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NYRA Bets Reviews & Ratings US 2024

Is NYRA Bets Reliable & Secure?

Gambling online, we’ve all been faced with the enormous variety of online gambling operators out there. Picking the right can definitely be a challenge. It’s a veritable sea of gambling options out there, and knowing who to trust isn’t always easy. That’s what our reviews are here to help you with.

NYRA Bets is a virtual online betting site that is based in New York. It’s predominantly a horse racing betting site, which allows punters to place bets online, via the phone and via an app. A legal and regulated provider of horse racing wagering in the states, it’s the go-to place for anyone wanting both good odds and a great betting experience.

NYRA Bets boasts that it offers you the safest and most secure betting experience in horse racing. In our NYRA Bets reviews, you will see what makes this giant in the horse racing arena one of the most popular bookmakers in the US.

What makes a great bookmaker that keeps punters going back for more? NYRA Bets ratings are amongst the highest, but is NYRA Bets secure? Are high NYRA Bets ratings well-deserved? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of NYRA Bets US, and find out!

NYRA Bets: Pros & Cons
  • The android app is available on the website
  • Live-streaming available in HD
  • Efficient live chat support available
  • The interface is quick and easy to use
  • Great rewards for every $1 wagered
  • The user experience on the web is not that great

Bonus Offers & Free Bets

Sign-up bonuses are usually available to any new account registrations across the board for all online bookmakers. Offers by NYRA Bets mark it as the norm, rather than the exception. The reward does need to be worthwhile, though, as punters are not as easily impressed as they were in the past.

NYRA Bets US is a very popular horse racing bookmaker with a great sign-up bonus. It offers you a 100% match on your deposit up a maximum of $200. It works by you having to sign-up and making a first deposit of $200 within the initial 30 days of signing up. All you have to do is bet twice the amount of your initial deposit and NYRA Bets US will credit you with $200 wagering credit once that process is complete.

While this is not a bad offer, it is also not unusual or excellent, being of a similar value to deposit offers by competitors like Mr. Green and JetBull.

NYRA Bets reviews tell us that the welcome bonus is not all that this horse racing bookie has to offer. Once you have signed up as a player, you will frequently receive promotions and other in-play bonuses available throughout the season. This helps boost our NYRA Bets ratings.

Usability, Look, & Feel - Our NYRA Bets Reviews

There is no doubt that as soon as you go to the website, that NYRA Bets US is focused on horse racing. The site is built around a central information box that aims to get new players to sign-up. It conveniently conveys information to you about the fact that it has an app available, you can get a welcome bonus, and that you can get started with quick deposits.

As with Keeneland Select, TVG.com, and other race-centred competitors, the NYRA Bets site is a workhorse: clean cut and functional.

The colors are kept to a minimum, so there is no confusion about where to find information. The background is a mousy grey, and the essential links are either green or blue. These are appealing to the eye and are easy to navigate.

It does not have any unnecessary or distracting information. The site gives the impression that NYRA Bets US is a professional bookmaker that takes the exciting sport of horse racing seriously. This crisp and clean design gives NYRA Bets ratings top marks in this area.

Navigation of the site is simple. The drop-down menus are available on every page so that you can find a section easily. It doesn’t require you to keep pushing the back button to go to a page you’ve visited previously. With the site being clean and simple, it loads pretty fast with very little waiting or lag time. Head to our in-depth TVG.com Review to check their usability rating.

The site shows punters that NYRA Bets US is an online bookmaker that is as passionate and serious about horse betting as they are. This is communicated throughout the various NYRA Bets reviews, which are correct in recommending NYRA Bets US as an excellent choice for a reliable horse betting sportsbook.

Payments - Payment Choices at NYRA Bets US

NYRA Bets US accepts a variety of different forms of payment. You can fund your account using a debit or credit card via phone or online. It allows express funding, which is an EFT from your bank account. ACH Funding and Sightline Funding are also accepted.


All of your payments and withdrawals are safe and secure as they go through an SSL encryption process on their website. If you are using a credit or debit card, then you will have an extra layer of protection as your banking service provider also has certain security features in place for your protection.

Deposits made using a credit card or debit card incur a small transaction fee by NYRA Bets US, and a minimum amount of $50 needs to be made when using a credit card. Withdrawals are made into your bank account via EFT within five working days.

There are no fees charged for withdrawals, which is excellent. It’s something every player will appreciate, and definitely improves our NYRA Bets ratings. However, please note that you may not withdraw any uncleared or pending funds or winnings.

Customer Service - Top Marks in Our NYRA Bets ratings

To continue our NYRA Bets reviews, we will explore its customer service. It has a live chat option that is available at certain times of the day. If you happen to contact them when the live chat is unavailable, then you can leave a message or send an email.

You are also able to call them on the phone on certain days. Phone support is available Thursdays through to Monday when most of the races take place. The customer service department is efficient and friendly, going out of their way to help you as best they can.

Is NYRA Bets reliable for beginners?

If you are new to online betting, you might be asking yourself “Is NYRA Bets reliable for new bettors?”. If for some reason you are unable to get hold of any customer support, then we suggest you have a look at their very concise and informative FAQ section on the website. The site also has some great tutorials to guide you with any help that you might need when using the site. Try our Keeneland Select Review for another great customer service platform.

License & Security

Is NYRA Bets secure? As a renowned and popular horse racing bookmaker, NYRA Bets US makes sure that it has all of the correct licenses in place to be able to operate legally across the US. This definitely helps boost our NYRA Bets ratings. Many of our offshore sites lose rating points from us because they are not adequately licensed for the USA. For instance, Smarkets ratings are affected despite its tremendous reputation in the UK.

Oregon (US) Racing Commission
New York (US)

Is NYRA Bets secure for bettors outside of NY?

NYRA Bets US falls under The New York Racing Association Inc. It is approved by various regulatory authorities, depending on the jurisdiction. If you are gambling from New York, their license falls under the New York State Gaming Commission. Should you be using the service from outside New York, then the permissions are regulated by Oregon Racing Commission Multi-Jurisdictional Simulcasting, an Interactive Wagering totalizator Hub.

You can rest assured that your rights and privacy are protected and regulated by the authorities mentioned above. As a licensed and regulated operator, NYRA Bets reviews and complies with the strictest security protocols. Should you encounter any problems, you can approach them to lodge a complaint.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

When looking at NYRA Bets ratings, one of its strengths appears to be its rewards and promotions. Once you have signed up for your account and benefited from the 100% match bonus, you can then start to earn reward points.

As an account holder, you are automatically enrolled in this rewards program. You start to earn points for every bet that you place. For every $1 wagered at NYRA Bets US tracks, you will receive 4 points. For every $1 wagered at non-NYRA tracks, you will earn 2 points. Once you have reached 5,000 points, you can redeem them for $5 in betting credits. The points expire one year from the date on which they were earned.

You will find offers for 10X NYRA points promotions on certain days to make things a little more exciting, and to help you earn those rewards points faster. The points earned during these promotional periods are credited to your account within the next 48 hours. The only requirement to take advantage of this promotion is that you need to have a real-money account, which is in good standing.

NYRA Horse Betting

Betting Markets

Online betting is one of the most thrilling ways to enjoy spectator sports, overall. Nothing is quite as exciting as watching your favorite team beat the odds, while making you a pretty penny in the process. Who doesn’t love a good gamble on a big match?

At NYRA Bets, you can feel that thrill at any time. With a modern, fully functional sports wagering platform, NYRA Bets is more than ready to take your action. However, we did come across a few shortcomings in our NYRA Bets reviews.

Let’s begin by examining NYRA Bets ratings for betting coverage.

One of the most important elements of a bookmaker are the available betting markets. There are many different types of variety that a bookmaker can incorporate into their wagering menu.

First, there’s dozens of sports on Earth to cover. Second, you have countless domestic and international sports leagues to cover. Finally, every sport has its own unique betting markets. Normally, a bookie features about a couple dozen sports, often with dozens of betting markets for each. This is far from universal, though.

In fact, our NYRA Bets reviews found that the operator is incredibly specialized. While NYRA Bets does offer international events from countries the world over, they all have one thing in common. Racing.

Every single event you can bet on at NYRA Bets US is a horse race. Horse racing is the lifeblood of NYRA Bets, permeating every betting market offered, and every promotion available. It truly is a horse bettor’s paradise.

However, for everyone who is a fan of sports betting in a more general fashion, NYRA Bets may be disappointing. While it features a sleek, clean and polished interface, it’s strictly limited to horse betting action.

You won’t be able to bet on football, soccer, basketball, or any sport that isn’t horse racing. Frankly, it’s a frustrating limitation, and it takes a considerable toll on our NYRA Bets ratings.



NYRA Bets US has some of the most competitive odds for American horse racing, worldwide. Through a special partnership with New York’s Belmont track, few operators have the access that NYRA Bets has.

It really shows when you examine the odds available. International horse racing events tend to have fairly average odds, following the betting lines of major bookmakers. However, for the domestic racing market, NYRA Bets offers some of the best odds available, hands down.

However, if you’re hunting great odds for anything that isn’t horse racing, you’re straight out of luck. There are no betting odds provided for any sports other than horse racing. This limitation made us dock a few points from our NYRA Bets ratings.

Live Betting & Streaming

Our NYRA Bets reviews found a full-featured Live Betting Center, packing all the horse racing in-play action you could need. NYRA Bets ratings for in-play betting are excellent, as far as horse racing goes. There’s a truly impressive depth of markets for live horse bettors.

Furthermore, HD live-streaming of every race on the book is available in the Live Center. NYRA Bets ratings get top marks due to this. It has an amazingly comprehensive live-streaming capacity.

However, as NYRA Bets does not cover any sports beyond horse racing, live betting and streaming are both inherently limited. You can’t stream major sports events like the Super Bowl, or the PGA Tours. You can’t bet on in-play basketball or tennis matches. At NYRA Bets, it’s horse racing all day, every day. If you’re looking for a sportsbook alternative, try our 4NJBets Review.


Every sports betting operator that wants to stay in business needs to implement betting limits. Regardless of their size, bookmakers have finite amounts of cash. No bookmaker should ever take a bet they don’t have the means to pay out.

Many operators choose to set dynamic limits to betting action. That means that maximum wagers shift, following betting action from the public. The more popular a selection is, the lower the maximum bet, and vice versa. It ensures the dealer can actually pay out all wagers placed at the promised odds.

However, our NYRA Bets reviews found that the operator doesn’t use dynamic wager limits. Instead, NYRA Bets has drawn a line in the sand, affixing the limit at one specific value. Wagers at NYRA Bets must be somewhere between $1 and $1,000.

It’s a fairly broad range, which allows for both low-stakes horse racing and high-roller bets. This comfortable range of limits boosted our NYRA Bets ratings a bit.

Horse Betting Conclusion

All things considered, NYRA Bets is an interesting sports betting operator. With enticing sign up offers and promo codes, NYRA Bets give new players plenty of reasons to join up.

However, a closer inspection reveals several oversights that seriously hamper NYRA Bets ratings. The most glaring of these is the total absence of any sports betting markets beyond horse racing. We’re huge fans of the ponies here at HorseBetting.com. For a more rounded betting service and offer, check out the BetVictor promo code deal.

Still, we do like to spread our gambling around over several other sports. At NYRA Bets, this is simply not possible. We’d love to see an expansion of the sports selection in the near future. We’ll be happy to update our NYRA Bets reviews if that happens.

100% up to $100
Deposit Bonus
Get AmWager Bonus


🌎Is NYRA sportsbook available in all US states?

Keep in mind that online sports betting isn’t legal in all states across the US. There is a different stance taken by states as to what is allowed when it comes to betting in general. A number of states ban betting outright. Thus, we recommend you use Horsebetting.com to find out which states you’ll be able to use the NYRA betting platform.

📝How do I sign up to NYRA sportsbook?

Signing up to the NYRA sportsbook should be a walk in the park. There’s no need to get stuck trying to open an online betting account. You’ll find that the latest registration process is streamlined. TO find out precisely how to sign up with NYRA, head on over to our latest review. We provide you with in-depth coverage of all you need to know.

📍What are the odds like at NYRA sportsbook?

It’s important that you find a bookie which offers competitive odds or at least a number of promotions which enable you to boost your odds. You might find that odds can be pretty similar across the board otherwise. Use our latest review at NYRA to find out what the odds are like and whether you can take advantage of value odds for a number of betting markets.

Overall Conclusion

To summarize, NYRA Bets is an appealing horse betting operator. Fans of the ponies will definitely appreciate the hyper focused nature of NYRA Bets. The simplicity of its design and the totality of its horse racing offering makes it a very purposeful operator. NYRA Bets knows its brand, and sticks to it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Still, it’s possible to stick to your brand and still grow and expand. NYRA Bets lacks any kind of betting except for horse racing. This makes it a very specialized operator, that will only interest the most dedicated horse bettors. If that sounds like you, give it a go. Otherwise, you can skip this one.

Compare this US-licensed site with our JenningsBet review, to see if it compares adequately with the level of quality on offer for punters in the United Kingdom.

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