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Spreadex Reviews & Ratings US 2024

Is Spreadex Reliable & Secure?

Spreadex is a spread betting and investment company based in the United Kingdom that started back in 1999, offering financial services. Horse racing and casino fans may have already heard of Spreadex, however, as it began to offer gambling options in 2006.

This company is a legitimate operator with a long history and operates under The UK Financial Conduct Authority license. It also caters to several international clients, but be sure to check if your territory is accepted when you apply to participate in the services provided by this operator.

If you want to know more about it, feel free to read our Spreadex reviews to find out if this operator can boost your horse race betting experience.

Is Spreadex Reliable & Secure?

Is Spreadex secure? Yes. With over 20 years of service, Spreadex is very reliable. This operator is fully licensed to offer its services to clients.

Industries such as forex and spread trading are highly regulated, and they are known for having high-security standards as they manage assets for clients. As Spreadex US was initially focused only on these highly regulated financial niches, it’s well known to be trustworthy.

Among the sports betting services offered by this operator, you will find the Spreadex US horse race betting coverage to be top-quality. It provides a secure option for anyone who wants to bet on horse racing without any worries.

Spreadex: Pros & Cons
  • Spread betting offerings. They are great for high stakes horse betting.
  • It’s fully licensed by the UK Financial Conduct Authority.
  • The site’s user interface is pretty clear and easy to use.
  • There are different sections for each category, so you will not feel confused.
  • You can bet from any location you want to with the mobile app.
  • Lack of payment options. You can use the major credit and debit card operators, but that’s it.

Bonus Offers & Free Bets

The offers by Spreadex are numerous.

Our Spreadex reviews found the operator offers a unique welcome bonus for its clients. Most companies provide some bonuses to newcomers, but this one decided to approach the situation differently. You can get a sizable cashback, or even win an iPad.

To claim your prize, you need to stake over $300 in your first 28 days, then you decide if you want the cashback or the iPad. If you stake at least $50, you can claim a $50 cashback, too.

The option to receive the iPad is only available if you live in the United Kingdom. If you live somewhere else, you may only receive the cashback prize. This limitation affected our Spreadex ratings for promotions.

Most horse racing events qualify for the scheme, as well as football and some bets on cricket, tennis, NFL, and others.

Our Spreadex reviews also encountered many opportunities to win free bets. To access them, you need to place bets on the same sport three times within 10 minutes. A fourth bet can then be made, and it will have the same price as the lowest bet you made before.

For more great bonus offers, check our Toals Review.

Usability, Look & Feel

No Spreadex reviews would be complete without talking about the interface. In fact, Spreadex has three different options, and that’s without counting the mobile app. There are three basic sections: finances, sports, and the casino.

Spreadex is set apart from competitors such as TLCBet and Toals in that it expresses betting as a financial investment rather than simply wagering. This style of expression lends a cleanliness and professionalism to the website as a whole.

The financial section has the cleanest interface. The casino section is generally clean and well-designed, too. The sports section is the most crowded, displaying live bets for several games at once.

When you use the site, you should not feel overwhelmed. The usability is pretty good, and you’ll find the sections for login, deposits/payouts, and betting very quickly. This reflects well on our Spreadex ratings.

Overall, the design is pretty good, and it’s intuitive and easy to use. Colors are darker on the financial and casino sections and lighter on sports. The site is generally white, red and black, so not a lot of colors to clutter it up. There is quite a bit of variation throughout the site, much like competitor Tommy French. But with a lightness, and lack of clutter, that set it apart effortlessly.

The performance is good, but it could be better. Among the three sections, sports was the one that seemed to be the least responsive. You may need to wait one or two seconds before you can open this section, possibly because it’s also the most crowded. Casino games tend to load just fine.

Head to our in-depth Totesport Review to check their usability rating.


Now, our Spreadex ratings for the payment section. When we review any site, we try to determine how seamless it is for clients to make and receive payments.

You can deposit funds using credit or debit cards, with Visa, Mastercard, and Mastercard Maestro being accepted. The processing time is instant for these cards, but you can also use Fast Bank Transfer, which completes transactions within one working day.

If you want to pay using a check, you can, however, you should know that it may take from three to five business days for the check to clear.

There are no fees at all for deposits, but there is a $10 minimum amount. Fortunately, there are no upper limits on how much you can deposit, so if you want to deposit $5,000, You can do it instantly if you use your credit card.

Withdrawals can be made with Mastercard, Maestro, and Visa, as well as Fast Bank Transfer, but not checks. The processing time for withdrawals is three business days.

The Spreadex ratings on our site are negatively affected by the lack of payment options. Most companies let people use PayPal or similar methods, and withdrawals are also somewhat slow.

It’s good that the company will not charge you any fees, as this is not very common, but there are still some operators that offer this. However, this alone is not enough to fare well in our Spreadex reviews.

Customer Service

Whenever you want to bet on Spreadex US horse races, you expect customer support to be excellent. Is it? We believe that the service is adequate.

Customer services are open 24/7. If you live in the UK, you can reach them by dialing 08000 526 575 or 01727 895 090. Anyone playing from outside of the country needs to call 44 1727 895 090. You can also contact customer support via email: sports@spreadex.com.

If you want a quick answer without needing to call, there is a live chat service available on the site. By using it, you can instantly talk to someone and receive help.

You can even send an old-fashioned letter to the company if you want, although obviously, the answer will not be quick. All the services are in English.

The competence of a customer service department is always subjective, but our research indicates that their customer support works well. If you need any help from the company, don’t be afraid to ask for it.

License & Security

Is Spreadex reliable? Yes. The company passes this test with flying colors. Spreadex received its licenses from both the UK Financial Conduct Authority and the UK Gambling Commission. The operator is not publicly listed on any stock exchange as of the time of writing.

Spreadex also received the Best Efficiency of Taking Trades in the Investment Trades UK award. This attests to its quality and improves the Spreadex ratings on our site.

According to information provided by the website, all the services on the site and in the mobile app have Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. It’s a popular technology used to encrypt data around the world. It is considered the industry standard for encryption.

To register, you have to be at least 18 years old, and protection against minors gambling is an important consideration.

Overall, we have not found any red flags during our Spreadex reviews, and we feel that this company poses no danger to our readers, whatsoever.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

Players who want to bet with Spreadex US horse racing expect bonuses. In this section, we’ll review their rewards and loyalty programs.

As stated in another section, you can receive free bets if you place three bets in a row in popular sports such as horse racing or football.

Unfortunately for our Spreadex reviews, the operator seems to be a little light on VIP and loyalty programs. We have not found any of these.

If you want to become an affiliate, however, we have good news for you. You can earn up to $100 in spread bets. To get it, you need to sign up and then, invite a friend, using a unique code. As soon as your friend places five qualifying bets, you get your bonus.

Check our Grosvenor Review for a different loyalty program.

Spreadex Horse Betting

Betting Markets

Players can bet on several categories when they visit the Spreadex sports section. The two most popular sports are horse betting and soccer. Other options include cricket, tennis, rugby, golf, basketball, and greyhound races.

If you want to bet on soccer, you will find several different leagues and competitions available. The UK and European games get special attention, but it’s not hard to find global games, too. In the global section, you can bet on games from all over the world, but mostly from famous teams. While not 100% complete, it’s a pretty fair selection.

Horse racing is also generally pretty varied. You can either engage with UK races or in the  Spreadex US races.

Neither of these options seems to be limited in choices, but other categories do not have so many options. You can find interesting matches on which to bet, most of them related to UK games, but the selection is not huge. This negatively affected our Spreadex ratings.


Spreadex offers average odds for sports betting in its most popular sports, and you can bet on several markets in the games and races. You can even use the bet-builder to create your own bets, which means lack of variety is not an issue. This helps Spreadex ratings for sports betting.

You can either choose between spread betting or fixed odds whenever you bet on any sport on the site. Spread betting is interesting because it has more intricate options for the experienced bettor.

Our Spreadex reviews examined the range of odds available for a variety of sports. We found some fairly average odds across the board for most popular sports and betting markets. Spreadex US seems to follow the standard lines set by the major bookmakers.

However, certain special and exotic markets for less common sports can feature pretty interesting odds. Keen-eyed bettors can find some arbing opportunities at Spreadex. This helps Spreadex ratings in this area.

Live Betting & Streaming

You probably want to know more about live betting. In Spreadex, you can either do it before games or during them. There is no significant delay when placing a bet in-game, and you can use the streaming channel on the site to watch the games while making your wagers.

However, what lowers the Spreadex ratings is that live-streaming does not have a lot of options. This is still a new operator, and it doesn’t incorporate the advanced streaming services that you can find with other competitors.

Live scores are updated fairly quickly, and you can easily access the list of all the games and races which are happening at any given moment.

Overall, the quality of in-game betting is fine, but the lack of streaming is a concern. This considerably impacted our Spreadex ratings.


Spreadex US does not impose betting limits on its players. In fact, the operator is famous for allowing large spread bets. Should you want to limit your gambling, however, you can do it. It’s possible to add stop limits that will determine when the system releases you from your bet and prevents you from losing further money.

This is extremely useful in some cases when you don’t want to lose more than a specified amount. Or perhaps you want to gamble as much as possible without needing to think about how much money you still have left in your account. In any case, this is a pretty good solution to be used on Spreadex US horse races, for example.

Sportsbook Conclusion

Our verdict here is that you can use the sports betting features in some special cases. However, you should be aware that this is not a great general betting operator, indeed it really comes into its own for some more specialized wagering.

What do we mean by this? We mean that if you want a huge variety of sports, you may have to look somewhere else. Spreadex offers a varied selection of both football and horse race betting options, but that’s it. If that’s what you’re interested in, then it’s great.

When you focus on these two aspects of the site, it’s pretty awesome. Many popular sports are not featured, but you have an excellent selection of games on which to bet.

If you are focused solely on horse races, for example, you don’t need to worry. The Spreadex US and UK horse races are enough to keep you engaged with this site for years to come.

Spread bets are not very common, but you can find them here. They’re awesome for wagering at high stakes, on more specialized markets.

One of the other distinctive features of the site is its financial section. Most gamblers don’t necessarily deal directly with the financial world, but you can do it all on this site. With its extensive company background in the area, they offer a variety of trading options.

The department in which Spreadex lacks the most is live-streaming, as the company does not seem to prioritize this. Hopefully, it will be able to update its offerings in this important area soon. If that happens, we’ll update Spreadex ratings accordingly.

Overall Conclusion

Spreadex offers a good sportsbook for anyone interested in horse races and football games. Its website has a nice interface and several unique options that will be interesting for experienced bettors. The variety on offer also gives them a bit of an edge compared to horse-racing only sites such as Totesport.

For example, people can use spread bets or even invest in financial assets, a very interesting option that will be a delight to many players.

Not everything is perfect, however. The casino section is pretty bland, and there isn’t a huge variety in the sportsbook. There are no loyalty programs, and the operator does not accept a wide variety of payment methods.

Should you give it a chance?

It depends. If you are interested in the core experience, Spreadex can be great. Even if you are not, it may still be very interesting. If you really like slots or blackjack, however, there are several sites out there that can offer plenty of better options. It’s mostly a question of priorities. Spreadex is very good in some aspects and bland in others.

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