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betstars promo codeBetStars is the official betting descendant of PokerStars, widely considered to be the largest online poker room in the world. PokerStars has almost two decades of experience in the gambling industry. As well as a fascinating history that has wended its way through significant shifts in world poker. On this page, you will find all you need to know about the BetStars deposit bonus code.

The site has come a long way to becoming the successful poker site that it is today after having been Introduced to the world in 2001 as a site that only dealt in play currency. Today, it’s a website that also piques the interest of horse betting fans, so we’re pleased to have the chance to review it.

One can’t help but wonder if founders, Isai and Mark Scheinberg, foresaw such a fantastic outcome when they launched the real currency version in December of 2001. Whether or not they predicted their victory, they have certainly capitalized upon it by moving into the sports and horse betting markets.

Branching out to become the international network that it is today, not only of poker websites but of betting sites as well. Cue the entrance of BetStars.

Founded in 2005, BetStars was created to give PokerStars clients the option for betting on sports and horse racing with their trusted online operator. The Stars Group boasts one of the most well-regulated online gaming companies worldwide. It is licensed in North America, the European Union, and Australia, among other places.

The Stars Group’s almost cosmopolitan reach extends to BetStars. This means that BetStars, and its bonuses, are available almost worldwide, and can be used on horse racing. Let’s have a closer look at what BetStars sign up offers are out there, and why they might be important to you.

Bonus Offer - Claim your BetStars deposit bonus code

Looking for a BetStars deposit bonus code? If you’ve been around the gambling or betting industry for a while, then you are by no means new to the concept of deposit bonuses and sign-up offers. If not, you’ll doubtless require a preface to the details.

A sign-up or deposit bonus is, in the vernacular, an offer that is made to new members. Either you get some kind of benefit for signing up or they’ll increase whichever amount you deposit, all at no extra cost to you.

This, it goes almost without saying, is put in place to encourage prospective members to join the website, thereby gaining new members. Many companies do not only offer sign-up or deposit bonuses to their new members.

They also provide similar, yet different, promotions to their existing members for special events, such as the Kentucky Derby or the UK’s Grand National. This rewards them for their loyalty and encourages them to continue using the service. If you would like to take a look at the variety of bonus offers out there, head to our William Hill promo code, Watch and Wager sign up offers or our Unibet promo code page.

But what about BetStars? How do BetStars sign up offers measure up? Let’s have a closer look at BetStars bonus codes available.

Tips on How To Use the BetStars Sign Up Offers

Once you’ve unlocked the Free Play bonus, I’m sure that you’ll want to use it as efficiently as possible. To help you do that, we’re bringing you some helpful hints and tips straight from the editor’s desk.

Before we even dip into the main tips, first download the apps. If you want the best possible experience with the Stars Group, download their software for Desktop or mobile.

Tip #1 – Free Money is Free

One of the advantages of the $30 Free Play Bonus is that you have no real financial investment in the money that you are playing with. It is, quite literally, free money to wager on horse racing. The advantage of being able to play with free money that doesn’t cost you anything is that you get to experiment with some new horse betting types and be a little bit less cautious than usual.

For example, you may not be a poker player by nature, but you get $20 in Spin and Go tickets from the $30 Free Play Bonus that you can use on horse betting. This allows you to experiment and hone your skills without any real risk to you. However, the chance at reward is yours for taking all the same. After all, you may just turn out to be the one that manages to win that $10,000 first prize.

The $10 cash bonus, on the other hand, offers you the opportunity to bet in a less calculated way than you may be prone to usually. Maybe you’ll discover something new that you haven’t tried before – risk-free.

Tip #2 – Look to the Past to See the Future

After our last tip, this one may seem a bit contradictory. After all, did we not just give you permission to be slightly reckless and extremely adventurous? Well, yes, we did. But, as with all pursuits, recklessness should only be pursued as a means of gaining knowledge, and wisdom should reign supreme.

When it comes to betting, probably one of the most conventional pearls of wisdom that you can follow is this: the past often predicts the future. So, do yourself a favor. Watch some of the live races, matches, and events before making your first bets. If you can find them, watch some of the past games or races regarding the horse or person that piques your interest.

If you can learn more about the reactions of a specific player, under certain circumstances, then you have the chance to “read their tells,” so to speak. If you know how a player is likely to react, then you can bet accordingly, and possibly win a pretty penny – all at no cost to yourself.

Tip #3 – Play the Field

There are countless advantages to playing with money that you haven’t had to earn. Yes, yes, I know that you had to sign up to get it, but that doesn’t count; that part was easy.

Another advantage is that you get to play the field. Perhaps you would like to counter-bet once or twice. Making a paid bet in one way, and using your cash bonus to bet in the opposite direction. This gives you the opportunity, yet again, to learn more about betting trends and which kinds of bets are most profitable to you.

It is important to remember, at this stage, that loyalty is not your friend. It’s entirely noble to stick to your team and to back them all the way, but it isn’t necessarily profitable. Play the field, and see who makes you a profit, your team will survive.

Tip #4 – Don’t Get Caught Up in a Tornado

Whether you live in Kansas, Arkansas, or Italy, it is entirely possible to get caught up in a tornado of your own emotions. Be very careful not to follow up a losing wager with another and another.

There is a sort of psychological principle that makes you think that – if you believe strongly enough in your choice, and are willing to prove your belief by placing more and larger bets… Even when your choice is obviously flailing – the universe will somehow hear your plea and allow your pick to win.

I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but the universe is not always as generous as we would like. Keep a cool head, and watch your dreams die if you must, there will be chances to follow. What you don’t want to do is follow up on your free bet with countless cash bets. Know yourself and govern your bets.

Tip #5 – Know the Odds

The biggest favor that you can do yourself before you start taking advantage of your BetStars bonus code is to understand the basics of betting. Make sure you know what odds are and how they work; this way you won’t end up on the wrong end of them.

Teach yourself to read Moneylines, Decimal odds, and Fractional odds, so you can follow your bet in whichever format the odds may be. Before you make your first bets, you should also understand that bookmakers set the odds.

The odds are set, not according to the probability of the outcome but the likelihood of people’s bets. So, if there is a universal favorite – not for talent or likelihood of success necessarily – the odds will be set in favor of that favorite. Understanding this will help you not to fall for the general misconception that the odds are an indication of the likely winner.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the BetStars Promo Code

Let’s recap. The five most important things for you to do and know when you take advantage of the BetStars Sign Up Offers are this.

  1. Educate yourself! Before you even consider pressing that “bet” button, make sure that you understand the odds and the BetStars bonus code. Understand what you could win or lose, and never make a bet unless you do, whether it’s free money or not.
  2. Make use of your free credits and tokens to make plays that are a bit riskier than the plays you would usually make. Free money gives you the opportunity to gain experience without risking your own bankroll.
  3. Watch live plays and past plays to learn about the habits and patterns of specific players that have piqued your interest. Knowledge is power, and knowing the players will give you the “inside track,” so to speak, use it.
  4. Play the virtual field. Use the opportunity that the bonus gives you to try a vast array of different things that you may not have tried otherwise. Now is not the time to faithfully back up your favorite team; now is the time to learn what is profitable for you.
  5. Last of all, but not least, know yourself and don’t allow yourself to get caught up in an emotional tornado: whether it be anger, sadness, or fury. Such an emotional whirlwind is likely to make you throw good money after bad, as the adage goes. Govern your emotions, govern your bets, and always follow your good sense and instinct over what you feel.

Frequently Asked Questions about the BetStars promotions

Where is the Bonus Available?

The $30 Free Play Bonus is available to anyone living in any one of the countries serviced by the Stars Group. These countries include the United States, Canada, Australia, and many more. A full list of prohibited countries may be found on the BetStars Prohibited Jurisdictions list, in the BetStars terms and conditions.

Can I keep the money that I win with the Bonus?

Any money that you win using the Free Play Bonus is yours to keep.

Can I exchange Parts of my BetStars promo code for Something Else?

The BetStars promotions free play bonus is pre-set and not exchangeable.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

There is no need to fear that you won’t have access to any continuing incentives, rewards, or bonuses once your $30 Free Play Bonus has been depleted. The Stars Group offers a wide range of continuous offers, gifts, and promotions for you to use.

Probably the most essential program, if you plan on being a long-term member of BetStars or its counterparts, is the Stars Rewards Program. It’s got an exciting BetStars promo code for every occasion. To take a look at the rewards available with another reputable bookmaker, head to our TwinSpires reviews.

The Stars Rewards Program

The Stars Rewards Program is a program that is intended for the members of any one of the Stars Group’s websites. Every time that you play a real money game, make a real money bet or play real money poker (Terms and Conditions apply), then you will earn a certain amount of points. These points progressively fill up your progress bar.

Once your progress bar is full, it unlocks a chest of rewards that could potentially include anything from StarsCoin to unique BetStars promotions.

StarsCoin is the official online currency of the Stars Group and can be used to play more games across any one of the Stars websites. You can also access special BetStars promo code using StarsCoin.

The rewards chests come in six different colors, with varying values: blue, bronze, silver, gold, diamond, and black. Blue is the lowest value, with a worth of $0.60. Black is the highest valued chest, with a worth of $35-700.

The remarkable thing about Stars Group rewards chests is that they are personalized according to the games that you usually take part in. This means that you won’t get tickets to play poker if you are really a bettor, and so on and so forth. Check out our TwinSpires sign up offers review to see what other quality rewards programs are out there right now.

Betstars Horse Betting Bonus

BetStars Sports Bonus

If you have an account with or PokerStars Casino, then you can use your pre-existing login details to log into BetStars and take advantage of their startup bonuses. If not, you will need to create a new account. This is a simple procedure just like the Xpressbet promo code deal and bonus code offers you can get.

All that’s required to register for a new account is your Country of Residence, Name, Display Name, and E-mail Address. By signing up with the BetStars Promo Code, “THIRTY” you are eligible for $30’s worth of free play. The only thing that you have to do to get the bonus is to deposit a minimum of $20 after using the code.

Once you have made your deposit, your account will be credited with the BetStars deposit offer over the course of the next six days. The Free Play offer consists of different things every day.

Reality Test

Let’s take a closer look at what these are.

Day one of the $30 Free Play yields ten $0.50 Spin and Go tickets. Each Spin and Go ticket has the potential of winning up to $5,000, giving you the opportunity to win a grand total of up to $50,000. Of course, we’d all be highly suspicious if you managed to win the peak prize ten times in a row… But may the odds be ever in your favor.

Day two of Free Play offers you the opportunity to win another $50,000. This time, however, the opportunity comes in the form of five $1 Spin and Go tickets.

Day three offers yet another opportunity to win up to $50,000 – the means are the same as day two, though, five $1 Spin and Go tickets. Day four brings you the gift of choice, in the form of a $5 cash bonus that you can spend on any game that you like.

Day five is a day like many others, and also brings you five $1 Spin and Go tickets. The bonus period truly ends in triumph on the sixth day, with another multiple of three. What further drives it to the brink of perfection is that you once more get $5 to spend on any game that takes your fancy.

Bonus Withdrawal

Since BetStars bonuses come in the form of Spin and Go tickets, they can’t be withdrawn. You can only use them to pay for buy-ins in Spin and Go games. However, all winnings resulting from these games are yours to withdraw and to keep.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid When Claiming Bonus

The BetStars promo code is fairly straightforward. In order to claim your BetStars sign up offers, you need to be a new player in the Stars network. You also need to use the right BetStars promo code when signing up. Finally, you need to deposit $20 to activate the promotion.

After that, everything takes care of itself, with your free tickets being credited to your account instantly each day.

Bonus Conclusion

All things considered, BetStars sign up offers are reasonably attractive. However, the fact that the Sportsbook has no sports betting bonuses is a tad odd. Bonuses offered are only redeemable through the Poker section, which is a minor inconvenience. You may wish to look at the Matchbook promo code offer instead.

Still, if poker play is not your thing, BetStars sign up offers for the Sportsbook are considerably less attractive.

Bonus Conclusion - Our thoughts on the BetStars bonus code

BetStars is one of the most competitive and polished sportsbooks, casino, and poker operators in the business. However, its promotions and bonuses could use some improvement.

The free play bonuses are quite limited, offering sports bettors the chance to play some free poker (and a chance at a big jackpot). Generally speaking, sports betting fans like to spend their bonus money on sports bets, like FanDuel bonuses, DraftKings promos, and even 4NJBets offers allow them to do.

Casino and poker offers, on the other hand, are quite generous. Nevertheless, they’re wrapped up in insanely demanding wagering requirements. These ensure that very few players will actually get to see the bonus money they’re promised. Looking for more bonuses? Take a look at our Betdaq promo code review if you’re on the search for another great bonus offer.

BetStars Sign Up Offers FAQ

🎉Does BetStar offer a sign up bonus?

In this day and age, online bookmakers consistently offer online bonuses to new customers. However, not all operators will provide bonuses on a daily basis. Thus, it’s important to find out which operators have exciting bonuses so that you can get in on the act sooner rather than later. Use our latest bonus reviews at to find out more.

⌛How long does the BetStar bonus last for?

You’ll find that bonus offers have an expiration date. They won’t last forever and you’ll be required to use your bonus before it expires. Therefore, it’s important that you know exactly how much time you’ll have to meet all playthrough requirements. Use our latest bonus review of BetStars to inform yourself of all the vital info pertaining to the bonus in question.

🏇Can I use the BetStar deposit bonus to bet on all horse racing events?

Keep in mind that bonuses are usually only applicable to a number of different sports and bet types. However, certain operators will give you a lot more freedom when using a bonus offer. In our BetStar sign up offer review, we’ll walk you through how and where you can use the deposit offer. This will allow you to put it into action with confidence and ease.

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