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Visit any UK horse racetrack, and you’ll see the Totesport (recently rebranded as Tote) distinctive red and white logo adorning the area, as they’re one of the biggest names in horse racing in the country.

As to what Totesport sign up offers can provide to US punters remains to be seen, as they’re currently only available to UK residents. However, there’s no reason to doubt they’ll become available for stateside gamblers in the future. So, let’s have a more in-depth look at the Totesport bonus code and promotions, and see how they stack up against each other.

Bonus Offer

Promotions and bonuses are standard on all types of online gambling sites, as they’re the primary way a business attracts and keeps customers. At the time of writing, there are only two Tote bonuses: a Totesport promo code and a cash back guarantee. We give these offers some serious scrutiny below.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

Any gamblers looking to take advantage of Totesport sign up offers or other online promotions would do well to keep a few things in mind. The first is that you have to be a UK resident to claim the bonuses.

Gamblers from outside the UK will have to find other ways to access the site, should they wish to use Totesport sign up offers. Secondly, gamblers have to be aged 18 or over, as per UK gambling regulations.

Out of the two on offer when it comes to a Totesport promo code, undoubtedly the biggest draw of the two is the £10 risk-free first bet. To make use of this, simply place a bet on any horse race, and should your horse lose, Tote will refund your stake.

The maximum refund amount is £10. The wager that qualifies for this offer is the first one put on the site’s betting slip. There are other conditions involved, but we’ll look at those in more depth later.

This is a very typical bonus, and similar to offers by TVG and some of the offers by TwinSpires.

Next up is the Tote Guarantee. As for what this offer actually entails: Tote Guarantee means that Totesport will always pay the Starting Price (at least) on any Win bets. Otherwise, if the dividend is more, then they’ll pay out at that price.

As far as we can tell, it’s also automatic, so there’s no need to enter a Totesport promo code or tick any special boxes. In other words, the best thing about this offer is that it allows you to concentrate on wagering, safe in the knowledge that your stake is protected.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

Here’s our rundown of the top five expert tips we recommend trying, to take full advantage of Totesport sign up offers:

1. Our first top tip is: read the fine print! It seems obvious, but many new players sign up to bookies in the hope of taking advantage of a particular bonus, but realize too late it has very precise terms and conditions. Usually, there’s a time limit involved, but luckily that doesn’t seem to be the case with either the £10 risk-free first bet or Tote Guarantee. There are, however, bet restrictions.

2. £10 risk-free first bet Totesport sign up offers only extend to the very first bet a punter makes. However, it can be on any horse race and covers Toteexacta, Totejackpot, Toteswinger, Toteplacepot, Totetrifecta, Totescoop6, Totequadpot, Toteplace, and Totewin wagers.

3. The Tote Guarantee covers the win part of any Tote Each Way bet and all Tote Win bets. Also, should a race end in a dead heat for first place, then the Tote Guarantee will apply to both or all winning selections (whichever is applicable).

For every dead heat runner, Tote will pay the higher dividend of the Tote win and the relevant Starting Price return.

4. Totesport sign up offers only apply to one player per household/IP address, which is a common condition with sign up offers. The bonus terms note that Tote reserves the right to alter the conditions whenever they see fit.

This is run of the mill for many betting sites, but if someone else in your household wants to sign up and can’t do it because Tote recognizes the same IP address, they will have to find another way to take advantage of the bonus.

5. Finally, there’s one particular condition to note: Totesport sign up offers or a Totesport promo code cannot be used in conjunction with any other bonus.

Luckily, this isn’t an issue at the time of writing because the £10 risk-free first bet is the only one of Totesport sign up offers available right now. However, should that change then keep in mind you won’t be able to combine it with any other offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran punter or new to horse racing, you’re probably going to have similar questions about the Totesport sign up offers and promotions.

For any gamblers looking to take advantage of the bonuses, we have five frequently asked questions listed below.

What is the sign-up bonus? Do I have to use a Totesport Promo Code?

Technically, Tote doesn’t have a specific sign-up bonus. However, what they do have is a £10 risk-free first bet offer. The beauty of this promotion is that no code is required, which means players don’t need to jump through any unnecessary hoops to benefit. Simply join and play, and Tote takes care of the rest!

Is the £10 risk-free first bet bonus credit or cash?

Otherwise known as a free bet, wagering/bonus credit is precisely that. It’s money that appears in your account that can be used towards wagers – and only wagers. It can’t be withdrawn on its own, but any profit you make using the free bet is, of course, yours to keep.

Interestingly, this offer does actually reward punters with cash to the maximum value of £10 if a runner settles as a loser. For example, if your first Tote bet is £50, then you’ll be credited £10 back in cash to your Tote online account.

Are there any special conditions I should be aware of?

Every Totesport promo code has its own terms and conditions. Tote account holders get access to Totesport sign up offers, including the £10 risk-free first bet and the Tote Guarantee.

Bonuses are also only valid for new customers registered in the United Kingdom. The Tote Guarantee also only applies to specific Win bets and Each Way bets.

Is anyone excluded from using a Totesport Promo Code or Totesport Sign Up Offers?

  • Existing members cannot use the £10 risk-free first bet unless, for some reason, they still haven’t actually placed a bet yet.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 and not based in the UK cannot sign up to Tote and take advantage of the promotions.
  • Punters who deposit to their Tote account via eWallets don’t qualify for the £10 risk-free first bet refund offer, as the terms and conditions do not cover this payment option.

How can I use the Tote Guarantee?

The good news is that this promotion is automatically applied to any relevant wagers! Simply sign up the Tote, and once you’ve added all your personal information and chosen a payment method, you can start wagering. All you have to do is make sure to place bets that class as either a Tote Each Way wager or Tote Win bet.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Typically, online gambling sites and sportsbooks offer some form of rewards or loyalty scheme alongside the usual, one-off promotions. Just as bonus offers are used to entice and maintain a player base, rewards are used to reward and encourage longer-term punters.

Curiously, and disappointingly, Tote doesn’t offer any kind of reward scheme, at least not online. As such, there also isn’t any kind of VIP program available for high-rollers or punters who like to make big-money stakes. Why this is the case, we have no idea, but it does reduce our Tote ratings significantly.

Totesport Sports Bonus

Totesport Sports Bonus

As mentioned above, there are currently only two promotions on offer. Both the equivalent of Totesport sign up offers (£10 risk-free first bets) and the Tote Guarantee only apply to the sportsbook section of the Tote website. We think this is entirely acceptable as Tote is renowned for horse race betting, and the promotions focus on this aspect of sports wagering. Also, even though this is a severely limited choice of bonuses, they are still useful and have significant benefits, which we’ll now look at.

Reality Test

First of all, the £10 risk-free first bet Totesport sign up offers. We opened an account and selected Visa as our payment method. Bear in mind that Tote does not cover eWallet services (such as PayPal and Neteller). After verifying our details via the Tote Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure, we were able to deposit money into our account. The KYC procedure involves sending scans of personal ID documents, which is par for the course with online sportsbooks.

For making a deposit, Tote allows punters to set their own limit: anywhere from £25 to £1000. We added £25, but because it was from a Visa card, we then had to wait three days before it had cleared and was available for use. Suffice to say, we can see how frustrating it would be if you wanted to make a wager, but by the time the cash is available, it’s a few days too late. This payment method is standard on gambling sites, but having no eWallet option is perplexing, to say the least.

In any case, once our £25 was ready, we were able to place a wager. Tote supports a pleasing variety of bets that should be familiar to any horse racing fan: single leg bets, Win/Place wagers, Exacta, Trifecta, and Swinger. Tote also covers Multi Leg bets: Placepot, Quadpot, and Jackpot. However, for the purposes of Totesport sign up offers, all that matters is which bet is placed first. In this regard, the first bet is the one at the bottom of the betting slip. Then all we had to do was cross our fingers and wait to see if we’d bet on a winner!

Bonus Withdrawal

We were lucky and picked a winner, but if we hadn’t been, then with Totesport sign up offers mean we’d have received £10 of our £25 wager back into our account.

This can then be withdrawn just like normal. In other words, it’s actual cash, not free betting credit. This makes the offer quite attractive, as many competitors offer only free bets for similar promotions.

As for processing times, it should appear in the account immediately, or at most within 24 hours. This is a somewhat broad window, but just about average for the industry.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

Remember, Totesport sign up offers and Tote Guarantee can only be used by punters based in the UK. Although this is disappointing, it doesn’t stop the bonus from being gratifyingly straightforward. However, there are still a few conditions to keep in mind.

For example, any punter who wants to make a Totewin and Toteplace bet has to be aware that these are classed as separate wagers. For instance, if the first bet placed is a combined £5 Totewin bet and £5 Toteplace bet, only the £5 Totewin bet will qualify towards the bonus. That is to say, you’d only receive £5 back if the horse didn’t win.

Bonus Conclusion

Overall, Totesport sign up offers at the sportsbook are above par. There’s no minimum amount required for the applicable bet, or contrived time limit in which to use the bonus. In terms of encouraging new players to take a punt on a race, it’s a decent incentive.

As for the Tote Guarantee, this didn’t apply to our first bet, as it only covers Tote Win and Each Way wagers (up to a maximum stake of £500).

However, we then tried making a Tote Win wager and, sure enough, after the horse lost we were refunded the Starting Price of the bet. Both these promotions are above average, although as to whether they’re enough to tempt new players to stick around, we can’t say. That’s a call you’ll have to make for yourself.

Totesport Casino Bonus

Totesport Casino Bonus

The online casino industry is the fastest-growing segment of the gambling sector. Its rapid growth now outpaces the growth of gambling as a whole. More and more companies are seeing the light, opening up inviting online casino websites.

Online sportsbooks in particular are now implementing casinos far and wide. Totesport is no exception to this trend. Totesport features a lively Casino section, packed with top games from renowned developers in the industry.

Reality Test

Despite Totesport featuring a full-fledged Casino, several shortcomings are present. For starters, our team was unable to locate even a single Totesport promo code for the Casino. Totesport welcome bonuses are also not available for casino players.

This seriously affects player experience at Totesport. Promotions are the lifeblood of the online casino industry. They’re the biggest edge that online operators have over brick-and-mortar establishments. Traditional casinos have lavish establishments, legions of helpful staff, and complimentary drinks or meals.

Online casinos have their bonuses. That’s why it’s so strange that there’s no Totesport promo code for the Casino. Try as they might, our expert reviewers were unable to find any current or former Totesport casino promotions. In fact, the Casino section doesn’t seem to even feature its own Promotions tab.

That means it’s quite likely that the Totesport Casino has no dedicated casino promotions. If you’re trying to make the most of your money, casino gambling at Totesport may not be your best choice.

Bonus Withdrawal

The vast majority of casino bonuses come with a series of conditions and requirements. Players are normally unable to withdraw their cash bonuses until they meet these conditions. Conditions often include wagering requirements, often dozens of times the original bonus amount.

While a sports betting Totesport promo code will carry wagering requirements, we can’t say the same for the casino. As there are no casino promotions available at the moment, it’s impossible to know what withdrawal terms would future promotions require.

However, it’s safe to say that when and if Totesport decides to release casino bonuses, requirements will exist. Make sure you read the terms carefully before trying to claim any bonus at Totesport.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

There’s always hurdles between you and bonus money. Clearing those hurdles isn’t always easy, or intuitive. Often, casinos implement deliberately complex rules in the fine print to keep you from cashing a bonus. Rarely do players get to withdraw their full bonus as advertised.

However, as there currently is no Totesport promo code for the Casino section, this is no issue. Furthermore, judging by the terms of Totesport Sports Betting promos, the operator keeps the rules simple. Should casino bonuses be offered in the future, they’ll likely show a similar degree of transparency.

Still, the most important piece of advice regarding claiming bonuses is to read the terms and conditions, carefully. Most players skim through the terms far too quickly, missing half the information they need to claim their bonus.

Bonus Conclusion

While the Totesport Casino is an entertaining enough gambling site, with dozens of attractive casino games and slots, promotions are lacking. It’s a major oversight, considering that Totesport is an established operator. Established in 1929, this isn’t Totesport’s first rodeo.

A total absence of casino offers or promotions make the Totesport Casino considerably less attractive than the competition. It’s a shame, too. Totesport has everything it needs to make its mark in the world of online casinos. Online slots, live games, a secure interface, diverse payment methods. It presents as the full package.

However, without casino promotions to speak of, it simply fails to generate enough interest to warrant signing up. It’s a situation that should be easily solved. Still, until Totesport resolves this shortcoming, its Casino offering will remain strictly subpar.

Totesport Poker Bonus

Totesport Poker Bonus

Poker is one of the most interesting games in the world. It’s a unique mixture of luck and skill, that defies the concept of gambling. Ever since breaking into the mainstream in the 2000s, poker has continued to gain popularity and players.

Online gambling operators were quick to jump on that bandwagon. Online poker has been a mainstay of the internet gambling sector for nearly two decades now. Dozens of sportsbooks and casinos now offer dedicated poker rooms.

They’re chock-full of tournaments, cash games, and exclusive poker promotions, such as cashback on the rake. However, that isn’t the case with Totesport. Despite having nearly a century in the business, Totesport hasn’t yet caught up to the times when it comes to poker.

Reality Test

As there is no poker room at Totesport, poker players won’t find any kind of poker-specific bonuses here. The lack of a formal poker room means there’s no games for you to join, and no bonuses for you to cash in on.

Still, many of the online casinos and sportsbooks that lack a poker room still incorporate poker games. Many casino poker games are typically available, offering unique variations of popular types of poker. These often include Caribbean Stud, Casino Hold’em, or Three Card Poker.

Such games are a poor replacement for the real thing, and will hardly scratch your itch for poker. They do offer some respite, though. Nevertheless, Totesport misses out on this count as well, as there are no video poker games either.

To further complicate matters, even if Totesport implemented some video poker games, no Casino bonuses exist, either. That means players looking for promotions for their favorite poker games are doubly out of luck at Totesport.

This total lack of promotional offers for card fans and casino players in general is a considerable oversight. For an operator with such a long trajectory, we feel Totesport should know better than that.

Bonus Conclusion

Once again, Totesport is a very competitive online sportsbook, and an adequate casino operator, albeit lacking in bonuses. However, when it comes to poker, Totesport is simply not even in the running.

With no poker room, no video poker, or poker-themed promotions, poker fans will be better served by other operators. Given the sizable amount of poker players the world over, we do hope Totesport considers opening a poker room in the future.

Overall Conclusion

Since Tote (formerly Totesport) is one of the longest-running horse race gambling companies in the UK, it’s a little disappointing they haven’t branched out to the States. US punters won’t be able to make use of any Totesport promo code, or at least not yet. There’s also a decent casino section on the Tote website, with a small but varied selection of games, but no casino-related Totesport promo code or bonus.

Totesport bonuses are basically average, and worth no more or less than offers made by Unibet or offers by William Hill, for example.

We imagine that the company is perfectly happy with the offline side of things. Still, when many competitor sportsbooks are going the extra furlong to make horse race bettors happy, it’s frustrating that Tote doesn’t feel the need to do the same.

The sports betting offers are good, but it’s probably not worth hanging around afterward, given the variety of offers on other horse racing sites. With no casino promotions to speak of, the Casino section isn’t particularly attractive. In addition, the total lack of a Poker section makes Totesport less competitive overall.

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