Horse Racing Betting Promotions 2022 - AU

Horse Betting Promotions in Australia

Welcome to our guide to getting the best horse racing betting promotions. If you’re looking for excellent horse racing betting tips, you’re in the right place.

Here we will be taking a look at what the most common horse racing betting promotions will give you, and explain what you need to do to get horse racing betting promotions from the best bookmakers in Australia. It isn’t easy finding the best betting deals for horse racing, but we do our best to give you a leg up.

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Who should make use of the comparison?

If you’re into betting on thoroughbred racing, then you’ll definitely benefit from our comparison of the best horse racing promotions. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new to horse racing betting or an experienced pro, as everybody should take advantage of these special offers. After all, the best horse racing betting promotions will give you the chance to make better profits from your racing bets. Don’t delay, head to our Best Horse Betting Odds Australia page now.

By using our comparison you’ll quickly be able to see which bookmaker has put on the most generous horse racing promotions. All of which should mean that you’ll find it easy to make a little more in the way of real money winnings with your thoroughbred racing bets.

Checklist: Top5 for getting the best bonus offers

Anybody with any experience of horse racing betting promotions will know that these special offers can sometimes be a lot more complicated than they initially appear to be. So we thought that we should give you a list of the top five things that you should be looking for in any horse racing betting promotions.

What kind of promotion is it?

There are many different kinds of horse racing betting promotions out there. These include deals that can match your next deposit or bet with bonus funds, while others will simply refund your next racing bet if it loses.

How do you claim the promotion?

All horse racing betting promotions will require customers to complete a variety of tasks before you get to pick up your reward. Sometimes you’ll have to make a qualifying deposit or bet, or you might even have to enter in a certain kind of promo code.

What can you use the promotion on?

Some horse racing betting promotions can only be used on certain races, while others can only be used on betting odds of a certain value. If you look at the Beteasy offers, you’ll see that each promotion will have small print detailing how you can use their promotions, so be sure to pay attention to the terms and conditions.

How long do you get to use the promotion?

Even the best horse racing betting promotions will come with time limits. This means that you could have anywhere between 24 hours and many months to make use of whatever bonus funds you manage to pick up. Take a look at the current Bet365 offers and TAB offers to see what kinds of limits their horse racing promotions have.

Are there any wagering conditions?

Some horse racing betting promotions will have wagering conditions which determine what you can and can’t do before you’re allowed to make a withdrawal. Be sure to check this out as wagering conditions can sometimes cost you a lot of time and money.

Editor’s recommendation – the best bonus

There are so many great horse racing betting promotions out there that it was very tough trying to figure out which one would be best for all thoroughbred racing fans. After all, if you look at anything from the Neds offers to the BetStar offers, you’ll see that they all have their own merits that could be perfectly suited to different kinds of horse racing enthusiasts. If you are struggling to keep up, check out our How To Bet On Horses guide.

But by taking a look at any of the horse racing betting promotions in our shortlist, we think that you will be more than happy with what you find. You’ll see that there’s our pick for the best horse racing promotions at the top of our leaderboard, and you will definitely be able to use these deals to boost your profits on horse racing.

Just remember that our pick for the best horse racing betting promotions are always changing. So keep checking back to our resource to make sure that you’re always betting on horse races with the very best promotions.

How our experts test operators and their bonuses

In order to adequately compare and contrast the current range of horse racing betting promotions, we devised a series of strict tests that we applied to each bookmaker’s special offers. This meant that we developed a truly impartial way to discover the best deals on the market. Here are the ten factors that we used to test the horse racing betting promotions.

Promotion size: How big is the promotion in terms of the bonus funds that it gives you?

Promotion type: What kind of promotion is it? A matched deposit deal? A matched bet offer? A losing bet refund?

Qualifying deposits: How much money do you have to deposit at the bookmaker’s site to get the promotion?

Qualifying bets: Do you have to put down any qualifying bets to trigger the promotion?

Promo codes: Are there any promo codes that you have to use to activate the promotion?

Wagering conditions: Does the promotion have any wagering conditions that must be fulfilled before making a withdrawal?

Required odds: What are the minimum odds that you are allowed to use the promotion on?

Featured horse races: Which thoroughbred races can you use the promotion for? Just horses races in Australia, or races from all over the world?

Time limits: Do the horse racing betting promotions have any time limits? Are these realistic or completely impossible?

Terms and conditions: Are the terms and conditions of the promotion easy to understand? You should be able to read the small print and know what you are signing up for.

Finding the right operator for you

We won’t just be looking at finding you the best horse racing betting promotions. This is because our comparison service extends to help you find the perfect horse racing bookmaker. If you are unsatisfied with your current choice of bookmaker or are just looking to see what other betting sites are out there, our bookmaker comparison will prove to be invaluable.

After all there are dozens of quality horse racing betting sites currently operating in Australia. It would take you a long time to see how they can meet your thoroughbred betting needs. But all it takes is for a quick look at our pick of the best racing bookmakers and you’ll quickly see who the best in the business really are.

All of our recommended bookmakers will be fully licensed and regulated in Australia. This means that you’ll be given a legal and secure horse racing betting service, plus it almost goes without saying that they will all give you some of the best racing odds on the market too.

Most important sections of the site

In our bid to help you find the best horse racing betting service, we have paid close attention to all that the best bookmakers have to offer. This allows you to quickly compare and contrast each racing betting site so that you can find an operator who is perfectly suited to your racing betting needs. Here is a quick overview as to what we looked at in each racing bookmaker’s site.

Bonus offer and free bets: Does the bookmaker offer up a welcome bonus offer for new customers and is it worth signing up for?

Usability, look and feel: Is the bookmaker’s site intuitively designed and easy to use, or does it make it tricky to find your preferred horse racing bets?

Payments: What payment methods does the bookmaker facilitate? Are there any fees and how fast are your withdrawals processed?

Customer service: What methods are there available for getting in touch with the bookmaker? When are the customer support office hours open?

License and security: Is the bookmaker’s website fully licensed and regulated, and does it feature adequate encryption to keep your data and deposits safe?

Rewards and loyalty program: Does the bookmaker have any kind of loyalty scheme in place to reward customers for putting down real money bets on their site?

Sports betting markets: What sports does the bookmaker allow you to bet on, and how many horse racing bets does the betting site include?

Odds: How well does the bookmaker’s racing odds compare to those found at other thoroughbred racing sites?

Live betting and streaming: Does the bookmaker include a live betting service and is there any free live video streaming available for horse races?

Limits: Will the bookmaker apply any limits on the maximum amount of winnings you can make from your horse racing bets on their website?

Helping you get the best racing promotions

If you take a look at any of the current Bet365 offers or even the available Playup offers, you will see that there are plenty of different kinds of promotions out there. So we have included a few tips below that should help you in finding the best promotions along with some advice on the best ways to use these special offers.

Checklist: This is how you find YOUR perfect racing promotion

Anybody with any experience of betting online in Australia will know that there is tough regulation in place that stops all bookmakers from promoting and advertising their promotions. This makes it pretty difficult to know what’s out there in terms of special offers and promotions that can be used for horse racing betting.

While you won’t see the available promotions advertised on the front page of a bookmaker’s website, there are some ways that you can quickly see what special offers they include.

The first thing that you will need to do is to use our promotion comparison that will tell you exactly what each bookmaker is offering in terms of special offers and how they shape up alongside deals from other betting sites. In our comparison you’ll get to see how the current range of Palmerbet offers compare with the Sportsbetting-com-au offers so that you can see which bookmaker will meet your racing betting needs best.

However, if you just wanted to go straight ahead to a bookmaker’s site to see what kinds of promotions they were serving up, you will nearly always need to register your account with the brand first. By doing this, you’ll get to see whatever welcome bonuses they have, and you will also gain full access to all of the special deals that would normally be hidden underneath the promotions tab.

Remember that there are many different kinds of horse racing betting promotions out there. Some are purely designed to give you better odds and bigger profits for major races like the Melbourne Cup and the Caulfield Cup, while others will just boost your winnings for horse races taking place all over the world.

Many bookmakers will put on promotions that give you a best odds guarantee so that you can get a better price for your bets should the odds shift in the run-up to the race. You might also see deals that can boost your profits for including more selections in your racing accumulator bets, while some special offers go the other way and can give you a refund if just one leg in your acca bet loses. All of which shows that there are plenty of different racing promotions to choose from.

What horse racing betting promotions do our experts use?

Given that there are so many different kinds of thoroughbred betting promotions out there, it might be difficult to know which special offers to use. However, our team of experts will always recommend picking those racing promotions that offer the best value for money. After all, you will nearly always have to put down some kind of qualifying deposit or bet to claim these deals, and it’s a matter of working out how this compares with whatever rewards you receive.

Our experts will always prefer to use those racing promotions that are simple and easy to understand. Nobody wants to have to read through endless pages of complicated terms and conditions when they use a promotion, and so we’d recommend those deals that keep things simple.

It’s worth thinking about which promotion could work best for whichever race you are thinking of betting on. For example, if you want to bet on a horse race with no clear favourite, then you might want to pick up a losing bet refund promotion that will allow you to be a little more adventurous with your racing bets.

The key thing to remember is that there’s nothing stopping you from using a variety of promotions from different sports betting sites. After all you could easily pick up one of the BBet offers and then use a deal from another bookmaker’s site. As long as you abide by the terms and conditions of the promotion, then you should be able to use all of these special offers to benefit your thoroughbred racing bets.

Things to be careful of when using racing promotions

If you look at just about any horse racing promotion, you will notice that bookmakers will always make these deals as attractive as possible. They will commonly highlight how much money these deals will give you and pay only a small amount of attention to the money that you have to put down to get these special offers. As a result, it’s essential to pay close attention to the small print of these promotions otherwise you might find that you have signed up to something that causes more trouble than it’s worth.

In particular it’s the wagering conditions of a special offer that tend to catch most sports fans out. These will dictate what you have to do before you are allowed to make a withdrawal of the promotion and whatever winnings were generated from the deal. Sometimes you will have to only bet the value of your bonus once before you are allowed to make a successful withdrawal, while other times you might have to bet the combined value of your bonus and qualifying deposit numerous times before you have been deemed to have met the wagering conditions.

What makes things worse is that you may also be restricted to putting down bets on some particularly long odds in order to clear the wagering conditions. Similarly, you might find that you will only be given a very short amount of time to use any extra betting funds that you’d gained as a result of the promotional offer.

We should note that there will also be lots of technicalities that might initially seem baffling. While it might make sense to only be able to get one promotion per customer, it might seem infuriating to only be able to use a promotion on tough accumulator bets that have little to no chance of getting a winning result. Such promotions like this are best avoided as they could be little more than a waste of your time.

Above all, it’s just another reminder of how important it is to thoroughly read through all of the bonus terms and conditions before you sign up to these deals. If anything looks too good to be true, it usually is, so always be careful before you rush to claim any horse racing promotions.

The best ways of using horse racing betting promotions

Whenever you are thinking about picking up a thoroughbred betting promotion, it’s always best to consider how well it suits the horse race that you are thinking of betting on. Some promotions will be designed with certain horse races in mind, while others are more general. Similarly, some special offers are perfectly suited to betting on the race favourite, while others can do a great job in allowing you to take riskier bets on a complete outsider.

This is why it is always a good idea to shop around different bookmaker sites before you bet on any horse race. There’s a strong chance that some sports betting site might have a promotion that can boost your profits or remedy your losses, and if you come to our betting resource we’ll make sure that you are first in line for whenever one of these deals materialises.

It’s also worth noting that many promotions are often more trouble than they are worth. After all, these deals are commonly used to try and encourage punters to spend more time and money on a bookmaker’s site, so it’s essential to consider whether you actually benefit from these deals, or whether you would be better off going it alone.

You will only get to know the true value of a horse racing promotion by taking the time to look through all of the bonus terms and conditions. It’s here that you’ll get to see whether the special offer is worth pursuing or is worth steering clear of. But whenever a particularly strong horse racing special offer comes up, you can be sure that we will let you know all about it so that you can get a little extra from your thoroughbred racing bets.


By reading our guide to horse racing betting promotions you should be perfectly placed for picking up some of the best deals on the market. Our comparison service will be constantly updated so that you’ll be first in line for whenever a bookmaker decides to unveil their latest horse racing betting promotions. This means that you should always be able to find a special offer that can boost your racing betting profits.

Plus we’ve hopefully given you the tools necessary to spot whenever some horse racing betting promotions might be worth leaving well alone. All of which should help you to make a little extra with your thoroughbred racing bets.

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