This operator is blacklisted due to poor customer reviews, issues around payouts or an unreliable license.
We recommend you play with the below brands instead, for a safer experience: Reviews & Ratings US 2021 – BLACKLISTED

Is Reliable & Secure? Not in the slightest

At, users can wager their money on horse racing, other sports betting markets, online slots, and casino table games. It’s also one of few operators dealing in cryptocurrency.

As an offshore operator, operates in a legal gray area, and is only regulated by Panama City. This causes many players to wonder: “Is secure? Is reliable?”. The answer is quite frankly, no. ratings from players show an unusual amount of complaints which only adds to our distrust. That’s why we’ve decided to blacklist this operator until things improve.

While testing US as a gambling operator, our experts compiled the following list of bullet points. They summarize’s most prominent negatives when it comes to our ratings. Pros & Cons
  • Refer A Friend Bonus
  • Unlicensed, unregulated operator
  • Withdrawal process is questionable
  • Lacking in sports betting markets

Bonus Offers & Free Bets - no offer worth joining this site for

When you gamble on horse racing online, you’ll often see a flurry of bonus offers and free promotions advertised to you. It’s the way that operators compete for new business in this vastly popular market.

The offers by are reviewed frequently, adding attractive and competitive bonuses all the time to lure horse racing bettors. promotions range from betting boosts for specific horse racing events to balance boosts for selected leagues.

The operator also entices new players with sizable sign up offers and deposit bonuses that you can use to bet on horses. This is where we worry for new players as bonus offer can lure you into signing up to this less than reputable site. Don’t let the bonuses fool you into signing up. Keep reading our review to see where this operator falls short in other crucial aspects.

Usability, Look & Feel - not a smooth experience by any means

When you gamble online, your player experience is largely determined by the website or app you use. The best operators offer intuitive interfaces that make wagering on horse racing and other sports extremely simple. They also feature polished graphics, rich animations, and an attractive visual design.

Our reviews found that the website did not do any of the above. The betting interface is cluttered and the layout is poorly thought out. Aside from the actual look of the interface we also found that the webpages loaded all too slowly. Navigating the site is fine, we guess, but all in all, using the site feels like a chore and that should never be the case when you are trying to have some betting fun.

Payments - uncertainty abounds about the withdrawal processes

Online gambling is highly prized for its convenience. A big part of that convenience, though, is tied up in the ease of online payments. A speedy and hassle-free payment process makes a huge difference in player experience. offers different payment methods to registered players. Methods available include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, debit and credit cards, money orders, cashier’s checks, wire transfers, and person-to-person. There is clearly a push towards paying with crypto here because it is the easiest way to get around baank sin the US preventing players from making deposits onto the site.  As they are an unregulated online operator, there is no real surprise to see the omission of reputable payment methods like PayPal and Visa. ratings for payment processing speed are average at best. Deposits are processed quite slowly in comparison to other bookmakers, particularly their cryptocurrency deposits. ratings for withdrawal processing are a lot less appealing, with numerous player complaints about botched withdrawals. Head to our TLCBet Review to check out a far more trustworthy operator when it comes to making deposits and withdrawals.

Customer Service - slow to respond

Customer service is a pillar of an online operator’s reputation and credibility. The resources that an operator is willing to spend to put customers at ease tells you a lot about their ethos. Most operators offer several channels through which players can reach out and get support. has somewhat squalid customer service, and they don’t have any horse racing experts on hand either. Players in need of assistance are pointed towards the website’s FAQ, which are brief and downright vague. Direct customer support is available only through the Live Chat feature. We tried the live chat feature and we found that it was very disappointing. Usually, this type of feature is fairly quick to respond but in comparison to other competitors, are lagging far behind in their response times.

No telephone or customer support email account is readily available from the operator. This can be a cause for concern for many players who dislike Live Chat or prefer engaging on the phone. It also makes it impossible to get ahold of customer support if the website ever goes down.

All of these shortcomings affect ratings for customer service. Across the board, ratings for customer support are very low. As you can see, the customer service on this site has done nothing to change our minds about putting them on our blacklist.

License & Security -unregulated and unsafe

For most online horse racing gamblers, security is at the top of their concerns. Operators work hard to set up secure systems and servers to protect private player financial and personal information. Reputable operators will also prominently display their legal licenses to offer gambling services., on the other hand, is an offshore operator catering to the US. This means that offers its services in US states where online gambling isn’t regulated. No regulatory bodies exist that can provide ratings in terms of security and fairness.

This strategy is typical of offshore operators. has actually withdrawn from every US market that legalizes and regulates online gambling. To operate in those states, would have to pursue a license and be both regulated and overseen by agencies. That shows that they don’t want to be regulated and as such, have plenty to hide from official gambling authorities. It is for this very reason that they have made their way onto our blacklist as we can’t in good conscience suggest that you sign up to a site like this.

Check out our answer to “is Grosvenor secure?” to see what a real online operator looks like and how they are licensed.

Rewards & Loyalty Program - no loyalty program is going to change our minds

Most online operators out there don’t just offer attractive welcome bonuses. Returning players are also rewarded by expansive loyalty programs, doling out redeemable points, bonus codes, and more.

The Rewards Program gives player access to perks and features. These include special bonus offers that are not available to other players. There are also a number of upgrades available, which can be acquired using your loyalty points. It is precisely this kind of approach that allows to lure unwitting players to their site. Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamor, there are sites with loyalty programs that are actually legitimate and safe to use so you can skip this site’s loyalty program altogether.

Other promotions available include cashback on all of your horse racing betting action. The program comprises rebates of 4% on all losing wagers at the NYRA, and 7% on all other horse betting. While the cashback rebates and other rewards may seem enticing, we can’t help but feel like this is just a smokescreen to get users to spend more money on the site. Tread with caution if you feel like you are going to sign up anyway although we highly recommend that you move on to another site.

BetOnline Sports Betting

Betting Markets - strong markets don't make up for the overall performance

BetOnline offers sports betting for over two dozen sports, as well as eSports and horse racing. There are also some betting markets that you can choose from as well. We took a closer look at the range on offer and we found that they were average at best. The fact that there is nothing blowing us away with the sportsbook only further cements our view that this site should be avoided. In an area where they needed to shine if they were to have any chance of changing our mind, they have fallen some way short.

Odds offers fairly decent odds across the board. However, after some more time checking out the list of live fixtures, we found that plenty of th available odds were actually well short of some of their industry competitors. As such, we would not go as far as to call this odds fair. In fact, we think it will be especially difficult to find value in the odds on the site at all.

Live Betting & Streaming

The Live Sports Betting section of the US website is a pain to use. The feature is slow to respond nd takes far too long to execute your live bet as well. The betting slip itself is also unnecessarily complex which can slow your overall speed of execution at key moments during a fixture. ratings for live betting take a hit when it comes to live streaming features. The Live Betting center currently has no streaming capabilities implemented. As an offshore operator, acquiring streaming rights may prove difficult for US. And rightly so, as this operator is in no way a legitimate one which is why we strongly suggest looking for more suitable alternatives on our site.

Limits is one of the least restrictive operators when it comes to betting limits.  No surprise as they are likely trying to pry more money away from their users.

However, betting limits tend to be quite large, particularly when compared to other operators. For most betting markets, limits go up into the thousands of dollars. Cryptocurrency sports bettors will find their limits go even higher. is clearly welcoming bigger bets to rake in more cash from their players when they lose, only to not pay them out when they win as well. Again, we can’t say we are surprised by this as they are clearly trying to get more money out of their players by raising their betting limits.

Sportsbook Conclusion - look elsewhere for your horse betting needs

Overall, the sportsbook available here should be shunned. There is not nearly enough available on the platform to suggest that it is safe or even good enough for you to sign up to. With the host of negative reviews and its poor licensing state, there is no way we can recommend that you use this site for your sports betting needs.

Players should be wary of relying on an offshore, unregulated operator with limited customer support channels. Interested in trying out another, reputable sportsbook? Check our SportNation.

BetOnline Casino

Software - games provided by the dubious Betsoft

Online casinos partner with reputable software developers provide hundreds of games. The developer’s own reputation is what signals the quality of their gaming products. In’s case, a handful of developers are responsible for its online game selection of which we know next to none of them. This is not a good sign as there are plenty of reputable software developers who provide games in the industry right now however, none of them will provide games to an illegal offshore site. The fact that we are unfamiliar with the developers gives us pause and more reason to avoid this casino entirely.

The majority of the games available, like “Faerie Spells” and “Dragon & Phoenix”, come from BetSoft. Now this is a developer we know and not for the right reasons. Betsoft has developed a bad reputation in the world of online gambling so it makes sense that they would provide casino games for an unregulated off shore site. isn’t audited by third party firms. It’s impossible to know how they configure the games that they purchase from their vendors. Players have lodged complaints regarding the fairness of some of’s casino games. This took its toll on our ratings and is one of the main reasons why they have landed themselves on our blacklist.

Game Portfolio - nothing special on offer here

Games include both online slot machines and classic casino games, like blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. There are well over a hundred online slot machines to choose from. Most of them are developed by BetSoft, featuring mystic, magical, and medieval themes. Many have fruits and playing card aesthetics with a distinctly Vegas feel. If only it were as trustworthy as land based Vegas casino games.

As for casino games, offers dozens of variations. They’re divided among specific categories, including Blackjack, Craps and Roulette, Table Poker, and Baccarat. You’ll find dozens of specialty games within each category, such as Five-Hand Blackjack, and Pontoon.

You’ll also find European and American roulettes, as well as Single Zero Roulette, Zoom Roulette, and more. Only a single Craps game is available, though.
Looking for a different variety of games? Check our MobileBet Review, as they are without doubt more reliable than

Live Casino - boring and slow incorporates two whole Live Casino sections for players who prefer to bet on a live stream. The Black Live Casino is developed by Fresh Deck Studios, featuring half a dozen live tables. It also includes exclusive live jackpot slots and table games.

Live tables include three different Blackjack tables, one Auto-Roulette table, and one Live Dealer Roulette table. The Red Live Casino offers a whole other host of live table games, exclusive slots and jackpots. It includes both low stakes and high roller tables. All in all though, we found the live casino sections left us feeling bewildered. Bewildered by how slow they ran and by how boring most of the games were. Another reason why their user reviews are so negative, we are sure about that.

With two different Live Casinos, is one of the most complete live casino gambling websites around. That said, despite having two entire live casino sections, it’s somewhat lacking in live table game diversity.  And while the live casino sections may appear to be enticing, it just isn’t, there is a good chance you don’t get paid out by the site when you win. Why take the risk? Look for something better on our site.


Betting limits can quickly put a dampener on your winning streaks when gambling at an online casino. You ideally want betting limits that are broad enough to give you some breathing room. games each have their own unique betting limits.

For slot machines, betting limits are in the dozens of dollars per spin, depending on the game. Different tables will feature different limits for casino table games. The limits are far too high for most of these tables and  the minimum limits as well. This clearly shows the mindset of as they are trying to get more money spent on their site. And even if you win with these high limits, there is no guarantee that you will be paid out your winnings.

Product Conclusion - keep moving folks, find something better

An unregulated operator,’s casino games aren’t regularly subjected to independent third-party audits. Considering there are complaints regarding the fairness of some of these games, players should exercise caution.

Additionally, the Live Casino is unsurprisingly disappointing. Despite having two distinct Live Casino sections, the diversity of live dealer table games is rather unusually low. There are far too many aspects to this site that scream red flag which is why they are on our blacklist. Please, do yourself a favor and move onto greener pastures.

BetOnline Poker

Software - barely regulated in Panama

Many poker operators offer their poker room services right off your browser. Others provide dedicated software applications for players to access the poker room. is in the latter category, offering both PC and Mac versions of its proprietary poker software.

The software is available directly from It’s published by Tron Technology Services, S.A, a company registered by a boutique legal firm in Panama. The software itself is only available in English, and has a very low download size. The fact that they are registered in a boutique firm in Panama is not something to be proud of. All that does is indicate that they received their license without any real regulation. Another reason to avoid this site entirely, great poker section or not, its not worth it.

Game Types & Rake - limited variations

The poker room features a modest amount of games. In the software, you can find Texas Hold’em, Omaha Hold’em, and Texas 6+ Poker. Each game is available in different betting structures and limits.

All poker tables are subject to rake. Rake is also collected from all tournament and sit-n-go buy-ins, in the form of fees. Rake is variable, depending on the games and stakes being played. Rake levels will be clearly displayed when you enter a poker table or tournament.

Several poker operators pay out a percentage of the rake to VIP players. However, doesn’t feature a rake cash back program for VIP players. VIP points can instead be redeemed for tournament buy-ins and fees. Again, don’t be blinded by the pretty things. There may be a decent selection of poker variants but its not worth the hassle of probably not being paid out when you go on a hot streak. Sign up with a legitimate operator on our site instead.


There are some poker tournaments available for players. Between tournaments and sit-n-gos, hundreds of opportunities are available every day. There are regular freeroll tournaments, sometimes with jackpots as large as $25,000.

Tournaments range from small sit-n-gos, with typically either six or ten players, to large gauntlets with thousands of competitors. Many poker room operators have land-based casinos where they host offline tournaments that online players can qualify for. has no physical establishments, though, so it has no offline tournaments to speak of. However,’s online tourney offering is average at best.

Limits - nothing to write home about

Several types of betting limits are available at’s cash games and tournaments. These include both fixed limit tables and variable limit tables. Fixed limits tables go from very low stakes, like $0.05/$0.10, to relatively high stakes, like $15/$30.

Variable limit tables include both pot limit and no limit games. Pot limit games restrict maximum bet sizes to the current size of the pot. No limit games feature no restrictions to bet sizes. Both games still have stake levels, though, which determine size of blinds and bet increments.

Pot limit and no limit games feature stake levels ranging from very low stakes, such as $0.05/$0.10, to higher stakes, like $5/10.

Product Conclusion - there are far better options out there may seem to offer a strong poker section but at the end of the day, the juice really isn’t worth the squeeze. Comb through our site where you will find plenty of other poker site options that are all safe and secure to use. Do yourself a favor, and give a skip entirely.

Overall Conclusion - move on to better things remains an unlicensed, unregulated operator. It lacks the regulatory oversight of a government agency or third-party audit firm which is why we have added it to our blacklist.

This means that there is no way to independently verify’s claims of security and fairness. With a negative reputation among players online, might seem like too big a risk for many players. If you’re only interested in “playing the ponies,” a horse-centric site like Keeneland Select or Bovada might suit you better.

If security and reliability are top concerns for you as a gambler, then you can skip this operator. Head over to our Sportingbet Review for another in-depth look at an alternative operator.

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