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DraftKings Sign Up Offers & Promo Code US

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DraftKings is an innovative sportsbook that specializes in fantasy sports. It offers clients the option of betting on 15 different fantasy sports types. As we covered in our DraftKings reviews, it was founded in 2012 and has its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

In 2018, it was launched in New Jersey. This sportsbook was the very first legal sports betting platform in the state. Even though sports betting makes use of real-money transactions, the majority of fantasy sports betting clients consider fantasy sports betting as a game of skill and not actually as gambling. Although DraftKIngs has much to offer, horse betting isn’t on the list.

In order to attract new customers, the operator offers potential clients enticing DraftKings sign up offers. This offer comprises a $3 ticket which is given for free for any $3 contest.
DraftKings sign up offers occur when the client makes an initial deposit of $5 or more with a DraftKings bonus code. This free ticket is valid for one year after signing up.

Bonus Offer - What DraftKings Sign Up Offers Are Available?

When it comes to online gambling, whether it is a sportsbook, casino, or poker room, the importance of bonuses and DraftKings promo code should not be underestimated. Competition is fierce in this industry, and sometimes bonus offers and DraftKings promo code may be the difference between gaining or losing potential clients.

Fortunately, DraftKings offers a welcome bonus as DraftKings sign up offers with the client’s initial deposit, as well as DraftKings promo code. These offers would have been fantastic for playing the ponies, if there were ponies to play on.

To claim the DraftKings deposit offer all a client has to do is accept the DraftKings sign up offers and make an initial deposit of $5 or more.

DraftKings gives potential clients the option to sign up with their details or social media, in the form of Facebook. The latter option simply uses the client’s Facebook login details to register them to the DraftKings sportsbook. To take a look at some other bonus offers on the market, head to our TVG.com promo code, Keeneland Select promo code or our FanDuel promo code pages.

Tips on How To Use the Bonus - Making The Most Of Your DraftKings Promo Code

Each online gambling entity is unique in terms of bonus offers, including both DraftKings sign up offers and DraftKings promo code. The offers and the way to claim these offers vary vastly from sportsbook to sportsbook. Besides varying from sportsbook to sportsbook, the types of bonuses within an individual sportsbook can also be extremely different.

Thus, the tips given regarding taking advantage of the DraftKings sign up offers and bonus offers would have to be detailed, given that each tip would only be relevant to its respective bonus or DraftKings promo code within one specific sportsbook.

In terms of DraftKings, we can generally identify three kinds of bonuses. Each of these requires a different form of advice in order for clients to obtain the maximum benefits from them.

The first one pertains to DraftKings sign up offers. DraftKings has made it clear that the welcome bonus of $3 is only applicable with an initial deposit of $5 or more. This means that if a client were to make an initial deposit of a value that is less than $5, they would forfeit the DraftKings sign up offers.

So, the first tip would be that the client make an initial deposit of at least $5, just to ensure that they do get to claim the DraftKings sign up offers. The second tip is the DraftKings Casino monthly promo code or bonus.

This one is subject to change from time to time. Clients should, therefore, browse through the DraftKings site from time to time, in order to find out the latest DraftKings promo code. The final one refers to the DraftKings bonus code for sportsbook, in which clients may claim up to $1,000. If you’re interested in a different bookmaker, head to our bet365 sign-up offers US page.

Top 5 Expert Tips - Take Advantage of the DraftKings Offer

A potential client should log into the DraftKings site to take advantage of their DraftKings bonus code. The client should then browse the site and familiarize themselves with navigating their way around it.

Once the client understands how to use the site, and what sports are available for betting on, they will have a more clear understanding of the options available to them. Once they have gained this knowledge, it is easier to take advantage of what the website offers.

The website offers 15 different types of sports to bet on, and there are multiple ways of placing bets within each sport. A client may find that placing a particular type of bet in one sport may prove beneficial, while selecting the same type of bet a different sport results in a loss for the client.

While the client is still learning or gaining particular skills in sports betting, they should constantly keep an eye out for a DraftKings promo code. It can help them build up their bankroll, and have more money to gamble with.

Clients should not be afraid to engage in bets on different sports. They should also not be afraid of trying various ways to place bets. This is the only way that they will gain experience and discover which betting types work best with which sport.

Once a sport has been selected on the site, each sport gives the client a few tips or things to consider for placing the bet. This allows the client to make an informed decision each time that they place a bet.

In each sport, there is a section informing the client of the positive aspects of that particular sport in DraftKings. It also shows what shortcomings the client needs to be aware of to avoid pitfalls, disappointment, and unnecessary losses.

100% up to $600
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Frequently Asked Questions - Using Your DraftKings Bonus Code

Like any competitive entity, such as the latest Betdaq promotions code, terms and conditions apply. While DraftKings is an entertainment entity that has several bonus offers, including DraftKings sign up offers and other promotions; there are rules and regulations that the client needs to be aware of. Being aware of the terms and conditions before entering a contest or promotion avoids any nasty disappointments later.

Information regarding DraftKings promo code and bonuses is freely available on the DraftKings site. It’s available under the ‘terms and conditions’ section. It’s always worthwhile to browse through an online casino or sportsbook terms and conditions before beginning to place bets.

Having sound knowledge of a service provider before committing cash will have the client feeling more confident and comfortable with the online gambling entity.

Even though it is recommended that clients read the terms and conditions thoroughly, there are sometimes time constraints that hinder this possibility. In order to make it a little bit easier for clients to gain sufficient knowledge about the online entertainment entity, without having to read through an exhaustive segment of terms and conditions, most online entertainment entities have a frequently asked questions section.

This section provides the potential client with snippets of essential knowledge in a brief manner. The format of this section is a question about the provider, followed by a clear, concise answer.

Since clients want to be able to get as many rewards out of an online gambling entity as possible, many of these questions tend to revolve around the DraftKings sign up offers, or a specific DraftKings promo code. This section of the review will give an overview of some of these frequently asked questions.

Some of the frequently asked questions include:

Can I use the DraftKings deposit offer to bet on horses?

Sadly, no horse betting facilities are available at this operator.

Will contest prizes be awarded to clients?

Prizes will only be awarded to clients if a contest is run. DraftKings reserves the right to cancel events and contests.

What happens to the client entry fees in the event of a cancelled event?

All client entry fees will be refunded.

How do I get a DraftKings bonus or DraftKings sign up offers?

When a client deposits $5, they qualify to receive up to $500 bonus funds. These come in the form of ‘site credits.’ Site credits are a type of monetary substitute that can only be used at DraftKings.

Clients should be aware that the DraftKings deposit offer amount is equivalent to 20% of the deposit amount. The bonus value will not exceed $500. This means that the client must deposit $2,500 to be eligible to receive the maximum amount of $500 bonus.

What’s the DraftKings promo code?

DraftKings offers new clients the opportunity to get $20 to spend on the daily fantasy sports contests. Clients qualify for this promotion by making an initial deposit of $5. The DraftKings promo code can be accessed by using a DraftKings unique link. Any winnings earned while using the $20 are then the clients to keep. Check out where you can find the TwinSpires bonus code right now as well.

Additional Rewards - What Is Available For Returning Customers?

There’s more than just the DraftKings deposit offer here! DraftKings values its existing clients and the loyalty that they show by returning to make continuous bets. In order to reward these existing clients, DraftKings provides clients with a loyalty program. DraftKings new rewards program offers clients’ DraftKings crowns’.These DraftKings crowns replace the old reward system that used to consist of FPPS.

Clients who still have FPPS from old DraftKings sign up offers need not fret; the FPPS will simply be converted into crowns.

The Frequent Player Point program or FPPs were rewards points that were previously awarded to loyal clients of DraftKings.

The crowns can’t be redeemed for cash, but it can be refunded in the form of DK dollars. DK dollars are a currency that can only be spent at DraftKings.

The rewards program is basically available to anyone who makes use of DraftKings services. There are no restrictions on eligibility. If a client spends $1, then they qualify for one crown. If a client is able to accumulate a minimum of 100 crowns over the period of a single month, then they are eligible for the daily rewards program.

Clients can also earn additional crowns by completing DraftKings daily missions or season-based league achievements. These also assist with increasing the client’s status level. DraftKings status levels are based on the number of crowns that a client accumulates over the period of a month. The rankings are as follows:

  • Bronze: 100 crowns
  • Silver: 500
  • Gold: 2,000
  • Platinum: 10,000
  • Diamond: 25,000
  • Black: 125,000

Clients should be aware that the rewards for each status level increases as more crowns are accumulated.

When crowns are used to purchase real money tickets, then the value of each crown is roughly $0.0018. Crowns can be exchanged for contest tickets and used to make purchases from the DK Shop.

In order for clients to redeem their daily rewards, they need to log in on a daily basis and claim their rewards.

As well as the DraftKings crown and status level program, there is another rewards feature, which is also the public status that each client displays. This feature is referred to as DraftKings levels.

DraftKings levels work in the following way:

  • A client enters into DraftKings contests.
  • For each contest that the client engages in, they earn ‘Experience Points’ (XP).
  • The Experience Points earn clients a badge at every ten levels, which is publically displayed.
  • The amount of XP a client is capable of earning is based on the size of the contest, the amount of entry fee for that particular contest as well as the finishing position that the client obtained.
  • In order to obtain a higher XP, clients can opt to enter larger contests or contests with a higher entry fee and also perform well in the contest.

The client should be aware that these XP points are not redeemable for anything of value and that it’s merely a public display of their player ranking within the DraftKings realm. If you are in search of a different operator, head to our page where we take a look at is Sugarhouse reliable?

Draft Kings Sports Bonus

DraftKings Sports Bonus

The Sportsbook is the element for which DraftKings is most popular. This is the segment in which clients can bet and be rewarded for their skill level in all kinds of sports. These include golf, baseball leagues like the MLB, basketball leagues like the WNBA and NBA, motor racing like NASCAR, NHL hockey, combat sports such as boxing and MMA, and many more, but not including horse racing.

DraftKings also offers fantasy sports, including Fantasy Football, Fantasy Basketball, Fantasy MMA, Fantasy College, Fantasy League of Legends, Fantasy XFL, Fantasy Baseball, Fantasy Golf, Fantasy Soccer, Fantasy College Sports, Fantasy Euroleague Basketball, Fantasy CS: GO, Fantasy Hockey, Fantasy NASCAR, Fantasy College Football, and so much more.

DraftKings Sportsbook offers a generous $500 welcome bonus for new players. It’s a deposit matching bonus, matching 100% of your first deposit, up to $500.

Reality Test

The sign up bonus of $500 deposit match could be used in either the casino or sportsbook segments. This requires a 25x playthrough. If a client elects to use the $500 deposit in the sportsbook segment of DraftKings, that would mean that they’d have to wager $12,500 in order to qualify for the full deposit bonus.

There is no promo code required for this bonus. The $200 bet match that clients also qualify for upon sign up pertains only to the sportsbook segment. It works in the following way:

A client’s first bet is matched up to $200. This bet needs to be placed within 30 days of sign up in order for the client to qualify for the $200 match bet. This bonus also has a playthrough requirement.

The $200 bet match bonus does not require a promo code. A client automatically qualifies for it upon sign up.

Bonus Withdrawal

As mentioned above, DraftKings sign up offers have a 25x playthrough. It’s a relatively low wagering requirement, compared with the competition.

Bonus Conclusion

It’s a decently attractive bonus like the Xpressbet promo code offer, with a relatively low playthrough requirement. The DraftKings promo code is a good enough reason to join the sportsbook. If you’re into sports betting action, and enjoy a good promotion, give DraftKings a go.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus
Draft Kings Casino Bonus

DraftKings Casino Bonus

As well as the sportsbook that DraftKings is well known for, they are also an online casino.

The casino offers online casino games such as Blackjack and roulette to mobile users. The DraftKings casino can be accessed from the same DraftKings sportsbook app.

The DraftKings casino segment is only permitted to be played within the state of New Jersey, although DraftKings may expand their legal boundaries in the near future as more states begin legalizing sports betting and online casino games.

The games library of DraftKings casino is reasonably limited. The casino splits its gaming library into five separate categories:

  • Live Video Poker.
  • BlackJack.
  • Cleopatra Slot Game.
  • Wheel Of Fortune Slots.
  • Roulette Wheel.

Blackjack was the first of these to be launched by DraftKings in 2018. The Evolution Games powered live-dealer casino segment was launched in 2019. The casino account registration page can be accessed through the DraftKings’ claim free credits’ page.

The casino segment is fairly easy to navigate, and the instructions are simple to follow. The casino offers players a different bonus in comparison to the bonus offered by the DraftKings sportsbook segment.

Reality Test

The great thing about the bonus offered by DraftKings casino is that it doesn’t expire. The details of how to take advantage of this bonus are as follows:

DraftKings casino offers new users $200 risk-free for the first 24 hours. It also offers a $500 deposit match. In order for prospective clients to claim this bonus, clients will be required to sign up on the DraftKings landing page. This bonus is only available within the state boundaries of New Jersey.

Clients don’t have to enter any DraftKings promo code in order to enjoy this bonus. All that is required is to sign up.

Bonus Withdrawal

Regarding the $200 risk-free bet part of the bonus, this is only valid for the first 24 hours after the client has signed up for DraftKings. It relates to the sportsbooks segment of this article, which we will investigate more closely in the following section.

Clients are able to decide if they would like the $500 deposit match bonus in the casino segment of DraftKings or in the Sportsbook segment. The $500 deposit bonus comes with its own set of terms and conditions.

It’s important for clients to note that 20% of the deposit amount is paid, not exceeding $500. It also requires a playthrough of 25 times.

Additional Casino Promotions

DraftKings Casino offers regular promotions on a short term basis. Examples of these frequent promotions are as follow:

  • Friday Slot Bonus.
  • 100K Sweepstakes.
  • Bet $20 on Blackjack and get $5 free Sportsbet.

The Friday slot bonus works in the following way:

On a Friday, when clients played only selected slots, they stood a chance to win bonus funds of $1 for every spin. The cap off was set at $1.

The 100K sweepstakes promotion work as follows:

This bonus integrated both the Casino and Sportsbook segments of DraftKings casino. It required that clients play at least one real money casino game over the period of the month. This would afford them a chance to win a free sports wager. The free sports wager was valued at $1,000. A single entry was earned daily.

The Bet $20 on Blackjack, Get $5 free Sportsbet worked as follows:

This promotion also integrated the Casino and Sportsbooks segments of DraftKings. It required the client to wager $20 on selected Blackjack games in order to be afforded the chance to win a free Sportsbet credit of $5.

These are examples of short term promotions that DraftKings casino has previously hosted. The website can be checked for updated information and offers in order for potential clients to get the most recent promotions.

Bonus Conclusion

DraftKings sign up offers for the casino are quite competitive. They stack up quite well when compared with 4NJBets promotions, BetStars offers, and PointsBet promos.
Although DraftKings is better known as a sportsbook, the casino promotions more than hold their own. Furthermore, DraftKings sign up offers from the Sportsbook are also applicable at the Casino, which makes it all the more enticing.

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus
Draft Kings Poker Bonus

DraftKings Poker Bonus

DraftKings offers live poker games in its casino segment, but unfortunately does not currently offer either poker rooms or tournaments. In addition, no DraftKings promo code is available for any of the video poker games specifically.

Nevertheless, the bonus for DraftKings casino is applicable to all of the casino games offered, including poker.

Overall Conclusion - A Well-Rounded Betting Site

DraftKings is a well-rounded fantasy and sports online gambling entity. Its casino segment is slightly limited, but does have sufficient games to keep players entertained. The games are all excellent quality and are powered by some of the best software providers. However, we find the absence of horse betting facilities rather disappointing.

DraftKings offers its clients a generous welcome bonus, and there are unique sporadic short-term promotions for existing players to keep things interesting. Existing clients are also rewarded with the DraftKings loyalty program, and their XP status is publically displayed.

Generally, DraftKings can be regarded as a commendable online gambling and entertainment provider. If you liked this betting site, why not compare their offerings to the TVG.com bonus code deal?

100% up to $600
Risk-Free Bet
Redeem BetMGM Bonus

DraftKings Sign Up Offers FAQ

💎What is the latest DraftKings bonus offer?

DraftKings is known to provide exciting bonus offers to new customers. If you sign up with this online platform, you’ll be keen to claim a bonus that suits your playing style. As such, we hope that you take a look at our latest review in order to assess which offer works best for you. There’s no reason why you should miss out when you stay informed with us.

📝What are the requirements for the DraftKings deposit bonus?

Every online bookmaker will implement certain requirements that pertain to the bonus in question. It is imperative that you adhere to these requirements and meet them if you wish to capitalize on your bonus offer. In our coverage of the DraftKings sign up offers, we’ll walk you through the requirements at hand and provide you with handy tips.

🏇Can I use the DraftKings bonus to bet on US horse racing?

We’re 100% sure that you’re here with one thing in mind – to bet on the latest horse racing markets. Thus, you’re probably eager to use your bonus to do exactly that. In this review, we’ll be sure to take you through all the ins-and-outs of the bonus and provide you with the knowledge as to what you can use the latest offer on. At Horsebetting.com, we’re committed to making your life as convenient and enjoyable as possible when it comes to online betting.

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