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Claim your Deposit Offer now, also known as Television Games Network, is a horse racing operator based in the United States. The online horse racing authority is based in Los Angeles and broadcasts to several states in America.

American punters consider to be the leading horse racing operator in America, with punters able to gamble on more than 150 tracks.

The American horse racing site is a subsidiary of the U.K. online gambling company Betfair. What makes exceptional is that the operator has held a horse racing gambling license since 1993. The betting site is available as a desktop browser as well as through mobile apps.

Bonus Offer - Sign Up Offers

Of course, wouldn’t be much of an operator if it did not provide any sign up offers. This practice is the norm, even for well-established horse betting sites that want to draw in new members. Let’s have a look at some of the bonuses on offer, as well as the promo code.

Tips on How To Use the Promo Code & Bonus

The process of claiming your sign up offer is fairly simple. The most important factor to consider is that you’ll need to use your promo code to access the deposit offer. If you don’t use the Bonus Code when you register, then you won’t be able to use it afterward to claim your bonus.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the sign up offers are only available to new accounts. The operator has systems in place to ensure that no duplicate accounts are created. You need to ensure that betting on horse races is legal in your state and that you’re the legal gambling age.

There are a few more considerations for you to be eligible for the sign up offers. Once you’ve registered with the promo code, you need to place your first deposit and make your first wagers within 15 days of becoming a member. The following wagers are considered ‘Eligible Wagers’:

  • Win
  • Win/place
  • Win/show
  • Win/place/show

The wager can be placed on any race on any track. You can only place one eligible wager. If that wager loses, then you’ll be refunded up to the full amount of the risk-free bonus amount. Sign up offers will appear in your account five days after losing your wager.

It’s essential to note that you will not receive the bonus if your wager wins. Furthermore, you need to use the bonus within 30 days from receipt. Otherwise, you will forfeit the bonus. So make sure to use your bonus as quickly as possible.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Bonus Code & Offer

1. Sign Up Offers Wagers

Using your bonus is a similar process as placing real money bets. If your account reflects the bonus after using your promo code, you can use your bonus amount to place bets on your favorite horses. This will only be possible if you registered for the sign up offers.

Please keep in mind that you cannot withdraw your Bonus. The deposit bonus can only be used for placing wagers if your initial wager loses. This is known as a risk-free bet. You also need to confirm the period until your promo code is valid, known as the ‘ sign up offers period’.

2. Other Promotions doesn’t just provide sign up offers. There are other promotions and loyalty programs in place on the horse racing website. After you’ve claimed your bonus with the promo code, do yourself a favor and look at the other promotions on offer.

We strive to report on the promotions and programs available for operators as best we can. Many times, these promotions can change at a moment’s notice. You should always check what promotions are available to you as a member on the website.

3. Knowing How the Bonus Works

New members are signing up daily with their promo codes in order to benefit from the sign up offers. As new members are eager to claim their risk-free bonus, they usually place their first bets without reading the terms and conditions. This negligence can cause them to lose their bonus, even if they lose their first bet.

Always ensure that you understand how the bonus system works. provides clear terms and conditions for their sign up offers as well as the validity period of the promo code. Read through the conditions and make sure that you follow them completely.

4. Wager Quickly

Your sign up offers won’t last forever. There’s a time period attached to your bonus. After you use your promo code, then you have 15 days to place your initial deposit and wager. If you lose your first wager in this period, you’ll receive your bonus.

There’s also a time constraint on your bonus. You need to use your bonus on any wagers within 30 days. If you don’t, then will withdraw it from your bonus account. This is to ensure that gambling activity continues and that you didn’t sign up just to receive the sign up offer bonus.

5. Ensure Your State is Eligible

We’ve mentioned that is available to American gamblers. While this is true, there are some US states that aren’t eligible to claim the sign up offers.

You need to make sure that your state is listed as one that is eligible to gamble on the operator’s site in the bonus terms and conditions. If your state isn’t listed, then you cannot use the promo code.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sign Up Offers?

Sign up offers are bonuses that new punters can claim when registering with It is a risk-free bonus that is refunded upon losing the first wager. The bonus can only be claimed by using the bonus code.

How Do I Claim the Deposit Offer?

During the registration process, remember to use our promo code. You’ll receive the deposit offer five days after losing your first wager.

Can Existing Users Make Use of Sign Up Offers?

No. The promo code can only be used by new accounts. If you’re an existing member, you won’t be able to claim sign up offers. There are other promotions on for existing members, though. So make sure you keep an eye out on the website.

Why Should I Use the promo code?

The Promo code gives you access to the sign up offers, which you cannot claim without the code. The sign up offers give new members insurance against their first wager loss in the form of a risk-free bet.

Do I need to deposit funds to claim the bonus?

Yes. In order to be eligible for the sign up offers, you first need to place an initial deposit after using your Promo code. If your first wager from this deposit is lost, then you’ll receive a refund up to the full bonus amount.

Is Available in the United States?

Yes. However, there are some states that are restricted. Only a few States are considered participating states. Make sure you read the sign up offers terms and conditions before you use our Promo code.

Can I use the promo code if I create another account?

No. auditors will be verifying accounts to make sure that members don’t create multiple accounts. If they discover that you’re trying to obtain the bonus by using another account, your original account may be closed and legal action may be taken against you.

How many of my family members can benefit from the promo code?

As per the current terms and conditions for the sign up offers, every household may only use the promo code once. During the verification process, you’ll need to verify your physical address. only allows one promo code bonus per household.

Can I Place My First Bet On Any Horse Racing Event?

Yes. You can use your first wager in any race on any track. Just remember, the promo code bonus only applies to Win, Win/place, Win/show, and Win/place/show bets.

Are there additional promotions for existing members?

Yes. Once you’ve used your promo code to claim your bonus and to become a member, you’ll get access to other loyalty rewards. Make sure that you keep an eye on the website for new and exciting promotions.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs offers a wealth of promotions on its horse racing gambling website for existing members. Receiving rewards for being a loyal member really keeps punters part of the family. What makes unique is how many loyalty programs they have in place.

The first loyalty reward worth mentioning is the Referral Program. If members refer their friends by using a unique referral link, then both the friend and the member each receive a $25 match bonus. This bonus will be released as soon as the friend makes a deposit. The referred friend will also receive a $100 match bonus on their initial bet.

Another promotion currently on offer is the ‘Super 5 $5,000’ contest. Once you join the competition, your next five horse racing bets count towards it. If you win four out of the five bets, then you’ll receive your share of the $1,000 pool. Should you win all five bets, then you’ll receive your share of the $5,000 pool.

Existing members can also benefit from monthly sweepstakes. If you place a $10 bet in any of’s horse races, then you’ll be automatically entered, if you have opted into the Sweepstakes. Every day, the winner will receive $500 while five runner-ups will receive $100 each. Now how is that for treating loyal members well?!

If you like punting on the Swedish horse races, then the V86 promotion is for you. The V86 is a Pick 8 wager that features various horse races in Sweden. If you choose to opt-in, then you’ll be refunded your first $5 bet.

The final program worth mentioning is the Swedish Money Back Special. You bet in one of the eligible Swedish horse races for your single horse to win. If your chosen horse comes second or third, you can receive up to $10 as a refund.

With so many loyalty programs in place for existing members, it’s no wonder that new punters are using the promo code for the sign up offers!

TVG Horse Betting Bonus Sports Bonus

The sign up offer allows you to receive up to $200 as a refund on your wager if you lose your first bet. is predominantly a horse racing betting site. As such, it only offers horse racing and no other sport.

The bonus you receive from using our promo code applies to any of the 150 horse racing tracks. The bonus comes in the form of a risk-free bet. This means that, should you lose your first wager, you’ll be refunded up to $200.

The bonus is a substantial amount compared to other sportsbooks that we’ve reviewed. While it’s not the largest we’ve seen, the bonus is still a tempting enough to be worth the trouble. You can only claim the bonus if your first bet loses, though.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming The Bonus

There are some pitfalls that you need to avoid when claiming the bonus with our promo code. The first is waiting too long to claim your bonus. You have 15 days from the moment you place your first deposit to wager and lose your bet. Any longer than that, and you lose the chance at a refund.

There’s also a time period for using your bonus. While you can wager on any race track, you need to use your sign up offer bonus within 30 days from when you receive it. If you don’t, will withdraw the bonus from your bonus account.

Bonus Conclusion

Sportsbooks all over the world are offering sign up bonuses these days. It’s nothing new and punters usually look around on the internet for the best offers on the table. offers a decent sign-up deposit bonus in the form of a risk-free bet.

However, that bonus only applies if you lose your bet. You can only use the bonus on one of the horse racing tracks. While this bonus may not be a great incentive to join the reputable, it does provide some insurance for trying the horse racing sportsbook out.

Please also keep in mind that since there are no sports betting markets beyond horse racing at, your bonuses can’t be spent on other sports. All of the gambling action at is centered on horse racing.

This might be a drawback for players who prefer a broader selection of sports to bet on. If that sounds like you, check our the offers from other operators, like JetBull promotions. They have a much wider appeal.



Overall Conclusion is the US subsidiary of the well-known UK sportsbooks, Betfair. The operator is well-known for its television network which broadcasts live coverage for all its horse racing events. While it may not cover any other sports or provide any casino games, it does have over 150 horse racing events to wager on.

The sign up offer allows new punters to place their first wager with some insurance. It encourages new bettors to join the family, with the promise that it will refund the first bet if the eligible wager loses. This type of bonus is great if a horse racing bettor wants to see what betting on is like without worrying about losing some money in the process.

What could have been better is if the refund could be withdrawn if the punter is not happy to stay with This type of bonus refund only serves for you to gamble some more, instead of paying you back in real money. However, this is the accepted practice for many sportsbooks, and at least you’re given a chance to try again. is an absolutely track-centred operator, and well worth considering if you’re an avid horse bettor. If you’re looking for a bit more spice or variety, TVG might not be for you. However, if you’re looking for a fantastic horse racing betting operator, then this operator is well worth considering.

TVG Sign Up Offers FAQ

🎁Is there a TVG bonus offer?

Online sportsbooks all look to stand out from the crowd. One way of doing so is by offering exciting bonus offers that entice new customers. In our latest TVG review at, we’ve tailored a comprehensive overview of the sign up offers on hand. This will give you a better idea of whether this platform is for you.

👀What can I use the TVG bonus on?

Each online bookmaker will change up their offers and provide you with predetermined markets that you can use your bonus on. You won’t always be able to use your bonus on all available betting markets. Therefore, we suggest you read our coverage of the TVG sign up offers to find out if you can use your offer to bet on sports – such as horse racing – without being limited at any point in time.

🔮Is there a TVG promo code?

It may be the case that you will need to implement a bonus code when claiming the latest TVG sign up offers. If this is indeed necessary, you can’t activate your bonus without it. Thus, to speed up the process, we recommend you use our latest review to find out how to do so in minimal time. All of which will free up more time for you to bet on the latest horse racing events.

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