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SwopStakes Reviews & Ratings Australia 2024

Is SwopStakes Reliable & Secure?

Is SwopStakes reliable? SwopStakes AU offers a different type of betting experience for punters. For those of you who prefer the traditional betting services that most online bookies offer, you can find our in-depth reviews at the end of this article.

SwopStakes AU launched at the end of 2018. They were introduced to the market through the well-known brand Six Faces. The SwopStakes gaming service is a new concept in the way of gambling. You might have come across sweepstake betting before. This type of betting option is available when betting on horses.

But before we get into all that, why not just head on over to Swopstakes and find out for yourself? Of course — feel free to read the rest of our review.

SwopStakes: Pros & Cons
  • High number of racing contests featured
  • Aesthetically pleasing website
  • Good customer service department
  • No fixed odds on sports betting

So, you’ll be assigned a random ticket which gives you a chance of winning the entire competition. For horse racing fans, SwopStakes might be an exciting new service.

Thus, you will certainly want to be well-informed before signing up. Read on to find out more about SwopStakes ratings and SwopStakes reviews.

Welcome Bonus

Is SwopStakes reliable for bonuses? In online betting, bonus offers have become the norm throughout markets across the world. In an effort to attract new customers, bookmakers offer welcome offers and bonus bets galore like the PlayUp deposit bonus. However, the Australian government enacted a new law which prohibits bookies from advertising these types of Swopstakes bonuses to potential punters.

Our SwopStakes ratings for bonuses

But, SwopStakes isn’t your regular bookie. They do offer more than just a ticket to an event. Upon completion of your account, SwopStakes AU provides punters with 50 credits that can be traded for tickets. This has certainly added to the appeal of SwopStakes ratings. For a thorough review of their offers, you can check out another one of our SwopStakes reviews. Click here to see what you get with a DraftStars promo code.

Usability, Look & Feel - Top SwopStakes ratings for usability

SwopStakes Mobile App

Is SwopStakes reliable on a smartphone or tablet? In the modern world where the majority of people own a smartphone, it is prudent for bookmakers to offer something in the way of a mobile app. Without an app, they tend to lose market share to competitors. Everyone wants to be able to access their favourite services with a tap of their screen. SwopStakes reviews reveal that they haven’t let their loyal customers down. They have designed a betting app which is available for Android users. If you have an iOS device, you’ll need to wait for the app to become compatible. However, you can access the mobile version of their main website via your iOS device.

It’s always a good idea to download the app, as it gives you direct access to betting on your favourite events. With the click of a button you can log in and enjoy the SwopStakes AU platform. Their app is easy to figure out – simple navigational tools allow you to peruse tournaments and find racing events that you’re interested in. Promotional offers are also clearly displayed so no need to worry about missing out on those. Ultimately, the SwopStakes ratings for their mobile app falls in the upper-percentile.

How to Open Your Account 

Step 1: Visit the SwopStakes AU website or download the app.

Step 2: Click on Play which is located in the top middle of the screen. Then click on the pink button which says Join.

Step 3: Provide a valid email address and username. Confirm your email address.

Payment Methods

Is SwopStakes reliable for making deposits? There is very limited information with regards to the payment process. However, we created an account and it is clear that you are not required to deposit money as you’re expected to buy a ticket with the credits supplied to you.

But is SwopStakes secure for withdrawals? They claim to have paid out $45,000 in prize money. We played a couple of times and did not come up trumps. According to SwopStakes ratings, they do pay prize money via bank transfer. They offer no more information in this light. You are contacted by one of their agents when, and if, you do manage to win.

Bank Transfer

How to Make Your First Deposit – Is SwopStakes secure?

  • There is no option to deposit funds that we are aware of.
  • Log on daily to receive your 50 credits
  • Buy a ticket for an event using these credits.

How to Withdraw Your Winnings – Is SwopStakes reliable for withdrawals?

  • Once you do win prize money, you will be contacted by SwopStakes AU.
  • Cash prizes are paid via bank transfer.
  • Supply your bank details.
  • Wait for your bank account to be credited.

Customer Service

Once you have created an account, you will find a live chat function. You can use this function to leave a message or search for general questions. They do not offer any contactable options in the way of telephone. This might be down to the fact that it is a limited operation at present. Also, customers are not providing sensitive information as is the case with other online bookmakers. It might be that they do not require an extensive support structure. They do have a representative who contacts you once you are eligible to withdraw any winnings.

License & Security

Is SwopStakes secure? As stated previously, SwopStakes AU do not hold a license from a reputable governing body. We’ve surmised that this could be due to the fact that they offer a service like none other. The fact that punters do not have to deposit funds is one reason for this. Keep in mind, you still need to be of legal age (18) to participate and be eligible for prize money. SwopStakes ratings might take a bit of a knock from this but they do have a permit for their promotional games and are backed by Six Faces which lends them credibility.

Australia’s Northern Territory

In terms of “Is SwopStakes secure?” they do outline that they take preventative measures in an effort to protect your data. You can read their privacy policy on the official website. There is no mention of what type of SSL technology they use, if any. This is somewhat worrisome and you’d be wise to afford them as little sensitive data as possible.

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

There are some great promotional offers on horse racing events available. Once you’re an active member, you can click on their promotional page on the left of the home page. These offers change on a sporadic basis and there are quite a few at that.

There isn’t any form of a loyalty program. This might change over time as they manage to gain regular punters. The ability to offer such enticing promotional offers is a great start though. We can only imagine that they will expand these added benefits in due time.

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Swopstakes Sports Betting

Betting Markets

SwopStakes cover a variety of betting markets. You’ll find events for Australian sports such as AFL, NRL rugby league, and greyhound racing. However, this type of innovative betting platform pairs well with horse racing. And isn’t that why we’re here in the first place? You’re able to buy tickets and bet on your favourite horse and horse racing events. Horse racing enthusiasts will revel in this and therefore our SwopStakes ratings are favourable.


There are no odds that one can take advantage of or need to be wary of. You can purchase tickets. Look out for the ticket value before doing so. The better the value, the higher your chance is of your ticket winning. Probabilities of tickets are updated in accordance with market opinion. You then need to judge what your chances of success are in each event. You can stick with your ticket if you’re confident or cash out. SwopStakes ratings vary on this facet depending on whether you’re an odds kind of guy or not particularly fazed by the lack there-of.

Limits - No limits found in our SwopStakes reviews

There are no limits that we are aware of. However, you will be limited by the amount of credits you have. The less credits you have, the less amount of tickets you’ll be able to purchase. SwopStakes reviews do not recommend buying too many tickets at any one time.

Sportsbook Conclusion

SwopStakes reviews of their sporting offers are mixed. We find that the originality of their betting service stands them in good stead. They cover a decent number of sports events but do not cater for traditional punters. If you’re one for odds and the more conventional betting system, you wouldn’t be blamed for looking elsewhere.

It’s certainly an interesting way of betting and if you’re tired of the generic betting options that accompany horse racing, give sweepstake betting a go. The SwopStakes ratings for the sports betting services, and particularly their coverage of horse racing contests, are pretty decent.

Overall Conclusion - Is SwopStakes secure?

Is SwopStakes secure? A new player offering a different betting service shouldn’t be derided too much. They certainly have facets of their platform that need improving. The limited information and fact that they are not licensed might be a hindrance for more cautious punters. On the other end of the scale, they’ve brought a new way of enjoying betting to the table. It’s exciting and one that you do not have to invest in financially. For now, anyway.

You can sign up and enjoy the platform without opening yourself up too much risk. For those of you tired of the old, we’d recommend SwopStakes as a fun alternative. We sincerely hope you have found what you were looking for by reading our SwopStakes reviews.

If you aren’t satisfied with the services offered by SwopStakes AU or would like to check out other bookies, click on one of the following reviews about bookmakers such as Bet365, BetEasy, Neds, and Tab.

Swopstakes Reviews FAQs

❔ What is Swopstakes?

There are many online bookmakers available on the internet, so you may be wondering what makes Swopstakes so special? Like every sportsbook, they have their own niches and aspects which make them unique. What you need, then, to determine which is best is a site that compares the best horse racing bookmakers like Horsebetting.com. Their Swopstakes review will see you right and help you understand the betting service provided.

💼 How does Swopstakes work?

Many punters are fascinating by how the fixed odds betting and other gambling services work. Whether it’s Swopstakes or another online bookie, wonder no longer and find all the answers to your horse racing betting questions on Horsebetting.com. By reading the Swopstakes reviews, you will soon reach an understanding of what they provide and how it all works.

👌 Is Swopstakes legit?

Some newcomers to betting can understandably be cautious about online gambling. They can’t help but wonder if Swopstakes or other operators are legit? If you want authentic horse racing betting offers in Australia, then Horsebetting.com is the place to visit. They are an authority on proper sportsbooks and their Swopstakes reviews can put you in the picture as to whether they are the real deal.

💸 How do I withdraw from Swopstakes?

Once you have turned a profit from betting on your favourite sports, you are well within your rights to take money out of your betting account on a site like Swopstakes. A decent online bookmaker will let you do this no questions asked. You have played the game and beaten the bookies. Check out the best horse betting sites without limit in Australia on Horsebetting.com and if Swopstakes features among them by looking at how to make a withdrawal.

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