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PointsBet Reviews & Ratings US 2021

Is PointsBet Reliable & Secure?

PointsBet US offers a unique experience in the world of sports betting. It originated in Australia in 2017, but quickly found a home in America too. PointsBet US offers a Points Betting system, which is not available at competitors like BetStars or, indeed, any other sportsbook.

Even though their live betting menu could do with an upgrade, PointsBet is still considered one of the best sportsbooks around. They offer their own Mastercard for easy payments. PointsBet also has traditional team and player bets available. They don’t, however, offer any opportunities for horse betting.

Our PointsBet reviews takes an in-depth look at what PointsBet has to offer in terms of a welcome bonus.  We will also look at loyalty and reward programs. Finally, we decide whether they are reliable, secure, and recommended for sports betting.

PointsBet: Pros & Cons
  • Great market of sports and markets available
  • Bonus bet winnings have no wager requirements
  • High welcome and first deposit bonuses
  • Unique Points Betting system
  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Great customer service
  • Education Academy available for newcomers
  • Website design and live betting menu needs improvement
  • Limited payment and withdrawal options
  • No live-streaming
  • No horse betting options

Bonus Offers & Free Bets

PointsBet US offers a great welcome bonus for those that sign up. This is why PointsBet ratings are so high, and the PointsBet reviews are so favorable. Punters receive $25 in Free Bets when they sign up, with no wagering requirements to receive the bonus.

Additional <a href=”https://www.horsebetting.com/bookmakers/pointsbet/offers/”>offers by PointsBet</a> include bonus Free Bets which are applied when deposits are made. There is a Tier system for the first deposit bonus.

  • $50 deposit provides $100 Free Bets bonus ($150 bet total);
  • $150 deposit provides $150 Free Bets bonus ($300 bet total);
  • $250 deposit provides $250 Free Bets bonus ($500 bet total).

The offer applies to first deposits only when using promotional code ‘PLAYNJ’. The promotional code can be used in New Jersey, Iowa, and Indiana. This is a great incentive for newcomers who are entering the sports betting arena for the first time. It would also have been fantastic for playing the ponies. Sadly, though, that’s not an option.

Usability, Look & Feel - Our PointsBet Reviews

PointsBet US takes you straight into the betting action, no matter which sports betting odds you are looking for. The site is clean and easy to navigate. Punters can open the navigation menu to explore the various options available. These include the sports listings, promotion offers, or boosted odds.

The layout of the site is presented well, but it’s a bit bland. While it’s interactive and easy to access, the design itself could be improved to be more attractive. The bottom area of the site offers information about the company, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and FAQ.

Our PointsBet reviews found a lovely treat for new players. PointsBet offers new punters the Revis Betting Academy, which will guide them before they take their first bet.

PointsBet US also provides customer service options straight from the home page. Punters can ask for assistance through email or Live Chat. The mobile app duplicates the design and usability of the desktop site. It offers fantastic accessibility for punters who prefer to use the app.

Payments - Small Choice Found In Our PointsBet Ratings

Options available for deposits and withdrawals are severely lacking on PointsBet. At the moment, the most common options for deposits are MasterCard and VISA. PointsBet offers its own Mastercard that can be funded and used for payments.

Payment can also be made through ACH online banking. This is currently the only e-check or wallet system available. While it may be safe and easy to use, the limit on options for wallet payments makes PointsBet an unattractive sportsbook to use.

Withdrawal options are also limited to ACH online banking. While PayPal is mentioned on the site, it does not seem to be operational as of yet. Punters may run to other sportsbooks simply because there are other withdrawal options available.

Due to the relevant state and federal laws in place, verification systems are put into place for all payment options. Funds may also be withheld for a short time period until bets have been settled. The minimum amount for withdrawals and deposits are set at $5.

Customer Service - Our Review of PointsBet US Support

Customer Service

Is PointsBet reliable in terms of customer service? And is PointsBet secure in the their customer service? Our PointsBet reviews set out to answer this question.

PointsBet excels as far as the customer service goes. They developed the Revis Betting Academy. This consists of blogs providing advice on the Points Betting system. PointsBet ratings are high when it comes to the education of new punters.

Customer services can be reached through email and Live Chat. There is no sign of whether any language other than English is available in support. These options are available at any time in the week, including weekends. Phone calls are also available, but only between 8 am to midnight.

Emails and Live Chat are the more attractive options, as punters usually need immediate help. It also helps that the support agents are friendly and eager to assist with any issues. The processing time for requests depends on the nature of the issues, but they are usually resolved quickly. This would definitely contribute to high PointsBet ratings.

Should any punters want to solve the problem themselves, they can easily access the FAQ section in the Help menu. The FAQ section of Points Betting US lists the most relevant solutions to the most commonly asked questions by customers. A quick scan of these questions usually solves any issues before having to resort to contacting the help center.

Is PointsBet reliable then? Yes, in our PointsBet reviews, we absolutely believe it is.

License & Security - Is PointsBet Secure?

Is PointsBet secure? This is one of the important questions punters will have when taking a look at PointsBet reviews. Let’s take a quick look at the license and security of the sportsbook.


PointsBet US is currently legal in New Jersey, Indiana, and Iowa. All state and federal laws are in place to protect punters. PointsBet has indicated that plans are in place for Illinois at the Hawthorne Race Course. They have also mentioned future plans for other states such as West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Stock Exchange Listings

PointsBet Holdings Ltd is listed on the stock exchange as PBH on the Australian Securities Exchange. Australia is listed as the headquarters. PointsBet Colorado LLC, PointsBet Indiana, LLC, PointsBet Kansas LLC are listed as subsidiaries.

Data and Site Encryption – Is PointsBet reliable?

PointsBet uses SSL end-to-end encryption for its sites. This protects communication, preventing data interceptions. They also have reliable servers and firewalls in place to protect data from their side.

Protection of Minors

PointsBet has two systems in place to ensure that no minors are permitted to make use of their site. In their Terms and Conditions, it states that Member Verification will make use of ID verification of the members. Also, verification is placed on card payments to ensure that members are of legal age when making financial transactions.

Is PointsBet Reliable?

Based on our PointsBet reviews, it appears that the operator is indeed very safe and secure.

Rewards & Loyalty Program

PointsBet has some rather prominent rewards and promotions for existing members. PointsBet reviews speak highly of these loyalty programs. This is the reason why PointsBet ratings are so high.

Points Betting is the most recognized loyalty program offered by PointsBet. The Points Betting Reward System offers punters 1 point for every point, whether won or lost. No matter what the outcome of the bet, you will earn a point just for placing the bet.

Punters will also receive a single point for every $1 placed on a parlay bet and for every $5 placed on fixed-odd bets. Once 250 points have been accumulated, punters receive a bonus bet of $2.50. This encourages further betting and keeps gambling active.

PointsBet also offers other loyalty programs. The Let it Fly Homers bonus is available for the World Series. If punters place a minimum of $50 on pre-game Moneyline, they will receive $10 extra bets for each home run scored by the selected team.

With the NFL Loyalty Program, you earn bonuses with every bet. The tier system is as follows:

  • 25 bets for a $100 bonus;
  • 50 bets for a $200 bonus;
  • 75 bets for a $300 bonus;
  • 100 bets for a $500 bonus.

Finally, the Make it Rain promotion applies to the NBA. Punters must place a $100 point spread wager to benefit from this promotion. A $3 bonus is rewarded for every three-pointed scored by the selected team.

It is clear from PointsBet reviews that PointsBet has some rather tasty loyalty programs in place. Again, these loyalty programs could have been so much sweeter if you could use them on horses.

PointsBet Sports Betting

Betting Markets

PointsBet has a wide variety of sports available to place bets on. Punters can also place bets on international sports, such as Swedish hockey. However, their promotions mostly apply to US sports, such as the NBA, World Series, and the NFL.

Here is a list of sports markets available in the United States:

  • Basketball
  • Ice Hockey
  • Baseball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • MMA
  • Golf
  • Boxing
  • Aussie Rules
  • Rugby Union
  • Cricket
  • Cycling
  • Darts
  • Motorsports

It is worth noting from some PointsBet reviews that the Australian division of PointsBet does offer horse racing. PointsBet is currently looking at making this available for horse races in the United States. If horse racing is, specifically, what you’re in the market for then you might want to consider 4NJBets or a similar track-centred operator.

It must be kept in mind that most sportsbooks only allow fixed bets in sports markets. PointsBet provides more variety through its PointBetting reward system. You can predict who wins and by what score. This original new feature could prove to be a sensation, and greatly improves our PointsBet ratings.

There is, however, a gap in PointsBet in the shape of Fantasy Sports. You may want to consider signing up for a site such as FanDuel if fantasy sports betting is what you’re looking for.

Certain sports markets also allow for placing bets on certain statistics that are unique to that sport. This is only available through the PointBetting system. It is incumbent on the punter to look through the various sports markets to see what options are available to them.


Odds are key components of sports betting. If odds are properly understood, it can result in massive winnings for gamblers. Experienced punters will always look at the types of odds offered by a sportsbook before choosing to register.

PointsBet US offers two main market odds, namely American and Moneyline. These odds are fairly compatible with other sportsbook odds, which makes PointsBet so reliable. This should make punters more comfortable when looking for a decent sportsbook.

PointsBet US offers its own odds too. Its Points Betting system allows for a greater variety of odds. With their own unique sets of bets tied to their promotions, punters will find odds available that no other site will have.

Most of the events listed have the options for points spread odds, the total odds, and the Moneyline or American odds. There are also unique betting odds available tied to their rewards, such as the number of three-pointers or home runs. Punters can also place bets on variables such as player and team totals, and percentages.

Veteran punters will find comfort that PointsBet offers the same traditional odds that other sportsbooks do. The traditional odds will also assist newcomers to the site who are familiar with them. There is a valuable educational system on the site to aid new punters who have yet to learn how traditional odds work.

Yet, the new odds betting that comes with Points Betting is exciting and exhilarating. They offer even experienced punters a new look at sports betting odds. The Academy provides a vital education for new and old gamblers alike to understand how the unique system works.

These are definitely worth points of mention in any PointBet reviews. It surely did wonders for our PointsBet ratings.

Live Betting and Streaming

Live betting is valuable to many veteran punters. They like to play the odds that are only available during the live game. This is also known as in-play betting, where punters place bets against various statistics.

With live betting, live streaming is much desired by punters who want to keep track of in-game events. Not everyone has ready access to games by the sports markets. This is especially true for international games. Live streaming becomes very important to see which way the odds will swing and to be able to cancel in-play bets in time.

PointsBet US does have a Live Betting menu that is very basic in comparison to other sportsbooks. It allows punters to place bets while the game is currently playing. These provide options for bets and odds that are only available during the games that are linked to PointsBet US promotions.

The Live Betting system has some downfalls though. For this reason, PointsBet ratings aren’t as high as they should be. The greatest downfall is that it does not offer live streaming or a live tracker of the events in the game. Punters like to keep track of the statistics that are relevant to their bets.

Having said that, the Live Betting system has rather competitive odds. These odds also change as events occur during the games, even if they are not streamed live. They are linked to the in-play statistics of the live match against which the bets are placed. This increases the PointsBreak ratings.

There is a Cash-Out function if bettors want to cancel wagers and receive refunds. This usually happens when punters have bet on a certain statistics, but find that the odds go against their bet during the match. Luckily, PointsBet US lets players receive a refund on the full amount if they cash-out in time.

Points Betting is not included with live betting, so any bets placed during a live game will not accrue points. Bets must also be placed on fixed odds for it to be valid. This is the only instance where the Points Betting system does not come into play. That takes its toll on our PointsBet ratings, though.

It is always fantastic to find sportsbooks that offer live betting. It creates great opportunities that are not always available before the game starts. PointsBet US creates a pleasurable experience with its unique in-play odds. Despite this, it sorely lacks when it comes to Live tracking and streaming. This is one of the biggest disadvantages listed in our PointsBet reviews.

Mobile Betting

Desktop betting is very easy to do if punters have easy access to computers. Gamblers do not always have access to their computers though. This can be debilitating when a major sports event is about to take place and punters are stuck in peak traffic.

This is why mobile betting is so important. Apps make it easy to access platforms from anywhere in the state. They provide opportunities to place pre-game and in-play bets if the sportsbook has allowed the option for both.

Mobile applications also need to run smoothly. The last thing any punter wants is to wait while the software updates and a game is about to start. It is also essential that payments are made in time for bets to be placed. Mobile applications should strive to represent the desktop version as much as possible for effective navigation.

PointsBet ratings reveal a great app that can be used for sports betting. It is available on both Android and iOS. There are two different processes for installing these apps.

For iOS, it is a matter of simply downloading the app from the store, installing it, and inserting your registration details. Android users will need to download the app from the PointBet US site and then install it manually. Google Play does not allow gambling apps in their store, so Android users need to take the longer route round.

There are no glitches or problems with the PointsBet US app. Internet lag or delay is also not an issue. It provides the same sports betting market offers as the desktop website, making it consistent. The payment section is easy to access and transactions run smoothly.

The only time that the mobile version shows any sign of strain is when downloading site documents. These documents include the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy. While you might only access these a few times, waiting for them to download can be frustrating.

The mobile version emulates the desktop design very well. It is user friendly and the features are easy to access. Promotions and bonuses can also be accessed through the app. Payments and transactions have the same features as the pc version.

Mobile technology has advanced over time. It is fantastic that PointBet US has made use of this opportunity to include the site’s functionality into an app. Not all sportsbooks are making use of this feature, which means that punters have to stay glued to their computers during bets or live betting.

It is definitely considered an advantage in our PointsBet reviews.


Newcomers to sports betting may not think that limits are important, yet ask any veteran gambler and they will explain why understanding the limits is essential. Each sportsbook has its own limits and ways that they are applied. It is very important that newcomers read through and understand how limits may affect their bets.

Limits on PointsBet US are very specific to the Points Betting system. Even if you are an experienced punter from other sportsbooks, you will need to familiarize yourself with the Points Betting limits.

The minimum bet that can be placed is $0.50. All Points Betting wagers have their own minimum and maximum levels. These levels are posted on the bet slips and some of the funds can be withheld to cover any losses from bets.

PointsBet US also offers a Stop-Loss function. This means you can place a stop-loss at any amount of points that you indicate. The effect can go either way. You may stop yourself from a major loss. Conversely, you might lose out on major winnings if the points go the other way.

Punters can also set their own limits on depositing, betting, and game time. The frequency can be set to daily, weekly or monthly. This is a great feature to prevent gambling issues, such as major losses, uneducated betting, or addiction.

PointBet US offers some of the traditional limits functions. However, where they really come into play is with the Points Betting system. By offering unique pre-game odds links to certain sports betting events, it has had to impose some new limits that you will not find by other sportsbooks.

This means that they offer a unique experience you will not find anywhere else. Of course, you will need to become acquainted with the new rules and their applied limits. Thankfully, they have their own online Academy to teach newcomers.

Sportsbook Conclusion

PointsBet sports betting has loads to offer. It’s a really large variety of traditional sports, while horse racing must still make its way to the US site. It follows the average odds of most major American betting exchanges.

Live betting has a major flaw in that it does not offer real-time tracking or live streaming. However, it offers a multitude of in-play bets that many other sportsbooks lack. Their mobile app mirrors the desktop version in functionality and design. This makes it easy to place bets anywhere on the go.

The limits that punters can place are very helpful in preventing massive losses. While payment and withdrawal options are significantly limiting, we find that PointsBet US sports betting is still recommended for an enjoyable betting experience and the amazing promotions it has on offer.

PointsBet Casino


Our PointsBet reviews determined that PointsBet does not currently offer casino gambling. This negatively impacted our PointsBet ratings.

PointsBet Poker


Our PointsBet reviews further determined that PointsBet does not currently offer poker room services. This too has a negative impact on our PointsBet ratings.

PointsBet Review FAQ

❓Is PointsBet reliable?

If you wish to enjoy online betting, you’ll be keen to find a reliable online site. If you use an unreliable online betting site, then you’ll find that you put yourself at greater risk of experiencing a cumbersome experience. Therefore, we always outline the reliability of each online operator that we revier at Horsebetting.com. Be sure to stay in the loop with all the latest betting options on hand with us.

🔐Does PointsBet provide betting insurance?

If you’re looking to enjoy online betting, then you’ll also hope to take advantage of betting insurance. This will insure your bets against unforeseen cancelations. You can also use a cash out feature to ensure profits before bets are finalized. Read our PointsBet review to find if this bookie offers this service on their platform.

🏂Is there live betting on the PointsBet platform?

With the constant improvements to online betting, you’ll find that live betting is the pinnacle of betting platforms. It gives you the chance to bet on sports in the moment – elevating the entire online betting experience. Our latest review of PointsBet US will outline if you can enjoy live betting services. Be sure to use our site for all your betting needs!

Overall Conclusion to our Pointsbet Reviews

PointsBet US offers new and veteran punters something new. Originating in Australia, it has brought expertise in sports betting to the United States, and thereby its own sports betting system. It’s no wonder that it has received favorable reviews and great PointsBet ratings. Is PointsBet secure? You bet. In fact, its a lot more secure than playing at unlicensed offshore sites, like the ones covered in our  Bovada and SportsBetting.ag reviews.

The Points Betting system opens up a whole new avenue of odds. Even if you take a loss, you will earn points just for betting.

Both the mobile and desktop sites are easy to use, although their designs could use a facelift. While it is exciting that PointsBet US offers Live betting, the exhilaration of in-play bets is nulled by the lack of Live streaming or tracking of statistics.

With an array of sports events to bet on, we are hoping that horse racing betting reaches PointsBet US soon. There are so many bonuses applied through various sporting events already available, one can imagine the types of promotions they would put into place for horse racing. Just looking at the Australian site gives us an idea of what promotions we could expect.

In conclusion, PointsBet ratings are off the charts for sports betting. It’s definitely recommended for new and experienced sports gamblers. It’s rather disappointing that they don’t offer opportunities for playing the ponies though. Additionally, PointsBet ratings take a dive when it comes to Casino and Poker gambling.

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