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Find 3 Horses And Do A Patent

Absolutely love racing and going to meetings with the family. Often try to pick out 3 horses from the card that I fancy and have them in a patent, which is 7 bets in 1. I back each horse to win individually, then three doubles (horses A & B both to win, A & C both to win and B & C both to win) and a treble all on the same betting slip. Got burned once though, so I always go each-way with it now. Glad I did at Warwick in January because 1 selection finished second and the other 2 won!

Depending on the odds, you can be well into profit if just 2 of the 3 horses win/place. I’d say you’ve got to be able to make a strong case for all 3 horses to have a patent, though. If you’re not confident each has a got at least a very good chance of making the frame, it’s not worth the risk.

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