can be used for. Spreadex sign up offers are relatively generous, in that you have 28 days to use the free bets, and they can be used on a wide range of markets.

What About the Spread-free Bets Offer? How Do I Use That?

This is a three-step process. First, check the Spreadex site for full details of qualifying markets. Then, place 3 spread bets on the same sport within 10 minutes. You may then place a fourth bet spread-free on the same market. That’s it!

This offer can be claimed as many times as you like, provided you use the qualifying markets. These may change on a regular basis, so we recommend checking online before placing any spread bets.

A quick caveat about this promotion: the fourth bet is not a free bet; it’s spread-free, which means you can use it to bet inside the spread, at the midpoint of the relevant market.

Which Payment Methods Can I Use to Take Advantage of the Spreadex Promo Code?

Spreadex accepts most major credit/debit cards, as well as bank transfer and cheques. However, they do not currently allow deposits to be made using an eWallet service, such as PayPal or Skrill.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Usually, online casinos and sportsbooks provide some kind of loyalty or rewards scheme alongside the more general bonuses. Just as promotional offers are used to attract a new player base, rewards are used to, well, reward players who stick around or place consistently high wagers.

Spreadex doesn’t offer any kind of rewards scheme or loyalty program. Therefore, they also don’t provide any VIP programs for high-rollers or players who frequently place big-money stakes.

We think this is probably because there’s an overall sense of Spreadex being a ‘no-nonsense’ company, who provide a service and don’t worry about dressing it up with bells and whistles. In other words, promotions aside, Spreadex focuses on spread betting, and that’s about it.

Spreadex Horse Betting Bonus

Spreadex Sports Bonus

At its heart, Spreadex is a sports betting website. Its selection of sports bonuses is proof of this. There are currently three bonuses offered by Spreadex to sports players at large.

Reality Test

First, the sign up offer. We made use of this by signing up (remember you have to be a resident of the UK or have a UK address, to register) and chose Visa as our payment method. Once this had been verified, we were able to make an instant deposit into our account of £100.

We then placed all of this money on spread bets according to the website’s qualifying markets for horse racing. We only made an extra £20 but, more importantly, 28 days after opening our account and placing stakes, we received £100 cashback.

Next, the spread-free bet was just as easy to take advantage of as there’s no stake limit involved. We chose 3 qualifying horse racing markets (Favorites, Winning Distances and Starting Prices) at £10 each stake. Our fourth spread-free bet went on Favorites, and that was it.

We had to do all this within ten minutes, but otherwise there were no other rules involved. Also, spread-free bets can be made as often as you want, which is great if you’re canny enough to make use of this offer.

Lastly, the friend referral bonus only applies to sports betting. Or rather, the reward for anyone getting a friend to join Spreadex is a risk-free £100 Total Goals spread bet. We’re more interested in betting on horse racing, but we can imagine many soccer fans relishing the chance to use this free bet.

Bonus Withdrawal

The above £100 Total Goals spread bet bonus is a free wager, so can’t be withdrawn on its own. However, any winnings made from it can, of course, be moved into a bank account. Similarly, with the spread-free offer: this involves wagering rather than offering money as free bets, so any winnings made from using this bonus can be withdrawn as soon as they enter your account.

The Spreadex cashback offer is a little different. It’s actual cash, so it can be withdrawn once it enters your online account (which is typically after 28 days). Had we chosen to deposit and stake at least £300, then we would have had the chance to claim a new iPad instead of cashback.

We’d prefer the money to use on further bets, but it’s a nice (if unusual) option for anyone who likes gadgets.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming a Bonus

Keep in mind, Spreadex sign up offers and other promotions can only be taken advantage of by players resident in the UK (or with a UK address). Although this is disappointing for US-based horse racing fans, it doesn’t stop the promotions from being pleasingly easy to use.

However, there are still some rules to keep in mind. Spreadex sign up offers only apply to the first 28 days of membership. So, if you joined Spreadex on the 1st of March, you would have to deposit and wager money by the 28th of March.

It’s a little weird that there’s an arbitrary time limit since we can’t imagine anyone depositing money and then letting it sit in their account for a month without betting. In any case, it’s best to make bets as soon as possible, but only on the qualifying markets. Also, wagers must be placed before the event, and only the opening stakes count towards this bonus. For any bets closed out in-play, the opening section of the wager still counts.

The biggest pitfall for the spread-free bet offer is a strict time limit. Wagers must be placed on relevant bets within ten minutes, but that shouldn’t be much of an issue for most gamblers.

Lastly, the friend referral offer is subject to your friend quoting your full name and postcode during their Welcome Call from the customer service department. Plus, that friend must then place five qualifying spread bets at a minimum stake of £2 within 28 days. Otherwise, this offer can be taken advantage of as many times as you have eager gambling friends.

Bonus Conclusion

Spreadex sign up offers for sports are fairly enticing. Most deposit and stake-related promotions on other sportsbooks involve deposit matching and free bets, rather than actual cashback, so that’s a really solid offer for new members.

We can’t imagine many people bothering with the friend referral option, to be honest, as there are a lot of hoops a friend has to jump through for the offer to be claimed – and there’s nothing in it for them, other than the sign up offer.

Although the spread-free bet may be very tempting to certain types of gamblers, we imagine the strict time limit and specific markets may turn off more casual bettors. Overall, we don’t have a problem recommending Spreadex sign up offers, whether or not you fancy a new iPad or just cashback.




Overall Conclusion

There’s no doubt that Spreadex has identified a niche gambling market, given that we’ve never come across a sportsbook that focuses on spread betting, and has a financial section to boot. It’s a rather unique operator, with very interesting markets that you won’t find anywhere else.

Horse racing fans will find a lot to like as there are always plenty of races on which to bet, with a lot of attractive wagering options. The Spreadex sign up offers are equally attractive, since offering cashback (or an iPad) is not something we come across very often.

At the moment, the best Spreadex promo code does not apply to US residents, which is obviously the biggest black mark against them from a stateside view. It’s impossible to tell if this situation will continue into the future. We do hope that allowances will be made at some point for gamblers outside the UK.

The total lack of Casino promotions and even a Poker section further limits player options at Spreadex. Spreadex is a great sportsbook, but it could use some improvements, particularly in terms of offers.

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