Best Horse Betting Sites For Sign Up Offers 2024

Last Updated on 12/06/2024

Horse betting is an age-old pastime, and with the sport moving into the online arena, it’s important to know which are the best horse betting sites for sign up offers and how to find the best betting sites bonus. To help punters know which is the best horse betting site for sign up offers, each site needed to be judged, and the top operators were presented with an award.

If you have previously played on any of the sites, you should place your vote for your favorite online bookmaker with the best sign up offers for horse betting.

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Current Winners on Best Horse Betting Sites For Sign-Up Offers

56 users have already voted

How do We Award Operators?

Operators are awarded the title of Best Horse Betting Site for Sign Up Offers via an in-depth review process. They are judged based on a set of stringent criteria. It does not end there; however, your opinion is what is most important to us.

Each operator has a section with its reviews, ratings, and Q&A. When you submit a review for a particular horse racing betting operator, within a specific category, these reviews get taken into consideration when weighing up the final scores for the best betting sites bonus.

If you want your favorite horse betting bookmaker to win, then you need to go to their profile and leave a review of your experience in using their services.

What Other Categories Are Operators Awarded in

The operators are competing in the following categories:

  • Best Online Horse Betting Site – This is the highest honor a sportsbook can achieve; it means that it has beaten every other bookmaker for this top spot. There are also more specific rewards in this line, like the Best Horse Betting Site Without a Limit award.
  • Best Online Horse Betting Bonus – This award goes to the best betting site with bonus offers.
  • Best Online Horse Betting Customer Service
  • Best Mobile Horse Betting Site – The award goes to the app, which is the most user-friendly, secure, and reliable. This award is also called the Best Horse Racing App award.
  • Best Live Horse Betting Site – The award goes to the site with the best live streaming service and the options to live bets.
  • Best Payment Processing – All aspects of safety, security, and legalities to do with payment processing are explored in this section to find the winner.
  • Best Newcomer – This award is for the most promising new horse betting site to launch.

It doesn’t matter if you are new to horse betting or a seasoned bettor, these awards will give you a good idea of who you should be using to bet on the races, including where to find the best betting sites bonus.

There are also some more sprawling awards like the Best Horse Racing Betting Exchanges award, the Best Horse Racing Software award, and the best horse racing tips award, to help you nail the details.

Award FAQ

How Do You Choose the Finalists?

Every online horse betting site is eligible for nominations by players. The first part of the process is to get every player to nominate their favorite horse betting site. At this stage they are not chosen for a specific category, but rather a general nomination. By a variety of particular criteria, all the nominees will be filtered down to create a set of finalists that could win the best horse betting sites for sign up offers, or another award.

How Does the Voting Work?

Once the finalists are picked, a team of experts will judge them accordingly. They will choose their preferred operators for each category. Along with this, they then take into account all the player votes. The players can vote for an operator in each of the categories, as mentioned earlier. Only finalists will be eligible for votes in the chosen categories.

Can I Vote Multiple Times?

You can only vote once for one nominee within each category. For example, in the category of best betting sites bonus, you can pick only one bookmaker for that award. Then in another group, for example, Best Online Horse Betting Site, you can select the same bookmaker as before or a different one. However, you can only pick one per category.

What Are the Dates for Voting?

Every year the dates will change. It is advisable to check the website for the correct deadlines for voting as they might change from year to year.

What if My Favorite Horse Betting Site Didn’t Make it as a Finalist?

Unfortunately, not everyone can make it as a finalist. If your favorite bookmaker did not make it to the finals, you take a look at the list of finalists and try those operator’s services for yourself.

You might find that there is a reason why they were voted into the finals, and perhaps even find a better operator than the one you are using currently. Once you have tried them out, you can then vote accordingly and be a part of this exciting event.

Can I Change My Vote?

No, once you have placed your vote, it is taken as final. Make your choice carefully so that the best operator can win fairly, and any other players can take advantage of the best horse betting sites for sign up offers.

Are Welcome Offers Really That Important?

Let’s face it; no-one looks for the best horse betting sites for sign up offers, if their main goal is not to make money and take advantage of the best betting sites bonus on the market. If you are betting on the ponies or any other type of sports event, the chances are that you want to win, and you want to win cash.

Welcome or sign-up offers are an important boost to taking your current cash and compounding it to improve your chances of winning.

There is a difference in betting £10 and £20, and your winnings will, of course, increase if you wager a more substantial amount. It is even better when half of the amount you wager is not yours, but you get to keep the winnings.

Sign-up offers are a must for horse betting fans, and it can make a big difference in whether you continue to play or not. Horse betting sites are aware of this and make sure that they offer the best bookmaker sign up offers that they can.

It would be wise to search for the best betting sites with a bonus, and take advantage of the free bets or cash incentives for wagers. In this way your chances of winning increase slightly as you get to place more bets. There is no point in signing up and not getting rewarded for it.

Things to Keep in Mind While Finding a Horse Betting Site

You are in the best place possible to start your search. The very reason why there are awards given to individual operators is to assist you as the player, to find out who offers the best service and rewards.

The horse betting sites and other sportsbooks will also use these awards as a way to push themselves to provide better welcome bonuses and offers. They can compare themselves to their competitors. In this way, they can offer bonuses and rewards in line with the market, or better.

In this way, you can be assured that the operators that have reached the finalist level on these awards are giving you the best possible sign-up offer currently available. The awards are not only a reflection of a panel of experts but also voted on by fellow punters who have used their various operators’ sign-up offers.

This should give you the peace of mind that other players have taken advantage of the bonuses and have profited or enjoyed them enough to vote for the specific operator in that category.

Usually, the best operators are not only the best bookmakers with sign-up offers, but also tend to give the best odds. This is another reason why punters vote for them because not only are they the best horse betting sites with sign-up offers, but they give great odds and thereby increase the player’s chances of winning.

Take a look at the top finalists and award winners; it will give you a good idea of who to sign up with to get started and who offers the best sign-up bonuses.


Awards are a fantastic way to not only reward the best horse betting sites for sign up offers available, but it is also a benchmark by which online horse racing bookmakers can measure themselves. Every punter wants to know that they are using the best bookmaker or sportsbook out there.

Without awards and reviews from players, there would be no way of knowing who is providing superior service and who is just ripping players off. Intelligent players take the time to research and review their bookmakers. This ensures that horse racing betting sportsbooks keep their services safe, fair, and provide an enjoyable gambling experience.

We are proud to offer this information to the discerning bettor and will keep checking on each new site launched, as well as the well-established ones. We see this as a duty to ourselves and loyal players, so you can find the best horse betting sites for sign up offers.

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