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Fun88 is an online gaming operator established in Great Britain and managed in partnership with TGP Europe Limited. They’re a licensed operator under the Gambling Act of 2005, and regulated by UK authorities. TGP has an extensive history as an operator in Europe and the UK.

Fun88 is an established brand, with official sponsor partnerships with major events and institutions.  They’re the official shirt sponsor for the Newcastle United Football Club, a top-tier football team of Premier League fame. As an operator, Fun88 focuses on unique special football wagering promotions and offers, and Newcastle United content, promos, and prizes. To find out more about thiis bookmaker take a look at our Fun88 review.

Bonus offer

Most online gaming operators choose to entice potential and returning customers with a plethora of attractive offers and promotions. Fun88 is no exception, and Fun88 Sign Up Offers carry a number of attractive benefits. A Fun88 Promo Code provides access to special bonuses and tokens for free bets in different sports.

Tips on How to Use the Bonus

The Fun88 sportsbook, in partnership with Newcastle United, has attractive bonuses for new players and often releases Fun88 Bonus Codes for you to enjoy. While there are a number of terms and conditions to Fun88 Sign Up Offers, they are perfectly reasonable. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know to claim Fun88 Sign Up Offers and Fun88 Deposit Offers without a hiccup.

First off, the offer requires new players to opt-in when creating their account. New players must input the appropriate Fun88 Promo Code in order to redeem to be eligible for these bonuses. Fun88 Sign Up Offers reward players with Bonus Tokens, which can be placed as free bets.

Eligible players must place five qualifying bets in order to claim their Bonus Tokens offered as part of the Fun88 Deposit Offer . Bonus Tokens are awarded at a rate of 20% of the total staked amount. Qualifying bets must be at least $10, at odds of EVS (2.0) or 2/5 (1.4) for combos.

The maximum amount of Bonus Tokens awarded is $28. This amount would require five qualifying bets of $28 or any other combination of qualifying bets adding up to $140. Other restrictions exist. Players looking to cash in on the offer may not deposit funds via e-wallets.

Bets over $28 will only count as $28 towards the bonus. System bets, Fun88 Build-Your-Own-Bet, in-play bets, power bets, and bonus token bets don’t count towards the bonus. Only real money pre-match sportsbook bets apply and Bonus Tokens only apply to sportsbook markets. You should read the terms and conditions carefully to take full advantage of the Fun88 Deposit Offer.

Top 5 Expert Tips to Take Advantage of the Offer

A 20% bonus is plenty to shake a stick at, but not if you go bust trying to cash in. The best way to capitalize is by using a thought-out strategy. Here are the best tips from the experts.

1. Don’t Bet Over (or Under) the Bonus Limit

Free money is always nice, and while 20% offers are decent, bets over the limit dilute money. If your qualifying bets are $56 each, you’ll be spending $280 for the same $28 bonus. That would dilute your 20% Fun88 Sign Up Offers down to 10%, so it’s a quick way to lose money.

At the same time, you should try to place bets as close to the bonus limit as possible each time. Some players’ betting style favors numerous smaller bets over fewer larger bets. It’s a valid strategy overall, but suboptimal in this case, since Fun88 counts the first five qualifying bets.

2. Stick to Games You Know

Exploring new sports, markets, and modalities through gaming is always exciting. However, it’s best that new players stick to familiar formats. Sports, teams, horses, and tracks that they know will yield the most informed betting decisions.

More informed betting positions have a better likelihood of resulting in wins, making the bonus less costly to pursue. Players perform better in markets and sports they know. Therefore, while qualifying for the bonus and spending Bonus Tokens, the safest choice is to stick to your favorite games and sports. This is also the case if you decide to use one of the many Fun88 Bonus Codes the provider releases regularly.

3. Keep Your Odds in Mind

While playing for fun, the odds can be an exhilarating number to see rise, especially when we’re feeling lucky. But when playing for profit, keeping your odds in mind is crucial.

On one hand, there’re minimum odds to fulfill for qualifying bets (2.0 for single bets, 1.4 for combos). On the other hand, you need to optimize the odds you play to make your Bonus Tokens count.

4. Remember to Manage Risk

Whenever gambling is at hand, risk management is of the essence. But when it comes to capitalizing, players must always remember to manage risk. Betting markets, sports, modalities, and odds are all risk factors players may control.

Unfamiliar betting markets or sports can cause costly mistakes. Riskier betting modalities and higher odds and payouts may seem enticing, but they compound risk.

5. Read the Fine Print Carefully

There are numerous specific terms and conditions, detailed on the dedicated page. They’re not the strictest operator out there when it comes to promotions, but they do have rules you must meet. Many of them have been listed in this article, but review the Fun88 Sign Up Offers page for up-to-date details.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Bonus

The following are frequent questions from players about the Fun88 Sign Up Offers, using a Fun88 Bonus Code, and more.

  • Can you use a Fun88 Promo Code with Fun88 Sign Up Offers at the same time?

There are some operators out there that allow players to combine sign up offers and promotions with exciting possibilities. Sadly, Fun88 Sign Up Offers cannot be combined with the promo code. It’s also quite unlikely that it will be allowed any time soon.

The reason is that the system assigns new players an automatic code. In order to claim the bonus, players must have the appropriate code at signup. Using a different code would not let them have access to any other offers.

  • Are there any payment method restrictions?

Sign up bonuses used to be a lot more relaxed, including no deposit offers. Alas, times have changed, and most operators now have some kind of payment method restrictions. Fun88 Sign Up Offers are no exception.

In order to get the $28 bonus, players must wager 5x that amount in real money sportsbook bets. Those funds must be deposited via debit or credit card. E-wallet payments are not compatible with Fun88 Sign Up Offers.

  • What can I do with a Fun88 Promo Code?

A promo code from Fun88 is a pretty flexible item, with many possible applications and rewards. As stated above, Fun88 Sign Up Offers all require a code. But additional promotions, deposit offers, and special offers also require their own codes.

Returning players can get access to special bonuses when reloading funds. Another common use is to acquire free bets or Bonus Tokens. Other rewards become available periodically through the website.

  • Where can I find promo codes?

If you are looking for ways to acquire a code, you’re in luck. Fun88 regularly provides returning players with codes for limited time deals and promotions. Additionally, VIP players will often receive and occasional code as a reward for their loyalty.

Third-party websites will also provide a Fun88 Promo Code now and then, so keep an eye out.

  • Do Fun88 Bonus Tokens have any additional conditions?

There’s a few additional conditions to Fun88 Bonus Tokens. They only apply to Sportsbook markets, and cannot be used for horse racing. They also cannot be used for any system bets, power bets or in-play bets.

They can, however, be used for any pre-match or combo bet. Bonus Tokens are valid for 5 days after being issued. They also must be redeemed all at once.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

The vast majority of gaming operators provide VIP customer rewards and tiered loyalty programs to entice heavyweights. Fun88, however, has no publicly available VIP rewards program. Reports indicate that there is a VIP service within the operator’s platform, but available only through invitation.

That doesn’t make for the most welcoming or transparent of VIP programs, which is a detriment to Fun88 overall. The website is very intuitive, and a public VIP interface open to all players would of course be quite welcome.

Still, for those fortunate enough to be invited into Fun88’s VIP program, a number of promotions, offers and bonuses are available. VIP members reportedly receive frequent Fun88 Promo Code with assorted prizes and rewards.

Fun88 Horse Betting Bonus

Bonus Intro

Fun88 is a Sportsbook-oriented operator, and as such, it packs regular promotions for sports betting markets. There’s the permanent sign up offer, which applies exclusively to Sportsbook markets. Then, there’s a whole host of promotions and bonuses for keen sports fans and returning customers.

Aside from the Fun88 Sign Up Offers, Sportsbook Promotions include the standing 88th Minute Offer and the NBA Overtime Promo. Temporary offers for some Sportsbook action, such as acca bets, are also occasionally available.

While not the most varied Sportsbook bonus provider, Fun88 has reliable permanent offers for sports fans. This is a bit surprising, considering that the Sportsbook section is ostensibly Fun88’s largest business.

Reality Test: Wagering the Bonus

Fun88 sportsbook bonuses are, overall, rather modest. The operator clearly has confidence in their player activity level, because they’re not desperate to entice anyone to play hard. This applies to most standing offers available through the Fun88 Casino interface.

Deposit bonuses, like those provided by a Fun88 Promo Code, are a bit more variable. Standing offers, however, have rather low limits, and are most appealing to an established base of returning players. The sign up bonus has a limit of $28. The 88th Minute Offer, while an interesting gimmick, has a low limit of $50.

The 88th Minute Offer consists of a bonus offer for players placing wagers on football matches. Any football match where a game-deciding goal is scored on or after the 88th minute will trigger the offer. Qualifying bets will receive 25% of their stake back as a Bonus Token. The 88th Minute Offer applies for both winning and losing bets, which is a nice touch.

Meanwhile, the NBA Overtime bonus has a slightly higher limit of $88. In association with the NBA’s iconic legend, the late Kobe Bryant, Fun88 provides the NBA Overtime offer. To be eligible for this offer, players merely need to place any bet on the NBA league. If the match ends in overtime, players receive 25% of their stake back, up to $88.

To qualify for the promotions, you must wager from x4-x5 times the bonus amounts. So, while they constitute welcome perks, they’re certainly not driving up registration numbers.

Bonus Withdrawal

If Fun88’s Sportsbook bonuses seem lackluster, their bonus withdrawal will have you positively yawning. Promotions and offers are awarded mostly in the form of Bonus Tokens. Bonus Tokens come with a whole lot of restrictions on their usage and redemption.

Many operators choose instead to award bonus money in cash, but not Fun88. When you use a promo code or opt into an offer, generated winnings are awarded as Bonus Tokens. Bonus Tokens cannot be spent in a number of bets, including system, power and in-play bets. Bonus Tokens must also be spent all at once, and cannot be divided between different wagers.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming the Bonus

Fun88 promotions are pretty straightforward when it comes to claiming. While they have a number of specific terms and conditions, they are clearly spelled out on the relevant pages. While opting in, make sure to read through the fine print for every promotion you sign up for, Fun88 offers are not automatic. In order to be eligible, you will have to opt in, or to input the correct code.

Most Fun88 Sportsbook promotions are market-specific. That means you can’t satisfy wagering requirements with horse racing or casino wagers, for example. Sports betting bonus wagering requirements must be met through qualifying Sportsbook bets.

To receive the full benefit of the promotions and max bonus payouts, players must be mindful of percentages and limits. Both the 88th Minute Offer and NBA Overtime offers pay a 25% stake back to players. The former has a limit of $50, requiring $200 wagers, and the latter a limit of $88, requiring $352 wagers.

Bonus Conclusion

In summation, the Fun88 Sportsbook bonus is not the most exciting offer out there. The selection of promotions available to new and existing players is rather limited. Not a lot of different Fun88 Promo Code are available, and bonus limits are rather low. The bonus payouts are somewhat modest, compared to the wagering requirements.

Fun88 may be a reliable Sportsbook operator, but bonuses and promotions are rather uninteresting. Fun 88 is not an appealing operator except for the most dedicated sportsbook players. Its Sportsbook bonuses are not sufficient to justify opening a new account with them, but may keep returning players entertained.



Overall Conclusion

In conclusion, Fun88 is a legitimate, reliable online gaming operator. They are a licensed and regulated gaming provider, under the authority of British gaming commissions. This is a reasonable enough regulatory standard to put players at ease.

However, Fun88 offers and promotions, while relatively straightforward, are not the most attractive around. Fun88 Sportsbook bonuses are fairly limited in scope and modest in size. You won’t be bankrolling a binge on the low-limit Fun88 bonuses. Wagering requirements are average, which, combined with the low limits, makes for an uninteresting selection. If you’re looking for a more comprehensive offer, check out our Genting casino bonus offers or our Sportingbet promo code review.

Fun88 Casino bonuses are somewhat more exciting, but not by much. While they feature substantially higher limits, the very high wagering requirements put them out of reach for most players. Only the most dedicated players can hope to capitalize on these bonuses to their fullest extent. Overall, this is an operator you can skip.

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