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Watch and Wager Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US

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If you’re like us and looking out for Watch and Wager sign up offers and information on the best Watch and Wager promo code, then keep reading!

Watch and Wager should be familiar to US gamblers as it’s one of the more well-known sportsbooks out there. North American players can also register and open an account for free, and then place stakes on a selection of race tracks both national and international.

Whether you want to wager on quarter, harness or thoroughbred horses, Watch and Wager offers races of all types. It’s also possible to view live race streaming and track replays and as part of their live center service.

Many horse racing sites offer welcome and bonus bets to entice and keep customers. Although this bookmaker is no different, we found that the Watch and Wager sign up offers and Watch and Wager Deposit Offer were very impressive. There’s also a good choice of contests and weekly promotions, which we’ll look into in greater detail.

Bonus Offer - Watch and Wager Promo Code Offers

Watch and Wager offer multiple promotions, but we’re going to focus on the Watch and Wager sign up offers. Any new players who sign up with the bookmaker qualify for a new player bonus of up to $150. Watch and Wager sign up offers involve four tiers: deposit $25, get $25; deposit $50, get $50; deposit $100, get $100; and deposit $150, get $150.

Tips on How To Use the Watch and Wager Sign Up Offers

Each deposit tier comes with its own Watch and Wager promo code, which players have to remember to input when they’re making the deposit (otherwise, you won’t be able to claim the bonus). Promo codes are standard practice among betting sites, with the offers by, for example, requiring a promo code to access the bonuses.

However, this bonus only applies to your first deposit – you can’t claim matching deposit amounts for each of the four tiers separately. Therefore, the best tip we can give you is to take full advantage of the $150 Watch and Wager promo code (MATCH150) in your first deposit. Then, you’ll have a cool $300 to wager with.

Another tip to bear in mind is that the deposit and match amount have to be wagered in full before any money can be withdrawn from an online account.

The bonus only applies to one person per household, so if you have family members or housemates keen to take a punt, then they’ll have to sign up using a different IP address (our top trick is to use a VPN). Finally, always double-check the fine print, as Watch and Wager sign up offers typically only run for a limited time.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Watch and Wager Bonus Code Offer

Here’s a rundown of the top five expert tips that we recommend trying to take full advantage of Watch and Wager sign up offers:

  1. If we’re talking about the new player bonus for joining, as mentioned above, then the top tip is to deposit $150, enter the Watch and Wager promo code MATCH150, and say hello to a hefty $300 account top-up. In other words, make the most of the offer.
  2. Our second top tip is to read the fine print. It seems obvious, but many new players sign up to bookies in the hope of taking advantage of a particular bonus, but realize too late that it has very specific terms and conditions.
  3. Keep in mind that, In the case of this particular Watch and Wager promo code, the match deposit amount (and initial deposit) can only be used on the Watch and Wager Stack Bet option. Stack Betting is relatively common, but can be a risky strategy. Essentially, every time you lose a bet, just double what you bet before to make your profit back. So our tip is to make sure you know what type of wager an offer relates to, just in case you have any big ideas about how to use the extra money.
  4. If you’re hoping to guarantee a profit from the Watch and Wager promo code, it may be possible, but prepare to work hard for it. For example, you can take advantage of the $150 offer and have $300 to play with. Wager your deposit on a selection with Watch and Wager and then lay this selection on a betting exchange. This process becomes harder depending on wagering conditions, but if that’s true, then simply pick a loser with your free bet, so you can profit from laying it on the exchanges.
  5. Our top tip, not just for Watch and Wager sign up offers but for any wager in general, is the golden rule of betting: Only bet what you can afford to lose, and once wagering stops being fun, stop gambling.
100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

Frequently Asked Questions About The Watch and Wager Promo Code

If you’re looking to take advantage of a Watch and Wager promo code, we have five of the frequently asked questions most players want to know about.

1. What’s the Watch and Wager deposit offer? Do I have to use a Watch and Wager promo code?

The Watch and Wager bonus code offer will match your first deposit for a total of up to $150, and the choice is up to you.

When you register for a new account, choose a deposit amount ($25, $50, $100, or $150) and enter the relevant promo code (MATCH25, MATCH50, MATCH100 or MATCH150). Then, within 24 hours, your Watch and Wager account will be debited with the additional match amount.

2. Can I withdraw Watch and Wager sign up offers credited to my account?

All bonuses and deposit offers have to be wagered, in full, before they become eligible for withdrawal.

3. Who is excluded from taking advantage of Watch and Wager sign up offers?

  • Existing customers who registered before the promotional period began.
  • Players who live in a state that prohibits online gambling.
  • Anyone who tries to use a Debit/Credit card, account, or other payment services that are not registered in their name.
  • Anyone who registers for an account and either doesn’t enter the correct promotional code or leaves the promo space blank.
  • More than one member of a household. New members must join via a different IP address if they wish to claim a Watch and Wager promo code.

4. How can I use bonus credits awarded as part of Watch and Wager sign up offers?

It depends on the Watch and Wager bonus code promotion, but in terms of the new player deposit match bonus, the match amount is credited to the relevant account within 24 hours in the form of a Free Bet Balance.

Please note that this amount can’t be withdrawn or transferred between accounts. The Free Bet Balance (bonus credit) can’t be used on typical bets. Instead, it must be wagered online using the “Stack Bet” feature of Watch and Wager.

5. Are there any special conditions that I should be aware of?

Watch and Wager account holders are the only ones capable of accessing Watch and Wager sign up offers.

Watch and Wager deposit offers are also only valid for new customers registered in the United States who are over 21 years old, and who live in a state that allows advance deposit wagering services.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are a relatively standard fixture among betting sites, and Watch and Wager is no exception. As well as the generous Watch and Wager deposit offer for all new members of up to $150, there’s also a 25% deposit bonus active every Wednesday; for example, wager $40 and get a $10 bonus.

In terms of cash bonuses, there’s a weekly 3-2-1 promotion and a chance to claim $50 every time a friend’s referred to Watch and Wager.

For those interested in harness racing, Watch and Wager offer a Cal Expo promotion every Saturday. Lastly, if a player wagers $5,000 or more every month, they get the chance to join the Watch and Wager Premier Rewards Program.

$5,000 is a relatively high starting point compared to some other companies. offers, for example, start at much lower stakes, as do promo code.

That being said, the Watch and Wager sign up offers are still fairly enticing. Unfortunately, additional information concerning this VIP program is hidden behind a phone number and email address. So, if you’re a high-roller, contact Watch and Wager for further details.

Watch and wager Sports Bonus

Watch and Wager Sports Bonus

If we continue to focus on the Watch and Wager promo code for new players, there are a few things to make a note of when wagering.

The first is that there are no other Watch and Wager sign up offers, so players should make the most of this one. The second is that there are particular conditions, so make sure you follow them in order to claim the bonus.

Remember that new players have to enter the relevant promo code when joining the site and that the offer only extends to specific amounts; players can deposit more than $150 as their first deposit, but the maximum bonus offer stays at $150.

Reality Test

We deposited $25, used the code MATCH25, and received $25 in bonus credit. It can take up to 24 hours for this to appear in your account, but we were lucky and received it within five hours.

We had sixty days to use the bonus money, but didn’t waste time and wagered it straight away. Players have to wager all of their deposit and bonus credit – it can’t be withdrawn as is.

We found a race we liked the look of and used the site’s Stack Bet function to wager everything throughout several races. A tab system next to a selected track lets you move between different types of wagers, including exotics, daily doubles, and of course stacked bets.

Bonus Withdrawal

Once we’d done this, we were able to withdraw our winnings using our preferred method (Play+); we expected to have to wait for it to appear in our account, but it was sorted out within the hour.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

Regarding potential pitfalls, the biggest is that the bonus can only be used on stacked bets, which is a risky proposition. The basic idea is that every bet doubles the previous one, so that you stand a higher chance of making back any losses.

Of course, if you hit a losing streak, then you’ll lose big. Probably the best advice to avoid this kind of outcome is to be sensible and not to bet too much at once.

Bonus Conclusion - Do I Need A Watch and Wager Bonus Code?

As to our verdict: this particular Watch and Wager promo code is a mixed bag. On the surface, it’s a very generous offer. There aren’t many bookies out there that match deposit amounts. However, we find the terms and conditions too restrictive and makes claiming the Watch and Wager bonus code tiresome.

Understandably, players can’t withdraw the bonus credit (it isn’t literally free money, after all), and having to wager it all first also makes sense.

What we’re not keen on is that the bonus credit and the initial deposit amount have to be wagered in full, before any winnings from using the bonus can be withdrawn. Again, we understand the logic of this, but limiting the bets to stacked bets only is unnecessarily restrictive.

Perhaps veteran gamblers won’t mind these restrictions and will be able to work within them successfully, but we would prefer the chance to wager the bonus any way we see fit.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus
Watch and wager Casino Bonus

Watch and Wager Casino Bonus

Who doesn’t love a good bout of casino gambling? The sound of the jackpots, the flashing lights, the spin of the roulette. Casinos are certainly a magical experience for any gambling aficionado. They constantly reinvent themselves, always a representation of the best and finest gambling that mankind has to offer.

Now, in the digital age, casinos have reinvented themselves once again. The online casino is an invention fit for our times. From the comfort of their own homes, players can now happily gamble away, playing their favorite games. Hundreds of online gambling operators have started offering casino gambling services.

Watch and Wager is not of them, though. Watch and Wager has rejected this trend, seemingly preferring to specialize in the horse racing sector. You won’t find any kind of casino gambling at Watch and Wager. It’s a curious approach, but it seems to be paying off for the operator.

Reality Test

With online casinos, come the promotions. Online casinos are famous for their generosity in the promotional department. That isn’t the case at Watch and Wager, though. Watch and Wager sign up offers and promotions are abundant, but apply exclusively to the sports betting section.

That means you won’t be able to play online slots or casino table & card games here. Obviously, this also means you won’t find any casino promotions or offers at Watch and Wager. In fact, there’s no Casino section whatsoever.

It’s impossible to know whether Watch and Wager will eventually implement an online casino or not. However, there is no indication that an online casino is in the works. Watch and Wager doesn’t even offer sports betting beyond horse and greyhound racing.

If it’s too specialized to carry standard sports betting markets, it’s probably too specialized for casino gambling as well. Regardless, if Watch and Wager moves towards implementing a Casino, and corresponding bonuses, we’ll be the first to review them for you.

Bonus Withdrawal

Normally, an online casino won’t simply hand out bonuses willy-nilly. Casinos don’t make money by simply giving it away. Players must meet a long series of requirements before their bonus cash is available for withdrawal.

These requirements usually involve wagering the full bonus and deposit amount a certain number of times. The exact number of times usually depends on the specific promotion in question. For casinos, they’re on average between 20 and 50 times the bonus balance.

Usually, players need to fulfill these requirements before a certain amount of time has passed. Common timeframes for bonus expiration are between 7 and 30 days. Since Watch and Wager has no Casino section or bonuses, though, there are no withdrawal conditions to examine.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

There are tons of ways for things to go south when you’re trying to claim a casino bonus. For instance, some players get their promo codes mixed up, activating the wrong promotion, or none at all. Others fail to inspect the terms and conditions properly.

This usually results in stepping over the line in various ways. That, in turn, results in cancellation of bonuses and bonus winnings. For example, failure to meet the wagering requirements in time typically leads to cancellation of the bonus altogether.

However, since Watch and Wager currently has no Casino section, there are no bonus conditions to speak of. If that situation changes, we’ll amend our reviews to reflect updated information on the matter.

Bonus Conclusion

While Watch and Wager is certainly a very competitive horse racing bookmaker, it falls short on many other counts. One of those counts is the casino gambling department. Watch and Wager is a highly specialized operator, focused on horse and greyhound betting action.

Sadly, this specialization results in a lack of many of the features you commonly see with other gambling operators. Namely, a Casino section. The lack of a Casino section obviously implies you won’t find any casino promotions here.

If you’re looking for ways to get the most bang for your buck while casino gambling, this operator isn’t for you. You’d be best skipping the Watch and Wager bonus code and claiming another offer.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus
Watch and wager Poker Bonus

Watch and Wager Poker Bonus

Gambling is supposed to be all about chance events. However, not all forms of gambling are purely based on luck. Poker, in particular, is both a game of chance and a game of skill. This attracts a broad range of players from all walks of life.

Poker is one of the fastest-growing sectors in gambling. It has millions of players, and thousands more are trying it out for the first time every day. Understandably, hundreds of online gambling operators have started offering poker room services.

These usually include cash games, tournaments, and countless poker bonuses. It’s a surefire way for casinos and bookmakers to capture a whole new audience. Nevertheless, not all gambling operators follow this trend.

Watch and Wager, in particular, has specialized in horse betting operations. The website features no Poker section whatsoever. This will surely disappoint poker fans. There’s also no indication anywhere on the site that this situation will change in the future.

Reality Test

Poker bonuses tend to be some of the most generous offers in the world of gambling. Poker players are as reliable as clockwork. With bonuses and offers, operators compete to be noticed by these players. Bonuses translate into more deposits, more wagering, and more cash in rakes.

Still, since Watch and Wager has no Poker section, there are no poker promotions to speak of here. In fact, without a Casino section, you can’t even play video poker on Watch and Wager. The only Watch and Wager promo codes around all apply to horse betting, exclusively.

Bonus Withdrawal

To withdraw a poker bonus, players usually need to clear the bonus first. This implies wagering the bonus several times over in cash games, tournaments, and any activities that generate rake at the poker room.

Since there are no poker games or bonuses at Watch and Wager, there are no withdrawal conditions to speak of. If the situation changes in the future, we’ll update our Watch and Wager reviews to reflect this.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

Claiming a poker bonus online is easier said than done. Poker operators don’t simply hand out cash bonuses. Players need to meet (often strict) wagering requirements in order to cash out their bonus money.

Watch and Wager deposit offer – Keep an eye on the terms

Furthermore, several conditions apply to most poker Watch and Wager deposit offers. For instance, with many operators, initiating a withdrawal (even of your own funds) before clearing a bonus will result in voiding that bonus. That said, since Watch and Wager doesn’t currently offer poker bonuses, there are no conditions to examine.

Bonus Conclusion

All things considered, Watch and Wager is a fine horse betting operator, but isn’t much to look at otherwise. With no Poker section, zero poker promotions, and not even a Casino section with some video poker, it’s got nothing to offer poker fans. Thus, you’ll need to look elsewhere for a Watch and Wager deposit offer.

If you’re an avid poker player looking for the next big bonus, keep looking. Watch and Wager is not the operator for you. Looking for hot poker action and plenty of promotions? Check out Bovada offers.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

Overall Conclusion

Watch and Wager is a decent sportsbook, overall. All race and sport information is well-presented and easy to find, with a pleasing variety to choose from.

Any gamblers who want to take a break from horses can also choose from many prestigious greyhound tracks, with the only issue being which tracks are available in each state. Another negative, especially for high-rollers, is the shortage of information about the Premier Rewards Program, plus the lack of easy access to streaming of live races.

The Watch and Wager bonus code diversity certainly isn’t the best we’ve found. Still, they’re all reasonably straightforward, and we can imagine them getting regular use from seasoned players.

We have a few more small niggles with Watch and Wager sign up offers, but overall we believe that it’s worth a go. New players should get the most out of the proper sign up offer, despite being subject to strict conditions and terms. It’s definitely a unique bonus among sportsbooks that offer horse racing.

Finally, we’re certain many players will get a lot of use of the Watch and Wager promo code and will be able to make the most of using it, as long as they don’t forget to check the fine print.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

WatchandWager Sign Up Offers FAQ

💥What is the new WatchandWager sign up offer?

The best online bookies tend to change their offers from time to time. Thus, you definitely want to stay in the loop with all the latest action and be at the forefront of the best bonuses. Our expert team at have gone to great lengths to find those bookies with the most compelling bonuses around. We hope to shed light on all the latest developments in the world of online gambling in the US.

💰Must I make a qualifying bet for the WatchandWager deposit bonus?

It’s important that you follow the requirements of the respective operator when you wish to claim an online bonus. It’s vital that you make the necessary deposit and wager it if needed. Without doing this, your account will not be credited with the bonus you are after. To find out precisely what you need to do in order to claim the latest WatchandWager bonus, visit our latest coverage by reading the review. We’ve ensured that all the most important info is readily available to you.

🎈Does WatchandWager offer additional promotions?

In addition to online bonuses, a wide number of bookies will offer all types of promotions that run a daily or weekly basis. Here, you’ll be able to take advantage of fantastic offers that put you in pole position to reap the benefits and potentially walk away with even more winnings. To find out, head on over to our latest review of the WatchandWager sign up offers. At, we love to bring you up to speed with the best betting options around.

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