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Originally founded in July 2009, the FanDuel Group is a New York-based bookmaker and sportsbook. Since its inception, FanDuel has continued to grow and climb the corporate ladder. At one point it was expected to merge with DraftKings, to become America’s largest fantasy sports daily operator, but this move was curtailed by State regulations.

Now with more than a decade of experience, it is the second-largest daily fantasy sports group in the United States. FanDuel has a significant focus on the Fantasy Sports arena, but also offers expansive casino, racing, and sportsbook features. Sadly, they don’t offer the opportunity to bet on horses.

It is continually offering new and exciting bonuses to encourage growth and to welcome new members to its midst. Its size and popularity are indicative of the fantastic service and products that have been offered by FanDuel, all of which have made it a fixture in American sports.

If you’re interested in making an entry into the daily fantasy sports arena, then you can choose no better place than FanDuel, one of America’s most trusted fantasy sports operators. Of course, if you’re after a real horse racing specialist provider, you should check out operators like the bet365 sign-up offers US page.

Bonus Offer - Plenty of Great FanDuel Sign Up Offers

Most, if not all, reputable sportsbooks, betting operators, casinos, and fantasy sports groups will offer sign up offers or deposit bonuses to new members. The idea behind a sign up offer is to encourage prospective new members to sign up, and to help them on their way by making their first bets, virtually for free.

FanDuel is no exception. It offers both FanDuel sign up offers for new members, and special FanDuel promo code for returning players. There is actually a long history of FanDuel sign up offers, with very juicy bonuses in the past.

This consistency and generosity have doubtless contributed to their reputation and popularity. Let’s take a closer look at the current set of FanDuel sign up offers. Unfortunately, if you wanted to use a bonus to play the ponies, this operator is a no-go.

If you’re a resident of Pennsylvania or New Jersey, then why not sign up now? Unfortunately for all of the rest of you, the bonus doesn’t apply outside those two states. Two states? You heard me. One of the significant drawbacks to the FanDuel startup bonuses is certainly their limited availability to residents of the other 48 states and Canada.

However, for those of you fortunate enough to live in one of these two states, there are indeed very many advantages to these phenomenal bonuses. Let’s look at them in a little more detail.

Tips on How To Use the FanDuel Promo Code Bonus

We are sure that, once you have taken hold of this FanDuel bonus code offer, you will want to take the most advantage of it that you can. As always, we’re able and willing to help you on your way.

First of all, download the applications for Android or Apple. The apps will simplify your usage of the service hundredfold. With world-class technology at your fingertips, why not use it?

Knowing yourself is perhaps more important than anything else. Know your emotions, know your tendencies, and govern your bets accordingly. Never go on the tilt, throwing more and more money after losing bets in the hopes of a somehow miraculous outcome.

Recklessness is never recommended. Nevertheless, if you do wish to make a somewhat less calculated bet, now is your opportunity to do so. You can claim $150 in bonus bets for placing a $10 wager on any sportsbook event. If your first bet wins, you will be rewarded in the bonus bets within 72 hours of your qualifying bet settling.

Education is three-quarters of victory, so educate yourself. Teach yourself about odds, about bets, about stakes, and about how odds are set. Don’t allow yourself to fall for the illusion that the odds indicate who is likely to win.

Wisdom will have her say. Remember that the past often predicts the future. Study your favorite players, horses, and fantasy league players. Learn how they react and use that information to make wise and compelling bets.

Lastly, never make a bet just because you can. Just because a bet is no sweat, or you’re playing with money that you have not paid for, is not a good enough reason to begin cultivating a culture of irresponsibility. Always understand the possible outcomes, whether the result is victory or failure, of a bet before you make it. After you have considered all of this, you can then make an informed decision.

There are, of course, many, many more things that you could learn about betting. But it is impossible to do more than the most basic of overviews in such a short article. There are very many other fantastic articles available on the internet that will allow you to expand and learn more.

Reminder: we can’t make this clear enough, don’t be on the lookout for a FanDuel Bonus Code; there aren’t any.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the FanDuel Bonus Code Offer

Let’s summarize. These are our top hints and tips for claiming the FanDuel deposit offer, straight from the experts, for your information. May you benefit from their wisdom.

Tip #1 – When There Are No Risks, Take Some

This may not be the most conventional type of wisdom. But, logic dictates that when one is offered something no sweat, one should go out of one’s way to take advantage of the risks that would have been there.

For example, in a case in point, one would not have been very free with one’s bets. This sign-up offer allows you to explore your wild side. Just this once, we give you permission to be a player.

Where usually you would be very wise and not spend your hard-earned cash on wild bets and guesses, this is your opportunity to do precisely that.

A bonus bet? You would be insane not to make that bet that you have been dreaming of for so long. Take the opportunity to play the field and find out what works best for you.

Tip #2 – Educate Yourself

On the other hand, conventional wisdom will also play its role. If you had the opportunity to earn money without spending any, would you take it? Of course you would. In this particular instance, you will be spending some cash; however, if you happen to lose your money, then it won’t be lost at all.

That being said, why not try and make money with your money? A bonus bet gives you the opportunity to learn, to invest, and to recreate what you think could come to pass, without any risk to yourself.

So, perhaps this is the time to put in the long yard, so to speak. This is your opportunity to make a concerted effort and to teach yourself all that you need to know. To teach yourself how to be a successful bettor in the future.

We’re talking about odds: Fractional, Decimal, American/Moneyline… Do you know the odds? Now is the time to equip yourself, and to acquaint yourself with all of the information. Information regarding odds, regarding betting, and all of the factors that will affect your bets in the future.

For example, you should realize that the betting odds are not based on the likelihood of a particular candidate’s victory. On the contrary, the betting odds are based on the public perception of a candidate’s success. Knowing this, and other things like it, will give you an edge when you’re betting.

Tip #3 – Never Ignore an Augury

There is a pearl of wisdom, shared by wise men and poets alike. It says that the past is often the best prediction of the future.

When it comes to betting, this adage is perhaps particularly apt. If you wish to be successful at making bets, then it is often necessary for you to go back in time. The best way to learn about a player’s reaction or a horse’s response to particular stimuli is to study their previous response to the same stimuli.

Our advice to you is this: if a particular player piques your interest, then you would be wise to study as many of their past plays as you can. If you’re not in a hurry, which is very wise when it comes to money, it would also be worth your while to watch and study that player’s current live plays.

By engaging in this, almost stalker-like, admiration of your player of choice, you will gain insights that will allow you to make appropriate bets based on their past behaviors.

If you know how a player will react, then you have the inside track.

Tip #4 – Emotion Is for the Weak

It is possible, and even likely, that at some point even the most stoic of people will lose the war against their emotions. However, this is the most unwise course of action when it comes to betting. Whether it be anger, frustration, sadness, or excitement, you ought not make a bet based on what you feel.

There is a strange, strange thought in the minds of men. It goes like this: if I believe firmly enough in my chosen champion, then they will win. If they do not seem to be winning right now, then I can encourage them to win by placing more and higher bets on them.

This is known as going on the tilt, so-called because those who follow this approach typically find themselves teetering on the edge of a very slippery slope.

I’m sorry to have to break it to you, but whether you believe in Lady Luck or the universe, things don’t happen just because you want them to. Govern your emotions, know yourself, and make wise bets.

Tip #5 – Don’t Do it Just Because You Can

It is a very tempting thing; perhaps, when you know there is no risk, to make a bet solely for the sake of making a bet. The reality of the matter is, risk or no risk, it is never wise to make a bet just because you can. Unless, of course, it’s a tiny bet and it’s just for fun.

Use your bet wisely, not just because you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Bet on Horses With My FanDuel Deposit Offer?

Unfortunately, Fanduel doesn’t offer horse race betting.

In Which Regions Is the Bonus Available?

The FanDuel deposit offer is only available thoughout the United States where legalized sports betting is available.

Where Do I Find a Fanduel Promo Code?

There’s no FanDuel promo code for this offer. Sign up and make a deposit in order to access the FanDuel sign-up offers. Check out where you can find the TwinSpires bonus code as well.

Do I Get to Keep the Winnings That I Make Using the $10 Bonus?

Any money that you win using the FanDuel sign up offers is yours to keep.

Are There Limits to What I Can Use the Deposit Bonus For?

You can use your $10 deposit bonus to participate in any of the FanDuel site’s games or bets. You can’t, however, withdraw the deposit bonus outright. You need to gamble it on anything and win your wager, in order to withdraw.

Where Do I Find the Vouchers for the Deposit Bonus After I Have Received It?

Once you have logged into your account, you will find any vouchers for current offers under the vouchers tab. This applies not only to the $150 Bonus Bet, but also to any other currently available bonuses for which you’re eligible.

Is it Possible to Exchange the Bonus Bet for Other Offers of Equal Value?

The $150 Bonus First Bet offer is pre-determined and not exchangeable.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Every member of FanDuel automatically gets signed up for the FanDuel Players Club. The Players Club is a rewards program meant to thank you for your loyalty to FanDuel. But what else can you get at FanDuel that you wouldn’t get from PointsBet offers for example?

Every time that you spend $1 on any paid game, bet, etc. you’re awarded 5 FanDuel Points. The rate isn’t constant, however, as FanDuel sometimes runs promotions and offers that allow you to earn more FDP without spending more.

Your FDP may expire if you don’t enter any paid bets for a year. However, if you make a single paid bet during that year, the clock starts all over again, and all of your points are rolled over.

You can use your accumulated FDP points to make bets, instead of using cash. After your wager has been made, the FDP will be deducted from your account, but your monthly FDP total won’t be altered. Why is that important? Let me tell you.

Another perk of the FanDuel Players Club is that it is divided into five levels. Each level has its own benefits and a different value. The levels are assigned according to how many FDP you have earned over the course of a month. Since FDP are relational to how many bets you make, this means that more bets equal a higher level in the Players Club (Probably in the only place in the world where being a player is a good thing).

The lowest available level is Free Agent, and you gain access to it by earning 50 FDP in a month. The reward for achieving Free Agent is $50 weekly bonus play, and $250 monthly bonus play.

The highest level is GOAT, and is achieved by earning 2,500,000 FDP. The reward for this level is $25,000 monthly bonus play. The other levels are located between those two extremes.  A FanDuel promo code is not required in this instance either.

FanDuel regularly offers a variety of additional bonuses, rewards, and gifts to its members. Unfortunately, you’ll have to keep an eye out for these, given that these are seasonal, and come after using the FanDuel sign up offers.

FanDuel Horse Betting Bonus

Overall Conclusion

As a company, FanDuel offers a large variety of options for the serious bettor. These are not restricted to sports, racing, or fantasy sports, even though their claim to fame is in the world of fantasy sports daily.

Their wide range of promotions and activities on offer make them attractive to a wide range of clientele. Their bonuses, like their services, are reasonable offers for even the most novice of gamblers. The fact that there is no FanDuel promo code makes them easy to use.

Not only do they offer a wide range of betting options, but they also have a casino as well. This broad appeal has earned them the title of second largest fantasy sports daily company in the United States. This is quite a feat when one takes into account that many of their bonuses are only available to the citizens of New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

This limited range of availability to members is the most significant problem that we could find with FanDuel sign up offers. It’s not really a FanDuel problem though, and more related to legislation. That’s why DraftKings offers have many of the same restrictions, for example. Another problem area for us, is the lack of horse race betting facilities, which is a massive market in its own right.

The $10 deposit bonus also offers beginners the chance to try their hand at things that they may not have attempted if they had to pay for the opportunity. The fact that no FanDuel promo code is required to take advantage of the offers simplifies them greatly.

It is with great surprise, and delighted relief, that we can report that it is also possible to use more than one of the FanDuel sign-up offers. Few companies actually allow this, and it’s pretty nice to see here.

Fanduel Sign Up Offers FAQ

🔁Can I claim multiple Fanduel sign up offers?

Online bonus offers are super exciting and will provide an added dimension to your overall betting experience. You will surely be looking for a bonus which allows you to bet on the sport that you most enjoy. Use our review of the Fanduel sign up offers to find out what bonuses you’ll be able to claim and how you should go about claiming it.

🔖Is Fanduel licensed?

It’s important that you find an operator which is fully licensed to provide online betting services to the general public. It’s also important to find out if the operator is licensed to provide these services in the state that you live. Thus, we hope to shed light on this matter in our latest review.

❓Can I sign up to Fanduel in all US states?

If you are looking to claim a bonus from Fanduel, you’ll need to find out if you can sign up to the site in the state that you live in. If you don’t live in a state that has legalized online betting, you won’t be eligible to claim the bonus. Use to find out if you are entitled to the latest Fanduel sign up offers.

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